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Tips for Managing Airports:

1) Bring snacks from home – You can’t ever find just what you want at the airport… and, when pressed, you may end up getting crappy food that makes you feel kind of junky on the plane.

2) Laugh at the TSA – It is indeed “security theater” as you watch them pat down grandmas and children. I’ve seen so many stupid things they do just to give the “impression” of security, that I try not to get mad any more… and I just try to remember that TSA stands for Tub Stacking Authority. And, also, whenever possible, travel outside of US Airports, where they treat you like a human and not a guy in line at Taco Bell. Try the Japanese airports and you will have a happy experience.

3) Watch people’s eyes – I like to analyze people by looking at the way they are taking in the world around them. It’s very interesting… maybe you can see it too… when people just have a look in their eye like they’ve given up on life. You know what I mean… and then you see the eye of some other people and they look amazingly full-of-life and ready to engage in the world.

Daily Photo – Snowy the Snow Monkey

This little guy and I had a little friendship after a few days.

I spent time all over the hills and rivers here outside of Nagano taking photos of these snow monkeys. And you get to know them after a while… there are a few that you see over and over again. I started giving them names… the same way my daughter gives names to everything… and all the names were quite childish… Like I called this guy, “Snowy.” It wasn’t very creative, but he didn’t seem to mind.

He followed me around morning and night. And he posed… oh how he loved to pose. Some other monkeys I got too close too and they gave me the wide-mouth attack move…. but I never got too close to Snowy. I didn’t want to ruin the little grizzly-man thing we had a-goin’ on.

HDR Photo

  • Susan

    Oh wow – ‘snowy’ is gorgoeous – know you had so much fun there and I am always interested in these snow monkey shots – it’s like seeing them in person. I know what you mean about airport food – I always end up getting a package of those cheese and peanut butter crackers – not good for flying!

  • Patrick Ahles

    What an expression on Snowy’s face!

  • How adorable! Every time I hear the that song by Hybrid, I think of your video and the snow monkeys!

  • This is an awesome portrait. I’m sure Snowy must be proud of it. Love the DOF and colours. Really made me smile. Thanks for all your shots Trey, a photo a day for a year is a massive undertaking and you’ve been doing it for years. Yours is the first website I look at every day and it’s been that way for a while now. I’m in the UK so I get it good and early.

  • great portrait. I love how you humanized him. His posture is great, too! The processing is wonderful, perfect for portraiture.

  • Simon Morris

    WOW, this is epic Trey – the facial features are incredible, Snowy sure looks adorable… feel as though I could reach out and touch this wee fella! Did you do anything special during post-processing?… I’m assuming some sharpening/high pass filter!
    Interesting reading your comment about looking at peoples eyes whilst in airports… I find passing through airports an enjoyable experience – to the extent of always being excited! However, I hear what you’re saying about some folk looking as though ‘they’ve given up on life’… maybe they’re the nervous type who don’t like flying! πŸ˜‰

  • You’re my first website as well since I got to know you,now once a week at least I give stuckincustoms to someone to broaden there ideas on photography. As for airports, foreign ones seem to fair better why? I wish I could tell you. An snowy’s portrait,it is awesome,looks lonely and needs cuddle.Well taken

  • Great photo, how nice of him to pose for you. Monkeys are awesome.

  • Vicki Wilson

    What a great expression Snowie has, I love the snow monkeys, great shot! You are right about bringing your own snacks, the “biscuits” that Delta gives you remind me of dog biscuits. I hope other airlines haven’t cut back as much, I flew on Jal airlines several years ago and loved their great service and especially the wonderful tasting oolong tea.

  • Great capture! That’s an awesome little buddy you made. πŸ˜‰

  • Really cool little friend you’ve got there Trey! Oh, and agree about TSA. Security Theater to put it mildly. Last visit to the states, they hassled my wife. I’m a US citizen, she’s not, but she had a proper Visa and all. He said it’s not the embassy who issues the visa who determines who can enter the US, it’s him! Did we have anything else to prove we’re married? Certified and translated documents the embassy never asked for. After threatening to show him our wedding photos, he let us through right away. No more hassles! πŸ™‚

  • I like the way the rocks frame the shot. Did Snowy sit still long enough for a multiple exposure or was this a single shot?

  • I like the way the rocks from the shot. Did Snowy sit still long enough for multiple exposures, or was this taken from a single shot?

  • Odd that Cyntia M.’s version of “La Mer” came on my iTunes DJ while I started reading this article. It sort of gives the moment a little international flair. If nothing else, it reminds me that I need to get busy with my passport renewal if I’m going to do some international travel next year, as I’ve threatened.

  • Trey, you should do a contest one day where one of your avid regular “site looker aters” such as myself, gets picked to go on one of your photo journeys with you. I think it should be someone around 24 years of age, who doesnt make a lot of money, but has a passion for photography, and who wouldnt be annoying. Maybe their name would start with a C.. Like mine.. (just sayin!)

    as always, you pwn sir.


  • I have to agree with your tips re: airport security. I just flew back from Istanbul where they had five effective layers of security. The Turkish agents were both respectful and professional. Then we got to JFK where the TSA agents were grumpy and harsh, which was quite a contrast to what we experienced overseas. Not to mention having to take your shoes off in the States… We’re one of the few countries that still requires that.

  • So cute! Love the expression in Snowy’s eyes. How is the Iceland so far? πŸ˜‰

  • Haha. Awesome post and picture.

  • Great shot, Trey!

    Interesting comments about watching people’s eyes in airports. I’ll have to start paying more attention…

  • Damien Stenson

    Brilliant shot Trey. Well composed

  • Love it. My daughter thinks its the cutest picture ever!

  • Love Snowy! Great image…..

  • Rob Hartley

    I love that little guy! As always,you’ve taken a great shot and I thank you for sharing it with us!

  • Ha, thats such a cool shot of snowy, awesome!!

  • Nice Trey. Now I look at it once to enjoy and second to dissect in layers and adjustments to see what you did to make it so nice and then a third time to appreciate both the art and the process. When’s the next webinar? Had such fun at the last!

  • Those yes are so expressive. He looks like he’s talking to you with his eyes. Fantastic shot.

  • Helena

    Airport arrivals in the US are the worst(with a reason for it).For all NON-US citizens it can include 3+ waiting in immigration lines. I think even Israel is better than that.

  • Gail in Montana

    Love this photo of the Snow Monkey. Thanks for sharing, Trey!!! Have a great Friday πŸ™‚

  • There’s more life and personality in those eyes, than many, many people I Know.


  • Trey, I can totally see you hangin’ out with this guy. You should bring him along on the next photowalk. πŸ™‚

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