Green Mountain, Red House

New Article in the Austin American Statesman

Omar Gallaga met me at Kirby’s here in Austin to have some food and talk a bit. He told me he was working on a new article, and it was just published at: “Austin celebrities try to keep up with fan love in the digital age.”

Book Suggestions…

I’ve been ripping through lots of books lately… here are some suggestions if you are looking for a summer read. I haven’t had a chance to update “Trey’s Book List” yet, but here are some newbies for ya… pop over to Amazon to get em… or Audible if you want the audio book, which I certainly recommend.

  • Fantasy – The Name of the Wind by Rothfuss – It’s greatness… and I’m just now on the sequel…
  • Sci-Fi – Pandora’s Star by Hamilton – it doesn’t get much better…. what a writer…
  • Economics and History – The Rational Optimist by Ridley – Matt is a good friend too…I’ve read all his books… I was a fan way before we got to be friends

You reading any good ones lately you’d like to recommend too?

Daily Photo – Green Mountain, Red House

“Is the house really THAT red?” my wife asks me. Yes, oh yes, it is… But now I am taking her to Iceland with me, so she can see these bright colors for herself…

I don’t know if it’s a Scandinavian thing or what, but we just don’t see colorful houses like this in the states. I think we either have brick, or white, or slightly off-white, or perhaps a light beige, or maybe something daring like a mauve-eggshell-white… I mean, I’m just as bad… mine in stucco. I don’t even think my homeowner’s association would let me paint it red. But, knowing Austin, with a bright red house, we’d probably have a few commies show up in Che Guevara shirts, wondering where the free pizza is…

  • My husband is from Sweden, and I asked him about the red houses when we were last there. It’s something with the red dust being a byproduct from the copper mines, so the paint from that was super cheap and easy to mass produce. It’s called Falu Red.

  • Susan

    Pretty scene Trey – those clouds in the middle almost seem to reflect the red – hope you are having fun – I want some pics from the blue lagoon!

  • Beautiful shot Trey! That red is so vibrant. I’d love to see Iceland sometime!

  • MAn, you’re right about the Austin commies dropping out of the sky for a little bowl and some munchies. How’s the mom by the way? You got me all worried about her.
    Say, uh, that reminds me . . . Over at 500px I got a comment from what appears to be a Rooskie who has taken great offense to me using HDR on my own face.
    I could really use some feedback over there from you guys.
    Is this really “Stupid HDR”?

  • Beautiful shot Trey. I love the clouds sort of whisping through the mountain back there.

  • Interesting photo. Didn’t realize that colorful houses where not common. But one question. Where is it. I see you have plenty of tags on it but none of them tell me where it is. I’m guessing Grundarfjördur in Snæfellsnes.

  • Hi Trey! I’ve learned a lot from your tutorial on HDR. I’m currently trying to reinvent the process to see what works for me. I love how your clouds become so detailed in your photos. Thanks a lot!

  • PeterG

    The red tone in the cloud really makes this shot.
    Ahh – you nailed it Trey – so the red color is why we’re living in a social democratic park and never left the Jurassic age. Lets repaint, it will be more pizza for me. 😉
    The Falu copper mine resulted in many byproducts one is the famous Falukorv (sausage), since they used oxhide to manufacture the ropes.

  • The red color in the clouds is really interesting. Where did it come from? Was this taken around sunset or something like that?

  • Simon Morris

    Woah, now that’s what I call a R-E-D house… I like the clouds hovering low in the distance, nice!
    Gino – I don’t think that’s ‘stupid HDR’ at all… pretty damn cool if you ask me, keep up the good work dude! Tell you who it reminds me of though – a slim looking Phil Collins (“Su-Su-Sussudio” and all that malarkey!)… don’t ask me why, just the first thing that came into my head 😉

  • Scott Kinsel
  • Vicki Wilson

    Trey – Lovely scene, I love the bright red house reflecting red color into the clouds! Gino – I like your HDR self portrait, very cool image!

  • Trey,
    Totally agree with Rothfuss and Hamilton choices there…though I love the worlds Hamilton creates, I do find that his endings are a bit rushed (but getting better, the ending to the Void trilogy was much improved over the previous books).

    George RR Martin is one of the best for Fantasy. And I think the best written SF was the original Startide trilogy by David Brin.

  • Gail in Montana

    [email protected], I looked at your photo, and I didn’t see anything wrong with using HDR. The sky is beautiful, but I don’t think that applies to you 😉 I tried to like your photo, but didn’t want to join another website, belong to too many already, ugh. Today’s photo by Trey is just fantastic!!! Nice capture of the red house, a little red in the sky, and the triangle green mountain. Glad you found some more interesting books to read. I don’t dare buy, or pick up for free, anymore books. I have over a hundred to read already!! Thanks for sharing today’s photo with us, your loyal fans, Trey!! Have a great day 🙂

  • Great shot. Really digging the clouds, especially the red portion. What a compliment to the house! ;-P

  • Awesome sky and great contrast with the house! I posted this one with a cool sky today Let me know what you think.

  • I love this shot Trey. Have to agree with you on the colorful houses in other parts of the world than here in the States. We’re sort of boring aren’t we? Did you add the red tone in the sky above the mountain or was that reflection from the house? I like it either way.

    I recently read ‘Ishamael’ by Daniel Quinn. I think you’d like this one. I think everyone should read this book. Gives you a different perspective on us humans in relationship to the rest of life on this planet.


  • Great shot Trey. We don’t seem to have very many colorful houses in Canada either at least not in the city. If you go out to the countryside you’re bound to see some beautiful farmhouses. When are you coming to Toronto?

  • Great shot Trey, I love the colors in the clouds as well as the brilliant house!

    Come to Buffalo, NY (not Buffalo, TX)… all of our old Victorian/Queen Anne style houses are painted wild and bright colors, it’s really quite beautiful!

  • I was going to joke that there must have been some sort of special on with the red paint but Michelle’s post confirms that there was…kind of!

    I’m not at the cutting-edge when it comes to books (or anything else for that matter) i’m afraid. I do like a few authors like Hunter S Thompson, Chuck Palahniuk and Bret Easton-Ellis but beyond that I wouldn’t be able to identify a decent author off my own back if he came up and slapped me in the face hehe! This probably won’t impress anyone but i’m currently reading through ‘Walk This Way’ the official Aerosmith autobiography that I picked up in NYC last year because it’s been discontinued in the UK. It’s a good light read, that appeals to me because theres still a part of me that would love that crazy type of lifestyle! I have loads of rock n roll autobigraphies – if y’all want a laugh read ‘The Dirt’ by Motley Crue – you’ll be horrified and entertained in equal measure!

    On the subject of NYC here’s another one i recently processed from there :-

  • Trey, first off, great image. Glad to see you read Name of the Wind, I think I mentioned that to you 2 years ago. What, are you busy or something? 🙂 Wise Man’s Fear is fabulous, you will love every page, and following Kvothe on his journey is magical, really. The only downside is that it will be years before the last book is released! Anyways, keep the great shots coming. I don’t comment daily but I certainly follow your wanderings. Best, Jim

  • Gail – I know what you mean. I really didn’t want to join 500px either. But I really like the interface and the site has some amazing work on it. After a few days I knew I had to make a move from Flikr. I like the blog feature at 500px too! You know how I love to read myself. Plus they automatically set up a store front for you if you want so folks can purchase your work if they need another way to burn their money, which so many people do these days.
    Vicki – I have always found that old, broken, rusting things look great in HDR, so I knew my face was perfect for it.
    Simon – There’s a reason that I look like Phil Collins. I am in fact an internationally famous drummer/singer/midget that peaked during the Miami Vice era who has been maintaining his wealth by scoring animated films for the last decade. This whole “Gino” thing you’ve gotten off on is waaay off base. Hope that clears a few things up.

  • Thanks everyone 🙂

    Jim – Yes I have the 2nd book ready to go this trip… I really like the Audio book… Nick Podhel does an amazing job with the reading…

    Andy – as into Sci Fi as you are – you gotta try “Pandora’s Star”! Listen to the audiobook if nothing else… it is excellently read too.

  • Wow. Love the red house against the grass, but then I noticed the cloud creeping around and over the mountain and it totally blew me away

  • Wonderful colors in this shot Trey, really adds to the dynamic composition, especially high up on the mountain.

    I just started reading one called A World In HDR, might I recommend it? ;D

  • Simon Morris

    Gino – nice one mate… clear as mud! 😉

  • Remarkable – you’re the first person I’ve met who is also a huge Peter F Hamilton fan. I’ve been hooked for a couple of years. If you think Pandora’s Star is good, wait until you get to the follow-on “Void” trilogy which I’m currently in the middle of.

  • Steve Barker

    And if Che showed up, I’m sure you would give him a lead based parade, especially after he gave others the same thing, right?

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  • jim

    I just finished painting my little house in the hills of southern California shiney true red,not dull boring barn red either a true bright red, I love it, I love color and my favorite color is red , and I agree we in the United States are boring with color. Well I love my little old red house but my neighbors, all of whom have beige houses, are about to have a cow, I tell them kindly that I find beige boring and my house my choice of color. O well was so very happy to run across your pics of the red house. wish I could send you some pictures, I think youd like it. JIm in Alpine CA.

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