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Your Favorite Accents?

So I am a total sucker for the British accent… I think it’s so great… People can say the dumbest thing but it sounds like it actually might be intelligent until you have a chance to think about it. But maybe I like the Aussie accent even a little better. They’re always able to take you down a peg or two just with a few well-placed inflections…

What are your favorite accents?

Daily Photo – Grey London

The two greyest cities I have been to are London and Vancouver. But the architecture is so different in both. I prefer bright and colorful architecture, especially in those environs. Sometimes with grey/white/silver/black buildings, I feel like I’m in some futuristic dystopian techno movie… something like… oh Equilibrium. Have you all seen that one?

Anyway, this is kind of a cool building, despite it’s greyness! There is that greenish element in the glass (not sure what it is) that gives it those interesting aqua tones…

Grey LondonThe two greyest cities I have been to are London and Vancouver.  But the architecture is so different in both.  I prefer bright and colorful architecture, especially in those environs.  Sometimes with grey/white/silver/black buildings, I feel like I'm in some futuristic dystopian techno movie...  something like... oh Equilibrium.  Have you all seen that one?Anyway, this is kind of a cool building, despite it's greyness!  There is that greenish element in the glass (not sure what it is) that gives it those interesting aqua tones...- Trey RatcliffRead more here at the Stuck in Customs blog.

  • Randy Dietmeyer

    I definitely prefer the Aussie accent. The British one, taken to the extreme, reminds me too much of Monty Python.

  • Normally I like to leach off of Trey’s fame by pimping my own work, but – not today. I want everyone to go check out a piece that Cliff Baise has up over at 500px.
    It’s pretty awesome. And I think you should all go check it out.
    I really do.

  • I loved Equilibrium when I first saw it years ago. Then a few weeks ago I decided to watch it again and I could hardly stand it 🙁

    I miss Vancouver. I lived there for a year. One day I’ll go back.

    Anyways, great shot Trey. That building makes me think of one of those giant earth boring drills they use to cut through mountains.

  • aussie for me, cuz i like the country and the people are so chill. british just gives a totally different vibe.

  • Gretchen H

    My vote is for South African accents. British, but sexier.

  • I love the Irish accent. They can insult you with a smile – you think it was a complement until you think about it. And the green building is a bit odd looking but nice in it’s way.

  • I agree with Gretchen, I was in class with this girl and I had the biggest crush on her because of that sexy voice. And the best part of equilibrium for me was when he saved the dog from a sure death lol.

  • When you mean British – does that encompass all our accents including Welsh, English and Scottish? I think the Dutch accent is cool – part of me wishes I was from the Netherlands. I like how the pronounce their ‘s’ like ‘esh’ – tremendous and not only that they invented having mayonnaise on your fries – what an awesome nation!

    I had the London City Hall down on my list of places to visit before the photowalk but I got sidetracked at the Imperial war Museum and forgot to go – always next time though!

    I was looking through my NYC pics yesterday and uploaded this one from a place I know you like so maybe you could take the family here when you visit en-route to Iceland – they will love it!

  • Will

    I’m aussie but I like American

  • Totally agree with having the Aussies up the top of the list. We do have a pretty awesome accent haha.. I think it’s about time you took a holiday to this amazing country. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any Australian photos on this blog – Sydney Opera House / Harbour Bridge / Ayers Rock / Whitsundays / Kakadu National Park / Bungle Bungles / Karijini National Park / Australian Beaches…. and the list goes on. Love to do a photowalk in Sydney some time too!

  • Simon Morris

    Accents – well that’s easy… Mancunian (as in Manchester, UK) best accent in the world – top, sweet, sorted… madferit! Well c’mon, it was pretty much my hometown before buggering off to NZ 😉
    Great looking shot of the London skyline – the building in the foreground looks like it’s just arrived from outer space… love the blues on Tower Bridge too, excellent!

  • Definitely not the Aussie accent. . that constant raised inflection. . .drives me mad!
    I guess the Irish one is the softest and nicest on the ear but give me a Cockney accent every time.
    Great picture of City Hall Trey. Designed by Norman Foster one of the greatest Architects in the world.

  • Patrick Ahles

    Aussie for me! @Andy Bird: which Dutch accent you mean? There are a lot of them! Oh, and mayonnaise beats ketchup, for sure.

    Love this leaning city hall here, Trey! I don’t think it is too grey. Okay, London might be grey, but isn’t this because it is always raining? 😛

  • Which British accent are we talking about? You wouldn’t put a Jordie with somebody from the West Country or East London in the same category, would you?
    Same for American, you wouldn’t even think to put a Texan and New Yorker in the same category? And then I’m only talking about accents here…

    I think a Scottish accent from Aberdeen is beautiful, although Glaswegians make me laugh…

  • I actually really dislike the British accent. I like the “Average”-american accent, let’s say New-York-style. I’m also no fan of Equilibrium. Maybe that is because of Christian Bale. I’m a huge fan of his, and I don’t think that kind of movie is fitting to what he does. The general idea behind the movie is great, but that is depressing enough, I don’t have to watch a grey movie for 100 minutes in addition.

  • I really like this image Trey .. It’s also fun that I just did the HDR video lesson where you processed it. For those of you who didn’t get to attend the Webinar, consider the new HDR video. Extremely interesting to see the steps and process used to create these beautiful images. I have learned more with this video than I did in the last year of learning on my own. Highly recommended.

  • Vicki Wilson

    I love the colors in this building and the architecture, very cool! I love hearing a strong Southern accent especially an Alabama or Northern Georgia accent.

  • I think it’s understandable that Trey hasn’t differentiated between all the different British accents, as you’d have to live over to here to really get to know and understand the differences. I know there are different American accents but to be honest, I can’t tell them much apart. As you ask though, I’m a sucker for a lady with an Irish accent and also the Liverpudlian ‘Scouse’ accent. Just a personal thing. Great photo as usual Trey, I remember this one from the webinar.

  • Gail in Montana

    I like Aussie the best, but also English, Welch, Dutch, and Frence. I have all the above in my ancestry, except Aussie. Great photo, Trey. The building reminds me of a cruise ship, the kind I would never go on. We like the small paddlewheel ships the best!! You actually get to know all the passengers, which is very cool. Thanks for sharing the Leaning Tower of London!! Have a great day 🙂

  • I would have to agree with Vicki. Southern United States, but I maybe biased there being from the south. After that, It would have to be Irish. I love the way the rain watter makes the picture glow. It helps to balance out the greys.

  • The British accent is my favorite also. I could listen to it all day. I love the contrast of architecture in this shot Trey, the old and the new. The design of the building accents that “falling over” look with the wide angle lens. Too cool.

  • Ummm good point Patrick – I guess i’m not sure – my best description would be the one used by Goldmember in Austin Powers 3 haha!

  • Susan

    Awesome shot Trey – love the greys in the rain!

  • Great capture! Love the details in the clouds, window reflections and the bridge in the background.

  • Averil

    I like how you have the Tower Bridge just perfectly in the background. Miss London, so many things to see. It was dessert to your eyes no matter where you went

  • LOVE the picture and the Aussie accent! (Couldn’t agree with you more!)

  • Haven’t been to London but agree that Vancouver is a great place to shoot.

  • Tom

    I hear Seattle is pretty grey most of the year. The Space Needle is pretty cool building and on a clear day Mount Ranier looks like you could touch it. English accent better than Australian.

  • Great shot Trey! Feel like I can almost go ice skating on those stairs…

  • Jerrad

    Nothing like a good old southern accent 🙂

    Looking at this picture makes me want to get closer to see the colorful bricks. It’s like their all wrapped in shiny shrink wrap. I hope no one drops any soap there could be dangerous yet fun.

  • Judie

    Scottish accent!!!!!!!!! Love the photo.

  • Greyist city in the world – dull and dreary Paris!

    But the French have a great accent when speaking English.

  • Australian accent for sure and what else is for sure is that I absolutely love this shot. Fantastic.

  • bill

    Jawjuh. Nawth Caralina. Kintucky. Maine.

    My home state of N’Yawk, not that much.

  • Andrea Boyle

    Aussie, for sure. Spent a month there and never got tired of it or the new words I picked up. So, when are you going?? It is not in your “catagories” list!

  • Awful, awful, awful.Too much Photoshop.

  • Jeanine

    Trey – The green in the glass is most likely lead (Pb). Just a touch overcooked for my taste but still a lovely shot. I’ve been traveling and just got a hotel with internet. Back to civilization!

  • Anonymous

    Hi the aqua tones are due to the coating of the glass which is “self cleaning”,  Sounds impossible but true and works – I have some in a roof light (big non-opening window in ceiling).  A lovely building I can see from my office.

  • The guy who works in this building is madder that it looks! Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, is a character in his own right. If you had him on the steps in the foreground, that would encapsulate what the rest of the world thinks is ‘Eccentric British’.. As for accents, for me its Mancunian (Manchester).. The City around which the modern planet revolves,we invented the industrial revolution..

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