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My Favorite Five 500px Photographers

I put my photos at and have been having a good time with it! Thomas Hawk first recommended it, and now I see why. I’ve had a good time “collecting” interesting people to follow.

Are these the top 5? I don’t know! But they are the top 5 I have found SO FAR. Who am I missing? Leave comments below…recommend people for me to follow, even recommend yourself!

1) Aleksandra – It’s not just nekkid girls, it’s high art! Hehe… no, really, her work is a must-see. She’s very talented and has a very wide range. I think it is interesting how women photographers choose to take photos of other women… it’s always a bit different. Plus, she’s from the Ukraine, so she has no shortage of subjects. To see some of my favorites, look at these: 1, 2, and 3.

2) Alexander Corvus – This Moscovite is really quite amazing… his work is beautifully post-processed and really has a remarkable vision. He’s given me many ideas and things to think about… this is something I like to see in photography… stuff that makes me wonder and dream.

3) David Lloyd – This Londoner takes fantastic animal photos. I’m really such an average animal photographer… so when I see really good wildlife work, I’m impressed. It’s all well-balanced and smart.

4) Janez Tolar – Another interesting photographer from Slovenia. It’s amazing how many eastern-bloc countries have so many photographers here…I think that is because this site started over there? It’s inspiring to see that so much creativity and range can come out of any country in the world.

5) Thomas Hawk – This obviously is not a ranking of skill… so don’t take the #5 to mean anything… but Thomas has always been a very interesting photographer and a good internet-friend. Plus, he turned me on to 500px, so he gets extra props. Check out his work!

Six Hours in New York – What to do?

I’m connecting at JFK for six hours before going to Iceland…  I have a 6-hour connection time, and I’d like to visit the city a bit.  Now, I have my wife and 10-year-old son with me… so it should be something kinda fun for all of us.  What are your suggestions?  Note that we effectively have 3.5-4 hours with security and re-checkin and whatnot…

Daily Photo – Walking to Dinner in Paris

Today’s photo is another one processed during the new HDR Video Tutorial.

When I go to take photos of famous places, I follow sort of a star-pattern.  Maybe it’s more of a devilish inverted pentagram, but you get the idea…  It’s really hard to imagine how it would look from various compositions, so walking around it…getting closer and getting further… these can help give me idea.

After outings like this, I like to find little restaurants where no one speaks English.  Even though I speak a little French, I still have no idea what I’m ordering…  Understanding the intricacies of French menus is a whole new level of confusion.  But, it gives you a chance to look blankly at the waiter and say, “Surprise me!”

Eiffel Tower

  • Susan

    Gorgeous Paris shot – love the lighting with the sky Trey -you will be visiting there again this summer I think? I vote for seeing the usual big sites – or he might get a kick out of the Apple store too!

  • The Intrepid Air and Space museum is an excellent place to take a young boy. Some really cool airplanes, and the whole museum is inside an aircraft carrier, what could be cooler?

  • Ray

    Since you are going to be sitting for a while, I suggest that you take a walk in NYC. Take a walk on the Hi-Line. Apparently some new sections have been opened. It’s a good way to see lower Manhattan and your children might enjoy seeing NYC from a more locals viewpoint.

    Who are you missing? Jay Maisel, David Allen Harvey, Mike Yamashita, Jim Richardson, The entire Magnum group. To name a few.

    Safe travels.

  • Another nice pic of the old tower.Thanks.The above 5 i like Janez Tolars work they are like paintings and very pleasing to look at, they are all good but that one is my favourite. Thanks for sharing

  • Now THERE’S a Burning Man shot.

  • I’m not in the top five, probably not in the top anything, but maybe you’ll enjoy a shot or two 😀

  • (Sorry for the double post)

    Do check out these two black and white photographers, absolutely astounding:

  • Yeah, I posted a few on this site and cI an’t get anyone to look at my images, the poor little guys are starting to feel self conscious, so please take a lo before they they experience long term physiological damage. Just one vote would help them feel a little better.

  • Rather coincidentally I joined 500px last night having been astounded at the amazing work on there (and trying not to be intimidated by the quality of work – Trey’s lesson no. 6) and whose the only guy I’m ‘following’ at the moment? You Trey! I don’t see many HDR pictures on there at the moment and the 2 Venice pictures I have put on there so far don’t seem to be climbing up the ratings scale much, so if a couple more people hit the ‘like’ button, that will help!

    Have a great time in Iceland Trey. I have been lucky enough to visit Iceland myself, though sadly before my photography passion began. All the best!

  • Wow, sorry for the quick update, but I just went over to my 500px page, like I’m sure you all did (!!) and just noticed that one of my Venice pictures has been published by the editor in the ‘Fresh’ section! Is that good?! I hope that means it’s got some legs to it, I never got that kind of recognition on Flickr. Judge for yourself anyway

    Right I’m done now, Have a great weekend!

  • Great photo today from the webinar I gather 🙂

    Times Square or (as Chase suggested) the ‘Sea, Air & Space Museum’ would be a great experience. I wish I had the time to visit it when I was there. I made a mistake and chose an afternoon in ‘Hooters’ instead – please don’t make the same mistake!

    I was tinkering with one of my NYC portrait photos last night in Topaz Infocus. I think i’ve finally made friends with that program. I’ve put the link below so you guys can have a look :-

  • Thanks for the 500px heads up. . . Why have i not seen this before?? I much prefer it to Flickr already. Now just gotta upload some pics. . .
    Great shot by the way Trey!

  • I recently got onto 500px too and thought what a great site!!! The photography there is amazing with the range to suit anybody’s creative style. I often look on 500px for inspiration.

  • I recall this from the webinar… Cool shot!
    500px looks interesting, once I feel healthy again I’ll take a decent look and get some shots up there! I’ve had a pretty persistent cough for about 5 weeks, it’s sapping a lot of my energy 🙁 So many projects I wanna tackle too, damn sickness!

  • Here is my 500px HDR portfolio:

    I really appreciate contact so feel free to drop by 😉

    ..and here is a recommendation from my 500px contacts:

  • Gail in Montana

    Great photo of the tower!!! Thanks for sharing:-) As far as your short time in New York, your son would probably enjoy the Disney Store and possibly the Coke Store. I loved them when I was there long ago and far away. Are you flying out of JFK? If so, the taxi is quite expensive, but I guess you can affort it 😉 . Have a great time in Iceland, bet your family will love it there. Hope that volcano behaves while you are there and you don’t have any trouble landing, hopefully the prevailing winds will be westward ho!!!! 😉

  • Simon Morris

    Thanks for mentioning 500px – I’ve not heard of the site before… now bookmarked! 😉
    Wonderful shot of the Eiffel Tower – love the composition, excellent!

  • 500px looks like an interesting site, but where do I find the time to upload and maintain another site? Any experienced users who can explain the benefits? BTW, nice view of Mr Eiffel’s tower!

  • Great shot! 500px is definitely a good site. I post there myself. Custom themes for the Portfolio is nice. Seems like more and more are forgetting about Flickr in favor of 500px. Some photography to check out is by Bobby Bong: and
    Jim Patterson:
    They take some beautiful landscape photography. I also stumbled across photos from Carly Williamson yesterday:

  • Andy Tomasello

    Great shot, as always. I’d love to go to Iceland someday. Enjoy yourselves!

    Here’s my meager 500px showing. Still trying to get more of my favorites up there!

  • Re:NYC Here’s a few interesting places and ideas.

    1. Jamacia Bay Wildlife Refuge is close by, but either rent a car for a few hours or have the taxi driver wait.

    2. Brooklyn Promenade, Brooklyn Heights, just across the river from Wall St and south of the Bklyn Bridge.

    3. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. Manhattan entrance at the City Hall subway stop, Brooklyn side near the IRS building.

    4. Coney Island Boardwalk

    My suggested itinerary: Taxi to Tillary and Adams street in Brooklyn, walk across the bridge, exit at City Hall and walk south.
    Option 1. Continue south to Fulton Street, then East down to the fish market and shops.
    Option 2a. Grab a taxi to Battery Park, then depending on time, visit the Statue of Liberty
    Option 2b. From Battery Park, take a ride on the Staten Island Ferry. You can round trip, or grab a cab at the Staten Island side back to JFK. (Finding a cab might be difficult, depending on day/time. Take the number of a car service company and call them from the Manhattan side to meet you at the SI ferry).
    Option 3. From City Hall, taxi to the Intrepid Museum, then back to JFK. Your kid will like the museum, but your time will be very limited.

    You didn’t say what day of week or time of day, so travel time varies considerably. JFK to the Brooklyn Bridge could be 45 mins or 2 hours.

  • Angie Nolan

    For your 6 hour layover, I would stay in Queens or Brooklyn. Getting in and out of Manhattan on that short of time is not worth it. If you go to Brooklyn go to Coney Island . Amusement parks, boardwalk Nathan’s. Bring your camera. You could take a train but it would be to long. Just get a taxi. For Queens I would go to Flushing Meadow Park Site of the old World’s Fair. Citi Field for the Mets is there as is the Tennis Stadium for the US Open. Also a 1 stop train ride away from Flushing Meadow is Main Street Flushing which has huge Asian shopping and great restaurants. Have Fun

  • psst eeks trey, i visited their website, it’s so beautiful, i really like their design and…your brain makes me laff sometimes! especially the last line of this post! haha 🙂

    ~ But, it gives you a chance to look blankly at the waiter and say, “Surprise me!” ~

    ure SO silly, i don’t know how you write these stories everyday, this is too much fun…, fun fun fun fun fun! oooooh! here’s my idea for a video, can you make a video of this beautiful place in iceland? , i’ve always seen it on tv! here’s a good dancing song today, from the 80’s trey! method of modern love have a wonderful time!

  • Thanks for the New York tips!

    And thanks for the @500px photographer tips. I should get one of you industrious people to put together a list for us! 🙂

  • Just barely getting started on 500px … but totally love it. Here’s my page:

  • 500px is interesting…. I uploaded a few shots that I made these after taking the Webinar.

    Just starting to post. But lots of great stuff out there in a great site for us photographers

  • Brandon W.

    I actually just started my portfolio on there yesterday when I saw a few people talk about it on Twitter. Uploaded my 1st ten yesterday, you can them out here:

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  • What, no love for your old HDR buddy from Flickr?

    (By the way, the list you chose is top notch)

  • Great top photographer’s list. There are some very inspiring images up on

    I am doing something a bit different with the site. Since I already have a smugmug site and photoblog (and ho can forget good ol’ Flickr) for I am only posting the images that I really love for myself. See you there…

    Thanks for being our own virtual group collection point yet again Trey!

  • Unless you have a helicopter to get from JFK to Manhattan there is no way to go to Manhattan, do something, and be back at JFK in 6 hours.

  • I should also have mentioned that it usually takes at least an hour to get through security at JFK. Not trying to be a downer but trying to keep you from missing your flight.

  • Hey Trey,

    Thanks for posting this shot. I loved watching you edit it. I’ve since join 500px. Will you be a follower of mine? Here is the link:

    I can’t wait to hear about your travel to Iceland this week.


  • Dude, I’ve been way into it as well in the last two weeks or so!

    You’ve probably seen this guys shots but he’s a must to friend.

  • Connor


    Your son would love the iconic glass cube Apple store. Let us know what you end up doing! Cheers.

  • diane balboni

    I don’t know what I did for entertainment before I found you, but seriously, one of the highlights of my day is to check out your daily photos and be awed by it-chane my computer background often, and have to smile every time I look at it- you should be proud- keep it up!!

  • Hi Trey, 500px is definitely a rockin’ site!

    Here’s the link to my offerings…

    And here’s a link to someone I follow who has amazing stuff posted there…

  • arrgh.. if you were passing through sooner, i’d have recommended Ryoji Ikeda’s ‘the transfinite’ ( ) but unfortunately it ended today. whatever you wind up doing, have a great time in the City, and of course in Iceland. and thanks for mentioning 500px, i’d never heard of it before your tweet but have now joined. it looks interesting.

  • Dad’s Dad

    Have a great trip=love, dad

  • I was listening to some photography podcasts and also reading the blogs and I heard about this great new site called 500px. Within hours I had to sign up. This site is truly inspiring with so many excellent pieces of great photographs.
    My Portfolio:
    I have many images posted that were inspired by you and the proper use of HDR to make images breathe new life.
    My recommendations:

  • Mike Tschappat

    You might want to visit the High Line Park. It’s an old elevated train line that was converted into a park a couple of years ago. A lot of the old rails are still there and you get a little bit of an elevated view of New York and the Hudson River. They’ve cultivated it so that it’s almost like walking through a botanical garden. A new section just opened, so now it runs from 30th street down to just past 13th street and roughly along 10th Avenue.

  • Great top 5 list, and of course that is just the tip of the iceberg. That place is packed with great work by photographers around the world. I joined when Thomas Hawk started talking about it and have used the opportunity to start going back through my work to find my “best of” and pushing to try and make my new work better. You can find me at

  • I tried out 500pix and didn’t like it at all. But it looks to me that almost all of the photos there are so over-processed and that apparently is what is popular right now. So yeah, not my thing.

  • dang trey there goes the 500px neighborhood!’actually wonderful news. I just started posting there recently. love the quality. hope folks keep that up. will be fun to follow some of these guys.

    and thanks to Steve K and Angie for good NYC photo tips. am logging them in my notes for next east coast trip.
    love your blog and photos. makes for great screensavers and desktop photos. looking forward to new iceland photos. see you in the forums

  • I was just looking at that site a couple of days before you posted this! I signed up for it and I’ve posted a few pictures so far. The list you put up is definitely top notch! Here is a link to my page on there:
    Check it out when you get a chance. Awesome shot of the Eiffel Tower BTW!

  • Amazing photo, makes me excited for my visit to Paris later this summer.
    Also, very excited about the new Video Tutorial, I was hoping it would be something beyond just HDR photography and it sounds like it includes a wide variety of topics, can’t wait to download it and start learning.

  • 6 Hours in New York.

    Trey take a taxi to the Brooklyn Bridge Park, in downtown Brooklyn. This is probably my favorite spot for great views of lower Manhattan and the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges. Just around the corner is another park with more outstanding views of the city. Your wife and son can walk around this beautiful park and catch a bite to eat at Pete’s Downtown directly under the Brooklyn bridge. Check out my site and you’ll find several picture I recently took from there and see what I mean. Let me know if you need more information.


  • Missing out on a lot from:

    Mostly environmental portraiture, which is my favourite kind.

    don`t forget to check out mine!

    Incredible new page, thanks fro recommending, see you around Trey

  • Trey,
    Thanks for the 500PX tip. I just signed up and added a few photographs. Check it out at

    Mike B.

  • I’m late to the 500px party, I originally dismissed news of another photo sharing site as just another photo sharing site. But wow, the overall quality of work over there far surpasses the average quality I see elsewhere.

    Hopefully my selections are of interest to some:

  • OK I’m in…

    Sufficiently different from and it looks like a better community than Flickr.


  • Thanks for the 500PX

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  • I’m Just a newbie in photography…but this is my page on 500px:

    Check it out at and thanx to Everyone! you are really great.

    Simone C.

  • Quick 500px question…. when I first signed on and went to search for photogs, I was able to see a complete listing of the photos with the best stats, highest ratings, most activity, etc…. After selecting a couple photogs I tried to find that link again but for the life of me I just cant locate it.

    Any Help on this Matter Would Be Greatly Appreciated.
    (I know this isn’t a forum for such questions but thought I’d give it a shot)


  • hello!
    500px is a great place to meet other photographers. And if there less choice than on flickr, personally I thing there is an overall better quality (even if there is a bunch of pseudo artistic nudes without personality)
    here is my place, about mainly New York and apes (both unrelated…)

  • Mike Smith

    I do not think people are moving to 500px because they do not like Flickr anymore. People are moving there because Flickr is clogged and people like resident drama queen/whiner Thomas Hawk no longer get the attention they feel they deserve. A quick look at the 500px editor’s choices shows a time machine back to Flickr circa 2006. Bokeh, over saturation, cliches, etc. A total yawn fest, in other words.

  • New photographer looking for some input on my photos!

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  • Jakub Urbańczyk

    500px seems to be really interesting place with many good photographs, but on the other hand it`s a little bit tendentious …

  • Anonymous

    you obviously have not looked at the site very much…

  • Do you really read this stuff? 

    View my unique landscape shots filled with low flying military jets here on 500px

  • Anonymous

    My biggest concern with 500px is the incentive to get rated and featured … especially with wildlife shots. I’m seeing a lot of shots that looked to be baited or staged, without any suggestion of this in the description. There are many owl shots, with owls flying directly at the photographer, some clearly in a landing posture, which suggests live baiting with mice. There are countless bug shots where normally skittish bugs appear slow and cooperative, which suggests refrigeration and possibly other techniques (putting insects in various substances) that many would deem unethical, disrespectful to the animal, or even cruel. I photograph wildlife myself, and in the past few years, have seen more bad behavior in the field, more stressing of wild animals, and more technique that, to me, violates the basic tenet of good nature photography which is — no image is as important as the well-being of the subject. For some reason, 500px and the way it’s structured, seems to invite these practices. It’s been distressing to look through the images and see how many appear to be using questionable techniques to get their front-page shot.

  • Damien M

    I’m also on 500px, with photos like macros, landscapes, infrared, light paintings, but also futuristic and post apocalyptic photos/matte paintings : Check it out :

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  • Mayaint

    500Px is directly oriented to photography . thats why its my best place.

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