A Fun Night in London and a new video…

Animoto Review

So I made the video below with Animoto. To see the “Making Of”, visit my Animoto Review to see all the behind-the-scenes stuff and find out more about the music and the process.

Mad World

I have a new video for you today… enjoy!

Like that song? It’s “Mad World” by Antonis Karalis. He covered this and did all the instruments, singing, remixing, and everything… and he did it just for this purpose, so go support your local internet artist and buy the song so he gets a sweet sweet 99 cents! (actually Apple gets about 30 cents I think).

RC’s New Book

My friend RC Concepcion has a new book called “The HDR Book” now avail at Amazon. He’s a great guy and a good teacher, so I do indeed recommend the book. I hope you enjoy it.

Daily Photo – A Fun Night in London

OMG… making 365 new photos a year is very difficult! I’ve been doing it for the past few years, and I hope I haven’t made it look to easy… I promise I’m not pulling a “Scotty in Engineering”, where I’m complaining about something that is actually pretty easy. But sometimes, I yell, “The ship’s breaking apart captain!” — and I really mean it! hehe…

My next task with all these London photos is to go back and geotag the dang things. It’s never-ending… the to-do list, you know. I wish we were about 3+ years down the road when there was some smart-web-service that could look at the composition and then auto-geotag. BTW, if you’re into digital imaging and computer science, there is a million dollar business for you… extrapolate the location information and auto-geo-tag. People like me would love you and pay decent money for the service! ๐Ÿ™‚

A Fun Night in LondonOMG... making 365 new photos a year is very difficult!  I've been doing it for the past few years, and I hope I haven't made it look to easy...  I promise I'm not pulling a "Scotty in Engineering", where I'm complaining about something that is actually pretty easy.  But sometimes, I yell, "The ship's breaking apart captain!" -- and I really mean it!  hehe...My next task with all these London photos is to go back and geotag the dang things.  It's never-ending... the to-do list, you know.  I wish we were about 3+ years down the road when there was some smart-web-service that could look at the composition and then auto-geotag.  BTW, if you're into digital imaging and computer science, there is a million dollar business for you...  extrapolate the location information and auto-geo-tag.  People like me would love you and pay decent money for the service! :)- Trey RatcliffRead more and see a new video here at the Stuck in Customs blog.

Mad World

  • Julie

    Sweet shot. The sky glows red, where is the light coming from? I do love every photo I’ve seen of the Eye. I’ve gotta see it for myself someday. I love the reflections. I love how the process brings out the clouds. Excellent.

    You spoke of coffee a couple posts ago, and It gave me an idea. We have a really cool coffee shop in this city. It is one of those places you would really enjoy.


    I processed a couple shots from there this evening.


  • I wish there was some way to dump that orange tinged sky. But I know from experience that the city lights color a cloudy sky that way. I’m a sucker for London shots though. I have great empathy for you Trey. Posting 365 fresh shots a year is insane. I really think you will have to pull back to 3 or 4 a week or something more manageable for fear you burn out.
    Here’s a little Sunset shot from Sunday night at the Oasis.

  • I remember you taking this shot I was a bit to the right trying to take my own which, needless to say, was not a success.

    Here’s my latest HDR – i’ve been out of the loop HDR-wise for a bit so it was great to get to process one that wasn’t one of my arcane 5megapixel images from 2007/8 that had been stagnating on a CD since then:-


  • Bob

    Major props to the ORIGINAL band who sang “Mad World”…. Tears for Fears.

  • Patrick Ahles

    Great shot, Trey. I just love how they light up those buildings with different colors. I wish they would do that here too.
    Been real busy myself, but not with photography unfortunately. At the office we moved to another building, so lots of packing (and throwing away!). Managed to get a couple of shots before we occupied the floor: http://flic.kr/p/9JGxEK and http://flic.kr/p/9Muu4X

  • Rob

    Hi Trey. Excellent shot and I love the processing. I am very new to HDR processing so when I found your website it was like a light had been switched on and everything started to become clearer.

    With regard to the auto-geo-tag I would assume that the camera producers will at some point include the same software that is in a lot of smart phones, so you can select to auto-tag the photos as you take them. Keep up the good work.

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  • Simon Morris

    Oh WOW, fantastic shot Trey – as ever, the post-processing is top class… just love the colour of the London Eye, excellent!
    Cool new video too, I’ll have to give Animoto a try some day… I’m hoping to visit Wellington soon and snap away to my hearts content, focusing (pardon the pun!) solely on candid street portraiture – I’ll keep referring to this video for inspiration, thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Awesome shot Trey and I love how you’ve managed to bring out the colours reflecting in the water as well! I haven’t posted a link on here before but being as that seems to be the theme of the day (!)… I really want to because I have a bit of a connection with those boats in the picture. Not only can you get a great filling lunch on those boats but I also took one of my first HDR’s from the boat on the right, of big ben and the houses of parliament which everyone can see here! Hope you like it!

    http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/5339832195/in/photostream

  • Graham Richter

    The easiest way to automatically Geotag all your photos is to carry a GPS datalogger with you, which continuously logs your position while you’re out and about. Later, back at your computer, software will match your photos to the GPS trail by using the timestamp of each photo to determine where it was taken.

    I use the iGotU, which is the size of a matchbox and the battery can last up to 30 hours. It’s about $50.


  • Gail in Montana

    Great shot of what looks like a fun place in London!!!! Tell your Mom to send me a note on facebook as to how things are going with your sis, thanks. I’m thinking of them as I write this. Have a great day, thanks for sharing, we all appreciate you hard work!!! Take care ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Love the shot. I really like seeing all of your shots from London. I do think they are fantastic and they also remind me of the fact that I was there a week before the great photo walk you had done there last August. I was so bummed.

  • I love all the color in this shot! Really great stuff. A picture a day is so hard…I have been doing it for about 7 months…I hope I can keep it up for years.

  • Thanks all.

    Yes, if you’ve ever done HDR at night, you know how sometimes warm city lights can “redden” up the sky a bit… I don’t add any colors… it’s just sort of a warm re-reflected light dome in the sky.

  • Great shot! I’m digging the lights in this shot. I also love the reflections and the clouds. A photo a day all year long is pretty wild, and impressive! I take the weekends off from posting myself, and I don’t do nearly as much processing as others here, I’m sure. ;-P Keep up the great work, your photos are always an awesome view.

  • Just realizing that my comment about processing might come off sounding wrong, no disrespect, that was intended to sound like “I don’t do nearly as much processing as I should be doing”. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Trey –

    Have you seen this device? It would probably ease the geo-tagging pain.


    It is slightly different from all of the other geo-tagging products because it actually writes the GPS info in to the EXIF data when you take the photo as opposed to having to sync it up later with software.

    I know we all need another piece of equipment to carry around like we need a hole in our heads. But it looks interesting all the same.


  • casusan

    Awesome London shot Trey! The lights are so beautiful! Loved the video and the music -Antonis did a fab job!!

  • Thanks you casusan!

    Trey I feel the need to publicly Thank You for ALL you did for me. If i had a popular blog i would put this Thank note…in the front-page and keep it there FOREVER! I Honestly Deeply Thank You! Working in projects with you was already a HUGE, HUGE Honor for me… but…. your make-of animoto video comments… had a very big emotional impact on me. – I hope i will return this feeling back to you one day (soon) :-))

  • Hey Trey, check out this Photosynth TED talk on the matter of using a image recognizer to tag images in the cloud. Been a while since I watched it but it might be what you’re eventually looking for?


  • Vicki Wilson

    Very nice, I love these big Ferris Wheels!

  • Trey, you do make it look too easy. I started this year and I cant believe how much work goes into posting a new photo everyday. But at least I have someone to blame. YOU, for motivating me to start my own site hehehe.

  • Hi Trey,

    I’m an on & off (when time permits) & fairly new follower of your work over the past couple of years. I wish I had more time to delve into everything you do creatively & professionally, but as it is – business & clients first.

    As I was taking a brief break this evening after being out of my office for several days, I wanted to check out your new postings and just noticed this one titled; “Mad World.”

    I really like the work that is displayed in it and the song choice (TFF & Curt Smith are a couple of my all time favs), but, as an avid supporter of IP and all that is in copyright protection, I feel compelled to ask you if you had proper license to use the song.

    Being a photographer celebrating his 28th year shooting weddings, portraits, artists on Capital & Interscope, XGames & more – from the southern most tip of California to London – I love what I do, support other artists & do what I can to help elevate the industry. But sadly in my career, I’ve had to deal with (and still dealing with) more than 1,000 pieces of my work stolen & used for profit.

    It’s my understanding that use of any creative works whether it be for personal or professional, must be obtained in writing with the proper license from the party that owns the creative work.

    I don’t know if you did, but I wanted to ask if you had obtained proper license to use the song, because there is so much more to it than just Apple receiving their cut & the artist receiving their cut.

    I also know that the topic of copyright is something that today’s “open source”/”free for you & me” generation is something that is either swept under the rug, argued to the point of being compared to as a moving violation ticket or turned away from altogether. Whatever the reason is, I would imagine that there isn’t one photographer ever that would have no problem having their work used for personal and professional gain without proper license and compensation.

    A musician makes much of the same sacrifices (if not more) than a photographer and why should we as photographers, emblazon ourselves with self entitlement to their works for free or very close to it without properly obtaining the rights to it.

    My comment my come off as a rant to some, or to others an eye opener or to some – I’m just another photographer spouting copyright from my soapbox. But what if… (and I have been kicking around the idea since sharing it on a couple of international webisodes I was a featured guest on) I took a good handful of the copyright offending photographer’s work, built a website & slapped my name on it & started doing business and making money at it. My guess is it wouldn’t be very well received.

    So back to my original question and that is I’m truly hoping that being you did obtain the proper licence for using the music on the website. It would mean so much to me to read that from you & know that you are a part of collective that is doing our best in it’s continued effort to elevate the industry through example, education & passion.

    Thanks so much for your time reading my note & I absolutely love your work. You are one of a few on a short list of people that inspire me.



    PS, As I was closing this, I think the true eye opener for the photographic industry is how organizations like the PPA go to Congress nearly every week fighting for us. Governments and big businesses keep stripping our legal copyrights away from us more & more as the line in the sand keeps on getting moved. If anyone doesn’t believe me, do a search for Bauer Media in Europe on the BJP or Internet and see how they rewrote their contracts stripping away any & all rights to the work that their photographers create for them. Truly a sad day for us as photographers when that happened. And it’s only the beginning.

  • Hello David,

    Trey Ratcliff has a written license to use my recorded version of the song “Mad World” as i own the copyrights of this recording. This cover version is registered to The Hellenic Society for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AEPI), a Collective Management Organisation on the basis of the regulations of Greek Law 2121/1993. I am a registered member of this organization. AEPI has concluded reciprocal agreements with 125 like companies in 181 territories (BMI,ASCAP,SACEM…etc). The copyright owner of the songwriting (composition and lyrics), Roland Orzabal, is also member of an interconnected with AEPI organization (Administered by Chrysalis Songs BMI).

    If you search on the internet you can find more of how music copyrights work but do not take any of them as a legal advice.

    Best Regards
    Antonis Karalis

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