The Mighty Rocket Rests

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Daily Photo – The Mighty Rocket Rests

I had some time during the day while at NASA to visit the Kennedy Space Center. Inside was the insanely huge Saturn V rocket. It’s one of those things that would hurt like hell if you dropped it on your toe.

The shuttle only has one more launch before it is forever mothballed, like this… The final launch of the Atlantis is on July 8, the first day of my 40th revolution around the sun. That’s kinda cool I think…

HDR Photo

  • Susan

    Oh wow!! This is a super cool shot of the rocket – this is what kids dreams are made of – and yeah some 40 yr olds too!

  • The Air and Space museum, like so many other places in Washington was in reality nothing more than a bloated front. Huge and extravagant remains of a cold war mind set. Buried under the museum were catacombs connected like sewers with the Lincoln Memorial, the Smithsonian’s, the White House itself. And the rats that ran through these tunnels had been here – forever. Presidents come and go but the system remains in place. So did the smell of decay. “How long would this be allowed to function?” he often wondered. Even Rome finally crumbled under the weight of its own hubris. So to would this someday.
    But that wasn’t his problem. Staying alive long enough to get out was all that drove him on. That and – his own demons. Today he was to meet a contact named Rick at the Boeing 307 Stratoliner at 7am. He’d never met Rick and he was always nervous with new contacts. He’d been walking around the airliner for almost 5 minutes when a spotted a man walking in a stilted pattern trying too hard to look like he was looking at the same plane he was looking at.
    “You familiar with this plane?” he asked the man.
    “Yes. I knew a lady who worked on these during World War II named Gail.” He replied.
    “Gail from Montana?” he asked.
    “Yes. I met her at the Apollo14 Service Module in Florida.”
    The prearranged sequence of statements having been met he breathed a sigh of relief.
    “Glad to meet you. You must be…” He stopped. Two security guards strolled by, taking no note of two simple men admiring an airplane.
    “Right. I think we know who we are. Let’s get going.”
    “Where’s the package? It’s not on you?” Rick asked, annoyed at the missing box. “I was told you’d have it with you.”
    “I do have it.” He replied. “It’s nearby. Don’t worry.”
    Rick led him out of the building and towards a waiting vehicle.
    He noticed it was running and had been for a while from the puddle of water that was gathering under the car. Condensation from the vehicle’s air conditioner.
    Rick opened the rear door and motioned for him to get in. Something wasn’t right. He turned and gave a quick glance around. “You have a cigarette?” he said as he forced a smile.
    “No.” he paused. “I don’t. No one in the agency smokes. When did you start?”
    “Old habit I guess.” Nothing looked wrong, but everything felt wrong. He scanned further and deeper around him.
    “Come on. Get it. What are you doing? Rick demanded, stepping towards him.
    “No. No, I think we should walk for a bit.” It was the last thing he said before the lights went out. Someone, something crashed down from behind him. He wasn’t knocked out, but he was fading. Rushing sounds, bodies pushing him into the car. Words jumbled together that he couldn’t make sense of.
    “What was that?”
    “If I had ever been here before I would probably know just what to do!”
    Warmth flowing through him. Filling his head with noise now. Garbled and maddening.
    “Search his pockets”
    “Million year old carbon…”
    “Allus won’t be happy.”
    He was going out and panicking. But then – he realized – he had been here before.
    They had all been here before.
    They had all been here …
    They had all been…

  • Incredible! The lighting and levels of details is insane~ I must visit there someday!

  • Simon Morris

    Powerful looking image… nice angle to shoot at – just love the composition, excellent!
    Great news the final launch of Atlantis coincides with your birthday… yep, it’s also my BIG 4-0 this year – June 9th… sheesh, where did the last decade go!?

  • Awesome photo. I visited Johnson Space Center in Houston earlier this year and the rockets they had there were really impressive. Only wish I had a little bit wider lens to take pictures with. Anyway, really enjoying all of the photos from your trip to NASA for the shuttle launch.

  • Kennedy Space Center is on my list of places to visit… Amazing shot Trey!

  • Harbles

    I hit the Plus 1 however my user name does not comply with ‘community standards’ and so I cannot register my approval of this page. Nice shot btw.

  • Richard (oldhickory49)

    Gah… I love this one! Such a gorgeous treatment to start with. And I believe that’s the Apollo command module below. I watched on a balmy July afternoon in 1969, as three intrepid adventurers visited the moon in that thing. Always loved the design of it!


  • Vicki Wilson

    The is way too cool, love this! I hate to see the shuttle program come to an end, it was one thing I didn’t mind my tax money going towards.

  • Dad’s Dad

    I remember the 1969 landing like it was yesterday. Over at Dick Frazar’s house eating “moon dip” Regular dip with craters in it. Funny.
    Great shot

  • David Hendershot

    Wow is this awesome. The colors are just fantastic. I have been at the Atlas Rocket Building a couple of times and to me it is a very hard place to shoot, but this is wonderful. How did you get the colors to POP? I wish you had done this one in the recent HDR webinar. Is it to late for a bonus picture to be processed?

  • Cool. I took brackets of that exact same composition a year ago and haven’t gotten around to processing them yet. Now I don’t have to. 🙂

  • Sweet shot Trey! The clarity and detail are really great. Nicely done.

  • Thanks!

    William – funny that you have the same composition… I wonder why Theo was not prescient enough to work that into his tale of ribaldry !

  • Nice shot and a great place to visit! I’ve not been at KSC for years but I tend to think the Saturn V at JSC in Houston is displayed in a rather less cluttered way making it easier to get clean shots.

  • Awesome photo, Trey.
    I love the detail on this. Makes a nice gallery piece. 🙂

  • Beautiful colors. This is awesome!

  • This is beautiful! Same question, how did you processed this image? How did you achieved this ‘look’ in the colors? I wanted to ask you about this for a long time. Everytime I see your image, I am SURE it’s yours, but I don’t know why this is! It’s something about the colors, not about the light so much I think. I am sure there is something you’re not telling, hehe. 🙂 But that’s cool!


    The things you usually see only in your “best” dreams …

  • May your future solar revolutions continue to treat you well and help to provide additional HDR goodness such as this.

  • I’ve been to the Cape twice and this display of the great Saturn V is always the highlight of the trip! Great shot, Trey! I wish I’d thought to take HDR images of it when I was there, but at the time I didn’t even know HDR existed!!! Ah, time is a great teacher!

  • Ian


  • Joe Pisani

    Fantastic shot. I was recently there and tried to get a similar shot but I didn’t have the tripod. Trey, did they let you use your tripod in there or did you rest it on the railing in front of the command module? Also, when I was there a great deal of light was spilling in from the doors right behind where the photo was taken from. Did you have issues with this in getting the shot?

    As always, great stuff, love learning from your works.

  • I think Google’s a little shy of saying whether it will help with a site’s rankings just yet, as that might drive a lot of abuse to their little button. But I say it certainly can’t hurt since they’re on the bandwagon of adding social influence to their results.

    Awesome shot too! That must have been a great experience!

  • I’ll be having a crack at this angle when i’m there in September – cannot wait, i’m very, very, very excited!

    Although this may not be as exciting as the Saturn 5 rocket here’s my latest HDR shot – enjoy!

  • It was so exciting for me to see the Saturn V – I remember trying to impress on my lovely wife the wonder of it all. She was non-plussed to say the least. Wonderful pix and a little bit better than mine from my point and shoot 😉 I always found space travel inspiring; here is a poem I wrote about it:

  • Stunningly cool shot!

  • Thanks!

    Joe – I did use a tripod – tripods are cool in there – no one asked me to pack it up!

    Stewart – I know what you mean… either people like this stuff or they don’t! 🙂

  • Freaking amazing shot!

  • Great shot, I love how it has a glow effect. Any advice on getting tickets for the next launch, I could use all the help I can get. I singed up for the raffle, wish me luck I’ve missed out on the last four.

  • The space center is the shiz, especially for an enginer/wannabe-photographer. I was there the day before the original launch date, and I really enjoyed being amongst my geek bethren. I also learned that in the astro community you are judged by the size of your telescopic lens.

  • Christopher N Ruud

    Trey, my man with the plan, how on earth do you get the insane color levels you get out of some of your industrial HDR’s? Mine tend to be either dull or colors all over the place.

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