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The First Camera App to Integrate with Instagram

I’m happy (and honored) to announce that we are the first camera app to use the amazing Send-to-Instagram feature! 100 Cameras in 1 (iPhone link and iPad link) is now ready for download with the new feature.

Now our hundreds of thousands of users can make use of the amazing Instagram network. I’ve been using it for a long time, and I’m a big fan. It’s free, so why not grab it? My name on there is @TreyRatcliff. What’s yours?

100 Cameras in 1 Instagram

The Very Serious Press Release

What Makes a Good Photo Great? The Morning Smell of Waffles and the Power of Instagram

On April 29, 2011, the world paused to watch Prince William and Kate Middleton walk down the aisle in a stunning, fairytale wedding. Indeed, it was a veritable union of brawn and beauty, royalty and humble beginnings, tradition and reckless love. On May 30, 2011, the world will again witness a marriage of epic proportion as the photo-sharing juggernaut, Instagram, merges with the elegant and poetic camera app, 100 Cameras in 1. Combined, these apps represent almost 5 million users, a hundred million pictures, memories, and stories, and infinite possibility. Even the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge couldn’t pull off a feat so massive.

Read the rest of the press release

Daily Photo – Red Boat in Fjord Before Storm

As soon as I drove into Isafjordur in the very remote area of NW Iceland, I went right to the docks. The water was so calm and perfect that it was beyond belief. I was super-tired, and I thought that the still water MUST be a unique phenomenon, so I toughened up to go take a bunch of photos.

It was extra-hard because I knew I was ready to go to sleep… and I knew it was about to rain… and it’s one of my favorite things to sleep in the rain. So this worked out nicely since I also like to take a bunch of photos right before it rains. So I took photos till I almost collapsed, found my hotel room, jammed a lot of chocolate, and then fell asleep in that endorphin-laden serum to the gentle rainstorm.

HDR Photo

  • Love this photo, and the processing you did on it during the the webinar… Again I find myself wishing iceland wasn’t such a distant location to visit. Spectacular scenery. I guess its a lot like NZ, but different in some ways too. My latest photo was taken a few months ago, but only recently got my attention. Sometimes the better shots take longer to bake 😉

  • Sorry no IPAD as yet but all looks good, I leave all high tec to the daughter. Photography is sometimes a headache and thats more than i can bare in this day and age.Just love this pic so still and that what looks like a crater at the back would love to be young and take a peek-a boo in side, also much like NZ as Eden mentioned.

  • Ben

    Congrats – can’t wait to start sharing photos from 100 cameras in 1 with the instagram crew directly. Nice work.

    I’m @ben_lee in instagram. Be sure to stop by

  • Simon Morris

    Great shot Trey – calm before the storm, yeah! The contours of the surrounding mountains look wonderfully dramatic – especially coupled with the peace and tranquility of the harbour… excellent!

  • Agreed – the conditions before the rain starts always works. I put that just behind night/evening as my favourite HDR shooting conditions…..

  • Gail in Montana

    Great photo of the Red Boat in the Fjord in Iceland!!! Remember to honor our vets, fallen, and those currently serving around the world on this Memorial Day. This is true for all of our world, even if you don’t call today “Memorial Day”. So many have given up their lives for freedom. Have a wonderful day, all. Blessings <3 🙂

  • You know I love me some Instagram! Now I don’t have to go back and forth between 100 and insta? How cool is that? VERY COOL! My instagram handle is @cliffbaise. Would love to have some new followers!

    Humble Request for Future Updates: I would also like the ability to import from my Flickr… like Diptic does.

    96 Days until the Man Burns! My ticket arrived a couple of weeks ago. I mentioned before that I’m pimping us out a couple of bikes. I did a little research and 86’d the BMX style in favor of large desert cruisers with fat tires and super soft cushy seats. The LED’s are on their way from Hong Kong as we speak. I’ll send you pics when yours is ready.

  • Thanks!

    Cliff yes I already follow you on Instagram… I can’t wait to see this tricked up BMX! hehe

  • Julie

    I love the brightness of the red against the dull background. The reflections are great. You are right, storms provide incredible opportunities for photography. I took one earlier this week after a storm, and got a great HDR result. I love the way HDR can bring out the texture in clouds. http://flic.kr/p/9MRwPE

    I’ve never linked before so I hope that worked.

  • Susan

    Love this shot Trey – the reflections are great and the red boat just sets it all off! Congrats on Instagram!

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  • Great shot Trey, i love the reflection off the water and the detail in the shot, Awesome!

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  • That is awesome. I sent a couple images through the moment I got the update. My handle is @justinbalog, love to have others follow me. I hope to see you over on instagr.am

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  • Cool beans. I really like Instagram the most out of all of the camera apps that I have so I will give this app a shot.

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