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New Review – PhotoLooks

I’ve been working on the PhotoLooks Review here, and now it is finally ready for release!  If you decide to grab it, the team there said my readers can use the code  STUCK20 to save 20%.  Or, you can just grab a trial at: Red Giant Software – Magic Bullet PhotoLooks.

It’s very easy to use, but I don’t want to steal all the thunder from the full review.  I’ve included a ton of photos and samples so you can get an idea.  I’ll put a few of them here below and link each one to the review.  Some of these are photos that I worked on in the Webinar and then put a finishing “touch” on in PhotoLooks.

PhotoLooks Review

Above is a good example of the interface and power.  To the left are a bunch of different preview thumbnails.  I found one called “Unbloom”, clicked on it, and then it very quickly rendered the big version of it to the right.

PhotoLooks Review

Above, you can see the detailed control panel appearing on the right whenever the mouse moves over to that side of the screen.  As opposed to the left side of the screen, this is where you can add even more granular effects to your creation.

PhotoLooks Review

Above is the effect of the “Miami” filter, which is the same filter you see on CSI: Miami when that soulless redheaded detective says something campy like, “Looks like what we have here…[dramatic pause as sunglasses are whipped off]…is a ceramic cat that’s got himself one hell of a hairball.”

  • Pussy must have bitten off everyones tongues no one on board,so ill say a good morning to you and your family and thanks for sharing Trey

  • Simon Morris

    Thanks for the review Trey – the product looks good… can’t see it swaying me from Topaz though – love their stuff!
    Have a fab weekend all – ciao for now! 😉

  • Dennis

    It was kind of a letdown to have the last class of the Webinar last night but at least we still have the daily posts here. Very interesting rendering of the Eiffel Tower with the “Unbloom” filter. This would be really handy if you are pressed for time yet know the kind of look you want. I like the fact that you can see so many options at a glance in the right hand pane. Thanks, Trey and thanks again for the Webinar. A very worthwhile experience. I learned a lot, not only about image processing, but the whole “process” of photography and of capturing images of this beautiful world in which we live. I think Louis had a good point. Please tell your wife and children we appreciate them sharing you with us. All the best, Dennis

  • Dennis

    Trey, I just saw an article I thought you might like “Five decadent spots for chocolate lovers”. You probably already know these places, but in the off chance one might be new to you, here’s the link:

  • Vicki Wilson

    Trey, Thanks so much, I really enjoyed the webinar it was great!!! Please tell your wife and kids how much we all appreciate them sharing your time with us! Photolooks Magic-bullet looks to be a fun plugin, I will be tying it out.

  • Gail in Montana

    Very interesting to see the way you can change your photos with that program. I like the tower and horse. Even the silly cat, lol. Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend, those of you in the states. Remember to honor our vets, those still alive, those gone before us, and all those serving around the world. Fly your flags proudly!! 🙂

  • casusan

    Awesome webinar – sorry it’s over!! The newsletter is super too – forwarded it to friends! Have a good Memorial Day weekend Trey!

  • Looks pretty neat. With so many post-processing enhacement programs available I don’t know how I would go about choosing which one would benefit specific photos. I’m with Simon – i like Topaz – without ‘Photo Pop’ many of my shots would lose some of their shine like the one below:-

  • PS – I noticed a filter named ‘aged’ – did you use that filter for some of the images from the recent post from Cape Canaveral? They had a really retro look to them which was a great touch…..

  • THanks all!

    Andy – no… I did something else for those… but I bet one of these filters would have done about the same thing

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