The Gaudi Cheesecake Factory

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Daily Photo – The Gaudi Cheesecake Factory

I was stuck doing handheld shots all over this awesome Gaudi house because the PR staff would not let me use a tripod. They also said I was not allowed to post any photos of the house on my blog. I told them this was absolutely ridiculous and of course I would post photos on the blog. They said it was not ridiculous and I should really listen. I then said, “But everyone else is here taking photos and posting on Facebook and Flickr!, right?” And they said, “Oh, well, they shouldn’t be doing that either.”

Anyway, I just don’t deal well with that kind of insanity… I found this place to be quite beautiful, and I wanted to share it with you anyway. If you want to see it yourself, visit the CASA BATLLÓ in Barcelona. Oh, I know…. PR team at Gaudi… this is so terrible… #1 Travel Blog in the world showing a beautiful photo of your property and encouraging people to go… This really is as horrible as you imagined.<

  • Patrick Ahles

    Gaudí put some much detail in his creations, and now you are taking pictures showing us all those details. Great! I love those fan blade shaped ventilation openings above the windows: form and functionality in one!

  • Susan

    This is a really really cool shot Trey – when I first looked it seemed like a monster in the ceiling with a golden eye and then me eyes traveled downwards to those gorgeous windows – what a great place – new wallpaper-thanks!

  • COME ON FREE ADVERTISEMENT!!! People need to chill out! Nice shot BTW! 😉

  • Sucks about the security being dumb, but good on ya for putting up a great shot anyway 🙂
    Re: Newsletters; I follow a couple of guys named Andy and Mikey that you may know from their site
    Fun and personable tutorials.
    Thom Hogan, (good stuff if you’re techie,) and Ken Rockwell, (the heart of an artist and the mind of an engineer; also a serial retrogrouch,) are also good reads.

  • Felix

    Hi Trey,

    Are you here (referring to Barcelona). I live here, and I gladly give you a tour of the city. Just let me know. Twitter/Facebook User name: fperezlara.

  • Sergio García

    Stupid rules! What do they think a tripod is? It’s a money thing for sure: Did they sell their own photos at 10€?
    Spain is full of “no camaras alowed” places, that’s why I prefer landscape photography, ha ha.
    Sergio from Madrid, Spain.

  • Hehe, I really hope they will see this shot…Nice detail on the ceiling! Trey, I really hope you’re in Iceland right now a shooting the Grimsvotn eruption!!

  • Sweet Trey, another great shot and by the way when are you coming to Australia? we would love to catch up with you down here!!!!

  • Its like a spiral effect,like a snail shell, with tops of the windows like tentacles ready to suck the windows in. Tripods seem to cause havoc in buildings around the world,why? I cannot say but if they think of it in a different way that people are showing these photos to others who in turn would like to see it for them selves,it’s free advertising. I cannot see the stupid rulings unless they may worry that if someone trips on your tripod it may be a form of liability. Food for thought.

  • Simon Morris

    Yummy looking shot Trey – the texture on the ceiling looks fab, as do the stained glass windows… groovy, man! 🙂

  • Haha, I also get pretty irked when people/places tell me I can’t take photos. I guess they don’t realize the value of publicity.

  • Vicki Wilson

    I love this photo, the architecture is awesome, thanks for sharing! Regarding newsletters, I belong to the Carolina Nature Photographers Association , a camera club with over a thousand membership. We have a newsletter called “Camera in the Wild” with articles from fellow members that I enjoy following,

  • Michele

    Yes – the Gaudi Foundation is rather precious about their assets. Like the Eiffel Tower when its light show is flashing, you also cannot sell images of Gaudi architecture. The man would be spinning in his crypt at such narrow-minded thinking.

    I have lots of images of Gaudi-designed buildings, lights etc, which if I could sell, I’d gladly donate proceeds to the Gaudi Foundation. La Sagrada Familia is being completed solely on the monies raised by the people of Barcelona and the entry fees into the basilica – why not let photographers contribute? They want to have a monopoly on their “official” images released by the foundation that appear in their souvenir books and on their magnets, postcards, key-rings etc. Tacky. It appears that painters can sell paintings of the sites, as witnessed by the many street artists in Barcelona who are selling artworks of them, but photographers cannot. Blatant discrimination!

    Just in case anyone wants to look for more information on this house – its correct name is Casa Batlló. 🙂

  • This is awesome. The detail is reall quite stunning.

  • Do I detect a reference to The big Bang Theory here? Thats the first thing that came to mind as I read the title of this post 😉
    Shame about those crazy security people… It’s not like you were going to put up a blog post about how horrible and ugly the place was! Strange how people in that bubble can’t see the benefit of opening up to a larger audience. Oh well…

  • Looks like a beautiful place. That ceiling is awesome!

  • Dan

    Haha go Trey, You fight those silly ‘suck-urity’ ;).

    If anything they would ‘WANT’ you to-do ‘advertise’ for them, Cheeky sh#!s.

    Was this 3 exposures? I recently treated myself to a new Canon and coming from 3 FPS to 8 FPS I can easily fire 3 shots handheld, It’s great.. Makes me take more HDR’s for sure.

    Do you know if there is any way of getting into HDR Spotting atall? I’d love to check it out but can’t find any invites around.

    P.S Gonzo?… He must of passed away, No comment yet?? lol

  • Gail in Montana

    Neat photo of the cheese factory. Silly people, they just lost free advertisement. I have several blogs I visit if you are animal lovers. The DailyPuppy site, LOL I can has cheezeburger, and CuteOverload. I get newsletters from flickr with updates on my favorite photographers. And then facebook is always full of great sites and information. I have so many likes on there, it’s rediculous. I also get several cartoons in my inbox from Arcamax which has several options you can ask for besides cartoons. Oh, almost forgot to include your newsletter, lol. Well, that ought to be enough for now ;-).
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful photo with us, have a wonderful Wednesday 🙂

  • Miguel

    Dear Trey,

    love your page – only short comment from me here in Vienna/Austria.

    As a fan of Gaudi i can tell you theres no CASA BASTILO – the name ist CASA BATLLÓ.

    greetings miguel

  • Good for you Trey in standing up to the man!

  • Great shot Trey. Hey I really like these Gaudi shots. I’m going to Europe in September and plan to see some of this stuff. Can you tell me if you have ever or would ever consider using a Joby Gorillapod for such situations where a tripod is not allowed? I’m wondering if this would be more discrete and more acceptable to these security types…

  • David Hendershot

    Wow, very nice. I was in Barcelona last year with my family (wife and 3 kids). I passed this building and it was wild looking. I did not go in since the cost was $25 per person. I WISH I HAD PAID AND GONE INSIDE NOW. Great job Trey. PS Your HDR webinar is fantastic.

  • Nice Shot Trey, I’m in Barcelona all this week and have been shooting and blogging my own handheld HDRs. I was there yesterday but did not fight the crowds to go inside. Thanks for showing me what I missed. FYI I think it is spelled Casa Batilo (with a little apostrophe ‘ over the o)

  • Thanks! 🙂

    Chris – Thanks for the suggestions.

    Felix – Thanks for the offer!

    Filip – yes going to iceland soon to see the volcano!

    Michele – good point about painters – I have never thought of that angle.

    Eden – you know I love me some Sheldon-humor.

    Dan – no this was 1 RAW

    Miguel & Rich – thanks – I fixed it! 🙂

  • RogerC

    Great shot, Trey. Wonderful color and detail.

    But don’t be surprised if they come after ya with a C&D order…. it’s all about the money or how THEY, with their narrow thinking, perceive the money.

  • “Absolutely ridiculous” is the perfect way to describe that policy. Nice shot!

  • How can they expect to police what travel images people upload to the internet? Their argument and rules are totally absurd. Nevertheless, this is a wonderful effort. If you hadn’t mentioned that you didn’t use a tripod It would still have been difficult to tell this was a single tonemapped RAW image.

  • I wonder how long their policy of ‘no pictures’ would hold up if an organization of photographers banded together and started listing locations and venues that didn’t allow photography, posted notes to venue/travel sites noting that photographers were not welcome at these locations, and notify them that we’re all aware that we’re not welcome at their venues.

  • Pretty cool!

  • Pete in NZ

    I have been in that glorious room and I’m glad there were no clots with tripods.
    Let one do it and the things would take over the place.
    I don’t think they need your publicity 🙂
    ‘#1 Travel Blog in the world’?
    get over yourself !

  • Hey Trey, nice shot… loving the detail in the roof!

    Thinking about getting one of these bad boys installed in my lounge (I wish!)

    Looking forward to a nice holiday to Lanzarote (ash cloud permitting) and gonna get a 28-300mm lens.. I know you love the Nikon one, but would the Tamron be a good choice for a guy on a budget??



  • Brett

    I absolutely hate policies like that. Even worse is the Frank Lyod Wright Price Tower. They had a public event for kids in the lobby outside the museum. I tried to a picture of my kid doing an art project at the event, but was told no photos allowed because the entire building is copyrighted.

    Glad you decided to post the photo and hope you don’t see a c&d letter.

  • Steve Waller

    Of all the Gaudi buildings in Barcelona, this was my favourite. The attention to detail and clever little touches are so ahead of their time. The audio guide was well worth getting as it brought whole aspects of it to life.

    This picture, along with the one you have of the stairwell, capture it so well.

  • Jim Timmons

    Not sure what is worse….this poorly composed, overcooked mess of a photo or your ego.

  • Greg

    I have run into buildings in Denver that will do anything to stop you from plopping a tripod down on a sidewalk and snapping their skyscraper for “security reasons”… you can tell them that Google Earth has their building in a thousand different viewpoints but they don’t care…

    internal shots though.. I’m torn.. if they don’t want people taking pictures of something, at the end of the day you are a visitor in their place, right? If they had a “No Food or Beverages” rule you’d respect that, but photographers seem to think they can shoot everything without thinking about it… given the reach of the internet though I think the cats out of the bag on this one and with the number of cell phone cameras out there it’s pretty impossible to police at this point..

    You are very fortunate to be able to travel as you do Trey…

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  • Donna

    I really don’t understand their rules about photographing Gaudi’s architecture. I took a photo of the “sand dune” looking ceiling in La Pedera… and I was immediately attacked by their security and ushered out of the area. I posted it on my Flickr photostream and it is the most viewed of all my photos. Very strange town… beautiful, but strange. (I, too, was mugged right off Las Ramblas during the daytime… rough trip all around!)

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