NASA Tweetup Recap

New Video Interview – While at NASA…

I did this video interview with Jesse from Aputure. I did this one while waiting around for the shuttle to go off last week… and you can see some other behind-the-scenes stuff I suppose. BTW, I am the worst at doing interviews in a timely manner. Jesse sent me this in November of 2010, and I am just now getting used to it… I have many other interviews queued up in my inbox… and I’ll get to them eventually. Sorry it’s just a busy time.

Daily Photo(s) – A collection from Cape Canaveral

I still have many unreleased shuttle photos, but I thought you might enjoy some of the other bits and pieces that I have posted below. I’ll put captions under each one for you.


18 minutes till the launch. Newsmen from around the world go live while they go through their Ron Burgundy vocal preparations.


Close to 1,000 tripods set up inside the NASA "circle of extreme lenses and egos"


last-minute preparations are made are the launch pad for Endeavour

Some Tweetup celebrities…

The Tweetup had a few people there that maybe you’ve heard of… First is Seth Green, who I first started watching on Buffy and Greg the Bunny (of which, I have seen every episode, I’m happy to say – see the Tardy the Turtle compilation for an idea of the show). Second there is his wife Clare Grant, who you might just enjoy in Geek and Gamer Girls video. The third photo is Abraham Benrubi, who you might remember from ER and Parker Lewis… also, don’t you think Abe should play one of the roles in Game of Thrones on HBO? I think so! Plus, like me, he’s memorized most of the book! Also, Abe is a regular visitor here to the site, which was a nice surprise to find out after meeting him.

Seth Green

Seth Green runs up the stairs at the Tweetup after some lame photographer tried to get a photo of him while inside the port-o-potty.

Clare Grant

Clare Grant tweets away on her computer while sitting by Seth inside the Tweetup tent.

Abe Benrubi

Abe Benrubi makes a face at his wife Nicole Solomon while she musses his hair to show how unruly it's become ever since he started growing it out.

More NASA & Space Shuttle Photos

I have many more NASA shots that I have posted and many more in the future…. to see them all, just visit the NASA category here on the site!

  • I love that Newsman shot. I saw it the other night during the Webinar and I started laughing out loud. Dude looks like a total dork. But the processing you did with the yellow/greenish tint was actually very cool. It gave them a true retro feel and took me back to the Apollo days of my childhood.

    Anyway – I have recovered from my *cough* rough patch and I am ready to go ahead and win the CS5 and go on the Abandoned Power plant shoot with you. No need to “randomly” choose anyone else as I am here and 100% *weez* fit and fully functioning. *furball*
    As proof I offer you my latest work.

  • “Circle of extreme lenses and egos” – so it’s not just my imagination that there is an unspoken ego battle waged every time photographers get together and start checking out the other guy’s gear.

    Funny celeb images, especially Seth Green. Kind of looks like the guy walking away in the background is scratching his head wondering why trying to catch someone in the porta potty is a bad thing. 🙂

  • You seem so fresh in your interview, but I’m sure you been burning the candle at both ends.You mentioned China as one of you favourites,because of family ties it’s my favourite as well.There is so much to see, and it’s vast and open.Like Japan their gardens are beautiful You are truly fortunate to have the invite to all that at NASA. I love all the bazookas ready to open fire,oops sorry you not at war,I mean lenses. Also welcome back Gonzo glad you better God bless. Nice shots Trey,28-300 seems to do the job A OK

  • Envious as usual. Great location. Great shots. Well done Trey.
    But seriously, Mr Green, a potty and photographer? Oh dear, they were hard up for a shot.


  • Susan

    The video was cool! Love your shots of all the ‘action’ at the Cape – looks like fun! Also looking forward to the webinar tonight!

  • Cool down-to-earth interview, Trey. And cool photos. Agree 100% with the always entertaining Gonzo: that Newsman shot is awesome, and it DOES look like something straight out of the 60s.

  • Vicki Wilson

    Loved you interview and a chance to see the pressroom at NASA. Very cool how you processed the images, it does give a retro feeling! I am sad to see the shuttle program coming to an end, hope we can some day have another really cool space program, maybe a trip to Mars, now that would be a cool place for a photo!

  • I love these behind the scenes shots. Really cool. Thanks for sharng these.

  • Gail in Montana

    Very nice shots of the preparation for lift off. Thanks for sharing 🙂 Have a great day!

  • Ray

    Trey, maybe you can answer a question for me. Why are you so snarky when it comes to the media and other photographers?

  • Great shots Trey!
    It was great to be around so many great photographers during NASATweetup and launch!
    Thanks for being so nice and generous sharing tips with us.

  • I am no longer worthy….. Yeah I do find that when I’m around other photographers I become very competitive although I know if it came down to hardware alone, most photographers would wipe the floor with me especially the ones with massive telephoto lenses and expensive tripods!

  • I am snarky about the media, yes? Yes. I think it is because many of them have such disdain for bloggers and people that do photography for the love of it like us… they think of bloggers and enthusiasts as children while they are the professionals and experts. Not everyone in the media is like that, but a lot of them are.

  • Shamir

    I wasn’t so sure about the coloration on the NASA photos. I think it worked on the newsman photo, but on the rest I was wondering why you were using Fuji film and where you got the fluorescent lights to illuminate the scene. I do like the composition though, particularly the line of tripods. That big lens in the foreground, if you forget the Z axis for a bit, looks like some industrial equipment that is part of the NASA complex.

  • Great stuff. Really looking forward to seeing more as you cycle them in, what an interesting time in human history. In my generation, we’ve always had people going up, either in capsule or by shuttle. Really glad you were there to cover this!

  • Simon Morris

    Cool natural looking shots Trey – I especially like the retro look to them, excellent!
    Gonzo, aka ‘Gino’ – good to hear you’re on the mend… may the force be with you at being the chosen one! 😉

  • ThAnkx Simon. But I suspect that the odds are very much against me.
    I mean, since I have been so up front about wanting to win if Trey actually picks my name people would scream!
    So all my begging has in fact probably worked against me.

  • Eric P


    Nice shots, as always, Trey.

  • Although it was half year in the making, thanks for getting around to the interview! And keep the China shots coming…

  • Travis;-P

    Looks like Ames is doing some HDR video research with the shuttle launch. Hey Trey, check it out.

  • Trey, great shots as usual. Travis, thanks for the incredible. HDR research shots. What detail they can get with the right equipment.

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