The Post Ranch Inn at Dusk

Last Month’s Facebook Fan Page Impressions

HDR PhotoI just saw the stats for the past month on our Facebook page.  It’s really crazy how much traffic that place gets.  Since there are so many people there, let me know if you have any ideas for fun things we can do there.  I still keep this blog as the “main cruise ship” of my online life, but the FB format does have a few nice things going for it…  It’s seems like another great way for you guys to meet one another on Facebook too!  Make new friends with each other and stuff… that is cool.

Suggestions from Locals

You would think I have a very sophisticated way of picking out hotels and places to stay, yes? Well, no, I don’t. I wish there was a bullet-proof system. I’ve tried many websites and I sometimes get good suggestions, but you never really know, you know?

I’m often most happy when I get a suggestion from a clever local person. This was the case with the Post Ranch Inn below. I was at the EG Conference in Monterey, and I mentioned to a fellow there that I was going down to Big Sur for a few days. He immediately recommended this place, and it was a slam dunk.

I mean, I guess I do have a blog and I can just ask you guys… maybe I will in the future. You guys really know a bunch of great places, and I should use this as a resource more… also, it ends up being valuable to other people too, since there does end up being a lot of cross-pollination as a lot of us travel around from time to time.

Daily Photo – The Post Ranch Inn at Dusk

How awesome is this room? Each of the rooms here at the Post Ranch Inn (nice time-lapse on that website, eh?) are cool, so I don’t think this one was special in that regard. In fact, I have another photo I processed last night of one of the little tree-house-rooms I saw on the way to dinner.  I’ll post that one soon…

Whenever I check into a hotel, I always feel like a dork because I say, “Hello, you don’t know me but I’m a photographer, so having a really good view at sunrise is important.” I don’t think this ever amounts to a hill of beans, except for here! The nice lady that set me up said that the mountain-view had the best light for photography. She said this with such authority that I did not question it! And she was right…

I took this one evening at dusk before walking up the path to an amazing dinner.

  • Lovely photo! Really great glow detail around the room… and nice blue lighting outside, gorgeous. Big Sur is amazing, isn’t it?
    I love the facebook connection with stuck in customs, too… I’ve made several friends with folks from here and get to view their art and build friendships with them. I try to post daily at… and it’s been a great experience with the photo connections through that, also!

  • Patrick Ahles

    Nice room indeed. I can’t comment on the view, but I can imagine it being good too!

  • Simon Morris

    Fantastic room with views to match!
    Impressive Facebook stats – I should log onto FB more often… mind you, I only opened an account 2 weeks ago – yep, 100% true… where have I been all this time! 😉

  • it never works like that for me, for some reason i tell people like that i’m a photographer and it would be great if…….. whatever…. and it’s like, the NO machine comes out, great room, love the shot.

  • Gail in Montana

    Great recommendation, Trey. A room with a view!!! Glad you had a great place to stay. Good job on capturing what you could of the room, too!! Thanks for sharing your adventures with us, have a wonderful Saturday!! 🙂

  • Some pretty amazing numbers from facebook!

    This place looks like a beautiful one to stay and visit – wow! Nice plug for them here, they should use your image to advertise on their site -;0)

  • Ray

    So you were comped this room in exchange for a mention on this site?

  • Nice view Trey…Beautiful natural processing as usual, interiors of beautiful places look cool in HDR! Love the mix of the warm & cold colors. I never shared my work here, but I would love to read your thoughts, criticism, opinions on this one!
    It’s always hard(for me) to process HDR when I shoot against the sun, so many light levels! Have a great weekend everyone!

  • Thanks all!

    Ray – No I paid for the room. And for that $150 dinner!

  • Dan

    Wow, Check you out Trey! Riding first class :P. Love this room!. And that bed sure does look comfy!

    The HDR photo’s that I’m producing with my new camera are impressing myself so I’m loving photography more than ever, every day I swear I get more and more indulged in it :).

    Thanks for the post!
    P.S My FB is:

  • Susan

    Oh wow – what a cool place! And the view looks awesome! What’s that on the right of the bed? At first I thought it looked like a giant fish tank….but it could be another room?? Have fun at the launch!

  • Jeff

    My first reaction to this pic was WOW! Nice room with cool views I’m sure, but you made it look even more spectacular.

  • This shot makes me want to stay at the Post Ranch Inn. You should really get comped for the publicity you bring to these places!

  • Hey Trey, are you going to post any shots from Pfeiffer Beach? Yes, I was the other insane photographer out there that night. Still cleaning the sand out of my lenses, ears and other crevices which I won’t discuss…

  • Breanne Clemmensen

    This picture is very neat. The view looks like it would be spectacular.

  • Thanks!

    Oh hey Ron – yes that shot is coming up for sure! Nice meeting you out on the beach!

  • Lee

    Sharp, but dust spots or dirty windows

  • Aarthi

    Thats a really nice photograph! And thanks for the tip about the inn, we live in the Sf bay area so will def keep it in mind next time we want to take a quick break:)

  • Nice view!

  • SInce cliff rooms at Post Ranch go for $2285 nightly your product-review sales must be paying well !

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