The Wheel

Silver Efex Pro 2

I’ve been very slow in trying out the new Sliver Efex Pro 2, always fun to play about with different processing workflows.

Daily Photo – The Wheel

Remember that great London PhotoWalk? I’m still processing photos from that event! There was one point where I climbed up on a low wall to get a shot of the ferris wheel. Getting up on the wall wasn’t too tough — the tough part was setting up the three legs of my tripod so they were pretty stable.

It’s been great fun (and kind of strange) to have hundreds of people also processing these images and posting them in the forums. I get to see many of interpretations of this same scene. There are so many different versions of the colors, the composition, the sharpness, and even more. This is very interesting to see how people take the same source files and make something that is interesting to them.

HDR Photo

  • Trey, it is really nice to see how u have processed this shot in hdr, with all those metal strands and clouds ! Otherwise a normal shot, just that processing, makes it stand out ! Thanks for sharing and inspiring …

  • Nice one Trey I have a few shots of/on the Eye, unfortunatly I wasn’t blessed with any clouds that day ;P.

  • Patrick Ahles

    Nice POV, Trey!

  • Simon Morris

    Cool perspective – nice processing too, the clouds win it for me!
    Trey – you must have visited Singapore on your travels… if so, have you been on the Singapore Flyer? We squeezed a ride in during our stopover whilst en-route moving to NZ. I must say, you get an incredible view from the top… especially the HUGE volume of container ships heading both in and out of the port!
    Best of luck with the webinar – sounds like your students are really enjoying it… have a fab weekend all! 🙂

  • Vicki Wilson

    I feel the clouds really help make this photo work. I am having so much fun in the webinar, it is fun having such awesome images to work with!

  • Andy T.

    Nice shot, Trey. Enjoyed watching the webinar last night.

    I’ve played around with Silver Efex Pro 2 as well. Found it really great. It took what I thought was just an okay shot and made it a little more interesting. Added a lot of structure in the walls. Might be a bit much but I think it gives a better impression of the feeling as you’re standing there.

  • Gail in Montana

    Great shot of the wheel, Trey. Talk about close up!!! Thanks for sharing. And thanks again to Susan for sharing gravatar!! Have a great Friday, all. 🙂

  • I totally agree, I have always thought that it does not matter if you shoot the same thing everyone else has, it’s the processing in the end and what you do to make it stand out.

    I was on your Monterey photo walk and I have noticed the same thing in the Flickr group, many shots of the same scenes but really different in the end result.

  • casusan

    Cool shot of the ferris wheel Trey – it’s interesting to see how you process these! Hope the launch goes off as scheduled and have fun!

  • Thanks!

  • raunak

    I love your composition and find your processing to be quite tasteful also but in this photo I see a lot of CA in the final image. Has it got something to do with the alignment of the bracketted shots ? Sorry to be a pixel peeper Trey but the bar is set pretty high for you. . .expecting more stunning images from you in the future..

  • Wonderful shot…and wonderful clouds to go along with it.

    My latest…

  • Simon

    There seems to be quite a bit of chromatic aberration on some of the struts of the wheel. It’s a problem I come across regularly with my cheaper lenses and HDR processing seems to make it more pronounced. Annoyingly, if I run it through Canon’s image editor it does a great job of reducing the visible CA but seems to make aligning the shots for HDRing impossible – it seems to change the alignment slightly. Although this may also be down to the distortion correction.

    Any tips for dealing with this? It appears on very few of your shots. Or is it just forking out for a better lens?

  • Regarding CA, frankly, I don’t care too much bc 99.9 percent of ppl never see it. It can be fixed…. Maybe 5 to 10 mins per photo, but the time to effectiveness ratio doesn’t make sense for me.

  • Is it me or does the wheel seem slightly ghosted? It doesn’t look quite sharp enough, was it moving between the exposures? Not one of your best, but still a great perspective. I have seen a 1000 photos of this landmark, this is a good one.

  • Hey Trey, can you enlighten me on Photographic permits for London. Apparently I should have one for 5 days as a tourist wanting to photograph landmarks in and around London. What are your thoughts or you readers for that matter
    Regards Adrian

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