Webinar Grand Prize: Destination Austin with Trey

Great Prize Bundle – Thanks Photomatix!

Here’s a fun prize! This is open to all that have registered for the Photography Webinar. It starts tonight, but you can still join even up to a week late and just download the classes you missed!

  • Grand Prize: All Expenses Paid Trip to Austin to shoot an abandoned power plant with me – Thanks Photomatix for this prize
    • Plane, +Hotel (2 nights), +Car, +$100 in meals!
      • Note: Plane allotment covers anything below $750.  If you are overseas and want to make up the difference, then feel free to enter below!
  • Bonus Prize: Photoshop CS5 – I have another new copy I’ll give you when you arrive here in Austin.
  • To Enter: Leave a comment below!  People with more than one comment are disqualified.
  • Eligible: You must be registered for the Photography Webinar
  • Contest Ends May 15th at midnight CST. I’ll select a random winner and announce on May 16.
  • Questions? Contact [email protected]

And, of course there are many other prizes as well, such as a New Drobo every class. Pop over to the Webinar page to see them all listed out.

Daily Photo – The Megahangar at NASA

Here is a zoom-in of the image below to give you a sense of the size of this beast.

Imagine a giant skyscraper, but hollow and filled with people making rockets.  That’s what the VAB is.  To really get a sense of the size of this thing, look at the outline of the man standing in the distance, his body backlit by the door.

The VAB, or Vehicle Assembly Building, is the worlds largest single-story building, and it’s where NASA assembles many of the rockets, including the mighty Saturn V.  It’s also the tallest building in the US that’s not in a downtown area.   It’s situated at Launch Complex 39 at the Kennedy Space Center, and it’s awesome dot com.

The thing is so big that it even has its own weather system.  In fact, on humid days it can even rain inside the building!  In my photo below, you are really only seeing part of it.  Off to the right, they are fueling up the Atlantis for its upcoming mission.  Staring through the girders from another angle, you can easily see the giant orange tank going through its pre-launch ordeal.

Getting into this place was very difficult.  I felt privileged to even get through the various security screenings and get the governmental approval to go inside.  They let in little groups of us from the Tweetup, and I have to thank Stephanie Schierholz for making it all happen.  It’s one of the mysterious places on earth I’ve always wanted to visit, so I was very excited to be inside.  My next goal is to get back inside and get up higher… perhaps even get in while they are prepping the next rocket.

I have many more shots of this building that I’ll be sharing in coming weeks and months… you guys know how I like to keep these threads and stories open for a long time!


  • The VAB at NASA is truly a modern wonder of the world.

  • Susan

    Oh wow – awesome – looks massive! Are those elevators there? Looks so fun to visit – cool prize for the webinar…..now where is Gonzo? I’d bet he can’t make just one comment! Good luck tomorrow!

  • #1 – I am a cheap date. If I win I already live in Austin, thus no plane, no train, no automobile.
    #2 – That part about posting twice? That really hurts bro. I take that personally.
    #3 – I know that posting first practically disqualifies me, at least odds-wise.
    #4 – The fourth reason is ALWAYS the weakest reason, so I’ll skip it.
    #5 – That is an awesome capture. Seriously. I’m digging it.
    #6 – The Seaholm Power Plant? Come on dude! I love that building. I commit misdemeanor B&E all the time. How can you stone wall me on this one?
    #7 – I’m still really hurting about that Iain/CS5 fiasco. I’ll except this as your apology.
    #8 – I’ll stop posting complaints about you and then posting as me defending you if I win.
    #9 – The stalking? I can almost guarantee it will end.
    #10 – My dad is a TV repair man. He has tools. He can fix the 14-24mm lens. No problem.

  • Trey, I love shooting old houses and businesses! We shoot the local closed mills in our area. We have found that by looking up the owners in the county tax office we can usually contact them and most of the time get permission. I would love to shoot in Austin!


  • Rafaelinho

    Looking forward to the webinar tonight. And I’ve always heard that Austin is a beautiful city. Can’t wait to visit (wink, wink).

  • Oh, wow! A photography trip to Austin would be amazing! Especially being able to utilize what we learn, and be able to shoot with Trey!

  • Thanks for the opportunity Trey, that sounds really awesome! I am very much looking forward to the webinar.

  • PeterG

    Awesome, did you manage to get stunning shot of the shuttle?

  • This would be awesome!!!!!

  • Louis

    I hope I win this prize 🙂

  • Christopher Giokas

    Here’s for trying my luck 🙂

  • Chris

    Wow, what an awesome prize! Looking forward to the webinar!

  • Looking forward to tomorrow with a thank you so big, that you brought tears.if you felt privileged to get into this place then you will understand how privileged I must feel God bless you. Worked in factories most my life but nothing to this scale,its gigantic.every thing else is dwarfed by its monstrosity.

  • My one comment …and if I win I am not giving this one to Thelonious like I said for the last contest. 😉

  • Sooooooo looking forward to the webinar! Let’s get busy!

  • pick me as the winner……winner winner chicken dinner!

  • Fran

    A fabulous prize and the webinar starts soon!
    Happy Mom’s day to the Mom’s here!

  • Brenda

    Excited for the webinar! And also excited about the prospect of winning this prize!!!

  • Paul Hayes

    Excited about the webinar and lets get this thing started!!!!

  • Patrick Ahles

    Mighty fine prizes, too bad I can’t win…
    About the VAB shot: one word: OMG!

  • Steve

    Nice pic trey, though you gotta visit OZ, we have backyard sheds way bigger than that..lol…

  • Those prizes look awesome!

  • What an incredible opportunity, looking forward to the webinar!

  • Since photography often involves dreams, either the experience of a dream in a single image or the desire to adventure to new places to fulfill a dream (like the one you’re offering); I’ll leave you with a quote that always helps me to remember that the fulfillment of my dreams lies in my own belief.

    “Whether you believe that you CAN or you CAN’T you’re probably right!” –Henry Ford.

  • Matt Sullivan

    In and already registered!

  • That vehicle assembly building is one of the most spectacular scenes I have ever laid eyes on… I’ve always wanted to visit L39, and with any luck I’ll make it there some day. Really looking forward to more shots from NASA mate! Keep them coming 🙂

  • Peter S

    Wow, you’ve really captured the scale of it Trey, fantastic! I once had a chance to visit the Boeing 747 factory at Everett – it was so huge that you never seemed to be getting any closer to it, driving up the freeway or even when walking across the car park. Really looking forward to the webinar, although not sure I will be awake for many (any?!) live sessions; the trip to Austin would really be the icing on the cake. As for Gonzo the Great, I’m with Susan – bet he just can’t resist another post – go on, I double dare you!!

  • Colin

    Wow that’s awesome! Well I live in Scotland but am more than happy to pay flights for a chance to shoot with Trey….especially in such a cool location 🙂

  • Looking forward to the webinar! Though I’ll probably have to download them the day after due to the time difference. I guess were yet to get access to where those downloadables will be located?

  • Ben Keroles

    Wow! That is awesome! A chance to take photos alongside you for a day would be a blast.

  • Carol Smith

    I am up for it and willing to pay the difference from the UK to come on over.

  • That’s a spectacular shot! I can imagine how overwhelming it must have been just standing in there. Is that the building that’s supposed to have the world’s flattest floor?

  • Damien Stenson

    Trey, Great Idea including the zoom of the person. Only for it I don’t think the image would have done anything for me but now that I can see what you could see, the perspective I am impressed by the scene. Actually have gone back and looked at the picture a few times since. That place is huge or else thats a dwarf?
    Have enrolled already and am looking forward to it.

  • M Dawson

    Tremendous shot of an incredible location. Looking forward to the webinar.

  • OMG, THAT’S HUGE! Looking forward to see more NASA shots! About the contest, you made me even more sad now. I was very excited about the webinar, until you annouced the prize…200 bucks?? :-O If I were regular working guy, I would have no problem…But as a regular student, 200 is just too much. I got over it and now you tell me this? That I could win a paid trip to Austin and hang out with you? Hmm…That sucks pretty hard.

  • Ok really? It is so big it can rain inside… gotta see that

  • Dennis

    Trey, the $750 would cover about half the cost of my trip from Brazil but just having a few hours to learn along with you in person would be well worth double that. I’m in. Good luck to everyone! In the image of the megahangar I love the way the lines of the metallic structure point upward, but then seem to incline back down to the tiny doorway in the distance. I wonder if the rain happens when a low rain cloud passes over and “through” the hangar…?

  • One word – WOW! I knew it was big but not on this astronomical (pardon the space pun) scale! I really can’t wait to get to Kennedy Space Center in September – that’s been one of my dreams since I watched that movie ‘Space Camp’ when I was 7 years old!

    That prize sounds amazing – I love the thrill and idea of visiting and photographing abandoned places but i’m too much of a chicken to ever do it. I did however visit a cool place over the Easter break called ‘Scotland’s Secret Bunker’ which kind of speaks for itself. I put the link to the set on Flickr below if you guys want to have a look – it had some really cool stuff.


    PS – How do I get my photo to appear on my posts? Just wondered y’see…..

  • Janet MG

    Wow, I adore the lines of that photo – you have a wonderful eye, Trey – thank you so much for sharing your work.

  • Simon Morris

    WOW, humungous looking place – the steel structure looks fantastic!
    Double WOW – amazing prize you’re offering there Trey… too bad I’m not going to win either – I’ve spent far too much this past 6 weeks what with new Nikon D700, lenses, etc… you get the picture 😉
    Have a fab time during the webinar – hope it all goes well for everyone!

  • Simon Morris

    Andy – I signed up with ‘Gravatar’ (kindly recommended by Susan)… it works a treat across all forum based applications, etc!

  • Jerry Burney

    Really looking forward to the Webinar. I have been an admirer of your work for a long time and am very envious of the locations you have been able to photograph. Keep up the great photos!!!

  • Really looking forward to the webinar tonight. Never been to Austin. Would love to visit!

  • Michael Kells

    Can’t wait for the webinar to kick off tonight. Never been to Austin, heard there are many great beverage and dining options there, along with some great shooting locations. A little business with pleasure.

  • Brad Basham

    NIce bonus Trey, looking for to the webinar.

  • Cliff Scott-Williams

    Great prize Trey – thanks to Photomatix

  • I’m in! So much to learn and do with this contest, and I’ve never been to Austin.

  • Great shot! I really like the way you captured the lines.

  • I’ve always wanted to visit Austin, TX and meet Trey Ratcliff so this trip would be a double win for me.

  • What a great prize. Thx Photomatix. Trey, where should we meet?

  • dave

    Power plants are really great places. Old power plants are even better – more ghosts!

  • What a wonderful opportunity. This will be a very memorable trip for the lucky winner. Best of luck to all!
    I have my fingers crossed of course. 🙂

  • I’m looking forward to the webinar and would love to win the trip to Austin.

  • Andy Tomasello

    Great shot!

  • David Hendershot

    You can see this building from miles away. Looking forward to seeing more photos from Kennedy Space Center.

  • Cliff Chang

    Awesome picture! Looking forward to the webinar and learning from one of the best!

  • 3 Cliff’s in the class? WTH?

  • What an awesome contest- thanks!

  • Scott Frye

    Great pic and what an extraordinary opportunity.

  • Eric

    Awesome photo & awesome price…. Simple as that.

  • Eric

    Not that simple apparently…. Awesome priZe!

  • Excellent picture today Trey and I think I can make that trip to Austin if you insist….

  • Best. Prize. Ever.

  • Debi B

    Don’t need airfare. Would settle for upgrade at Driskill. Definitely in.

  • Jeff Egan

    Looking forward to your webinar.

  • Gail in Montana

    Holy Cow, I’m number 65!! Guess your webinar is very popular. Good luck to all!! Very great photo of the warehouse for the shuttle. Glad you passed inspection and got inside. Happy Mother’s Day to any that might post after me, lol. Have a wonderful Sunday 🙂

  • Ray

    Let’s talk about today’s picture. You write a lot about how big the building, even talking about internal weather systems and such. Yet, for me, this picture fails. There is no sense of scale. Yes, way down at the back doorway, there appears to be something or someone standing there. Or not. This picture needs something recognizable more towards the foreground that screams, “this building is huge.”

  • Brendon Walter

    WOW!!! that building look amazing. You sure are lucky to be able to photograph places like that. Looking forward to the webinar tomorrow. Brendon

  • Very cool shot! It would be awesome to get to see inside VAB!
    Check out some of my recent images http://timetotakepictures.blogspot.com and let me know what you think!

  • Bradley Smith

    Can’t wait for webinar. Love your stuff. If my wife may watch with me so dont be too sexy!

  • Trey, I’m really excited about the webinar and the grand prize sounds amazing! I LOVE abandoned buildings (here in Buffalo, NY we have thousands of them) and even if I don’t win (probability is high) I can’t wait to see what kind of shots you get of the place! Thanks for everything you do!

  • John F

    Digging this picture.

  • Sounds like great fun. Looking forward to getting started with the webinar. Thanks.

  • Judd W.

    Would love to come shoot with you in Austin. Looking forward to the Webinar.

  • What a great point of view.. Just great.. Thx for share this.. and thanks as well for my invitation to come to States.
    Departure from Switzerland will be great ! 😉

  • Look forward to tonight’s webinar!

  • Thanks so much for the years of inspiration and teachings on HDR photography!

  • Alun

    Wow! Awesome prizes – here’s hoping!

  • Terry Jones

    I’m looking forward to learning a lot from the webinar. How long will the sessions be available on the Internet?

  • Fingers crossed; hard to ype….type. 🙂

  • Looking forward to the webinars Trey! Can’t wait to see what you’re going to show us!

  • Terry – if you are in the class, we’ll make sure you have a chance to download all the classes 🙂

  • Clayton

    Thanks Trey! Great prize, hope I get to come!

  • A word of advice Trey. Everyone who has entered should be immediately disqualified based on the fact that they want to hang out with you in an abandoned building and are obviously stalkers.

  • Alda

    Trey, I’m in Australia and after spending some time working out the time difference, I found out that will be attending your webinar on Monday at 11am – live. Same with all the other days, I will be attending one day ahead (15 hours actually). I hope I’ll also be ahead winning any of the competitions, but the best prize for me is attending the webinar and learning from someone whose work I really look up to. See you on Monday!

  • Another beautiful image Trey. it’s great that your fame/recognition is now getting you into places like this to make incredible images. Would love to join the webinar and be in with the chance to win the super prize of shooting with you…but spent the last six months off work with an injured shoulder (unpaid) so will have to keep dreaming on that one! Maybe next time, I’m sure it’ll will be great. Best wishes.

  • Murray Parker

    Trey, you are amazing, the places you get to go to. Looking forward to the webinar tonight.

  • Michael Anderson

    Looking forward to webinar starting tonight. Killer VAB shot! Crossing fingers for power plant shoot.

  • Grant

    Hi Trey, So many great prizes and now the possibility of coming to Austin. For six months I flew to Austin from Ohio every week to work for a client on 6th street right next to the convention center and have really missed the sights, sounds, food and people of Austin. I look forward to meeting you. 🙂

  • Craig

    Me me me Trey Pick me !!!

  • Kris G

    Looking forward to the webinar! The last time I was in Austin was for the 2006 Marathon during an awful ICE storm. Would love to return to Austin during nicer weather for a photo shoot.

  • Wow. The hanger looks pretty impressive & massive! Too bad the mission launch got postponed to a later date, but it’s all for the safety of our astronauts. Are you going back to shoot the launch by chance?

  • Terry

    If the webinar is as great as the gifts your giving out – we have all aready won!

  • Awesome pic! Looking forward to the webinar! Wonderful way to end a WONDERFUL Mother’s Day!

  • Harbles

    I’m so glad you are taking time from your incredibly busy schedule to go to KSC and take these incredible shots. They have a lot of amazing photographers at NASA but no one with your particular POV and Vision. I hope you can arrange to be there when they lift Atlantis in the VAB and mate it to the ET. I know press usually gets to shoot that and I think access to some higher vantage point is available. Best wishes on your Webinar and all your other enterprises where spreading knowledge to all interested parties is the mission.

  • Jeanine

    Psyched for tonight’s webinar – Pick me, pick me!

  • Michele

    Count me in!

    Interesting image – what a huge building! Re: its own weather – the same thing happened when they were building the Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai. The building is basically hollow inside, with the atrium stretching from floor to ceiling about 28 storeys up. During construction, clouds were forming inside and it would rain. Deciding this would not be a good thing to happen to guests in a “7-star” hotel, the ventilation system was re-engineered to prevent the precipitation!

  • Jonathan Yang

    I know the odds of my winning this contest are next to none, but a guy from Singapore can certainly still hope. 🙂

  • What a better prize than to hang out with Trey!

  • This picture feels surprisingly 3D for a 2D rendition. Am looking forward to your pictures once we do get 3D SLRs 🙂

  • Ash

    I was thinking of going to Austin for a photo trip anyway. This would make the decision real easy.

  • Derek

    Talk about a great prize! It’d be especially nice as I am just getting my feet wet in HDR, so to speak!

  • Jason B

    awesome stuff …looking forward to the webinar tonight!!

  • Fabulous image trey. I’ve been to Kennedy before but never with a press pass. Did you get a shot of the shuttle inside as well or was that off limits?

  • The webinar prizes keep getting better and better!

  • Collleen

    WooHoo! Can’t wait for the webinar tonight! My Mother’s Day present to myself … 9 hours of uninterrupted time with Trey. No knocking allowed:-)

  • Can’t wait for the Webinar tonight – the Austin SxSW photo walk totally reinvigorated my love for photography and I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone combine professionalism and fun in the way Trey seems to manage. Can’t wait!!

  • Mike Weddle

    Thanks for all the inspiration.

  • Are you kidding me? I’d be stoked to get to meet you even if I was the one paying. But to have it all paid for? Sign me up!!


  • Spike

    I love abandoned power plants! Well at least I think I would lol. Can’t wait for the night to get here!

  • Look forward to the webinar. Just hope that trip to Austin isn’t in the summer. Too darn hot!

  • See you at 3am, my time, Man that’s gonna leave a mark. May end up having to take a nap instead of lunch at work later in the morning.

  • TimC

    Another great photo Trey. Anxiously awaiting the webinar tonight.

  • Chyrisse

    Looking forward to the webinar.
    LOVE Austin!

  • Jeff

    Looking forward to the Webinar!

  • ChefMike

    Your photos are so awesome, you hold a webinar or something…oh, wait..
    Good Luck…I’m really looking forward to the classes!

  • I hope you can kinda take it easy with an old a__ woman by your side in Austin! Enjoy your attitude and photos much. Looking forward to my first webinar and first visit to Austin! Can you hook me up with some good music too?

  • 6illett


  • Jacob

    Can’t wait for the webinar! Hopefully I’ll be visiting you!

  • Sam

    I’ve never been to Austin. This would be a great first trip.

  • Lane

    Outstanding opportunity!!!

  • Don J J Carroll

    Here’s anxiously waiting in Atlantic Canada for this evening’s first HDR Webinar session!

  • Kevin

    This is gonna be EPIC ! Looking fwd to the webinar too…which is hopefully epic-er…

  • Maren

    Can’t wait for the webinar tonight! Thanks again for all that you do. :^)

  • Very cool image of the VAB! I signed up earlier this afternoon for the Webinar. I am looking forward to learning a lot of cool stuff!

  • Jim

    This would be a great experience!

  • Moritz

    I just came back from a little photo session in my hometown and now I’m looking forward to the webinar. I’m sure I will win HDR knowledge and maybe a prize, too :).

  • Have been following you since the beginning, nice to see how big you’ve gotten. Can’t wait for the webinar.

  • Woo! That looks fun! I have only dipped my toes in the land of HDR, I have some learning to do.

  • Mike Jacobs

    Hi! Looking forward to the webinar. I remember touring the VAB with my high-school class. Was a humbling experience walking around inside. Not as much security then as it appears now.

  • Jaci

    Can’t wait to watch! The main reason i chose this over another HDR class/webinar is the witty prose that accompanies all the wonderful photography, plus i was homeschooled so this is suitably non-mainstream learning for me 😉

  • Oooh, ooooh, oooohhhh – pick me, pick me! Seriously, this would be a great opportunity to learn from the Master.

  • Awesome prices and can’t wait for the webinar to begine!

  • I’ll throw my hat in the ring. Austin is a place I would love to visit while learning and refining some new skills.

  • Rob Moore

    Talk about a wicked sweet opportunity! I know my chances are slim to none but here goes nothing, being able to meet Trey in person AND be able to shoot with him would be a dream come true. Either way, I’m still psyched about the webinar. Great work Trey and thanks for sharing what you know.

  • I’m a huge fan. I tell all of my photography fans about your website and how it inspired me. It would be an awesome opportunity to concur my skills in hdr! By the way I’m jumping around in excitement for the webinar!

  • Dave Nagle

    FINALLY!!! Unlike all those boring webinars I have to watch at work, tonight I have one that I’m actually looking forward to, that won’t put me to sleep, where I will definitely learn something truly useful ! Let’s go !

  • joeyfromjapan

    Hey trey would love to enter

  • joeyfromjapan

    Hey trey would love your pics and stories. Can wait to see more.

  • Adam Jurgilewicz

    Looking forward to the webinar tonight. I will be joining from Poland 3:00 AM – but I know it is worth to stay awake 😉

  • Ken Brandstetter

    Definitely stoked for the webinar this evening!! Your work with HDR is truly inspiring!

  • Can’t wait for this webinar to start tonight!

  • Jake

    Holy bat prizes batman! Should be fun. See you all Sunday.

  • Trey,

    This is seriously awesome. A webinar that keeps getting better and better. Thanks.


  • Dale in Texas

    Great Shot! Ever see the movie “Apollo 13”? There’s some amazing sequences shot in and around the assembly building!

  • Marcus Delgado

    Looking forward to the Webinar. If it’s half as informative as the website, it should be fun.

  • Bill

    Hey Trey,

    Can you teach a skydiver who straps a camera on his head how to shoot better photos? We’ll find out as I’m listening to your webinar right now! 🙂


  • Nikhil

    Logged into the webinar!

  • Noah

    Hi Trey,

    Let me start by saying that this shot is so cool. Seeing how small that person is really gives a sense of scale of this place.

    I’ve been following you for almost 3 years and learned so much from you. I would love to win this contest to be able to meet and learn more from you. I’ve never photographed a abandoned place except from the outside and have always had a huge fascination with derelect places.

    Well, I’m looking forward to all the classes and continuing my support of you and spreading your website for more and more people to enjoy your fantastic art.


  • Dan

    Great shot

  • Hey Trey!

    Great start to the webinar 🙂

    Thanks for being the continual inspiration that you are 🙂

    Michael S.

  • Howdy! Great webinar, count me in for a chance to shoot in Austin.



  • Loved the first class!

  • Lynne

    Holy wow! Thanks to Photomatix and Trey – would LOVE to get my name pulled from the hat for this! First webinar class was great; can’t wait for the rest.

  • Steve

    The first course was fun! Looking forward to the rest of them.

  • Nagesh

    Trey, I cant wait to shoot with you in Austin 🙂


  • Wonderful start to the webinar! Love Austin and I hope I can get there again even if I don’t win the prize. 🙂

  • Awesome. I’d cover the difference from South Korea. Cool prize Trey. Thanks for thinking of it!

  • Austin, here I come!

  • John Geis

    Trey, first class was great tonight!

  • Jim

    wow count me in…..

  • George Scott

    Really enjoyed the first class – really liked how you are using iPhoto in your workflow. Gave me something to think about

  • Thank you for the first class… absolutely FABULOUS!! Thanks for the fun and magic ;-)). It has begun…

  • You can bet your I’d make up the extra airfare to get from over here in the UK to do this. Hell of an opportunity! Great start to the course tonight. Im excited for the rest.

  • Kevin

    Great shot and awesome first webinar!

  • James Dennis

    Just finishing up the first class….and it has been great. Thanks so much Trey for putting something like this together.

  • Great first Webinar, Trey. Already learned a bunch, and look forward the the future classes.


  • Thanks for such a great webinar! I enjoy the way you are able to share the screen and also have a video of yourself! Very cool.

  • Love the idea of a shoot in Austin. Great prize. Thanks Photomatix and Trey.

  • Martyn

    Great webinar Trey, really looking forward to the next eight installments – even the homework.

    Thanks also to Photomatix for putting up the grand prize.

  • The webinar was great tonight Trey. It was good to see somebody who has used Photomatix a lot go through the flow; even though I’ve used the program a lot another perspective is really helpful. Also, I learned there’s a new version to upgrade to! Nice.

  • Steven Scates

    Thanks for a great first lesson,

    Thanks steve

  • Great first-night with the webinar! Already picked up a few new trips and tricks that I can’t wait to try out! 🙂

  • Leonardo

    Had a blast with 1st lesson, Trey, Great work. See you in Austin.

  • Claudia Cohen

    Great first class-can’t wait for future HDR

  • Chuck Price

    Hi Trey! Thanks for sharing this pic — quite a unique experience! I look forward to shooting with you soon! ;o)

  • Jarred

    That’s just a gargantuan building. I can’t imagine what it felt like in there! Amazing prize announcement! I’m sure we’re all crossing our fingers. Great first session, too! Thanks!

  • Well this is my first webinar! What Fun. I’m so excited to get at you photographs.


  • Enjoyed the first night. Looking forward to the rest.

  • Frank Burch

    Loved the 1st class tonight!

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    I’d love to come to Austin to shoot with you!!

  • Ollie Treadway

    Looking forward to applying this new approach to my images.

  • Terry Nelson

    Tonight’s webinar was great! For those who have not joined yet do not wait any longer. It is a bargain!

  • Ken Schlessel

    This class looks like it’s going to be great! Thanks Trey.

  • Great first webinar, Trey. Lookin’ forward to the rest! (And fingers crossed that I win this prize! I love abandoned buildings. LOL.)

  • Howie B

    Ground control to Major Trey…Great shot!!

  • Seth Polan

    Trey, great first class. You have such a natural way of presenting. I can not wait to release the artist within!

  • Great start to the webinar series tonight. Looking forward to hearing more of your thoughts about the art of photography and the exploration of HDR as a way to interpret the world around us. Have never been to Austin – who knows?!

  • Jared Brower

    Really enjoyed the first webinar class. Looking forward to the learning experiences that are to come. Bring on the home work!

  • Wow. hope this is correct place to post comment after webinar. great webinar tonight. Inspiring me to learn artistic concepts as well as technigues for photo composition. looking forward to next class and homework – Kent

  • Michael Catino

    I can only hope and pray I learn this, your work is incredible.

  • Gordon Kummer

    Your workflow is certainly interesting. Do you ever need to sharpen your images? Also, do you ever correct for lens (vertical) distortion especially when using your 14-24 zoom? Or are these part of your artistic expression.

  • Andrea Boyle

    Great Webinar and thanks for continuing past the 1 hr window. Question about the Disney World photo you showed at the end and again this beautiful photo of the Megahangar. I see converging verticals due to the wide angle lens. Do you ever correct for this in post processing? Would you correct the final merged photo? Looking forward to 8 more evenings with you. Oh, and that trip to Austin, to (he he!)

  • Gord

    Can’t wait for the class to be posted, I missed the first 45 minutes, but what I saw looked good.

  • Karen Rothberg

    Enjoyed the first class. Your approach is awesome..looking forward to exploring the creative process with my scientific images.

  • Great first webinar, Trey. You managed to squeeze a lot in and was obviously not too concerned about running slightly over. Thanks for not cutting us off when the hour was up. I’m really looking forward to seeing what we are going to see from you over the next eight sessions.

    What is there to say about “The Megahangar at NASA”? Outstanding as usual. Your composition, as always, gives me, the viewer, an interesting 3D type of perspective that is ultimately emphasized by all the lines that are created by the steel framing. Great stuff all round! Thank You.

  • Ralph Goldsmith

    Trey, will you cover how you shot the desktop photo of the night sky with the Milky Way that I kept seeing in the background during the webinar?

  • Great start to the webinar! I really liked the tip about masking out the unwanted Topaz effect from the final image.

    Thanks Trey. See you Tuesday!


  • I hope that I win because I am your biggest fan! Already see an improvement in what I am able to do with phototomatics after just one class. thank you so much.

  • Christine S

    I am one of the beginners. Waiting to absorb as much as I can in your webinars. Most importantly, you inspire me to go out and take pictures as a way of showing my perspective of the world. Thanks for the photography philosophy in the beginning of the webinar. It makes one realizes the magic within that is universal among all.

  • Stephen Clarke

    I’ve never been to the Kennedy Space Centre. Never been to Texas either mind you (hint, hint)…
    Well, once the snow storm lifts, maybe I can get the sled dogs to the Canada US border and hop a flight to sunny Austin. How do hotels in Austin feel about sled dogs?
    I notice that your ceiling fan was on and spinning away, so I have to assume that:
    1) it is not snowing there in Austin.
    2) the abandoned power plant you are planing on shooting is not your Hydro provider.

    Thanks for webinar #1 Trey, It was a great intro! I’m certainly looking forward to the next one on Tuesday. Thanks much!

  • Mike Towers

    Hey Trey great start to the webinar, I missed the start but looking forward to downloading and watching again. I’ve relocated from the UK to Bangkok and will be using your methods and tutorials on some shots here in this crazy but beautiful city. I look forward to coming to Houston and meeting up with you!

  • Henry


  • Bert

    Your photography webinar comes just in time. I had hit a creative brickwall. In the past, most of my HDR processing was done as an after thought(in some cases to “rescue” bad photos). After following your blog my overall photography has improved. I now “see” things differently. Your tips on photography and HDR processing make my photos better. I still need to get out of my comfort zones. Your webinar is my impetus. Thanks.

  • Will fly from Perú to make it!

  • It’d be a long trip from Australia to Austin, but I’d still do it!

    Keep up the good work.

  • It would be an honor to go and shoot with you. I hope I win!

  • Michael

    There seems to be some cheating in calling something a single-storey building if it was designed to fit something taller than a giraffe on the first storey. Great photo, as always! Very inspiring work!

  • Love the amount of detail and the wide angle. Thanks for sharing! Off to tweet this.

  • Bucko

    Awesome. Looking forward to watching the Webby on replay (for some reason I didnt get an invite to the livecast btw…)

  • August H.

    I’d love to go shooting with you…sounds like a cool venue!

  • Just to bring it to those who feel that there is nothing to judge how tall this building is look at the yellow forklift to the left bottom and they are normally 2 meters high my guess 60 plus feet high and I could be far out.

  • Yeah, I would definitely fly over from Australia if I was lucky enough to win this. Fingers crossed. Another amazing shot BTW!

  • Cool…sign me up!

  • Dina

    Thanks for yet another amazing photo, but thanks even more for offering a great webinar series to show us all how to look at life (and our photos) a little differently. It was a fabulous first class, and my Photomatrix experiments are looking pretty darn interesting (I had never used Photomatrix before you assigned it as homework). I’m looking forward to improving my shots and my postprocessing over the next few weeks. You obviously love what you do, and enthusiasm like that is contagious…I’m sure everyone will be inspired to take a few risks, take a few more exposures, and try a few new things…

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  • Josh B.

    Trey, this is not an entry to your current contest, just a comment that I think its really cool that you even do these kinds of things. Awesome shot, by the way.

  • Chris

    Great shot Trey, of course all of your shots are great! Thanks for all of the great advice, tips and the chance to win this awesome prize!

  • Yann

    How do u manage to get entrance for such places ?
    Would love to visit it too 😉
    Great pic !

  • I’m really excited about the Webinar. I’m in the military and currently live in Yokosuka, Japan – Due to the time difference, I won’t be able to see most of the live shows, but I’ll be sure to keep tuned in. Thanks

  • MadDawg

    Mentor and student at the ole power station… now that would be some MAGIC. Will be looking forward to those fish bowl Margars! Your art form always inspires me to improve my own HDR. I trust the Webinar will put me into hyperphase.

  • Rob S.

    Trey/Andrea – I am registered for the webinar and just sent off my Clubhouse access registration… looking forward to it. Unfortunately, I am located in Germany and cannot attend the webinars live (3am my time and I work daily 0600-1800hrs), so I will have to resort to ‘catching up’ in the Clubhouse. Wanted to know if folks in my situation are still eligible for the Drobo giveaways?

  • Drew P

    ME please?

  • I`m juiced about this Webinar. I feel like I`m learning HDR from Picasso though Photoshop scares the shite out of me and I don`t think I`ll ever paint “layers”? like you do. But here`s to learning anything I can from a great photographer about something that I am passionate about, HDR Photography!

  • sharon davidson

    Loved the first class Trey! I already feel more confident about my ability to create beautiful images! Looking forward to the next session.

  • David Woods

    Great Shot…. Now WHERE did I leave my camera and camera bag ???????????????

  • Fred Braun

    Great first class Trey. I got to visit San Antonio last month [loved the River Walk] but didn’t make to Austin. This would be awesome!!

  • Trey, the first webinar was awesome! I’m really excited for the upcoming classes, and even more excited to start putting the stuff I learn to work on my images!

    Annnd the Nasa shots are amazing! Very well done.

  • Andrea Warner

    Hey Rob, absolutely you are still eligible for not just the Drobos, but all of the prizes! We use the list of everyone who signs up, not just the people on the live webinar, so no worries. Enjoy from Germany!

  • If I win, can’t wait to meet you in person! I’m been doing HDR for a few years now and your the reason that how I got started, so thank you Trey.

  • Marcus Walshe

    Hi Trey, please count me in. :))))))

  • I’m feeling better already about my HDR images. Love the easy to listen to explanations. No smoke and mirrors.

  • ZOMG!! An all expenses paid trip to Austin to learn from the master? That is a deal at 4x the cost 😉

    But SRSLY, Trey pick me! 😀

  • Jake

    I live in Austin, so hopefully this makes it easier for me to win! 🙂

  • Dave

    Looking forward to the class. I was on a plane and missed the first class. Can’t wait until Tuesday..

  • Barry

    Count me in!

  • Trevor Driscoll

    Wow that megahanger looks like something out of a sci-fi! Nice work

  • Jon-Paul

    First the webinar and now this? Pick me! 🙂

  • I really enjoyed the first webinar. I particularly enjoyed the step-by-step process (in thought and in application) Trey used to “improve” his photograph. Wow! I knew this was gonna be good! I’m looking forward to the remaining webinars, as well as getting to put what I learn into practice. Cool beans! Thanks!

  • Ryan

    Fantastic shot and thanks for giving us a peek at something we would never ordinarily be able to see.

    Wait… that’s what most of your shots consist of..

    In that case, thanks 23049x (+/-).

  • David Brown

    Looks like a fantastic prize and also to meet the man himself, cant wait

  • Brian K

    Nice shot of the VAB!

    Great job on the webinar last night Trey. I liked the way you jumped right in and processed an HDR photo and gave us your insights about how you think about this and do it. I look forward to learning the details behind each step you went through in future episodes.

    Hoping to shoot with you in Austin – pick me!

  • Webinar is off to a great start. Being a novice to this art form is very exciting.

  • Love the photo. Great job on the webinar. Like the last post, I like you explaining how you think about it and how you do it.

  • Rajinder

    The first webinar was great! Looking forward to the rest.. and maybe even winning something! :o)
    Thanks Stuck In Customs!

  • karen z

    A lovely Mother’s Day. Beautiful weather, Mother’s day wishes from my husband and all 3 kids, and my dog didn’t die. Oh yeah – cool webinar, Trey. I’m really looking forward to all the sessions.

  • Bernie B

    Thanks for such a great webinar so far! I’ve learned something amazingly useful already. Can’t wait for the rest. And yes, it certainly would be nice to win the ultimate prize! Or a drobo … yep, that’d also be quite pleasant to win.

  • Count me in!

  • Dave Z

    Hi Trey – I was really surprised to see photo’s of the VAB when I checked out your website today. I worked in and all around the VAB in the 80’s until 1990, so these put a smile on my face. I still have friends and family that work out there. My Father worked there from the Apollo program through to Shuttle. I will look forward to seeing more pictures. I hope that you are able to get back out there to take some more shots before the Shuttle program shuts down.

  • Scott B

    Yes–love the look! I want to do it too!

  • Catherine Costolo

    I would love to see Austin since I have not been there in many years.
    The first class was really enjoyable and I look forward to the rest.

  • Dan

    Awesome prize, and I’m enjoying things so far! Looking forward to the last 7 classes!

  • I’m a child of the space program – excellent shot of the VAB…cd

  • Scott

    The classes have been great. It would be great to go shoot with Trey in Austin.

  • Barb

    Kennedy Space Center is ten minutes from my house…..you came here to photograph a cool building, so it’s only fair that I win and get to go to Austin to shoot a cool building!

  • Kaz

    This is a fantastic experience. Truly inspirational.

  • kevin

    Well, this sounds like a lot of fun. I like the posted image and would like to see more! thanks!

  • Ton

    The Webinar is going great, been learning so much so far. Thanks Trey.

  • Mike

    Thanks Trey. I’m loving the course so far!

  • Paul

    Really am enjoying the webinar!

    Looking forward to the rest!

  • Greg

    Awesome Webinar last night Trey. Thanks for staying longer to post process some of your photographs. That was a treat for everyone I am sure. I have been shooting photographs for 40 years now, HDR for the last 2 years. There is always something new to learn and your laid back style makes your presentation enjoyable to watch and easy to absorb what you have to offer. Two down, seven more to go. Looking forward to all of them. The abandoned power plant would be really fun to shoot. I have travelled to a lot of places over the years but not when I was shooting HDR. Wish I could go back to all the places I have been and shoot them again. Love all your travel photographs to far off places. Looking forward to the remaining classes. Thanks again for your generosity in showing us what you do and how you do it!

  • I just joined the weninar…looking forward to learning from the MASTER!!!

  • peter

    I am very happy with the webinar. You’ve got a super staff, Trey!

  • Carole

    The Grand Prize is very awesome – I can only hope that I win. BTW the webinars have been very useful thus far! Thanks for providing this information to us.

  • IsabelleGIDS

    This webinar is amazing! Each time I can’t get enough, feeling so privileged to particiapte. I can’t wait to see how my photography will advance to the next level. Thank you Trey, for taking the time to teach us your knowledge and experience and thank you to the staff for helping us get the best experience.

  • First, I really like VAB shot, what makes it for me is the small bright doorway at the end where you eyes go and the small figure in the light. I’ve signed up for the webinar but am in the Netherlands so unfortunately reduced to watching reruns…to make up for it, I’d be happy to join you in Austin and see you in action while grabbing some shots of my own. Also happy to pay the difference in airfare 🙂

  • Jonathan

    Thanks Trey! I’m looking forward to learning a lot from you in the webinar (and I hope to win this grand prize!!!).

  • I hope I win!! I purchased your premium DVD series and hope I win so I can meet and learn from you in person, plus we’re both have the same eye condition. Keep up the great work!

  • Brent

    The first two parts of the webinar were excellent and I learned a lot. Looking forward to the rest of the course! I wish I had access to some of the locations you do! 🙂

  • Brian

    Hi, not sure if I belong in the group.
    Many other advanced people in the course.
    Hope to learn something I can use in the future.

  • I love Austin and I love photography! 🙂


  • If I win, we can track down Jandek

  • Very cool prize/contest. I look forward to seeing the shoot.

  • Ted

    woo-hoo …. hope i win …. thanks for offering this to your fans!

  • Really looking forward to winning this one, Trey. I see some real potential in this place and think we could shoot it up. Since I don’t need the airfare, maybe we could cash it in on a quick flight to Mexico to go shoot chichen itza or some other Mayan ruins just itchin’ for some World Class HDR. Enjoying the class. Keep it up.

  • Loving the classes, can’t wait for more. Trey, thanks for staying online after class the night. It just gives us an idea of what is to come in the class. I have to say that this would be an awesome vacation. I haven’t had one in years. Keep up the good work!

  • Clayton Wells

    I will win this. Just watch and see.

  • Amazing…currently kayaking around iceland but wouldn’t mind a trip to Austin! icelandinakayak.com

  • It woul be a dream to win this and be able to learn from you in person!

  • Tenzin Tsewang

    Can’t wait to start my lesson two. Thanks for all other smaller video formats 🙂

  • What I think I love most about the VAB shot, here is that little speck of a person as you follow the lines out. Really works well to show the scale of the place. Cool capture.

  • Tim Vechik

    That would be one amazing trip! I would L.O.V.E. T go on that trip with you Trey! Please?

  • It would be an honor to shoot the power plant with you.

  • dibs

  • Bryan Espinoza

    Excellent webinar, can’t wait for session 3. Thanks for pointing out the Human-sized earth human (ha ha) that place is huge! Cool!

  • I really enjoyed lesson 2 with the extra processing and can’t wait for lesson 3 tonight!

  • scott fay

    I Love nature pictures, but your pics of industrial buildings are awsome too! I thank you for introducing me to HDR.

  • I just picked up this Nikon 10.5mm fisheye. I am having way too much fun with it! I have been looking for just the right place to use it… Maybe this is it! Thanks to you for all the info and photos you share. Even if I don’t win anything, I just wanted you to know you are appreciated. Because of you, my concept of sharing my work online is so much more open. I would rather people enjoy the stuff I do because I love it so much than no one see it. If I make a buck along the way, life can’t get better than that! Carpe Diem!

  • Karen Misner

    This has been an awesome class! How fun to be able to apply it in person with the teacher:)

  • Jenee

    I am enjoying the webinar and can’t wait until tonight’s. I truely would love to visit Austin and take picture with my new Nikon. I love to travel and do photography and it would be so cool to see and take pictures of an abandon power plant. I am unemployed and this experince would be an awsome one for me. I have a son in college in Texas so how cool would that be to be able to shoot with you and then go visit him? That would be totally awsome. Thank you for giving us all such a great opportunity to have a chance to experience something like this…Go Photomatix that is awsome! Thank you Trey and all helping with the Webinar it is an experince thus far but I am so looking forward to learning so much more. Thank you for the extra time spent on Tuesday night!

  • Caroline Stringer

    Wow what a great opportunity

  • Pick me, pick me, pick me Trey!!!! As simple as this. 😉

  • I would like to come out to Austin and have you allow me to pick your brain!

  • Jim

    barbecue and photo tour!

  • Wojtek


    Seminar is fantastic so far. Thanks for putting it on.

  • Mike Weiser

    Awsome 3rd class I was just wowed on what you did with that house …. A little lost on the how but definitly just incredible

    Mike W

  • Lee

    Trey – your photos are really amazing, and have inspired me (and many others) to look at the world a little differently. Plus, you remind me of my cousin. 🙂

  • Dave

    A trip to Austin sounds fantastic. I would love to win this opportunity to spend 1-2-1 time with Trey shooting. Keeping my Fingers and Toes Crossed! 🙂

  • Dustin

    Cool shot Trey keep it up. I hear Austin is nice.

  • Steve Johnson

    The class has been great so far and so have the webinar forums.

  • Great Webinar Trey! I am learning a lot!

  • John Woods

    I am enjoying and learning and look forward to each session and am especially eager to learn more about the intricacies of Photoshop and layers to make an OK picture a lot more OK. And for the record, Trey, I enjoy your comments at the beginning of each session, which, to me, speak to a deeper part of our interest in this subject, which has to do with getting in touch with a human desire to find and express beauty, each in our own way.

  • Austin_Ang

    I am getting SOOOO much out of the webinar, Trey. And I really enjoy seeing all the different interpretations of the same images while also experimenting myself. It takes learning to the next level to have so many wonderful photography minds working with their own creative genius.

    I only have Photomatix and Lightroom right now so I could really use the Photoshop prize. And it would be AMAZING to go on a photoshoot with you. I did the SXSW Photowalk (with 500+ others;-) which was a bit overwhelming but fun at the same time. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Randy Dietmeyer

    Pick me!

    As Roger Rabbit would say, “ppppuuulllll-eeeezzze!”.

  • Randy Dietmeyer

    Oops. I’m not registered for the webinar…. Guess you better not pick me. 🙁

  • Ben

    I’m a little too poor for the webinar right now. It sounds like an awesome trip!

  • Steve pope

    Looks like fun!

  • Great offer Trey and another fantastic image!

  • Jorge Exposito, Jr.

    There’s no place like Oasis.

  • Aspiring photo enthusiast would love to win this trip to Austin…..

  • Would love to win and shoot some urbex alongside you!

  • It would be an honor to shoot some HDR with you Trey. Thanks for offering this opportunity.

  • Anderson

    I’m in Austin, so would be a bargain winner! Would be a great opportunity to learn from the Trey!

  • Sounds like a great opportunity! Count me in!

  • Like Randy above I also didn’t see the webinar connection so don’t pick me.

  • Andreas

    Awesome idea! I really love lost places. What could be better than exploring it with Trey?!

  • Ben

    Any chances still left? Haha, been following your blog for a long time now, love your work!

  • Greg

    I dig your stuff, it’s great.

  • Kevin Smith

    I’ve really enjoyed the tutorial DVDs, and Webinar. This is a great opportunity and looking forward to seeing who the winner may be. Good luck everyone!

  • Joel Johnson

    It was a pleasure meeting you and your wife on the Monterey photo walk. Thanks for making the time and effort to plan and put it together.

  • Fly me to Austin, put me up in your beautiful city and then drag me to the warehouses and graffiti filled streets. Where you lead, I will follow…..Have tripod, will travel.

  • Scardy

    Thanks Trey for the webinar. Now I “get” it. It makes a whole lot of sense now when re-reading your World In HDR book! Duh!!

  • Yes i am ready… for texas

  • Angelo S Agro MD

    I am totally blindsided (no pun intended, initially) by your co-existance of high-order aptitude in photography as art, and a specially adapted system of visual perception. I am an evolving photographer with a day job as an otolaryngologist/sleep medicine physician, and am so pleased and energized by this program. You confirm some of the thoughts that I’ve had rolling around for some time now and are helping clarify others. You have arrived in my evolution at just the right time, and I would not have originally expected the individual depth available in such a brooad-based international forum.

  • Alan Fothergill

    I enjoy free things.

  • John K

    I used to live in Austin and would dig a trip back. I hope it is at the old Seaholm power plant which I always through was super cool.

  • Trey, HOOK me up! I’d love to do some HDR shooting with you! 🙂

  • liz

    random winner.

  • Austin

    In for a chance.

  • Trey, great website and great prize. Here’s to hoping I’m picked.

  • Abandoned Power Plant and an excuse to spend a couple of days in Austin? Sign me up!

  • Jenny

    Me! me! me!….

  • Ben Endriga

    I’m really enjoying this course. It teaches you not only about post processing, but more importantly how to look as well.

  • Trey, you are a great artist and have a perspective I really appreciate.

  • Mike Riemer

    Fingers are once again crossed.

  • Allen Floyd

    As a displaced texan living in California I would love to visit Austin once more. Your shots are just incredible and I would give almost all I have to be able to duplicate your style.

  • Patricia Woods

    What an opportunity! Shooting with Trey! Picking Trey’s brain!

  • Looking forward to met you trey, your art are really fantastic! I wish i have enough $$$ to buy some editing software and a new DSLR camera. I wanna be like you. Your Rock!

  • Juan Bustillo

    I Want to go!

  • Austin !!!

  • Frederick Padaca

    Sign me up! Hopefully my name gets picked. More power!

  • Michael Hauschildt

    Hope to win and get to meet Trey. Amazing prize!

  • Symont

    Am I too late? Happy shuttle launch Trey!

  • Lincoln Graham

    You’re very lucky to be able to shoot at the launch, nice going!

  • Enjoying your class!

  • Maria

    Crossing my fingers and hoping to win!!! 🙂

  • So Mother’s Day was on the 8th. My anniversary was on the 15th. And my birthday is on June 1st.
    I think I’m offering you a great deal. You know, three for one….three gift giving opportunities and only one gift is needed. The trip to Austin.
    Pick me.
    Choose me.
    You had me at “prize.”
    ***totally unrelated subject, love the y’all I’m hearing from you in the webinar. I’m from North Carolina.***

  • Austin is one of the most photographable destinations on the planet.

    Please pick me!!

  • Great opportunity!
    Thanks Trey!

  • David

    Thanks for the opportunity to look over your shoulder & learn more about HDR via your webinar

  • Just my speed – and I live in SA, so no airfare required!

  • Brian

    Bout to head to Bratislava, Slovakia, Prague Czech republic, Vienna Austria, Budapest Hungary, and Munich Germany. Would love any advice you have if you have been to any of these locations, further, would love an opportunity to shoot with you, Even though I am a Canon guy, I won’t hold that nikon stuff against you. :P.


  • Maarten

    Great webinar and beautiful hdr shot! Love to visit Austin and shoot with Trey.

  • Dario

    Excellent job as usual!

  • Jim Zimmermann

    I’ve never won a thing in my whole life. Would love this to be my first win!!

  • That would be cool if I won.

  • Gary Kirkpatrick

    Well, I hope this is not a duplicate comment. Would as all the rest love to go to Austin. Since I have flown over, driven through at night, had a connecting flight in Texas, but never stopped there or visited. That is except for 4 weeks in Oct of 1966, during the Viet Nam war. I was told I was at Lackland AFB outside of San Antonio. We flew in a night, flew out at night, never left the base. They said it was in Texas, so I just took their word for it. It could have been any desert anywhere.

    Great shots, as usual, hope to see more of the Shuttle Launch. The Webinar is great, learning a lot.

  • Pete L

    It would be fun to grab some time with Trey

  • I’d love the opportunity to learn how you see the Holly Street plant. Incredible job on the emblematic photo of the Endeavor launch as well.

  • Kent Christian

    Great class so far

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  • I would love an opportunity to shoot photos with you! Your work is simply amazing and a chance to pick your brain is priceless!

  • Hoping for a chance to shoot that massive hangar!

  • @ Daiel: Well said buddy.

  • Nice.

  • cant wait to see the photos next week.

    Check out my blog here http://hdhero2motorsports.com/

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