Batch 1 Of Spots Sold Out

Webinar Update [Batch 1 of spots Sold Out]

Update: Normal prices are now effective for Batch 2 of spots for the Photography Webinar! Don’t miss out! I hope to see you there!

Andrea will email everyone today (some may have already received) with details on the specifics of the Webinar location with a special link for you. I’ve spent the last few weeks figuring out how to jam a ton of practical tips into this 9-day 9-hour course. Also, and it should go without saying, but of course there is a money-back guarantee. If you don’t feel like you learned a ton and are inspired to do great, creative work, then you are more than free to take me up on that!

Daily Photo – Cracking The Egg

Ahhh…the wonderful things that man can create!

I was just coming off the end of a sickness from some bizarre viral strain I picked up in another part of China. And I was extra-tired because I over-worked myself and gave a long speech / demo at Google in Beijing. And then I over-over-worked myself because I had an amazing invitation to visit The Egg here, but I had to go, you know? You gotta go… I couldn’t say no to these amazing opportunities. …and I wasn’t collapsing with fatigue and sickness… I could still move around a bit, even though I was not in top form. But I’m glad I went.

High Dynamic Range Photo

  • That is absolutely amazing.

  • Susan

    Super shot – all blue and kind of glowing – I like the other one too you had when it was all lighted up – never have seen anything like this! Good luck on the webinar!

  • What if I just really suck? Do I get my money back if I take the “How to be awesome like Trey” webinar and then afterwards I still really just suck as a photographer or a processor of photography? (A Photocessor?) Even though clearly the issue is genetic, or possibly environmental and not at all related to your webinar and it’s worthiness on teaching me how to be awesome? Even then? Money back?
    I dunno Trey. Have you seen my work? You might want to just go ahead and refund my money right now and save some time. Nah. Let’s roll the dice. Keep it for now.
    Now, do we draw any interest on our money? I mean, it has been sitting in your account accruing interest for over a week now. No doubt hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of people will have all done the same thing. Millions of people all depositing $200 in your account, drawing interest for a week, compounded daily??? Holy COW!! Even if you refund everyone’s money you’ve made a killing!! What a business model!!
    Wow. I feel like I’ve learned a ton already.
    I tell ya what. Keep the money.

    sidenote: That Egg’s making me hungry. Have you tried the Fried Egg Sando at the 24 Hour Diner on South Lamar?

  • That looks like some form of spaceship! Very sci-fi!

  • Another beautiful image of Beijing! Nice. Did your invitation get you a special tour inside the building, Trey, or do you need an invite to be outside it after hours? I’ve been assuming it is accessible like any other building in an urban area for exterior shots.

  • Beautiful image and wonderful HDR resources on this blog. I have used HDR for the first time on a commercial photography job. I was asked to photograph palm trees inside a shopping centre in Manchester. It was at 6.40 in morning and the light was coming from skylights but because so early the light was skimming the top of shopping centre and not in main body where trunk was planted. See images and read article

  • Salah


  • Lovely! The reflections you got on this series of images are so incredible… just gorgeous.

  • Amazing picture Trey! Definitely one of my favourites from this year. What’s inside the egg? Looking forward to the webinar….

  • Patrick Ahles

    Beautiful shot! Even if you were not at your best… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Simon Morris

    Stunning shot Trey – looks like something from outer space… as for the reflection and blue tones, fantastic!

  • Performing Arts Centre is a great place at night so many angles to chose from.I have seen some truly great shots from some of the Chinese photographers in Beijing.I to, will be there end of year hopefully.As great a pic as any.

  • lovely reflection and tone

  • This is one of my favorite buildings (architecture) you have posted. This one and the front view are both awesome!

  • Stunning shot! I would kill to get to the egg ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Awesome!
    Definitely an out of this world look.

  • Thanks all!

    Louis -yes it is a great place… I almost feel like I am cheating there!

  • Amazing! The reflection is so perfect.
    I’m quite happy that I have more time to try some HDR now because my exams are over ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Love the light reflections off of the egg!

  • Excellent Trey! It must be easy to find a nice composition in there. I love this building! Or should I say spaceship?

  • Awesome – Is that water or just a very polished surface that surround this building?

  • Dan

    Gutted I couldn’t be involved in the Webinar! Jealous :P, Wonderfull photo Trey!

    I got a new piece of kit today! Treated myself to the Canon 7D, A MASSIVE step up from my old 1000D ๐Ÿ˜€ Love it!

    Haven’t stopped taking HDR’s all day, Will have to share them when I get round to it :D.


  • Thanks al!

    Andy – it is water

  • Nice one. I really like this building. I got some shots back during the Olympics. Here’s my fav: But I like this building a bit more:

  • Wait, no, check THIS one out:

    Similar to yours. I’m stoked on that one, haha.

  • Gail in Montana

    Wow, great photo, Trey. Love the blue shades!!! Thanks for sharing!

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