Chinese Pirates

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I need your help! We have a cool kinda-secret project going on here in Austin. I want someone local that can come get some of our meetings on video. If you have skills and experience with 1) recording high-quality video 2) editing 3) story-telling with video, then contact [email protected] with your info. Thanks!

Daily Photo – Chinese Pirates

One evening, my boat driver was speeding down the Li River as dusk was approaching. Every bend held new secrets as we wound our way further from civilization. I had a bag full of snacks to my left side and my DSLR to my right. Sitting out on the front of the boat, I had a full view of everything that was coming at me, so it was pretty amazing.

Just before we got to the turn-around spot, we came across this old ship. Part of me wanted to go inside to explore a little bit… the other part of me was a bit freaked out. Since I was new to this part of the ‘verse, I thought there could be Reavers inside.

HDR Photo

  • Susan

    Oh wow – it does look like a pirate ship! I have your photo of the Li River at sunrise in my living room – so peaceful, so calm and so serene- hard to believe it’s a photograph and not a painting – I could and have looked at it for hours! BTW – awesome newsletter!

  • Nice Firefly reference (or Serenity?)!

  • Cool and Kinda-secret? What kind of crap is that?
    “Hey losers. Wanna know about this new club? All the cool kids are gonna be there. You do? Really? Too bad. You’re not invited.”
    Thanks Trey. Dangle the cool and secret crack in front of the addicts and then jerk the rug with qualifications. Phweua! Do I have skills and experience with 1) recording high-quality video 2) editing 3) story-telling with video? You know this! I own an Epic Smart phone dude! Have you seen my mad high quality video smart phone skills? Don’t hate the game. And story telling? Dude, I’d tell you but my stories are so cool and secret that I can’t! What?! You know it.
    Tell Hollingsworth that I’d drop him a line for sure but I’m probably all busy and stuff… doing cool secret things. For Real. You know, Webinars, international photo travel groups, including licensing and all that.
    I didn’t want to go hang out with the cool people doing secret cool stuff anyway.

    Oh. Nice picture. Probably some cool and secretive Chinese things going down in that boat. That’s what I’d be doing.

  • The best HDR processing I’ve seen yet. Would love to see your work-flow on this one…Love the movement on the curtains.
    If you don’t mind, how many exposures did you use here?????

  • Alex

    Hey Trey,

    I actually think this would be a house boat that is someone house, business and work. No doubt some fisherman or something, there probably is a great story behind those walls. Also to the bottom right that is one of those small fisherman boats that use the birds with the string around their neck to catch fish.

    Either way, nice work, pity about the pollution!

  • Patrick Ahles

    Just tie a dead Reaver to the prow of your boat, that will scare them. Ha!
    Great hdr.

  • Freaky! 🙂 love it. Gutted the webinars going up. I’m skint :(. Hope you have fun with it though peeps!

  • Simon Morris

    Nice shot Trey – I like the subtle tones of red/burgundy throughout the image… also the detail and contrast in the boats sail, excellent!

  • cool title

  • Gail in Montana

    I love you stories and the way you make up words, lol. Reavers, it get ‘verse for universe, lol, but Reavers :-)) Great photo of the old boat at the dock on the reaver! Maybe you were thinking of rats or beavers, he he. Thanks for the cute story and the photo 🙂

  • What a cool boat! That sail is awesome!

  • Hehe thanks all – yes it probably is a home of some kind, Alex

    Neil – this was just from a single RAW

  • Digital Lady Syd

    Love the beautiful red sail! This is a really great shot!

  • Love the colors here. Cool capture, Trey.

  • Jorge

    Love the reference to “Serenity”. I love that flick. Old west, meets, outer space Sci-Fi.
    Love the processing on this Pirate Ship.

  • No roadkill at hand to strap to your body and smear over your clothes? Pity.

  • Austin

    Major props on the Firefly reference. Great photo as well, love the movement of the fish nets on the right contrasting with the steady waters.

  • Since nobodys said it yet, im gonna; AAARRRRR!
    but great pic! You gotta love the way they built it!

  • Yeah any photo that has a pirate theme gets my thumbs-up! This also kind of looks like the boat Rambo uses in ‘First Blood – Part II’ which is also very cool! Great shot!

  • Very nice and clean processing, nice movement on the right…Great newsletter by the way!

  • thelonious gonzo

    Andy – why are you trying to hook me with that RamboII reference? You and I both know that was the worst remake since Jerry Jones face.

  • That ship looks like it sailed right out of the past, like a couple of centuries ago.
    Wonderful shot, Trey!

  • hehe thanks everyone – glad to see there are some browncoats in the audience!

  • Nice shot and as usual, that comment number 3 pisses me off!

  • Very nice shot of my favorite boat. I live nearby ( in Yangshuo) and this area of the river is great.
    There is an old candy factory on the opposite side of the river. And just 100 meters from that boat is a river god statue.


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