My Next Trip to the Louvre

New Website for iPhone App

David Pogue from the NY Times (who I just met at NASA, btw) wrote an article about iPhone camera apps. He gave ours a great review, and that is very cool. Thanks David!

BTW, I met him in person AFTER he wrote the review. I was in the press area getting interviewed on NASA TV, after we had just found out the shuttle launch had been scrubbed. Right when I finished, Pogue came running up the stairs to the press area, and we said hello and had a short conversation.

Besides that, we also created that will contain all the latest info for the apps. And yes, as you can see, Android version is in the works…

Daily Photo – My Next Trip to the Louvre

You know how sometimes you go some place awesome and you think, “This is really cool, I think I’ll probably come back some day.” But then, sometimes, after the event, you start thinking that maybe you may not be able to make it back. You never really know I guess.

Anyway, when I do go back to the Louvre in July, I’m going to spend a day inside sketching. I do like to sketch (I have a few on the About Me page), and this seems like a great place to do it. I wish I had a whole month in Paris… I’d try to go here once a week for a day of sketching. Maybe I should put this on my to do list… why not?

HDR Photo

  • Susan

    Impressive shot – super idea to sketch there for a day….or a week….or a month!:)

  • The Louvre has always been a fascinating place not only for art but design. Trey, I’m giving you time off for your hard work you may take a month off In leu fully paid. Oops sorry I’m not your boss just got carried away in thought he-he! I’ve seen some of your work and my you are talented. Would like only to be half as good would make this old man proud of my achievements. But I to love to dream, they sometimes do come true with the help of perseverance.

  • I’ve never been to Paris. It’s on my bucket list. But till I make it a can be there through your amazing photos. Sketching – now that’s a different thing for a photographer.

  • I most definitely know what you mean. Paris is a wonderful city, and the Louvre is amazing, but I’ve only had the chance to go there one. It is very high on my must-visit-again list, but who knows when that might be. Enjoy your July trip, and sketch away!! BTW, congrats on all of your success! You’ve done some really amazing things over the course of just a few years with your site, your photowalks, your seminars, your DVDs, your e-books, your iPhone and iPad app, and now the planed webinar. Very cool!


  • Simon Morris

    Wonderful shot Trey – the composition is perfect, not an easy task when trying to capture the scale/size of a building such as the Louvre!
    Yes, Paris is an amazing city… my wife and I holidayed there way back in 1993 (not long after first meeting each other ;-)) – a short 4 day break mind but still managing to see all the touristy areas. We’d hoped to have visited Paris again whilst living in the Vosges during 2007 however, we just never got round to it… such is life – hopefully we’ll fit it in when visiting the UK… possibly next year!

  • Patrick Ahles

    Beautiful shot, and indeed a nice composition. We planned on visiting Paris this week, with we had to cancel the trip. One day however we will, as it remains on our to-visit list! Not sure if we are going to visit the Louvre then, first going to see the more touristy things.

  • Very cool idea – i was watching a movie the other day that made me want to draw, never did get round to it though. I feel the need to do something epic.

    I’d love to go back to Paris however on the 3 visits i’ve had there has been some kind of social unrest and subsequent rioting so I think I might be a curse on the city – maybe best for me to keep my distance from there hehe!

    Have been out and about this past week in Edinburgh and managed to get some good shots with the 50mm which i’ve linked below.

    Have a good Sunday people :-

  • Will

    The website design looks kinda lame, no offence, it just looks like the work of a 13 year old who just started learning Dreamweaver at school ๐Ÿ˜›

    Also I think you should use real examples straight out of the camera or phone for the app promotion, not your typical HDR shots that’ve already been processed by the computer, it doesn’t really help consumers as they’d most likely not transfer a Photomatix’ed photo back into a mobile device and THEN use your app.

  • Gail in Montana

    I would love to visit Paris someday, too, Trey. It’s on our bucket list. My hubby has been there when he is in the Air Force in France, lucky him ๐Ÿ˜‰ . I hope they get all the problems taken care of so the shuttle launches tomorrow. Nice that Gabby is there to see her husband off. Another miracle story!
    Love this photo of the Louvre!! The artwork is fantastic, and I love the glass ceiling. So much to see in Paris. It would be great if you could spend a week there just a sketching away!! Thanks for sharing another beautiful photo. Have a great Sunday and stay safe from the storms!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Clay

    Nice, do you get kicked out of a lot of places? Do they let you use your tripod?

    Love seeing you on MostlyPhoto

  • Good luck with the shuttle launch. I’ve photographed 8 launches from the six mile mark (base car passes}. I was lucky to obtain a press pass like yours through my work (air traffic control) and basically had the same experience you are having. I was all set up near the clock and at t-6 seconds it went into hold for a bad fuel pump. I had to go back to work and didn’t get to see the launch in a couple of days. I did get to go out to it the night before and photograph it on the pad with spotlights, which is a pretty standard shot, but I love it. The mosquitoes were man eaters around the pad. If interested, you can see it on my site, Anyway I’m retired now and am trying to get more into HDR. Of course you are probably tired of hearing how good your shots are, but they really are. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • john chandler

    the louvre is not free and not cheap to visit. the visit is one per day which costs about $30 i think, last time i was there. so to visit it each day would add up quick not to mention food inside is outrageously expensive.

    i personally prefer the musee d’orsay. problem with the louvre is the size, you can spend weeks looking at each work of art and not even get half way done with the place. if you have time to kill, louvre is way to go but if ya got only 2 to 5 days in paris i suggest the other.

  • Excellent clean shot. You must LOVE your 14-24! Do you already know when will you visit Switzerland? I’ll be in Zermatt 23.-30.7., so I hope I’ll see you there shooting the sunrise over Matterhorn. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Thanks!

    Filip – I’m still figuring that one out!

  • Patrick Ahles

    @John Chandler: the admission for the Louvre is โ‚ฌ 10, which is about $ 15.

  • ho ho, so impressive image of Louvre

  • Emma

    I love this photo, it is my favourite gallery in the Louvre!

  • I have been through the whole content of this blog which is very informative and knowledgeable stuff, So i would like to visit again.I love these pics.

  • I also has been in Louvre. It’s greate!

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