HDR Before & After

What does HDR do for you?

Take a look at these before & after photos that my student & friend Scott Kublin from HDRPhotographyBlog.com took.  He’s gotten really good…  and he’s also helping out with the Webinar.  If you follow his link above, you’ll see that he’s recently been honored because of some of his new skills!

Price going up soon for the Webinar!

The price jumps up very soon, so be sure to  go here to sign up. It’ll be awesome. Not the price going up part… but the webinar part. You know what I mean.

Shuttle Update

The shuttle launch was scrubbed today… It is postponed three more days. What a bummer! But these things happen… I’ll wait it out.

Daily Photo – Big Ben at Dusk

Halfway through the PhotoWalk in London, we stopped here at Big Ben to get a shot. It’s a little tough for me sometimes to do this while on a PhotoWalk because I can’t fully focus on the photography. I have to talk, explain, converse, answer questions, and the like. Don’t get me wrong… I love all that stuff. But I do find it hard to fully focus on the photography side of the evening!

HDR Photo

  • Susan

    Beautiful sky and beautiful lighting – so alive! Sorry about the shuttle – will keep fingers crossed you get to see it Monday!

  • Simon Morris

    Damn, sorry to hear about the shuttle launch Trey – hope all goes well for Monday!
    Cool shot of Big Ben – nice composition too with the tree in the foreground… can’t help but notice the character sitting on the floor on the left – one too many sherbets maybe! 😉

  • Sorry cannot comment Trey’ Now OK just come though the net seems a bit slow of late down under.Big Ben always stands out.I wonder if you could put your feelers out there you may have more clout than the rest of us,firmware for 7d 1.25 we have tried this side but will give you one day 1.23 next day 1.22 we have all tried this side to no avail. Maybe some of your group could enlighten us what is going wrong with Canon. Thanks!

  • Gail in Montana

    Your student, Scott’s, photo is very good. But he had a good teacher 😉 . Too bad about the postponement of the shuttle launch, but glad you are waiting it out. Such crazy weather going on down there, it wasn’t a surprise. Great photo of Big Ben!!! Thanks for sharing. I like Simon’s comment about the person sitting by the tree, lol. Maybe he was just resting, we’ll give him the benefit of doubt. Have a wonderful Saturday, all. 🙂

  • The light trails look great in this shot! I can’t help but think we took a photo of the same bus bit at different viewpoints. http://m.flickr.com/#/photos/nathanwhite/5064434719/

    You may have to wait for the weather, but it will be more than worth it!

  • Excellent, even ghosting can look cool! Sorry about the yesterday “launch”, please tell us you will stay there and wait for the countdown! How is the atmosphere there? I hope you’ll write a long article about this adventure soon!

  • What has HDR done for me? I think it has given me a much better idea and appreciation of post processing and Photoshop. Before I did started I never post-processed anything which hurt a lot of good work. If it wasn’t for HDR and Photoshop i’d still be left with hundreds of pretty average, boring and forgettable images.

    As for today’s image – I think I may have seen this one somewhere before hehe 😛

    I took one from the exact same spot during the London photowalk which I thought i would share with the guys :-


  • The guy on the bottom left appears to be holding a camera. What is cool is that the light trails seem to shoot up and to the right, which gives the appearance he has light shooting from his camera.

  • Thanks all!

    Filip – Yes I’ll be staying here for a while to try to get the shot! 🙂

  • That’s too bad about the shuttle, my parents have been to a few shuttle launches and at least a couple of them were delayed, seems like a common thing. But I’m sure it’ll be worth the wait.
    I really like today’s photo, I just recently started playing around with taking long exposure shots and it can definitely result in some interesting photos and there’s something exciting about how when you press the button you don’t really know what the picture you’re going to have a minute later is going to look like.

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