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Daily Photo – Burning Man Alive

I’ve been releasing these photos in little batches.  I don’t usually add captions to photos, but I have been doing in these cases.  Enjoy!

Coming Soon...

There is a central area in the middle of the camp where people come to do yoga, get coffee, perform magic, or do other carnie-like activities. Some people just go and watch, like this gal here.


Coming Soon...

This was my favorite land vehicle. I wanted to ride around in it for a while, but I was too busy following it with my camera.


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One of the many wild custom land vehicles heads out to tour the playa as the sun sets. As soon as the sun starts to go down, everything comes alive in a fanciful way.


Coming Soon...

On the final night of the temple burn, a huge sandstorm blew across the desert, blinding all of us out in a dreamy haze.


  • Patrick Ahles

    This must have been a disaster for your camera, sand and wind is not a good combination! Awesome mood!

  • I love your Burning’ stuff. That pic with the chic sporting the million mile stare is a really nice capture. One too many hits with the snake for her maybe.
    So are you getting ready to head down to Canaveral for the launch? That outta be awesome. I’m already anticipating the stuff you’ll capture and post. Can’t wait.

  • Randy D

    Taking pictures there must have been a lot like when we were trying to take them in Antelope Canyon, AZ. The Indian guides kept throwing sand in the air in order to capture the sun beams. It looked nice but was murder on the camera’s.

  • Very much a disaster area if you are not careful. had a experience once in africa down in the orange free state riding into a dust storm with a military jeep with a head wind.On getting back to camp the guards ask me what happened I looked up front and the jeep had no paint it was shiny metal(sand blasted)and so was the wind shield. Nice pics.Nice profile.

  • Cool series. Love the “sand & grain” processing!

  • Sweet. More Burning Man. Love the last one.

    If I recall correctly, Trey, you did not use your Nikon gear on the Burning Man shoot. You used an Olympus rig that they sent you to test. Having seen pictures of cameras after they went through Burning Man, this seems like a good strategy.

  • Michael Diblicek

    Great set of shots again Trey.
    On another note, you may want to take a look at this link Trey, the site design is superb on it’s own, but just take a look at the content, i think he’s done these as animated Gifs, exceptional work. And i know you like looking at new idea’s and techniques, (even though this isn’t HDR)

  • Simon Morris

    Awesome ‘Burning Man’ photos again Trey – wonderful capture of the woman dressed with Indian type gear, the light is excellent and the twinkle in her eye looks stunning! 😉
    Michael – amazing website you’ve found there, I’ve spent ages looking at some of the images… just amazing, truly unique!

  • Did the sand not screw your lens/camera up!?
    I’m guessing Burning Man is a massive event/carnival you guys have over there :/ sorry, noob here haha.

    I got a nice shot of a lighthouse yesterday feel free to have a nosey: http://danroads.com/photography2/2011/04/portland-bill/


  • Michele

    Michael: thanks for sharing Jamie’s site – stupendously clever.

    They are gifs – you can see the source code when you right-click on an image.

  • Michele

    And BTW, Michael, Jamie is a woman! 🙂

  • I always enjoy the Burning man shots! And that fire breathing car might be the coolest thing ever…
    Check out some of my latest and some awesome skies at http://timetotakepictures.blogspot.com Let me know what you think!

  • Dan

    Wow… Now that’s a great idea! Friggin’ awesome!

  • Michael Diblicek

    Hi Michele,

    Thanks for the heads up on Jamie, slightly embarrassed now. But i’ll live it down. : )

  • Gail in Montana

    Great shots of Burning Man, Trey. That sand storm is pretty scary, glad you all survived it! Thanks for sharing, have a great Wednesday. Prayers for all those who are in harms way here in the states!! Be safe all! 🙂

  • Wow, great photos. I really loved the last one. Perfect capture- and the land vehicle rocks. Too fun! Love to hear what protective measures you take for your camera in such situations… for those of us who aren’t sent new cameras to try all the time 😉

  • Thanks all!

    Many questions about the dust hurting my camera – yes it was murder on my camera, but I did not use my main Nikon rig – Olympus sent me a camera to test out — and these are from that, for the most part.

  • Susan

    Awesome series Trey!! These shots of Burning Man always surprise me! Glad you get to go back again this year!!

  • I have been indulging this blog on a daily basis ever since my dad mentioned it to me, about a year ago perhaps, but I’ve never left a comment. Now though, I felt compelled to do so.

    I just had to say that you using captions on these Burning Man photos is truly wonderful. Sometimes you want more of the story than what only the photo tells you, and these short and concise captions does just that. It gives you the feeling that you have been there, when you get these little pieces of background information on each of the pictures. Thank you for doing so, and please continue!

    I do have to add, now that I am for the first time commenting; Your work is amazing! Thank you a thousandfold for sharing your work and your thoughts. Your blog becomes a sideline of life you visit everyday, like talking to and old friend or having a cup of tea in the evening. It is relaxing, educative and inspirational. Thank you!

  • Thanks all!

    Jens – and thanks for the nice note! Glad to know you like the captions, and happy to know there are always deep thinkers out there that enjoy the blog but rarely (most often, never) comment! 🙂

  • Great photos Trey – is that girl at the top the Indian girl who was frolicking on the giant skull? If so, she’s hot…..

  • Hehe no – she was not the skull-frolicker. But she was nice, and she gave me some mysterious brownies…

  • yes, great shoots

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  • mattoid

    I’ve always wanted to go to burning man…… and a shuttle launch too. I think when I am finished building my observatory I will have to make some travel plans. Thanks Trey for the awesome photos and inspiration to travel more often!

  • John Woods

    Looking forward to more of the webinar. Thanks Trey.


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