Ghost from the Dungeon

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Daily Photo – Ghost from the Dungeon

I was walking along the Thames river in London, following up on a lead that a reader told me about. There was supposed to be some cool hidden underground area that you can access from underneath one of the bridges that crosses the river. I never found it, but I did come across this place. Maybe you have seen it before if you are a local? If so, maybe you shouldn’t ruin it for the other readers… let them uncover it on their own. Also, if you say what it is, it may ruin the nice mystery of it all, yes? Yes I’m sure since we both know what it is…

High Dynamic Range Photo

  • Susan

    Ohhh wierd! It is a ghost coming up from the dungeon! This would make a great Halloween shot Trey! I have no idea where it is – but it would be fun to see!

  • Patrick Ahles

    Creepy! What’s he got in his hands? Doesn’t look to inviting…

  • They say that those who forget their past are fated to repeat their failures. So let’s take a sec to look back to our own collective past. Iian just won the so-called “random” CS5 conte…
    [Hold on. Wow. Sorry, but… did I just see Michelle Obama talking about fitness during primetime TV wearing some weird combination of MC Hammer’s parachute paints and a Jane Fonda Workout leotard? What was that?! MY EYES!!!! You are the first Lady, Michelle. You should not look like you shop EBay for your fashion! Barak. Talk to your woman!]
    OK. Back to “Iaian”. Yes. I put quotes around his name because he is SUSPECT! What do we really know about this so called random winner other than he has a horse shoe up his butt?
    Let’s start with what we know. Here’s his winning post….
    Iain # 101
    “Trey I really admire your confidence, that allows you to get the shot that you want, and that really allows you to explore your creativity, regardless of what other people think is the correct way of doing things. You’ve really shown the world who you are, and what your own personal ‘style’ looks like. Keep it up!”

    LOL. Wow. Did you see all the holes that I saw? Where to begin?!
    #1 – His name.
    Iain. Are we really supposed to believe that two people, a man and woman I presume, had a child and then intentionally named it Iain? I mean, sure, “Ian”. I get that. But “Iain”? How is one supposed to even say this name? Go ahead. Take a second. Try to pronounce Iain. You can’t do it, can you? NO! No one names anyone, much less their own child Iain! You might as well of told me that Jason Bourne won the CS5.
    #2 – His post.
    He admires Trey’s confidence? Not his photography? Not his equipment? Not his ability to get into close proximately to Lisa Bettany?! Come on now! He thinks it’s Trey’s confidence that allows him to get “any shot” he wants? This guys been watching too many episodes of Hereos. Trey’s confidence is not some sort of Super Power that enables him to take any shot he wishes!
    Louvre Guard – “Sorry sir, but tripods are not allowed in this area.”
    Trey – “Super Trey Power – Activate! Form of – Super Shot!”
    And just how has Trey’s confidence enabled him to “Show the world” who he really is? I guess if “who he really is” is a combination of Icelandic fjords, Burning Man bifocals, and Times Square Banners that have all come together thanks to Trey’s confidence. Sounds more like Liza Minnelli to me.
    #3 – His post number. #101
    101? Oh right. Like I’m supposed to believe that THAT’S a coincidence. Come on people. Trey’s trying to teach us a lesson. Self Promotion 101? He offers a free copy of CS5 – we crash onto his site like flies to the flame – and in the end a guy with a suspicious name and a questionable website supposedly wins a piece of software that may or may not have actually been delivered? If anyone in here has actually met this Iain character raise your hand. Anyone? A cup of coffee with him? Casual sex? No one? That’s what I thought.
    #4 – OK. I don’t have a #4, but COME ON! I think 3 reasons is more than enough to call for an investigation.
    [Sidenote: Has there ever been a sequel that was as bad as Rambo: First Blood Part II? I’m half watching the OK City Thunder and Kevin Durant play the Nuggets and half watching Rambo II and half posting this right now. That’s right. I’m giving 150% effort here people!]
    Anyway – I got my eye on you Iain. You best be real. Cause if you’re fake – well. Dang, I guess there’s nothing I can really do to you if you’re fake.
    What a bummer.
    Never mind.

  • haha, cool pic.

  • Is the man walking up the stairs from two different exposures or a blur from one of the exposures?
    Just curious, I think the result really adds mystery and intrigue.

  • Mystery and intrigue alright,they are coming to take you away hehe!

  • Is it a painting?

  • Simon Morris

    Woah, spooky stuff! I like the texture and detail on the walls, cool 🙂
    I’m also intrigued with the blur/ghost like effect… talking of which, is that Jamiroquai 😉
    Looking forward to seeing the new tutorial video – sounds great!
    Thelonious – keep ’em rolling bud… you’ll have Hollywood making a film of it soon 🙂

  • Awesome picture! Looks different than your other pics, I’m guessing its the London dungeons but don’t go by me lol.
    Did you ask the man to walkup atall?

    Thelonious… be quiet frank I think you have some sort of paranoia issues with this whole CS5 competition and taking it abit too far.

    I don’t care about your conspiracy theory’s, but hey…thats my take on it.

  • Tom

    I’m not really a huge fan of this one, I think it looks a bit overcooked, probably very dark in there originally, but still a fun shot.

    I am a fan of the Further Conspiracy Theories of Thelonious Gonzo though, soon to be an ABC mini-series event. Is it coincidence that 101 is actually 5 in base 2? Yeah, plot thickens.

  • Gail in Montana

    Whooohoooo, my kind of photo. I love ghost stories, watch a lot on SyFy, like Ghost Hunters, and some others like Paranomal State from a group from Penn. State U. I find it facinating as a subject. So many people I know have told me about ghosts in their homes. Including my brothers, one in the farm house we grew up in, and one by my other brother that lives in Sweden and had a friendly ghost in one of the parish houses he lived in. His wife told the ghost that it was her house and she was in control now, and the ghost started behaving ;-). Keep in mind that my brother is a Swedish Lutheran Priest!! So this photo is totally believable as far as I’m concerned. But, alas, I have never actually spotted a ghost myself. Sure is a spooky looking place, though. You stumble upon the most interesting things to photograph, Trey!!! I’m also wondering what the “ghost” had in his hands. Thanks for sharing your ghostly photo with us, Trey. See you tomorrow. Have a wonderful day, everyone. 🙂

  • Thanks all!

    Dan – don’t worry about Gonzo – he’s as harmless as petri dish full of legionnaire’s disease stored somewhat securely at the CDC… also I did not ask him to walk up… he just did.

    Neil – Yes – it is from 3 different exposures out of 5

  • Noah Katz

    Spooky shot Trey. Looks like Jack the Ripper exiting his cellar after grinding up his victims.

  • Ohhh, nice photo. I love that paranormal feel to it.

  • Interesting photo. It does have kind of a fake look to it but it’s definitely interesting.

  • Dan

    Hahaha O.K Trey! Thanks 🙂

  • RogerC

    Talk about “ghosting” during HDR processing – this maybe the ultimate! LOL

  • I just found your site wow! I have also just returned from a euro trip, i didnt see this in london, looks scary! I have borrowed your hong kong photo from the peak as our was dismal! all credits to you of course, many thanks and i will now direct my budding photographer daughter to your tutorials! I guess you will be photographing the royals on their big day? Thanks for showing us your amazing talent, its truly beautiful.

  • Love the effect here. It is perfect for the scene. Very cool.

  • I’m sorry but I would name my child Iain before Thelonious…. Just sayin.

  • I’m gonna have to agree with Brandy on this one. Then again, not so sure id name my child after an alcoholic beverage either. However to each is own.

  • How long have we known each other Brady? It seems like minutes to me. And now I find out you’ll be naming your child after another man?
    I thought we had something. But I guess not.
    *cue George Jones – He stopped loving her today*

    I’m hurtin’ Brady. I’m hurtin’ REAL bad.

  • Drama queen.

  • Maria

    This looks like the London Dungeon… I correct?

  • O no, a pirate ghost is coming! 🙂
    For sure looks like interesting place, Trey. I also had a chance to photograph only entrance, but sadly I didn’t had time to look inside. Did you, perhaps?

  • Wicked shot Trey!

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