Sad and Alone at Night

Free Photoshop Awarded

When I announced the prizes for the webinar, I also decided to give away an extra copy of Photoshop CS5 I had here at home. We got over 1400 comments, and 100 of them were from Theolonius Gonzo, who wins the most entertaining award (go read his long comments… you can’t miss ’em!).

The randomly selected winner is Iain, who I hope doesn’t mind if I plug his website at Emptiful, which was embedded in his comment registration. I though this byline was kind of nice – it reads “photoblog of Iain Simmons: amateur husband, amateur photographer…”

Mostly Photo – Going Commando

I recorded this a few weeks ago, but I never posted it… I don’t know why! So, here it is… On this episode, Leo Laporte, Lisa Bettany and I talked about what kind of camera to get for entry-level DSLRs, the advantages/concerns of upgrading, and other general photography talk.

Daily Photo – Sad and Alone at Night

On one of my first evenings in Beijing, I walked around some of the older parts of the city to get a feel for it. Whenever I have extra time in a city, I usually don’t go too hardcore with the photography initially – choosing instead to explore on foot and get a sense of the place. But, you know, I do have my camera with me to get a few things here and there…just can’t help it. Between a few streets, I came across this little guy sitting on the seat of a small motorcycle.

High Dynamic Range Photo

  • That is exactly why Project SOS (Spots On Spots) was created. Little Spot there may all the way around the world in China but will put spots on him!
    Here is what your dollars goes to support.

    That is one happy Puppy and it’s all thanks to you people and your generous dollars.

  • Susan

    Awww!! What a cute little puppy – I would like to think of him as ‘exploring’ rather than sad and alone! Congrats to Iain!!

  • Thanks so much Trey!

    And thanks Susan, hope you win the next one!

  • Nice shot, Is that not the one that escaped the soup pot or are they waiting till he gets bigger.
    Sorry if its a bad joke but i have seen with my own eyes at the meat market,sick enough that i could not take a photo

  • Patrick Ahles

    And now for something completely different! 😉
    Great shot!

  • Simon Morris

    What a gorgeous puppy, I’m no dog expert but it looks Labrador(ish) – I like the gentle glow on it’s coat from the surrounding street lights! For some bizarre reason it reminds me of a Christmas advert… probably the warm glow captured with your faithful 50mm f/1.4 – nice work Trey, excellent!
    Congratulations to Iain – good work too uploading 365 of 365 images!

  • haveacupoftea

    I like the mood of most of your ‘candid’ shots like this fellow but usually find them a bit on the blurry side – I know I have that tendency to shoot in too slow speed when on the move, trying to outsmart the VR because I don’t like flash, oftentimes failing but keeping a good memory nonetheless!

    T Gonzo, this is not 4chan… I’ll sound sadly righteous (with a hint of shame) but is it still a fair CC NC use of Trey’s picture? It’s anyway missing the credit for the original pic, a topic Trey emphasized a couple of weeks ago.

  • Great capture! The expressoion on his face is right out of a Disney movie!

  • Clay

    Nice pic

  • What a cute little puppy, he looks so sad. Hope he is taken care of and is kept as a pet. Congratulations to Iain for winning!!!

  • Nice image Trey, very cute expression in his face. You were very lucky with that light on him! (Or SB900?)

  • Thanks all –

    And congrats again Iain…. Gonzo will be stalking you now.

    Filip – no flash here at all – just available light into the 1.4 50mm prime

  • Dan

    Congrats Iain, Great blog you have :).

    Such a cute picture Trey, I got some of my Cat the other day sunbathing in the sun and then attacking my camera haha. Check em’ out here:

    You can aslo see my first ever star trail I took last night here:


  • Aaron

    Nice picture! I’m surprised that the puppy stood on the motorcycle long enough for you to take the shot.

  • Great photo, the puppy’s face is perfect.

    I just finished reading Composing The Photo, excellent book, definitely has given me some ideas of how to make my photography better and different ways of looking at things.

  • BTW, that Iain fellow has a wonderful website and he clearly is a guy who will put the CS5 to good use. Random or otherwise he looks like a brilliant choice as the winner. Glad it went to someone who can truly take advantage of it.

  • @Thelonious, You obviously don’t need CS5 as you have been able to carry out Project SOS quite effectively. Your image looked fine to me…

  • Jesse

    An advertisement for Imagekind on Flickr is using your picture of the Taj Mahal without apparent credit. Just thought I’d let you know.

  • Edward Vetalice

    Congrats to Iain, let us know how you get on with the CS5.

  • Dan

    Trey check out this time-lapse video… You and everyone here will love it 😀

  • Congratulation,
    that’s really cool…

  • Gail in Montana

    Back home, glad to have slept in my own bed last night!!!! Love the photo of the puppy on the motorcycle!!!! What a sweet photo of a sweet puppy 🙂 . Thanks for sharing, Trey, and congratulations to the winners ;-). Have a great day, now on to today’s post :-).

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