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Amazing prizes announced

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  • Multiple copies of onOne Software
  • Multiple copies of Topaz Adjust and the Full Bundle
  • and other super-secret surprises… I can’t show all the cards now!

Daily Photo – Spiralstorm

This beautiful staircase was found in a small cloister while I was about to exit St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. I took some extra time while I was over there for the workshop to explore places like this. There were only a few days extra, but I tried to make the most of it.

I got shut down a few times while in the proper part of the cathedral, but I did manage to get a few shots in. As for this area, it was wide open and no one said anything. I always feel more comfy when I am not rushed and have time to set everything up! In this case, I used a 14-24 lens. I get asked a lot if I use filters on my lens — but I do not. I don’t even know if you can get a filter that fits this bulbous wide angle.

High Dynamic Range Photo

  • Mike

    Is it possible for the first comment to be a winner?

    Great photo today, I love the perspective and rich colours. Well done!

  • Awesome shot, Trey! Great composition.

  • That is really beautiful. Love the staircase… wondering why, with HDR, you let the windows get blown out? I like the look, and guess that is why you do it- but with HDR you surely don’t HAVE to have the highlights blown…
    I wouldn’t mind a copy of CS5 either, so I’m open for that! Webinar prizes sound great too, maybe that will be in my future.

  • stefan

    I would love to learn and start using things beyond Lr3. Last copy of Ps I used was Ps8

  • Great shot as always, Trey. CS5 sounds interesting, I wouldn’t mind winning it, of course:).

  • I guess it’s about time I upgrade from CS3, If I win I guess I will. I love the staircase as well

  • Skelanth

    Away Team leader: Set phasors to stun!
    Red Shirt: I can’t. It’s stuck in trig mode!

  • Hi Trey!
    Great site Trey πŸ™‚ I love your pictures and technical expertise .
    Take care , Mike Krukowski

  • Thanks for the journey and inspiration Trey. It’s been a hell of a ride.

  • JF Dionne

    Great I’m in too! Good luck to y’all

  • Daniel

    Hey Trey!
    I’ve been learning so much from your site and i’m so glad you’ve been guesting on Mostly Photo!
    This week it was mentioned that you “could do a whole show on the business of photography”… i’d love it if you did, as your perspective would be quite interesting…
    Thanks! (also pls consider me in the random cs5 draw! could use it for sure!)

  • Patrick Ahles

    This will result in A LOT of comments, and this will be one of them! πŸ˜‰

    Great POV here, very good composition.

  • Love the stairs! Reminds me of a spiral staircase I saw vacationing in Biloxi, MS. Sadly that house is no more after Katrina, but this photo brings back memories.

    Also, I’d love a copy of Photoshop for my machine! I’d almost have everything on my wishlist to work on HDR. Thanks for sharing your extra copy with your readers! πŸ™‚

  • Agustin Rafael C. Reyes

    Amazing pictures as always!

  • Wonderful shot today of the spiraling staircase! Great giveaway too! My comment is in, looking forward seeing the result!

  • E Allan

    It has been my dream to see some of the places you’ve been.

  • Jonathan

    Well, let’s try πŸ™‚

    And by the way, beautiful shot in the staircase !

  • Todd

    Photoshop is what I need to learn next. What a chance this would be!

  • I know I should chime in more often and share my thoughts… comment to win?!? That’s how you get people off their lazy butts! Like me! Haha. Composition on the stair case is spot on, and the textures are incredible! You never seem to disappoint… now help me upgrade from CS2! πŸ™‚

  • What the hell? (Go back and check. This is the first time I have used a curse word in a post) Every freaking night around 12 – 12:30 you post a new pic. Sometimes no one has commented yet and sometimes a few people are already commenting. But tonight you offer CS freaking 5 if you drop a comment and a whole boat load of people have already jammed themselves on here!! And what’s with these people saying, “I guess I’ll use it if you give it to me.” ??? What? CS5 for free and you try to act cool about it? Like, maybe you will use it, but, I dunno, maybe I’ll just stick on my shelf and look at it until CS6 comes out and then use it as a coaster? Who are these people? Do they not realize that Content Aware alone is worth your left ear!!!

    TREY! Just for the record… not only will I use it – I will build monuments to it and put little brass plates at the bottom of those monuments WITH YOUR NAME ON THEM!!! I will marry CS5 if you give it to me and I will have children with it – WHICH I WILL NAME AFTER YOU!!!! If you give me a copy of CS5 I will stop following you to China and Iceland and Burning Man. (It’s true. Go back and look at every picture you have taken. I’m in the back ground throwing up a Hook Em’, but I’ll stop. No more stalking. Promise.)

    I’m not at all begging, and I have not had any tequila and chased them with ice cold beers in frosty mugs tonight, but COME ON DUDE!! CS5?? I mean, really? CS5?? For the price of posting??! What the….

    Side note: Any shots of the “Improper” parts of the cathedral? I got this thing for nuns. Just asking.

  • Andy

    Love this site and I’d love to win CS5.

  • Steve

    Thanks for the free tutorial. Free Photoshop will be better.

  • Alex

    CS5 to take my photography 1 step further would be the cherry on the cake!

  • Great lines in this pic! The spiral is of course an eye catcher, but the circular lines in the wall are really adding to the photo!

  • Trey – Amazing picture! I’m curious to know what you processed with other than the usual photomatix and photoshop. I’m very much looking forward to your webinars as well!

  • i just discovered your blog through the preinstalled travel section in my feedreader. I like it as well as I would like to win

  • Oh mylanta! Let me be the winner winner chicken dinner! Love your blog!

  • Peicong Liu

    This is a fantastic picture, what is the thing in the middle?

  • Great shot and nice composition. πŸ™‚

  • Truly awesome shot, truly awesome giveaway πŸ™‚

  • Worth a wager πŸ˜‰ And… keep posting those awesome photos – very inspirational! πŸ™‚

  • Rafaelinho

    I am looking forward to the webinar. I signed up as soon as I saw it in the newsletter. Oh, I and I am looking forward to winning the CS5 copy. I could really use it right about now.

  • M Dawson

    Looking forward to the webinar and great pic today, as usual.

  • Jeff Egan

    Trey I have been lurking on your site for months admiring your work.

    I had the opportunity to spend a week with Ansel Adams in 1980 at his home in Carmel. After that experience I put my cameras away or more than 10 years thinking the best I could do would only be to copy the Master. After that hiatus from photography I became interested again when I happened to look thru the viewfinder of a Hasselblad and all the creative juices began to flow again. I took up photography again and went to workshops all over the country and then had to back off because of a very tough work schedule for many years.

    After seeing your work I find it very inspirational and the creative juices are flowing again. Thank you for rekindling a fire that has been a part of my life for many many years.

  • Didn’t know St. Paul’s cathedral looks so great from inside! Time to go there… CS5 sounds tempting!

  • jsa

    blah blah blah..
    who doesn’t want a free copy of photoshop cs5?

  • PeterG

    Hi Trey, count me in. The craftsmanship underneath each step is excellent. Is that a way to learn people to gaze up and get rewarded πŸ™‚ or did they just anticipate you taking that shot someday.

  • Moises

    Oh! This is great! πŸ˜›

  • I vote for Thelonious πŸ™‚

  • Great Pic as usual.
    Are you trying to break the record of the largest amount of comments for a picture ? You probably will πŸ™‚

  • Vik

    Just found your blog today trying to learn HDR.

  • here is my comment πŸ˜›

  • Bryan

    I hope that I win the copy of C5! I’m really fascinated by HDR, but am far from mastering it…

  • Hi! Been a subscriber to the RSS feed for about a month now. I’m counting the days until I can buy a good camera and start learning HDR!

  • WOW this is all i could say, wish i took that pic it would be on my wall.I work only with iphoto and photomatic 3.1 witch is a pirate copy cs5 will be over my head and all the others are more deseving than i as they all sound, from following your blog far more ready and able to use such advanced a program. i still think from the old way that this pic will look good in black and white.have a goodly day from down under

  • Ghislain

    I’m in, thanks!

  • God morgon Trey – because itΒ΄s 8:53 a.m in Swedish Lapland right now. CS5 thatΒ΄s pretty cool to have the chance to get it. If not i have my good old CS4 which is working greeat as well. But i think you should give to post number 20. This is the greatest post eaver. I laught a lot while reading this and nothing is better then to laugh under breakfast with a hot cup of coffee in your hand ;o)

    Like your work and learned a lot of your tuts. Thanks for that!

    Ha en trevlig dag – when do you come to Sweden (i mean the real Sweden in the north)?

  • just a bit of trivia Trey, goes to show you how many people are sandbagging on the side as soon as freebees come up the swarm comes in for the feed hehe! love it

  • Live R.

    It’s a very good idea to generate buzz about your work.
    Great work by the way πŸ˜‰

  • Michael

    Did someone say free software? Thank you Mr. Easter Bunny πŸ™‚

  • waddies

    great shot, never seen St Paul’s look so good.

  • Hi, thanks for the great posts, tutorial and ebooks!!! Winning Photoshop would be a real dream!

  • I need photoshop. Using trial right now and it’s ending soon. Once it ends what else do I use to use features that Photoshop have? Being a student is such a disadvantage! Can’t have anything that I need.

  • Would love to win this and get out of my CS3 funk !! Great, inspiring stuff as usual mate. Cheers.

  • xeosjens

    Hey Trey
    really great HDR once again.
    It inspires me a lot

  • Dan Henderson

    I reckon you’re going to reach as many posts as hits on smugmug… Me, me, pick me!! πŸ™‚

  • Petter

    One of my favorite shots! Keep them coming. Would love to learn Photoshop πŸ™‚

  • Very good picture again! Count me in for CS5 pls!

  • Long time follower Trey, you are on my RSS list. Gimme, Gimme.

  • I’m still amazed HDR photography works so well for interior shots too.

  • Nice. Love staircase images.

    I believe Lee makes a filter holder that works with the Nikon 14-24 and their line of 4×4 and 4×6 GND, ND, etc. It’s even more expensive than regular “Lee expensive”. As a Canon shooter, I have to admit that Nikon’s 14-24 is the one lens that makes me very envious of you Nikonians. OTOH, I have no doubt Trey would make good use of Canon’s 17mm tilt/shift with his style of shooting.

  • Derek Graner

    I just got a new DSLR and I’m glad I found your website. The timing couldn’t have been better for finding out about HDR!

  • Scott Borresen

    Hey Trey
    I am not above begging… Particularly for such a perfect prize!!!
    Have been desperately trying to get Noiseware for my mac, but it appears that they only make it as a plugin for PS, and I can’t afford PS yet πŸ™
    Would love to win it to improve my photography.
    Thanks for your daily inspiration.


  • Great opportunity to get cs5, since trial ended and I don’t have anything similar:(

  • I have Design standard…would love the capabilities of 3D and animation…bring it on!

    – Nancy

  • Olly

    Another great shot – amazed you managed to get it, difficult to take pictures in there even with a point and shoot!

    More London shots please!

  • Wow! This is an amazing giveaway for good Friday! I’d love to win!
    Photo above is amazing! Well done Trey…


  • Hey Trey. Thanks for giving this away. While the chances of me winning are probably slim, I do have to say that I could really use it. Please pick someone that would put it to good use.

    Take care and Travel safe.


  • Excellent HDR as usual. Really great POV.

  • andrew montgomery

    hey trey… love the photo, but cant figure out what it actually is!!! any hints??

  • Roberto

    a ps giveaway??? i’m in!!! πŸ™‚
    beautiful photo Trey!

  • Sudhi

    What the heck…let’s try our luck. By the way thanks for all the work you have done in getting us mortals explore HDR.

  • Scott E

    I enjoy your work, thanks

  • Free CS5? You’ve coaxed a long time ‘silent’ follower into a first time comment!

    Great shot as usual, it’s been fascinating over the last couple of years or so to see how your technique has evolved.

  • Can’t wait to see the results!

  • Fabian

    I love round staircases.

  • hey trey,

    great picture… your shots are always in a world of their own πŸ™‚

    would love to have the cs5. πŸ˜‰

    regards from germany.


  • Excellent! Good luck to all!

  • Andrew W

    Great photo of St Pauls. Thought I might try for the CS5 as well!

  • Piraz

    Even if it goes against my possibility to win, I just tweeted it. You deserve the most visibility for your great work! Congrats for all the passion you spread out into the world with your photos.

  • PanJarek

    Would be great to win πŸ™‚ Awesome photo, as always.

  • haveacupoftea

    Very much prefer these stairs, compared to the previous post! This pic is a double ‘like’.
    The stairs, while fairly simple in concept – just the same step-stone design repeated -, convey a heavy-light impression : heavy stones suspended. Nice effect.
    The sculpture/installation is by Antony Gormley (, an interesting artist I very much like. His exhibitions are playful and disorienting at times. And his external installations are intriguing while quite ‘natural’ (a.o., several series of cast steel bodies, that everyone has possibly seen pictures of).

  • Makes sense for a Londoner to win given the subject of today’s photo, don’t you think?
    Nice shot, as always.

  • Random Person

    Did anybody say may name?

  • Dexteri-

    What a chance! I’ll hop on the CS5 roulette too (: One day when i have enough time from studies i’m so going to do a photo-trip too like you did. That sounded too much of fun.

  • Excellent shot – as alsways, Trey. I like the texture of the wall.
    Woow, CS5 – unbelievable! I’m still on old CS3 and would love to get the best out of CS5…
    You’re such a big source of inspiration for all here.

  • Fabian

    hope for the win and good luck everyone.

  • whalesbulfs*

    Hey Trey, pick me!!!! =D I love your pics. Got one of your ebooks….

    This is not April fools, right?:)

  • Giorgio

    “There can be only one”!

  • Chris


  • Jan

    Love your photos and would love to play with CS5

  • Such a beautiful shot!

  • wow, crazy details on the stairs and cool compo too.
    cs5 would be awesome πŸ˜‰
    and “YAY!” i’ve got an “editor`s pick” on hdrspotting πŸ˜€…_shot_in_bavaria%2C_south_of_walchensee._6exp


    have a nice weekend y’all !

  • tim burgess

    Lucky to get any photographs in Saint Paul’s now a days. Hat playing cat and mouse with the people inside. well done for getting this

  • wonderful image Trey.
    Just for a change πŸ˜‰

  • I just had to leave a comment today πŸ˜‰

  • 30 pieces of silver.

  • Laura Beck

    Love your images and all the info from twitter! Here’s to hoping I can win CS5! πŸ™‚

  • Great work, HDR as it should be.

  • Steve

    Wow, now I’ll have to tune in!

  • Trey I really admire your confidence, that allows you to get the shot that you want, and that really allows you to explore your creativity, regardless of what other people think is the correct way of doing things.

    You’ve really shown the world who you are, and what your own personal ‘style’ looks like.

    Keep it up!

  • Ben

    Please enter me to win.

  • I enjoy your images, and who would not love to have a free copy of Photoshop.

  • Greg

    I’m just here for the cs5… and food. There’s food, too, right? πŸ™‚

  • Your work is always so amazing πŸ˜‰
    That’s what made me start with HDR too.

  • Bladerunner made no sense to me at all.

  • Trey your average is about say 20 plus that is why i said build your own empire and forget the rest where business takes advantage of you. Just giving freebees and starting a learning program points you in that direction.Look and see the support you have 5 times and growing would you not think this a wake up call

  • Funkee

    Great work !

  • Felix

    You have very interesting subjects.
    And you make good work on the computer.
    Sorry for my bad english, I am from germany.

  • YP

    Love it ^_^

  • Fascinating shot Trey… always. Also just saw your ad in Pop Photo mag, nice!

  • Lucky number 7, lucky number 7 , it is like being at Vegas without the flight πŸ™‚

  • Oh my god, something is giving for free and everyone is commenting and admiring now. Excellent image today, I would really want to look over your shoulder on processing this one!

  • Is there ever a shot that you take that isn’t awesome?

  • Ron

    Rockin’ shot as usual. CS5, woohoo!

  • Michele

    Whew – people crawling out the woodwork!

    Love Thelonious’ and Ditchwatr’s comments – give them a cookie!

  • michael Diblicek

    A very generous offer Trey.

  • I’d love a copy of Photoshop…

  • Sam

    Love your design and Portfolio, nice website!

  • This is about to become the most commented post, ever!

    Oh and sweet picture πŸ™‚

  • Hey,

    What a cool picture! I love the upwards angle, makes the scene so much more imposing!

    As for the free giveaway, I wouldn’t mind it, in fact it would be a nice Easter surprise. But really, just as nice it would be if you spend a few minutes over at my blog and have a look at my HDRs (and let me know what you think) :p

    Happy Easter to you and your family!


  • You’re too awesome Trey. πŸ™‚ Very generous of you.


  • Love the stairs! Great shot!

  • b, keene


  • Jonathan

    Winner, winner chicken dinner!

  • Dennis

    Beautiful image, Trey. I liked the blend of the outside light coming in through the windows with the more golden glow of the wall fixtures. I gather from what looks like some sort of railing at the bottom of the image there is no access to the stairs? I always find your run-ins with the local authorities fascinating. You talked about having time to get set up. How long does it take you on average to get set for a shot?

  • Damien Stenson

    I love the colours in this one Trey. Nicely processed.

  • Simon Morris

    WOW, stunning image and perspective Trey – love the rustic tones and textures, excellent!
    As for Photoshop CS5 – please pick me, pleeeeeeease! πŸ™‚

  • John

    Great shot!

  • Vincent D

    Just found this site, amazing work!

  • Kathleen

    I love looking at your website everyday. This photo is awesome.

  • Candice

    I wish I had posted before Thelonious, there’s just no way now that I can post anything anywhere near as excellent as his.

  • Wow. A copy of photoshop cs5 would really help right about now. Thanks for even making it an opportunity.

  • Andy T.

    Never commented before but check the site every day. Just getting into photography and could really use a copy of Photoshop to go with my new copy of Lightroom!

    Thanks for all the great images.

  • Great photo mate… Love the perspective & the texture! My most recent is a star trail taken near Gibbston:
    More HDRs are on the way as soon as I can get hunkered down and edit some!
    Oh, and don’t pick me for the Photoshop giveaway… You know I already have a copy, haha πŸ˜‰
    All the best!

  • Thank you Tray for your books! Bought you “Workflow” book yesterday, as far as I am Aperture user, I need to apply the technique to my conditions, but I’m already into the book and can’t wait to apply all new knowledge to my workflow! Thanks again!

  • Trey, give PS CS5 to me!

  • Adding my comment for the Photoshop giveaway!

  • Matthew K

    Love your work and you on Mostly Photo. Fingers crossed for CS5.

  • P.S. Dear Trey, sorry for misspelling your name πŸ™‚

  • Great work as always.
    you’re the master !

  • Scott McCracken

    Another gorgeous photo, inspirational as always! Hope to someday be able to attend one of your webinars to learn more!

  • Dylan Alvarez

    Wow, considering all this stuff I think I’m going to have to do the webinar… Nice shot, congratulations Trey!

  • Thanks for offering the webinar… looking forward to further expansion.
    Fans of Trey: Here’s a pic I got of him photographing the Golden Knights.

  • Great image Trey. Pick me for CS5.

  • Jeff

    Thanks for a chance to win, great photo as usual!

  • hard to pass up a free copy of CS5… can my computer handle it? that is the question…

  • Trey, you give away photos, tutorials, reviews, and now Photoshop? Nice. We need more people like you. Thanks for everything.

  • Greetings from the Canary islands Trey!
    Nice shot, I really like the way spiral staircases compose on photos, they always seem to go for infinite, and yours is a great one, it’s a nice one.

  • Andreas

    Nice idea to give away Photoshop. CS5 is so awesome.

    Todays photo is really cool. I love the detailed texture on the wall.

  • Beautiful image love the color on the staircase. Would love to win CS5, still using CS3 and would love the upgrade.

  • cad

    I would love to have cs5!! πŸ™‚

  • As always your photos brighten up the day with its colour πŸ™‚

    Keep it up Trey! πŸ˜€

    As for the CS5… …amazing software, wouldn’t mind winning it πŸ˜€

  • I love your work, and can only imagine how great it is travel as much as you do!

  • john

    Why the heck not?? :~)

  • Great News ! Good luck to everyone πŸ˜‰

  • Thanks for the opportunity, Trey. Keep up the good work.

  • In enjoyed the live class in Tampa last year, but I didn’t win anything. Now I have another chance!

  • Would love to have the software. It would be a wonoderful step up from Elements 8.

  • Pierre-Yves

    damn, a free copy of Photoshop. I could totally use this.

    Awesome photo today, Trey. Looks like it’s going to be my new iPhone wallpaper…

  • Theresa Ross

    Great photo! I’m glad Cliff shared this with us!

  • Free? Wow, what an opportunity! Thanks for the chance….

  • First time caller; long time listener…

    Thanks for making this available! I’d love to make the jump from Gimp to CS.

  • Mik Owen

    Trying to leave a creative comment and failing miserably. Love learning and this would really help me get better so pick me!

  • Normally I read all of the comments…not today lol.
    This picture is really awesome. Love the detail and the light!
    Check out my latest at Thanks!

  • If I win I am giving mine to Thelonious!

  • Pam

    I have been a long time admirer of your work, saving the pix I like the best as screensavers for my computer.I love your eye for color and symetry.

  • Just found your site. Very nice! Will need to spend some time reading old posts. =)

  • Clay

    Cool pic, did you use any textures on the brick? it looks amazing.
    love you on MostlyPhoto

  • Tony

    Follow you every day Trey. Keep up the inspiration.

  • Being a new mom, a photography enthusiast and a web designer, I have been on a shoestring budget to upgrade to CS5. I would so live to win a copy! Thanks for offering!

  • Nic

    I think I’ve been visiting your site everyday for about 2 years now! I always enjoy seeing your work. Keep it up!

  • CLF

    Photoshop CS5 please thank you very much! πŸ˜€
    anyway looking forward for more of Asian photos here! simply beautiful!

  • Fred Beiderbecke

    Cool. Not only great pictures and info but a chance to win CS5!

  • Bill

    Great Photo as always.
    How do you avoid jet lag with all the traveling you do?
    Keep up the good work!

  • Tom

    I would love a copy of CS5, I have many unprocessed panoramas sitting on my memory cards! Thanks for the opportunity.

  • A comment. Shameless!

  • Great shot as always. I would love a copy of CS5. πŸ™‚

  • JIm

    Great shot, I love the perspective and as always wonderful processing. My attempt at a spiral stair case…..

  • Gilson

    Trey, I have to say, you are an inspiration to me, and easily one of my top 5 favorite photographers (the top one changes every day), and I must say, as always, fantastic work, and your stuff just gets better and better.

  • Ethan

    Me please! I would love to have a copy of CS5!
    Thanksss! Great photos by the way!

  • This reminds me of when I laid down on the floor of the Guggenheim, NY and took a photo of Frank Lloyd Wright’s spiral work of Architectural art. HDR didn’t exist when I took that photo. I got moved along by security too, but got the shot.

  • Mark Fann

    Love your attitude when it comes to your images.
    I am using Lr3 and Elements 9. Cs5 extended looks awesome!!!!

  • Would love one, would work nice in tandem with 100 Cameras on my iPad.

  • Gail in Montana

    Wow, I’ve never seen this many comments!!! Guess you contest is really getting attention πŸ˜‰ Love the photo of the spiral staircase, another great stairway to “heaven” πŸ˜‰ . This morning’s comment brought to you from Snohomish, Washington, where we are spending Easter weekend. Happy Easter to everyone. Have a wonderful Good Friday πŸ™‚

  • Love your HDR’s. Would love CS5! Thank you,

  • Hard to beat that kind of value.

  • James

    Signed up for the Webinar and can’t wait.

  • Polly Doyle

    Of all of your photos, I think this is one of the best in terms of composition and color. Nicely done.

  • I bought LR3 just a few weeks ago and have been saving up for PS5. Pick me! Pick me! πŸ™‚

  • Maren

    Thank you for all that you do, Trey. People tell you every day about how you’ve had an impact on their lives…that’s a pretty amazing accomplishment. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge – looking forward to the webinar!

  • Johny

    Have been using GIMP for a while, would prefer CS5!! πŸ™‚

  • Nick Tode

    I’d be happy to take the copy of CS5.

    Keep up the great work on the site, and thanks for your participation on the mostly photo podcast.

  • Matt Sullivan

    In for the CS5, Keep up the good work Trey!

  • Jean-FranΓ§ois Fortin

    I’d love to have Photoshop… already own Lightroom 3. It would be a great addition to it.

  • Hi Trey,

    Nice photo! Thanks for doing the contest! CS5 would be great to have.

  • Brad Truxell

    You are the king of HDR! Love your work as usual! Free copy of CS5, why not!

  • Seth Harrelson

    Trey your work is so inspiring and I love that you are willing to give out tips and tricks to help others obtain some of your skills. Great job!

  • Beautiful photo and love the processing. Thanks for offering CS5 Extended to your viewers.

  • FuNtasTic:!

  • Cher Baise

    Amazing work. Thanks for sharing your talent. CS5 would be soo awesome.

  • Jake Johnson

    I would be happy to take that off your hand!

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    The detail just never stops! Great photo!!

  • Awesome shot, love the angle & the colours.

  • KevinN

    Amazing how the staircase just seems to float in the air sticking out from the wall. Amazing shot.

  • Love the photo, great watching you on Mostly Photo.

  • In!! I am a selfish, my first comment in years and I am already asking for something… πŸ™‚

  • My fingers are crossed for CS5

  • Been using HDR ever since I found your web page…and it allowed me to sell my first photo yesterday. Thank you!

  • Thank you Trey

  • I could really use an extra copy of PS. And delivery would be super-easy: just give it to L while she’s at your house today and she can bring it to me when she’s at our house Thursday. πŸ™‚


  • Valerie Cline

    What to comment so I don’t sound like a money-grubbing, CS5-wanting cheapskate?

  • As you can see: I need this! Thank you for the offer!

  • Earl

    Would make good use of CS5!!

  • Surely a copy of Photoshop CS% won’t hurt, probably just my self esteem when I try to create interesting composition like somebody around here πŸ˜‰

  • Josh

    Good stuff!

  • Lou

    Crossed toes…thanks, Trey!

  • Lauren H

    Gorgeous angle! Thank you for introducing me to the world of HDR.

  • timr

    can never have enough copies of photoshop.

  • Ive been checking out your work and following your progress for years. love it!
    very inspiring!

  • Pablo Bueno

    Great picture!

  • Me!Me!Me!Me!Me!Me! πŸ™‚ I’ve been jonesing for CS5, but need the master suite upgrade ($$$). Photoshop CS5 would be an excellent holdover until either I have the cash (from photo/video work) or CS6 comes out (when, certainly, I would have been able to stop partying long enough to save some dough!).

  • Jon Tansey

    Loving the pictures keep them coming

  • Dave

    Hello, yespleasethanks.

    PS : todays shot; one of the really good ‘uns.

  • adrian

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  • Chris Connors

    Please don’t let me be the one to win.

  • Fingers crossed! πŸ™‚

  • Diana

    I live and breath photoshop. πŸ™‚
    best tool to have!

  • Photoshop CS5 please! πŸ˜› You have a great site, great tips, and a great attitude Trey. Keep it up!

  • that’s a great shot – sweet composition with the spiral staircase and the artwork in the middle. Didn’t know churches had cool modern art in them these days. Thanks for the photo.

  • Jim

    Love your work. I would also like to have some photoshop goodness.

  • Johnson C.

    Great softwares you have there =)

  • Bernard

    I’ve tried out CS5, really liked it, but chose to put money into a new tripod instead..:-)

  • Love the staircase. What is flying around? Can’t wait for the webinar. Could use the CS5 but hope that you will also be giving away some NIK software. It would rock my world. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Aldous

    Great photo πŸ™‚

  • TimC

    Trey, you are the reason I got back into photography. Thanks and keep making these great photos.

  • Azita Kiai

    Easter miracle? May be…..I close my eyes and wish upon a star, some say that could work! If not congratulation to the lucky one!

  • JosΓ© Maia

    Great shot today. I love the perspective. Think i can do better if i win the free Photoshop CS5 Extended. πŸ˜‰

  • You mean I could upgrade from Photoshop 5?!?

  • Lynn

    I’m in! This site is a wonderful find!

  • Chris North

    Just got a MAC mini, would love to put Photoshop on there for FREE. Trey, whey are you heading out to Atlanta for a photo stroll?

  • Pag

    Maybe one day I’ll win one of these contests πŸ˜‰

  • Brennan

    That photo’s awesome! Would love to win a copy of photoshop as well!

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  • This is beautiful, exactly what I wish I could do with my images, I’m getting closer, and seeing these shots gives me incredible inspiration. Beautiful!

  • Thanks for letting me enter this contest. What a great prize!

  • As is the custom, I’m stuck in CS4 waiting for my ship to arrive. You can be the captain of that ship.

  • Austin Pethan

    You inspire me everyday Trey!!!

  • Awesome! Great picture as always plus a great giveaway too!

  • Ooh, ooh — please pick me! I would LOVE to have a copy of Photoshop CS5.

  • Great site! Lot’s of wonderful information and now the possibility of C5 extended? Wooohoooo!

  • Brenda

    Thanks for the giveaway contest! I learned of HDR from your free tutorial about a month ago and have been playing around ever since. It’s an amazing way to capture images! Thanks!

  • Derrick

    A good time to update my Photoshop Elements!

  • Great stuff as always! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • dont want to sound like a broken record but for a currently unemployed guy like myself, having something like PS would open up more oppourtunities to bring in more artistic/creative income for my family =)

  • Jon

    I can haz free CS5??

    πŸ™‚ Cool contest trey thanks!

  • Will

    Thanks for this site! I’m in!

  • Yay for comment to win!! πŸ™‚

  • Hey Trey,

    Your photos are always amazing! Keep up the good work! I was hoping to try my first HDR shots this weekend with mostlyphoto in NYC, but they are predicting rain πŸ™

  • prosem

    Desperately in need of this… I am still on CS1!

  • Denise Dewire

    Your photos are simply amazing! I feel like I can just walk through my Mac screen and walk up that staircase at St. Paul’s! I would LOVE to win Photoshop CS5 to improve my pictures. Thanks for offering this great giveaway Trey!!

  • What an opportunity …
    … the lucky winner can look forward to!

  • I would Love to win!!!

  • Love the comp in this one. Would REALLY love a my very own copy of CS5. Thanks for the great giveaway opportunity Trey.

  • Free tastes good πŸ™‚ St Paul’s is nice. Been there a couple of times in the 90s. Walked the stairs all to the top to see the view over London. Amazing as I remember it. Also amazing picture you got there!

  • Kelly Tosh

    A photographer friend of mine told me about your website and I have fallen in LOVE with HDR! I took my first successfull photos! Thanks for the inspiration and sharing your knowledge and passion!!

  • GASP! That spiral staircase is just stunning.

    And the giveaway? GAH!!!! Oh I hope I win, I hope I win!!!! (Been stuck in CS3-land for ages and ages!)

  • Josh

    I’m a huge fan of your work. I love how you see the world and translate that vision to your art.

  • Long time fan, first time commentor would love a copy of Photoshop CS5!

  • Great photo! Where in London was this taken?

  • I love your site, I love your work on TWIT with Leo and Lisa on This Week In Photo and I’d love a copy to help me put my copyright info in my EXIF like you advised in the last show.

  • Looking forward to the webinar! Definitely could use CS5!

  • Dan

    Long time fan, first time commenter (see what a little CS5 temptation will do?)! Thanks for the daily inspiration, Trey.

  • Riia Carnegie

    Love the photograph! I live near London and have yet to discover many little corners and buildings like this, this has definitely inspired me to look harder and explore a little more.

  • Steve Cloke

    Awesome :}

  • Love the site Trey. CS5 will be a nice compliment to my adventures this summer in Colorado. Thanks for sharing the love of HDR with us.

  • I would love to win. Cannot wait for the webinar!

  • Sam

    I’m feeling lucky today! Gonna get me some Photoshop!

  • Thanks for all the sharing. Art, talent, skills, you. Now ps5!! Wicked

  • never saw so many comments here πŸ˜‰

  • Scott

    I enjoy your site and have been enjoying hearing your input on Mostly Photo as well!

  • You are amazing,truly love your work. Awful generous of you to be giving away this copy of CS5.
    Blessings to you.!!!!

  • Keep up the good work! Enjoy seeing your amazing photos! CS5 would be awesome to have in my tool set.

  • Lauren

    I love your work Trey! I’ve been sharing your photos with my friends for years now. You always blow me away!!

  • Danica Staples

    I think your photography is beautiful, and I would love to win!

  • Hi Trey!

    Great photo, just beautiful !!

    thanks for the opportunity.

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  • I would like CS5.

  • Brian

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  • This is great! I have been an avid reader of your blog since last year and I have to say, your pictures are truly AMAZING!

    Keep’em coming!

  • Another great composition. I think what I love most about your shots are that they tell a story. It is very evident that you really take the time to find the perfect angle. Thanks for a great new image daily.

  • John Vito

    I’m rolling the dice! Lucky 7! ahh I mean CS5!

  • I would love CS5, and your images have inspired me to get much deeper into photography than I expected.

  • Brian Unruh

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  • I could use a copy of CS5! πŸ˜€

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  • Thanks for all the photos that you share! Keep them coming. And a contest for CS5 – wow – sign me up!

  • Nimrod

    Me ! me ! pick me !
    I’m stuck in customs , for real, I can use CS5 to pass the time.

  • Ari S.

    G’day Trey! Thanks for the CS5 offer. Keep on doing what you do…

  • I love this site. And I would love to have a copy of CS5!

  • thank you for the opportunity to win a copy of cs5. continued success to you

  • Stanley

    It’s great to see someone who does his work with passion. Please keep it going!

  • Fingers crossed.

  • Floyd Ronalds

    Holy Mind-boggling shot Batman! So jealous of your ability to go to and shoot these spots…outstanding as usual.
    Never owned Photoshop…too expensive for my blood. Still working with Corel…:S
    Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! LOL

  • Oh, how I would love to win this contest. Why? See some of the reasons at!

  • Ross

    Love your work Trey. I’m just getting in to photography, CS5 would be a great help!

  • i’m in too!

  • So this is what it takes to get people to comment on your blog! I’ll have to remember that. Love this picture. And yes, I’m one of those shallow people who only comment when there’s something in it for me. (JK) (Kind of)

  • Great photo. I would love a copy of CS5

  • Melanie

    Someday, when I grow up, I’m going to be just like Trey, doing what I love and sharing it with the world πŸ™‚ Thank you πŸ™‚

  • I’m wondering what in world those slinky looking things hanging in the middle might be?

  • Awesome pic Trey. Love the textures and the spiral lines! Well done! I sure could use the CS5 – working off of Elements right now, but not quite as versatile as the CS5.

  • Graham

    Would sooooooo love to win please

  • tamra

    On this day of odd convergences (Earth Day, Good Friday, and my wedding anniversary)o_O …I am very excited to let you know that your photos have become a mini-getaway for me πŸ™‚ They are so detailed and vibrant that I feel like I get lost in the photo. Thank you for sharing your talent, and how to duplicate it. (and the CS5 is a lovely gift on a day where the ultimate gift given, is remembered)

  • Anthony

    Awesome pics, Trey. Keeping fingers crossed for CS5 giveaway!

  • Wendell

    Trey, have been watching you, Leo, & Bettany on Mostly Photo, following you on Twitter, and visit your site often. Looking forward to your webinar’s, and of course who wouldn’t like a free copy of CS5 !

  • Spiral staircases freak the hell out of me, especially when coming down. The one in the Monument is the worst since people are converging with you the opposite direction. Love the POV on this shot!

  • I’m a Lumber Jack and I’m OK, I sleep all night and I work all day! And when I sleep all night I dream of using the full capabilities of Photoshop as opposed to Elements. Thank you for your consideration, now back to Call of Duty 4.

  • I would love to win this so I can give it to a friend of mine who is an excellent designer but is a little short on cash. πŸ™‚

  • JW

    Happy Earth Day!

  • hakim

    haha!! crazy how many people want this copy!! amazing that u’re able/allowed to do that
    anyway as usual ur picture is great, just magic,I’m learning a lot from ur other pictures and ur tutorial, keep doing that, it helps me a lot πŸ™‚
    ps: nice movies from japan, I was there on january, and I match ur way of seeing Japan

  • Absolute fabulous photo, Trey. I stumbled across your post thanks to some re-tweeting and I’m definitely gonna add you to my Twitter feed.

    BTW, please pick me for the contest. I never win these things and would love for my luck to change. πŸ™‚

  • Chris L

    Thanks for such a great opportunity, Trey!

  • I’m liking the photo- never been able to get a shot I liked in a staircase, but this inspires me to give it another go.

  • Tiffany

    Wonderful shot, as usual. I be blessed to have a copy of CS5…I still try to work everything out on GIMP and Lightroom 3. Have a wonderful day!

  • Trey, have loved these last couple of HDRs with staircases…it’s always hard to decide on flattering angles for them, and I think that you’ve hit the nail on the head with these. Cheers

  • Andy rivera

    Trey! Great site and I look forward to joining your webinar if I can come up with funds πŸ™‚

  • I would LOVE to have my own copy of Photoshop CS5!! Right now I’m using my work copy, so when I need to do something, I have to copy the photo to my dropbox account, pull it up at work (which means lunch time or before or after work), then put it back in dropbox so I can get it on my personal laptop. I have CS3 on my laptop, which works ok because I also have Lightroom and can go between the two easily for stitching and other stuff I can’t do in LR, but I can’t do some of the cool CS5 features (like content-aware fill which is amazing). Would sooo love to have CS5 on my laptop!!!

    Say, do you use Lightroom? If so, what do you think of it? That could be an interesting blog post sometime.

    And as always, another very cool photo!! I’m learning so much about composition and framing from looking at your photos! πŸ™‚

  • OH Man…. my daughter so needs this to update from CS3…. I’m keepin’ my fingers crossed and feelin’ lucky!

  • Dean Tate

    I’m working on an indie game with a programmer friend (I’m a designer in the industry, he’s an MIT Grad Student). A copy of PS would give us a huge leg-up!

  • Trey, you rock! but giving away CS5? Man I’d love to find that in my Easter egg!! The upgrade would be appreciated – and I would wear my computer out using it!

    Keep doing what you do. I truly enjoy seeing your work…

  • I would love to win the CS5. πŸ™‚

  • Hi Trey! I’ve lways enjoyed your work! Happy Earth Day!

  • Trey,
    I would love to be able to present this copy of Photoshop as a prize at our next meeting.

  • Dominic Reilly

    Hahaha, wow, this sure got a big response.

    Throw my name into consideration too, please. I’d like to learn how to layer my original RAW images over the tone-mapped Photomatix TIFs.

  • Daniella

    Love your photos, Trey! Keep it up.

  • Beautiful photo as ever Trey. Also, a copy of CS5 would be lovely πŸ™‚ Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  • Awesome, the magic roly polies of south austin have informed me that I will be the CS5 winner.

    And great shot as always, Trey.

  • Gary Hecker

    I want it, I want it, I want it… Love your work!

  • Commenting is so important in blogging but when you add a contest to the mix, it is pure genius. You are my hero…

  • Jeff Gelzinis

    Trey, Headed to Afghanistan soon. Can’t explain how quickly a year in the desert would go by if I had my very own copy of PS. Do you have any idea how hard it is to edit out weapons of mass destruction using iPhoto and Pixelmator? Content-aware would change all of that. And I would have you to thank!

  • Wow, what an image. CS5 – please please please!

  • Jon Maceda

    Hi Trey,

    Big fan of your HDR work. Would love to win PS CS5. From the looks of it I am not the only one. Hahaha. Seriously if I win, it will help me a lot. My whole family will thank you. Keep the great photos coming Trey! And good luck to everyone.

  • Helena Lindin

    I wish I was half as good as you! Thanks for sharing! πŸ™‚
    Keep up the good work!

  • Kiwi Caleb

    Trey, ive started watching all your tutorials, and im getting really excited with the possibilities of HDR. My problem is, is that I dont have photoshop, I know I need additional programs, but this would be a great kick start to get me started. Ive totally fallen in love with HDR, and I want to do it myself. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • HowAboutStefan

    Beautiful colors and textures. Your photography is amazing. Thanks Trey for sharing your talent.

  • Your work is always interesting, so are your travels and perspective on photography. CS5…make a dream come true. πŸ˜‰

  • Melissa

    I love shots from “unique perspectives” – like this one. The colors, textures… everything. Nice job!

  • Trey,

    Your photography has completely inspired me to begin taking more HDR photos and more time processing them into works of art! I would love to win a copy of CS5 so I can take my photography to the next level!

  • Carol Smith

    Well a free copy of CS5 – who wouln’t want that. I am looking forward to the webinar next month and prepared to get up at 1am so I can have my coffee ready for a 2am start to the webinar. UK is not time zone freindly with Austin, but I wouldn’t miss it!

  • Trey, your work is a constant inspiration to me to improve my HDR techniques!! Wouldn’t mind a new copy of CS5 either but keep up the awesome work bro!

  • Jennifer Calery

    I would love to win! Thank you for hosting this giveaway!

  • Trey–

    We met in Erie PA a few years back. We could really use the Photoshop software. I’ve enjoyed watching your photographic and business development, and the ways you use social media.

    Where does your gaming biz fit into all this?

    Continued good luck.


  • Elliott

    CS5 Baby. Come to papa

  • Julie F

    Trey! For years I have followed your blog. I was introduced to (and learned) Photomatix because of you. I use a Nikon. Your wallpaper adorns my various gadgets. I even downloaded you 100 in 1 app for my first generation iPad. I currently use PSE7- oh for an upgrade to CS5! One only dares to dream….

  • Thank You Trey! I’ve been following Stuck in Custom for some time now and love your images. Spiral storm- wonderful image, great composition and light. I’ve never left a comment before but do click on the thumbs up all the time. You are an inspiration to many!

  • Anup Nair

    OH Man – this is wonderful….. Thx… Hope I win πŸ™‚

  • Craig

    Trey, does that spiral follow the Golden Ratio or is it all in the perspective? Great shot!

  • Hamish

    Woohoo, count me in πŸ™‚ As mentioned above, yes you can get an adapter to hold Lee filters, but they are 150mm and the attachment is quite bulky but it’s a solution for using nd grads on such a lens.

  • Awesome spiral picture.

    I wouldn’t mind a CS5 for 3 word appreciation Trey πŸ˜‰

  • REW

    Wow, yes I’d love to win CS5!

  • Stacey

    I absolutely love your photos! They are truly stunning and make a great start to my day!

    What a great prize! Good luck to everyone, I hope I win!

  • comment… =)

  • Ohh! Finally upgrade from PS 7.0 perhaps?! πŸ™‚

  • I forgot to enter my website so this comment goes with 358, Thank You

  • Would be nice to move up from my older version. Nice of you to share πŸ˜‰

  • Julie

    Wow!! It amazes me that most of these people don’t even understand what HDR photography is, let alone understand what an incredible tool CS5 is for the HDR photographer. This is a great shot Trey. I love the composition and textures. Can’t wait to win my copy of CS5. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Ian

    CS5? Ummm, tasty.

  • Awesome shot of the staircase. I would love a wide angle lens like that one day. Thanks for the great giveaway also!

  • Kim

    What a gorgeous photo and awesome giveaway! I’d sure love to win a copy of CS5!

  • SAY WHAT! Gasp! Well how awesome of you! Thanks so much for the share.. I am learning the ropes of using my first DSLR & Have been a mad woman taking pics & really am having fun w/editing and learning so this would be amazing (I did say that right?HA)Again thanks so much for the chance!

  • Lacey

    Love your work! Would love me some free Photoshop CS5 too!

  • Just a thanks for all of the enjoyment and inspiration I get each time I see one of your images …best wishes ….

  • Spike

    Great shot, great prize!

  • Hey I could definitely use that! Still running CS3 here and we’re just getting our wedding/portrait photography business started.

  • Trey,

    Great shot. I’ve learned so much from your posts, tutorials, and reviews! Would love to be able to put some to work with CS5.


  • I could use another copy of CS5 especially if it’s for PC as I already have one for MAC. Thanks for the generous offer!

  • Dana Avery

    Love the shot Trey. Great perspective and post as always. I could really use CS5. Please pick this post. Thanks

  • Rob

    Hello, world! //This is a comment.

    My first comment, in fact, on this illustrious collection of progressive imagery. πŸ˜€ Naturally, I’m here to ask for something. Although, while I’m commenting, I’d also like to ask about your licencing terms (not that I require licensing, I’m just thinking about going the Creative Commons route too, because I do use/preach it and don’t wish to be a raging hypocrite, haha). Anyway, you have online articles listed under non-commercial use, but what if it’s an article from a commercial news source rather than random blogger? You then list charity fundraising as commercial (a sentiment I wholly agree with unless I’m considering the use of an image as an unsolicited donation), but surely this is far less commercial than for-profit editorial use? Colour me slightly confused.

  • Jason Benton

    Hi Trey,
    Adobe Photoshop CS5… YES, please! πŸ™‚

  • Roger

    I would love to win CS5 and give it to my 30 something daughter who is just started a photography business and this would take her a step up from PSE.

  • Weston

    Love your work Trey. Thanks for the tutorial. CS5 would be a great help for learning.

  • Sam

    Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today πŸ™‚ Happy easter mate πŸ™‚

  • Love your stuff! Would really appreciate the honor of being randomly selected!

  • Dave Maguire

    Always love your shots! I have been “into” photography for about 40 years, but have learned more in the last 3 years than I had in the previous 30 because of you generously sharing everything about HDR. Anyway, I would love to be the random selection!

  • Amanda Stone

    LOVE your photos. I would also love that CS5!! πŸ˜‰

  • Lars Christiansen

    Nice work as always, but still missing my package with videos ordered from you…

  • Wonderfully captured Trey. Have a Happy Easter as well –

  • Great photos! I check this website every single day!

  • With this many responses I couldn’t resist. You’ve gotta be in it to win it I suppose. How many do you think by the end? I guess 500. Great shot as ever. I miss London a little more as I even recognise the staircase. Thanks for everything you give to the community. As you can see we all appreciate it!

  • Susan

    This staircase shot is awesome – such detail! And wow! So many comments! You should write down all the names and put them in a hat for one of the kiddos to draw the name!

  • I wish I traveled half as much as you do! Awesome work as usual.


  • I’d love a free updated copy of PS. Nice spiral staircase as well.

  • Lucas

    The chances of survival…wait…winning… are slim πŸ˜‰

  • Oh! Pick me! pick me!

  • Renee

    Enjoy your site very much! I would really enjoy a copy of CS5!!!
    Thanks for all your information , look forward to continued
    Learning! Thank u

  • I already have CS5. I would be interested in the opportunity to go on a shoot with you sometime. Not just a photowalk, but a remote shoot. Great work! I love this staircase!

  • Your shots are so awesome. Wish I had found this craft when I was younger, the possibilities are endless.

  • Jan Benjamin

    Awe- inspiring work from you. Would love CS5 to have the chance to have a try myself…

  • Joseph

    Thanks for the great work

  • I’ll be comment number 400 then πŸ™‚

    I love spiral staircases – no matter where you are or how many times you taken a shot of one you still HAVE to get another – they are so appealing! Great work!

  • Thanks for the generosity, Trey. And thanks for all you do to help us aspiring photogs. Love the warmth of the staircase image.

  • Great shot. FYI For your 14-24 lens, there is a company that makes a filter adapter for that lens
    Take a look at The SW150 Products works with the 14-24
    ( not affiliated with lee filters )

  • Thanks, Trey–I enjoy your site, thanks for all the info you provide–would love to win CS5 extended!

  • Marion

    Wonderful photo, as always. What were those metal globes about 2/3 the way up the stairs? Please include me for the CS5 draw as well.

  • “Loving it!” as the McDonald’s commercial goes.

  • Wow Trey. Another beautiful shot. Love the great texture and color in this shot. Love the sense of light that is coming in through the window. Not only do I get to appreciate a beautiful photo I have also been learning about some cool places I would have never known about. Some of which I will have to add to my to photo list. Thanks and keep up the great work.

  • Not only do I love seeing your work, I would love a copy CS5. Fingers crossed!

  • Tim

    I’ll take it off your hands!

  • Fatima

    Love your work! CS5 would be awesome! Thanks so much! πŸ™‚

  • Jack Brown

    Very cool pics, would love to give HDR a try.

  • Christina

    Love that staircase photo, it feels as though I’m standing there, and thanks for the chance at an amazing prize!

  • Kim Angers

    I’ll be your best friend πŸ™‚

  • Woohoo! I’d love a copy of it! I would give it to my sister who has been without for a long time. =)

  • Trey, you create some amazing HDR photos! I would love to win a copy of Photoshop CS5.

  • I love the way you worked that spiral in your comp. Well done! Thanks for giving away this awesome prize!

  • I’m going to go ahead and set the over/under for 5000 comments in 72 hrs. Who’s in?

  • Daryl

    Thanks for being such a great ambassador for HDR! I’d love to get CS5!

  • Oh the things I could do with a free copy of photoshop! And uh, lessons on how to use it!

  • Amy Hatfield

    Ahhhhhh, pick me, pick me!!!!

  • Celine

    Learn so much from your tutorials do first THANK YOU. A free copy of photoshop CS5 oh yeah!!

  • Mike

    Wow. Never seen anyone giving away Photoshop before. Count me in.

  • Great blog and photos! Count me in on the giveaway!

  • Sara

    Your work is stunning… and I could totally use new software πŸ™‚

  • Wayne Berry

    Thanks for the chance to win. Love your work. You should visit southeast Virginia sometime.

  • Great site! Would love to win a copy of CS5! That would force me to buy a new laptop πŸ˜›

  • Emily

    Hooray for free stuff.

  • Jessica

    I just saw this retweeted from Borrow Lenses! Please consider me for the CS5 drawing πŸ™‚

  • Looking into the shadows with HDR opens up new worlds of discovery. Thanks Trey for being a guide along this path

  • Wonderful pic! Reminds me of the Harry Potter scene where they are going down the spiral staircase after divination. πŸ™‚ Off to check out the rest of your portfolio!

  • Jon

    I would like a free copy of CS5. That would very nice. Thanks for what you do Trey.

  • Beautiful image!!! Getting cs5 would make me cry:)

  • The shot is awesome, but the wire hanging sculpture really finishes it off! Still using PS7, would love to upgrade to CS5, either way, keep up the great work Trey!

  • I am still on CS (1) version… Would be a good news to win πŸ™‚

  • Jen

    I LOVE this!

  • I would love to have a copy of CS5! I hope I’m not too late! πŸ™‚

  • Ever since a friend told me about this site HDR photography has been my new addiction! You’re the best!

  • Louise

    Amazing, looks like a painting. Maybe with CS5 I could get a photo like this hahaha ok who am I kidding but it sure would be nice to try πŸ™‚

  • Thanks for the giveaway whoever wins. I’ve been following your site for a while, you have some awesome pictures.

  • Susiej35

    Pick me! I would love a copy!

  • Bonnie Holm

    Funny story. Back in the early 90’s I bought a book about some sort of software that worked with photos. Loved the book then bought a computer just to have photoshop. Been in love with it ever since.

  • Jennifer G.

    bonjour, CS5 and your work is outta sight! Happy Easter weekend!

  • Beautiful image….the texture of the stone is very pretty! I’m still working on learning HDR. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  • Aidan

    CS5 you say? for free? that would be lovely. Am in the UK so may be exempt though.

    Love the pic, not been to St Pauls in a long time. Should go back.

  • Stormwibd

    CS5 would be nice!

  • Love the shot winning cs5 would be great

  • Alda

    Hi Trey! Make me a honest person! You converted me to HDR and I’ve been trying to learn as much as I can about some of your techniques. More recently I’ve been watching some of your videos on YouTube, on Twit, which are great everyone. Go and have a look! I’ll be entering my first photo competition in my local club with an HDR seascape, so wish me luck!

    In order to apply some of what I learnt from you off course I use Photoshop CS5, along with Photomatix and Nik Pro. The problem is, I haven’t been able to afford an official copy of CS5 and so I’m using a pir**e copy! No good! Feel really guilty because it’s great software and they don’t deserve that! Sorry Adobe!!!

    When I grow up as a photographer, I want to be just like you!!! Love your photos and this has nothing to do with the software. Keep up with the good work and keep posting us your beautiful photos. Love, love, them!!!!

  • Trey, thanks for all the inspiration and all your great tutorials.

  • Are you kidding me?!?! I am still using CS2 and need to upgrade like crazy.

  • Stephen Werth

    Love the photos…would like to learn how myself.

  • It would be truly great to win this. Still rocking a much older version of Photoshop.

  • Great shot Trey! I like what ever that is hanging in the middle there! Rather captivating…

  • Why do I bother? I never win anyway.

  • Great shot. I usually dislike HDR but it really seems to work here.

  • Trey, my divorce was finalized just yesterday (seriously) and being chosen to win would certainly help ease the sting…she got almost everything so this would help me rebuild my photo making abilities, ha…
    Great photograph by the way.

  • CS5 Extended? Oh, yes please! I’ve got 136 shots itching to be stitched into an ultrawide panorama of the Pacific, Marin, San Francisco, Oakland, and the Bay, using a Nikkor 300mm f/4. (And a cargo freighter to be invisibly edited out of one of two shots it appears in..) Not a traditional pano lens, granted, but I had to give it a try, just to see what the final result could look like..

  • Paul Hayes


    Thanks for all the great teaching you do…. And Thanks for the cool gift(CS5)…


  • Wow! I really hope I’m the winner of CS5… I’m still working with CS3 just can’t afford the cost right now. I’ve jumped in head first into digital photography and never leave home without my camera!

  • Tim Benedict

    Hey count me in!

  • matha

    Love all your work – which has inspired me to think differently on how I shoot images since I was introduced to HDR three years ago – coincidentally the first was your work.. You site stuck in customs amazes me everyday, with the different array of beautiful, bejeweled images on display.

  • Pick me!!

    As always, keep up the great work Trey. You continue to amaze me each and every day.

  • woo!

  • Amazing shot Trey! Keep up the good work!

  • Gilbert Lopez

    CS5? Don’t mind if you do!

  • Kyle Wavra

    Hey Trey, I’m a long time fan! Your work and open source philosophy has been very inspirational to me over the years! Also, a copy of CS5 would be awesome : )

  • HDR is something that I see myself doing as foreign as living in Mars… Hopefully, in the near future I can develop the skills necessary to master the art as Trey has accomplish to do!

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  • Mint Nopnirapath

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  • Hey Trey, I am still using CS3. Although, as I climb the stairs of life, I continue to learn more and more each day. I hope to skip a step and move up to CS5.

  • I’m in Trey! Thanks.

  • Jim Beyl

    I have been thinking about trying HRD for some time now. As I searched the web on the topic I came across your site and immediately bookmarked it! I love the site for more that just HDR. Thank you for sharing your skills and adventures.

  • Nono

    hi Trey, keep it up!

  • Another great shot! I would love to be picked for this giveaway!

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    Good luck everyone!

  • I’m not sure if my post went through… I don’t see so I’m reposting… Sorry about if it’s my second one. Happy Easter Trey! Please count me πŸ™‚

  • don rexroad

    This 80 year old just came home from a 5 day vacation, i took with me my signed HDR book from years ago and yes, i sit and enjoy all the posting from your efforts and the others you include. What a wondeful world all of you have allowed me to visit and see in HDR. Yes, i keep trying to get it right! don

  • Jacob

    Beautiful shot! I love your blog.

  • My wife and I are going to Europe in a year. We will definitely have to check out this cathedral in London. I can’t wait!

  • Get it On!, thanks Trey!

  • Dennis


  • Keep up the great work Trey, I didn’t really like HDR photography before, I recently gave it a try thanks to you!

  • Cricket

    Been following you for a long time. Your stuff just gets better and better, but always amazing!

  • I had the pleasure of meeting you at a San Clemente photo-walk around about a year ago. You helped me get over the too-HDR phase we all go through to capturing some really prize winning images – SuperThanks.

  • dan

    I’ll throw my ticket into the hopper. Big fan of SIC from way back before Leo bumped into you on the streets of Austin!

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    Hey Trey,
    I love your work, Thanks for inspiring me.

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    Congratulations in advance to the winner.

    Thanks Trey.

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  • All right now. Calm down people!! Keep moving. Nothing to see here. Shows over. Move along. Keep moving!

    You see what happens when you lay out the cheese like that Trey? You brought out every mouse in the house. How am I suppose to compete with 1,000 of your biggest fans? I mean look at some of these randomly picked actual comments…

    Kelley Bard – I vote for Thelonious πŸ™‚

    Marcel aka servingmind – God morgon Trey – *snip* .. But i think you should give to post number 20. (Thelonious Gonzo was post #20. Just sayin’) This is the greatest post ever. I laught a lot while reading this and nothing is better then to laugh under breakfast with a hot cup of coffee in your hand ;o)

    Michele – … Love Thelonious’ and Ditchwatr’s comments – give them a cookie!

    Candice – I wish I had posted before Thelonious, there’s just no way now that I can post anything anywhere near as excellent as his.

    Don Schulte – If I win I am giving mine to Thelonious!

    Bob Whosit – Trey! Please give the CS5 to Thelonious. I am 97 years old and I feel I may only have a few years left in me. In that time I would dearly love to see what Thelonious could do with CS5. It would mean everything to me. *snif* Knowing that Thelonious had a copy of CS5, well, it would help me get through another day. I know you’ll do the right thing.

    OMG. Trey. That last post from Bob. Wow. How powerful is that? I know all those other randomly copied posts were pretty moving, but, oh geez. *sob* Bob! Do it for Bob, Trey!

    Sidenote: I didn’t see anyone else offering to cross breed with software AND name their progeny after you. Did you?

  • Since you’re picking at random I won’t try and sell my worthiness πŸ™‚ I’ll just say that your work is wonderful, and I think that it is fantastic that you get to do what you’re passionate about for a living. I wish the same for myself someday. For my part, I enjoy your daily photos immensely, many of which are on a continual rotation on my and my wife’s desktop. To everyone else, good luck and ‘happy contest’!

  • Going to rain here all weekend, but this would brighten my day for sure.

  • Sabrina

    Spiralstorm is amazing! I love your work. You show the world through a different lens… what you do is amazing. I have not used CS5 yet, but you have inspired me πŸ™‚

  • Danny

    Trey love your photos, you are super inspiring keep it up

  • Todd Thompson

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    Trey, I would love to own a CS5. I am an amateur photographer and haven’t used Photoshop for editing my photographs because I do not own one.

  • Steven V.

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  • Wes Sherwood

    Great shot, I love seeing a new picture every morning at work. I’d love a copy of CS5 as well πŸ™‚

  • Hi Trey, You got me started with HDR and you have inspired me to keep shooting. Love your work. Photoshop CS5 would be a fantastic thing to have together with Photomatix Pro…All the best from Sweden!

  • Nelson Pacheco

    Im just starting off in this photography world and it would be great to win a free copy of PHOTOSHOP CS5. Thanks!!!

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  • Not gonna lie, came here for the contest, but I’ll be sticking around well after. Awesome site, keep it up!

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    Great site. Great photos. Looking forward to digging into HDR techniques.

  • Ryan

    Well, you’ve got to be in it to win it so here goes!

  • We have had CS 2 forever…I would love CS5 so I can improve my lightroom workflow. Great Photo today as usual.

  • Scott DeWoody

    Great work Trey! Can’t wait to see what you show us next!

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  • Trey love your work. Hope to be able to do the webinar. As always keep up the good work!

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  • Can’t wait for the Webinar!!! Oh, and winning Photoshop cs5 will be nice too! πŸ™‚

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    Better Late Than Never. Spiral is makes me think of Alice in Wonderland. Down the Rabbit hole.

  • Trey this rocks, and I totally agree with hating to be rushed while shooting a scene sometimes it takes a moment to really wrap your head around a space to give it the right treatment! Great work, the giveaway is awesome, good luck to everyone!

  • Great Photo! Winning CS5 would be great too!!

  • Caleb Adams

    Beautiful!! And I’m not just saying that because I want CS5! Haha! I’m going there on a study abroad trip to study art history in may! I can’t wait!

  • Sharon Thomas

    Fabulous spiral! Of course, would love to win too.

  • Ben Wurst

    Hey! Love your work and learned a lot about HDR photgraphy and post processing in Photoshop from your website. I’d love have a copy of CS5 to work with (instead of using Elements, which I use now).

  • Phil Reeve

    Lovely shot. Is this from one single raw file or have you taken multiple exposures. I live close to London so might go and check it out myself but I won’t try to copy it!. BTW, I don’t need CS5, give it to someone who would benefit from it.

  • I would love to win this. Great photo.

  • Nicole Hauff

    I want it! πŸ™‚

  • hey! I would love the photoshop CS5

  • Madeleine Nguyen

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  • Caitlin

    I would LOVE to win the photoshop. I am a professional photographer and although I am very good at getting the shots I need verbatim, I would love to have a great photo editing program to create different layers and actions. I cannot afford the real deal so I’ve been using my other programs but nothing beats photoshop!

  • Thanks for giving a chance for someone to have a copy of CS5.

  • Been meaning to upgrade. Would love it.

  • JAN

    free copy of photoshop? yeah I want one Trey! πŸ™‚

  • Brigham Freeth

    RANDOM PERSON! <~ Thats me!

    In all seriousness, I love your stuff.

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  • My sister and I are starting out, well I have a head start, and CS5 would be a great prize to win!

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  • I would love a copy! I only have Elements! Thanks for the giveaway and the opportunity to win! Much love from Indiana!

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    Pick me. Pick me!

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  • That’s pretty awesome. I’m always on the lookout for classic architecture in the States. I can’t wait to make the hop to Britain and Europe. I won’t have to look very long or hard to find such beautiful subjusts.

  • Jamie P

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  • LondaElle

    Thanks for the opportunity to win CS5! And really nice photos here btw. You do gorgeous work.

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    Webinars are the best way to expand your knowledge in the shortest amount of time. Oh and this is my comment to enter to win πŸ™‚

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    How awesome would that be?!

  • Meee!! πŸ™‚ Beautiful shot! I love my 14-24!

  • Cori Brown

    Trey! LOVE LOVE love your work! I could definitely use CS5 – LR2 just isn’t cutting it anymore!!!

  • sarahinaz

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  • Wow! Leading lines usually are straight, but in this case these leading lines took me straight to the top of the image. Love the composition and post processing. Also leaves a little bit to the imagination as to how high this goes and what is at the top…very nice capture Trey!

  • Ernie

    Wow, this would really get me started with HDR. I’m still using the free Photomatix for practice πŸ™‚

  • Great photo today, thanks

  • I absolutely love the image above. I am very into architecture and its just stunning. The light is gorgeous too. Thanks for the chance to CS5!

  • I would LOVE the copy of CS5! Thanks for giving us all a shot!

  • wayne minert

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  • Impressive… I have so much to learn.

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  • Hi Trey,
    Been reading your blog for a long time. Come here every day for inspiration!

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  • Ashley Marquiss

    As a university student learning photography, I love learning from photographers who are more experienced and talented than myself. It would be wonderful to have a copy of CS5 but either way, just wanted to say I love your photo and your site! πŸ™‚

  • Oooh I would love to win this!

  • stace

    My kids crashed my computer with the original PS on it (oh was OLD) and since then I’ve been stuck using freebie programs. I’m not impressed. CS5 would make my day, week, month, year…:P

  • Me Me Me Me! Wow, this would be AWESOME to win! πŸ™‚

  • I finally found success with HDR thanks to your directions. It had been on my to do list for a long time, but a trip to Puerto Rico last week finally pushed me to do it. Thanks for all of the inspiration!

  • Henry

    Great shot! Add me in for the CS5 !

  • I like this shot. Sometimes the best part of a location isnt the part everyone can see, its just a new angle on something old.

  • Barb

    Oh, how I love layers! Looking forward to the chance to win CS5! This photo has such interesting “spidery” lines from the (light fixture?) in the middle?

  • Who knew CS5 would bring out so many lurkers:-) Count me in!

  • Great Giveaway! I’d LOVE to win!! πŸ™‚

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  • What a fantastic giveaway, thanks for the opportunity! I SO HOPE I WIN!

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    DUUUUUUUUUUUDE! A free copy of CS5?? Rock on! I’m still chugging along with CS3.

  • I would LOVE this concidering Windows 7 doesn’t support my PS 4 to CS3 upgrade!

  • Great image. Fingers crossed to win the CS5.

  • Stewart Mellentine

    Great capture. I sooooo need Photoshop to take my HDR to the next level. Photoshop CS (yes, the original CS in 2001) has no idea how to layer, etc.

  • Ted Kellison

    Great page, enjoy your work. If it weren’t fory buddy Cliffy, I wouldn’t have seen it. Definitely sparks your imagination!

  • David England


    What a great photo! Before I found your site 1 1/2 years ago, I would have never believed that I could create a photo like this. Today, although I am not you, or many of your contributors to your Facebook page, I have increased my skills 10 fold thanks to your site, your free tutorials and the videos I purchased last month. You make a ‘hard to swallow’ process easy to understand and your hands on approach makes learning a snap. Now if I could just perfect my composition! πŸ™‚

    Thanks for all that you do..

  • What a nice thing to do. Love your book and website. Happy Easter.

  • John

    Awesome photo. Always love using PhotoShop. CS5 would be nice to have for an upgrade.

  • Suzanne Rodger

    Sure would be an upgrade!

  • Stunning work. Glad I found this site. It’s been bookmarked!

  • Photoshop CS5 extended?? The original?? Still in the box? Wow, that’s something you don’t see very often in South America! πŸ˜€
    Would be really nice to see that for the first time!!
    Greetings from Uruguay!!

  • Jim Thomas

    Cool website!

    Could really use the Photoshop!

  • Hi Trey! Thank you for introducing me to the wonderful world of HDR photography. You are an inspiration and I’m so glad I found your sight.

  • Julie

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  • Dana

    How cool! I have my fingers crossed on the PSCS5 but worst case? I’ll still learn from you! Thanks!

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  • This is so nice of you! I hope I win! It’s my birthday!

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  • Wow! Not sure what my chances are, but I would looooove to win!!! πŸ™‚

  • Spectacular photo – I’m intrigued by that (wire?) sculpture in the center… and I’d love a copy of CS5 so count me in on the giveaway!

  • Karen

    I love looking at great photos as much as I love taking them. =) CS5 you bet I am in for that one

  • Brandon Allen

    Awesome photo! love the site. Could really use photoshop but cant afford it haha this would be helpful!

  • Awesome giveaway! I’m so glad I clicked over from BorrowLenses! Such a cool site! *fingerscrossed*

  • Wow, what an absolutely GORGEOUS staircase! The art and beauty put into it was WELL CAPTURED!

  • I love this picture. The colors work so well together, from the light on the walls to the color of the stone and the black off the fixtures. It’s gorgeous and really well composed!

    Also, I would worship CS5 if you gave it to me. Seriously.

  • I would LOVE the copy of CS5!

  • Britney B

    I would love the new cs5… I have never had the up to date software. Also, beautiful shot!!

  • Jonathan Stapleton

    I enjoy the tone and texture of this photo very much.

  • I’d love a copy of CS5, been a while since I’ve upgraded my photoshop… some great advances in the new one.

  • Averil

    hello its just me in this sea of comments. how does a person stand out from all these great comments that made me smile especially the guy that is drinking tequila and beer chasers. i too would love cs5 but i also see you have a very hard decision to make. so i will put my hat in with this comment and hope for the best. thanks for your inspiration and knowledge

  • Wow, CS5 for free would make my day…I mean week, month, year – whatever.

  • Thanks for the contest. Hope I win! really nice staircase photo

  • Angie David

    What an awesome giveaway! I would love to win!

  • I would LOVE to win CS5!!! I’m using really old version now. Love the staircase shot!

  • As always, a gorgeous photograph.

  • Denise

    This look spectacular. Is it HDR? It pops right off of the screen.
    Anywho! Send that photoshop my waaay hahaha.

  • Lenny

    I’ll take my copy now… thanks! πŸ™‚

  • Anna B

    I am in serious need of an upgrade…….PSE7 in use right now, would LOVE CS5!

  • Robb

    Was just thinking I need to venture a bit inot hdr! Great stuff here!

  • Oh my word!!! This would be so awesome to win!! It would be so beneficial to my photography business I’m trying to start up!! Excited to see who wins!!! YAY!!!! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  • Gary Scroggins

    Would LOVE the free copy as I can’t afford the real thing on my own. No job equals no toys for me.

  • Vast rich dimensional depth that leads our eye on a lit journey lined with texture richness and full of artistic prowess. Beautiful capture!!

  • Laura

    Love this website so much — such an inspiration. And as a poor to-be college/ film student next year, I’d love any photography prizes… πŸ™‚

  • John

    Hi, I really appreciate your photography and the knowledge you share on this site and in the Mostly Photo netcasts.

  • Would love to win your extra copy

  • Thanks for all the useful information and the chance to win CS5!

  • love the photo…and yes, i would love to upgrade to cs5 πŸ™‚

  • Larry

    Beautiful work

  • I would love to win a free copy.

  • Homer Voice: “Content-Aware Fill, agggghhhhh!”

  • Deann

    would love a chance to win.

  • Timothy

    Hello all the way from Singapore! πŸ˜€

  • Dawn

    Love the site, would love to be the winner. I am using free software that just doesn’t cut it because I lost my old photoshop’s code and can’t reload it. I need this software. πŸ™‚

  • April Young

    All I can say is WOW! Your pictures are truly amazing! All I have used so far is the PSE…I would love the chance to use CS5

  • I’m still using Photoshop 7.0… CS5 would be awesome!

  • Gena T

    I would love to have CS5.. I have CS4 but really would love the upgrade!

  • Jennifer D.

    Wow! Love your pics and your site! Glad I found you. Wouldn’t mind winning CS5 either! Thanks

  • C Kais

    Always enjoy your posts.

  • If I win, I promise I’ll never download another bootleg again… Not that I ever did or anything.

  • Nelson

    Great site and thanks for all your tips…

  • Thank you so much for this contest! I’ve been dying to try CS5!!!

  • Wow! I love that image! And I’d love to win this software! It would make my life so much easier!

  • I’d love to win cs5!! πŸ˜‰

  • You know. Something terrible just occurred to me. I’ve been doing some serious hard core professional grade groveling in here. I mean, just look at some of this weak groveling I’m competing with.
    “Trey. Ummm.. I’d love to have CS5.” Right. So would everyone.
    “Trey. Give it to me!!!” That’s all you can summon up? You are not creative – AT ALL.
    “I got kids and I can’t afford PS5. Give it to me!” You couldn’t slip a jimmy on and this is our fault how?

    So, I felt pretty good about my groveling. It’s high test premium and these people have water in their lines.

    That’s when I had this crushing moment of reality. You are an honest guy. That’s maybe the worst thing I can say about you. I can’t bribe you. I can’t push faux-emotional buttons and get over on you. Right at the beginning you said it would be a random drawing. The word random is crushing my soul Trey! That implies that no amount of groveling is going to have any affect on you at all. And that’s a real bummer dude. I mean, I faked a post from Bob Whosit, who is in fact also not real, just to help my cause. I created an entire entity for this purpose. That’s some Star Trek quality material right there. And now I realize that THIS WAS FOR NOTHING!

    I’m just a little upset. I’ll be all right.

  • Nice (pick) Shot! Great use (me) of the wide angle lens. I understand subliminal messaging really works.

  • You’re photos are pretty AWESOME!! and I would LOVE a free copy!!

  • Awesome giveaway! Really cool photo too.

  • David Gample

    Frak me!

  • Harold Campbell

    After a weekend with the Mentor Series, I could really use a copy of CS5.

  • Marvin

    I pray I win.

  • Stephanie wright

    Love your site! Pick me!!

  • Yes please! I use it at my employer, but don’t have a copy at home, which is where I do all of my photo editing. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Love your site. CS5 would be great.

  • There’s nothing like an incentive to spur one to action! As usual the work is pretty amazing. Besides what looks like impeccable composition to me I really like the massive weight vs fine detail contrast that’s going on in this image. Cool.

  • I would like a free copy of CS5 to use for my school newspaper.

  • Eunice Parker

    just googling to try to get answers for “elements” this would answer and do all that I need. Thank You for the chance to win.

  • Crystal Carroll

    I would LOVE to win! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • You’re an inspiration! (and I love your sense of humor!) I follow you daily, but usually fly under the radar and do not post. First time for everything – especially when a CS5 giveaway is involved!

  • You always rock it. Would love to learn with you…keep up the inspiration…

  • I’m a recovering journalist who got drop-kicked out the front door of my old paper two years ago. I’ve been trying to reinvent myself as a photographer since then, and lurk around the web drooling over work I wish I could do, like yours. What I ESPECIALLY love is seeing and taking beautiful shots that remind me of how amazing the world can be β€” especially after years of staring at news pages with nothing but nasty samples of how ugly people can be. Your shot today is one of the beauties, and the warm tones and glowing light bring my attention back to the good stuff β€” which I need, especially after hearing about the two photographers killed in Libya. Keep doing what you’re doing. As for the CS5? Hell yes β€” I could do with free software. Unemployment doesn’t budget for that…

  • I always love coming over to take a peek at your site! Beautiful work! And what a great giveaway!! As if there was any doubt….you’re the bomb!

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    Your do great work. I hope you’re going to snap some shots of the Royal Wedding.

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  • Your Images are amazing, could I get some how to tips along with the CS5, hehe. I just started my photography business and am buying up the lenses/software I need one at a time until I get everything I need. It’s a slow process because (yes the I’ve got kids excuse again) but of course as far as $ goes family comes before a wide angle zoom. lol. Cheers!

  • Hoping 672 is the lucky number.

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    I’ve never owned software that powerful before. Hopefully this could be my chance and really extend my abilities!

  • I have your signed book on my shelf for quick reference!

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    I am here through BorrowLenses, WOW cool site, I can see I will be spending lots of time here, I would absolutely LOVE to have CS5, my son has it(he goes to The Art Institute of Pittsburgh), he does some amazing things with CS5, thanks for the chance to win this great prize!!!!!

  • OMG I would LOVE to win CS5! Who wouldn’t?! PS that shot is freaking cool! Thanks!

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    I’d take CS5! Also, love your work!

  • I really don’t want to share this with friends (i am greedy like that) but because i know they will love this valuable info, i will πŸ™‚ Love this shot, and would LOVE to win the software πŸ™‚


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    Thank you for your excellent tutorials – they are an excellent gift to others!
    Love your site, and enjoy following you on Twitter!



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  • Pick me, pick me! I’m still stuck on CS3! (that’s an intentional rhyme designed to get a few extra points! Ha!)

    Seriously, this is a cool giveaway. Thanks for offering.

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    Trey thank you for introducing me to HDR. Appreciate the tutorial!

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    I would love to win the CS5!! All of these photos are serene & gorgeous… I love them! I’d love to have an editing program that would help me enhance my photos! Especially living overseas right now, the amazing shots you can get. I’d be stoked to win! And now that I learned about your site, I will be visiting more often to get tips.

  • Great lighting and composition. Perfect eye line with the rail. you could not have nailed it any better.
    (For the record, I like the windows blown. I think it gives more visual character and encourages a warm feeling to the environment.)

    Nice promotion with the CS5
    great marketing
    Big hugs and see you around. Have a great weekend.

    ~Shena Kaye

  • Great Blog postings, In for the free CS5 extended

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    Amazing work and great website!!
    I can’t afford CS5 and I could really use it – hoping I win..

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  • Where was this shot taken?

    BTW, beautiful website, amazing!

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    Love your work and LOVE Photoshop I use my CS4 & CS3 ALL the time! Thank you so much for this chance to win an awesome CS5!:)

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  • Fingers crossed, because I really need the update for my business πŸ™‚

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  • Soooooooo, I guess I’ll start visiting your site more frequently…promise…?

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  • Awesome shot! I love your work.

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    Your work always inspires me Trey. Gotta put my hat in the ring for CS5! Any plans for a photo walk in San Diego in the near future?

  • I’m still back on CS2, so CS5 would be a giant step up. Thanks for the giveaway!

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    Absolutely Stunning Image. Beautiful HDR.

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  • Very cool! The photo of artwork, imitating life (staircase), is artwork in of itself…kinda makes my head hurt!

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  • Hi – just discovered your site and work (thanks to BorrowLenses FB blurb) – I will be a frequent visitor! Happy Easter!

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    (And would LOVE a copy of CS! Been using Photoshop since version 6….)

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  • If we are talking need-based, I am using CS, folks. No numbers, just CS. It’s like paddling a canoe with a feather, and yet I love it. I would love CS5 more than I can say.

  • Please pick me! I’m a single, working mom living in San Francisco as an artist/photographer. I’d love to get my little paws on a nice, new, up to date version of the Adobe suite, it’s rather outside my normal budget.

    Love the photos you’ve posted. I hope someday to produce works of the same beauty and expressive caliber.


  • Elizabeth

    Dare I say my life would be complete with a copy of CS5? Well, maybe my photographic life would be complete…or a bit more complete…at any rate, it would be AWESOME to win! And you’re super generous to offer! Glad I found ya.

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  • i need it… nuff said

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  • The graphics on your site are great. Nice layout are you a UX practitioner.

    Will Lukang

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  • I hate being behind! I’d love a copy of CS5!

  • Me, me me!!! πŸ˜€
    For no other reason than to be able to follow your tutorials and mastery properly πŸ™‚
    Take care, see you


  • Greg Hinze

    Great Photo I am very Impressed Wish I could get shots like that But at least I get to see them
    cs5 would be a awesome Gift for a starving photographer using CS3.
    Keep the Photos Coming
    Greg Hinze Wisconsin USA

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    I’m just gonna be honest and straight to the point. I am leaving a comment in hopes of winning the prize πŸ™‚

    On a side note, that is a really cool image.

  • Sounds like fun! Great site and a great way to drive trafic!

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    Very cool giveaway, need to spend more time on the HDR concept, will look at your offerings, could be what I need!

  • “So you’re telling me there’s a chance?”


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    Would love to have a copy of CS5. Still dreading forking out that much money for software :-/

  • thanks for the kindness! I have no idea what number I am, but random is random and you can’t win if you don’t play! Beautiful work btw!

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    Awesome work Trey! Your work definitely has re-peaked my interest in photography!

  • Stephanie C. Ramirez

    I would LOVE to win! I currently don’t even have a laptop nor PS but winning this would make me 1 step away of taking my images to the next level πŸ™‚

  • Daffodil Dave
  • WOW! What f-stop did you take the composites with. To get the DOF AND get the detail in the shadows under the stairs, the exposures must’ve been LOOOONG. No fringing in the reflections on the metal sculpture. BEAUTIFUL!

  • Kevin Maher

    #768??? I would love to get a copy of Photoshop CS5. Then I would need to have somebody show me how to use it properly as I have seen how complex it can be but haven’t used it. I have tried Photoshop Elements which seems to be pretty good too.

  • Petra

    This is beautiful!

  • Alessandro Rosa

    The odds are slim, but there is no hurt in trying…

    I really like what you do with HDR. I don’t like over-the-top HDR, but when it is used to expand dynamic range and provide a boost to the image, that’s cool.

    I’ll throw in a question. When you make prints of HDR images what stock do you typically use; do you go for the metallic papers or does that make for too much of an edge?

  • Incredible giveaway. Thanks Trey for all of the education you provide!

  • I nominate Samantha πŸ˜€
    HDR spotting pulls from Flickr mostly?

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  • I’m interested in getting Photoshop CS5. πŸ™‚

  • Trey, you’ve been a continued inspiration from the first days many years ago when I first found your HDR tutorial and started experimenting with bracketing my exposures.

    I’m trying to work as a photographer, but my day job just laid me off. With all the equipment I need to buy still (and the cameras I _want_ to upgrade to) I could really use a free copy of a recent Photoshop! My 64bit PC could wrangle some real big PSD’s with CS5!

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    The staircase photograph is one of the most amazing pictures I’ve seen!! It is beautiful!! I would love to have a copy of CS5 extended!!

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    Hmmm free CS5. Oh I guess if I must. I haven’t posted a comment in 6 months. But with your tweet this morning I guess I shall go ahead and post something about how Great CS5 is and how I might marry it. However I do think my wife might object. Not sure about the children thing though. I already have 3 and they are awesome don’t get me wrong but this little procedure kind of broke the possiblities of that ever happening again. If that happened I would have to have a long talk about how faithful CS5 has been to me and all. So I doubt children will be in the offing nor will they the be named after you.

    Have a great day sir.

  • rob nitsch

    I must have been living under a rock or something. I just recently discover the world of Trey Ratcliff and I must say, great job. I love to see people pushing the limits of photography.

  • Awesome shot!! Thank you for sharing!

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    Great shot as always!

  • Marty M.

    Great shot up that cathedral staircase man. It’s one of those types of shots that get you thinking “Damn! Why couldn’t I have gotten it first?!?” I think yours is far better than mine would be though.

  • Hi Trey! Great giveaway! Thank you!!

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    Amazing photo Trey, but what is that in the middle of the picture?

  • Margie

    I just came out of surgery, stuck with bed rest and my laptop. Ah, the hours I could spend on my favorite hobby. It’s true. How’s that for a sob story. Guilty as charged πŸ™‚

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  • Trey,

    I love your stance on Creative Commons. You are correct, Google is now the new Getty.


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    Hey Trey, thanks for being a great teacher and inspiration. Like the mystic look of the posted picture. Good luck to all that’s posting.

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    I would love to win it for my wife. She’s been wanting it for quite some time and we haven’t been able to afford it. This would be great!

  • Love the Picture! great depth and colors. Im fairly new to photography and LOVE IT!, and I have been wondering what to use for a photoshop program, you may have answered my needs &(prayer) (if its possible to even win anything online) I would like to submit as an entry =) Thank you for your time

  • Trey, Thank you for all of your awesome photography and knowledge you share with us. Keep up the great work. I was just telling my wife that we really need to upgrade to CS5. It sure would be a great surprise to her if we won it from you!

  • Would LOVE photoshop! Great idea for a giveaway!

  • Beautiful photo! I’ve been enjoying my HDR program too πŸ™‚ Ps: I’ll take that photo shop off you’re hands for you!

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    Please please please. 2nd baby coming soon, love to step up my editing game but the wife might kill me if I sprung for it myself. A big thank you for all you do.

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    ME ME ME, I want a free copy of photoshop!! Thanks so much for sharing all of your wonderful photos. I follow you on flickr.

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    I already have CS5 so if I win I’ll have to do a similar give-away and the universe will most likely end in some kind of weird Mobius strip implosion, so I hope there are enough comments to reduce the odds… Thanks for the great HDRI teachins!

  • Amarjit

    I recently asked work if I could attend a basic Photoshop course – and I was turned down, because whatever I needed done through Photoshop would get done by somebody else for me.

    I love the work you’ve done, and by no means would I ever be able to do half of what you do, but would love to be able to improve on the pictures I take of my kids. Having a copy of the latest Photoshop would be a great start and incentive to get serious about photography.

  • Love your pics! Would love to win the CS5 giveaway too! Cheers!

  • Ben Chronister

    I can’t afford a copy of photoshop, so that would be excellent!

  • Pick me, Pick me! πŸ™‚ Just got a new computer and it’s just waiting to load a CS5 on it! Awesome photo – I have two cochlear implants and this photo reminds me of the cochlea of the inner ear.

  • Kathy

    I love the color and feeling this photo evokes. It makes me think of a fossil.

  • I just recently found your site, while in my photography class. I started getting into photography last year and decided to take a class at the local community college. After the first week, the professor asked us “What kind of photography do you want to be?” At the time that seemed to be the hardest question to answer. I found one of your photos thru a google search and ever since have been interested in HDR. Your work has been a inspiration to me excited to learn more. I rarely leave the house without my camera now…haha

    As much as it would be nice to have CS5, I certainly don’t need it. I was able to get a copy of CS3 last year, which is fine for me. I hope it’s given to someone who deserves it! I wanted to comment now, seeing your more likely to read all your comments on this post! Thanks for showing your amazing photos and inspiring me!!

  • Jessie S

    I love the perspective in the shot today. Absolutely gorgeous!

  • Sony


  • Justin Osmer

    Hey, been watching mostlyphoto and have fallen in love with HDR and how it just makes pictures look so much richer amd colorful. I’m in lake havasu right now taking some HDR sunsets and i can’t wait to get home and see how they come out. Thanks for all the great tips!

  • Gary Kirkpatrick

    Great shot, too bad they wouldn’t let you photograph more, HDR shows so much more detail. They should want it just in case something every happens to the building. As a matter of fact every building of historical value should be photographed using HDR.

  • haveacupoftea

    @Luke #796 : the ‘that in the middle of the picture’ is a sculpture/installation by Antony Gormley ( – see comment 82.

  • Joel C

    This is awesome!

  • John

    I could use an upgrade… from The Gimp!

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    Must…win…that…copy! Really…it would be so sweet.

  • keep me from using my brothers system! pick me!

  • Gary Kirkpatrick

    Trey, I ran across an interesting development. FYI: I have been a commercial photog for the past 13 years. New to me, I was looking at the Lexus site and found that it appears to me they used HDR for the Gallery shots for the CT Hybrid. I did not find a credit for for the photographer. This gallery makes their other galleries look kinda crappy. It is the first commercial application of HDR in a large way that I have run across. You may already have covered this but I didn’t see it. I also did not want to put an example on your facebook page. That I will leave to you if you are so inclined.

  • Love what you share! Sign me up for CS5!

  • Could always use a free copy of Photoshop.

    Keep up the amazing work.

  • michael

    That is an absolutely amazing picture, i wish i could travel and photograph evrything i saw. My dream would be to work wit NatGeo or as a combat photgrapher, im Marine combat Veteran….I MISS IT!!! keep up th good work!

  • Andy

    you mean I could finally possibly stop using Microsoft Paint for everything I do? awesome. and great stuff on this site. first time here. your contest is working.

  • Wow! How great, a chance to win the real deal…CS% would be awesome!

    Thanks for the opportunity.

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    Winning it will be cool! Too bad you only have ONE copy.

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    I’ve been following you since I saw you on TWiT tv. Also, great app.

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    Hey guys, just an FYI. If you want a discounted LEGAL copy of CS5 or a ton of other software you might be eligible. My wife is a teacher which makes her eligible so I order through her. CS5 is $198 which is a GREAT price. Check all the eligibility requirements but if your kid is in school then you qualify. So if you don’t win here then there are still reasonable options. I’ll wait to see if I win before I order my copy.

  • Great idea Trey! I’m sure who ever wins the copy will put it to good use!

  • Who doesn’t love a giveaway? πŸ™‚ I’m not sure if it’s a Mac or PC version, but I could use it, either way. Thank you for your kindness this Easter weekend.

  • Love the Cathedral HDR shot – and would love a copy of CS5 if I am the winner πŸ™‚ Thanks for the opportunity!

  • I love that image, very ethereal πŸ™‚

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    I want it (CS5)! pick me!

  • You continually outdo yourself. Winning your giveaway would be sublime!

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    Gorgeous shot! I need to learn more about HDR! And I’d love CS5! =)

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    Great shot, Trey! I’d love to enter this giveaway contest as well. In fact, I was just telling a friend, “You know what my life is missing? Content aware fill.”

  • Laura Anne

    I WANT TO WIN! And in other news, your photography is awe inspiring art. As if that is news, but it should be said repeatedly anyway.

  • Joe

    As always, GREAT pic. Today is my b-day. This would be a GREAT present, (hint, hint).

  • Wow, great picture. Let me say I would love a copy of CS5. I have been stuck using CS2 because of how old my computer is. But I just finally ordered a new computer, so I really need an upgrade! However I am really glad that I found out about this little giveaway, because I had never seen your website before. This is great, and I will come back a lot! So thanks!

  • I just started using DSLR’s 2 years ago. I just bought CS5 about a month ago. I used paintshop pro until then. I upgraded from an Xsi to a 7D about 6 months ago. My wife decided about a month ago she wants me to teach her photography. Things are progressing slowly. I need a copy of CS5 for her to learn properly. I would appreciate the copy. Thanks.

  • Kasey

    #20’s post is hilarious! I agree with him on the grandness of this give away. The pic is amazing. I love the colors that come out from the walls.

  • David Chang

    pick me! pick me! πŸ˜€

  • Another great image. Would love a copy of PS5.

  • haveacupoftea

    @Stephani #432 : theses stairs are the very ones used in one of the Harry Potter movies!
    @Marion #407 : see comments 823 and 82.

  • Just discovered your site and I am already obsessed! Beautiful!

  • Rick Finden

    Will your version of CS5 work on a Commodore 64?

  • 852?? If there is still a chance??

  • I could use that copy for sure! πŸ™‚

  • Kathy Sleight

    Hey Trey! Thanks for sharing your insight and photos! Your photos are awesome and something to aspire too!

  • Trey,
    This shot deserves the 800+ comments even without the giveaway…I’ll still take the CS5 if it’s going though!! Nice work as always.

  • Paul Gibbons

    Last time I used Photoshop was in 1998 on a G3 tower & I was saving all my stuff to a zip drive. I’d love to learn it again!

  • April

    Your photos are always a stunning way to start my day, thanks for sharing your vision with the world. Keep em coming!

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    Great site

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    Another great shot. Thanks for the inspiration (although it’s very humbling). Look forward to the Webinar.

  • TC

    So many comments….

  • Kyleen

    Trey, Thanks so much for freely sharing your talents, expertise and inspirations! Definately could use a Photoshop upgrade – so….pick me, pick me! πŸ™‚

  • Thanks for the inspiration…and the CS5 πŸ™‚

  • ksuzannec

    Pick me, please! πŸ™‚

  • Fingers crossed!

  • Love your work Trey and I am having a great time learning HDR, I just wish Digital and HDR had been around 30 years ago when I was in my prime.

  • Karen Allen

    Whoah! That picture is simply stunning. Oh to be able to shoot like that. Thanks for the inspiration! And for the chance at Photoshop…CS5 would be an answer to prayer!

  • Great photo Trey – your images still continue to inspire. An upgrade to my PhotoShop would be a great way to start to strive for your excellence. Thanks for sharing and keep at it!!

  • Robert R

    Hope I’m not too late. Great give away.

  • Tim

    1/900 lol

  • Danielle H

    CS5 would be awesome! I still have so much to learn! Feel free to pick me! πŸ™‚

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    Now this was a GREAT idea for generating web traffic – your a master marketeer as well!

  • Asha

    Beautiful photo Trey! HDR is so captivating, its become my favorite type of photography πŸ™‚

    Can’t wait for the time when my images are good enough to post.

    Thanks for all the resources (I am currently working through your HDR DVD).

  • Josh

    I always think of the poor guys that had to build these things… I can’t imagine putting the little bits of railings together, or hand positioning each stone. Its not like they had modern safety regulations, just a bunch of guys perched hundreds of feet up in the air.

  • Hi Trey!
    I love your photography, your very talented! What an inspiration, I am trying to branch out. I am wanting to go full time with my photography. Win or not, I love your work πŸ™‚ Happy Easter!

  • Greg

    Saw the link for your site on a Facebook post. Love the photographs and look forward to exploring your site. PHOTOSHOP CS5 would be a great tool for me to use in my high school journalism class. I am teaching students the basics by using As part of our contract with our yearbook company, we received a Nikon DSLR with a couple of lenses. We’re a smaller school, so we can’t always afford the newest software or hardware, but when we get the hook up, we make the most of it! I will be directing my students to your site.

  • Me me! Pick me! I can’t take GIMP anymore… save me! GIMP is the devil!

  • Barry

    Great shot. Great giveaway. I’m looking forward to the HDR webinar.

  • I would love to win CS5. I have been wanting a copy for a while, but don’t have the resources while I am still in school.

  • Stephen

    Love the spiral image! Are you going to be a regular now on MosthyPhoto?

  • Please enter me for the CS5 draw… Thanks trey πŸ™‚

  • comment=cs5=Awesome!

  • Sergio awesome

    Meow, spiral galore!

  • Dan

    OH MY GOD.

    873 Comments en-counting…..

    Damn there’s allot of people that want things for free! πŸ™‚

    Loving today’s photo as usual. Thanks

    I’m trying to save up Β£197 for the webinar before it goes to full price! :(. Heopfully I make it in time.

    Thanks again Dan R

  • Danielle Koontz


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    Looking forward for you daily image and also for CS5 !

  • Allen

    CS5 would be wonderful lol! I have been following the blog for about 2 months now, its been very interesting learning from your shots and your tutorials!

  • Vipha N Guerrero

    I would LOVE to win CS5!!

  • I don’t need to say how much i like your photography, other things you do and share with us. I just wanna win the CS5. Cheers…

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  • Hassan

    great pic, great site and seemingly great guy.

  • Meya

    I absolutely LOVE this photo. It has so much depth & strength to it. You inspire so many people to continue on with their endeavors of becoming a great photographer as well. Hope to win!!

  • StephenR

    Thanks for sharing your skills. Do you have any bow staff skills? πŸ™‚

  • Jordan Parker

    CS5 would be a great wedding present for two aspiring college age photographers. We are renting a lens just for our honeymoon in Acadia National Park!

    Thanks Trey!

  • LOVE the staircase photo, Trey…your photos always intrigue me. And please enter me in the drawing for CS5. πŸ™‚

  • Roy

    Follow you every day Trey. Appreciate your work. You are an inspirer.

  • CS5… awesome! Wish I can actually learn CS5 instead of GIMP.

  • Felix

    Will someone have Cs5?
    If he has Win7 I can give him it.

  • Tiffany

    Phenomenal photography and a wonderful site. Thank You!

  • random.
    There you have it. The only “random” post out of the 900 and some….

  • Alice

    Spirals are my favorite basic shape, shells and ferns, fractals…and staircases. This is beautiful and gives hope that man is not as base as we seem sometimes. Would love a copy of CS5…keep persevering we are all watching πŸ™‚

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    Hoping I’m random enough to win the copy of CS5!

  • Elizabeth

    Here’s to CS5 …. and discovering a new web-site!

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    Love your work. I look forward to your images each day. Planning a trip to Yellowstone and was just checking out your images from there, Great Stuff!!!

  • Kolin Loveless

    The real question is who wouldn’t want a copy of CS5? Bw, I’m an avid follower in Saudi Arabia–about an hour from where they’re building the Mile High tower, and I love referring people to the site. Great tutorial, great images.

  • Susan

    Love the photo, it is beautiful. Please include me in the drawing for CS5.

  • Drew

    Beautiful photo, nice website, clever marketing. My favorites.


    Ohhh PLEASE… PRETTY PLEASE…CS5: ) Love your work!!!!

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    Lay on your back to get just a little more of the stairs. Top of frame seems cropped just a bit tight (or did you crop it this way on purpose?) Otherwise Brilliant πŸ˜‰ I’ll help you promote like mad in San Francisco and Hollywood if that helps.

  • Jen

    Yes please πŸ™‚

  • Jonathan

    You are the best! I love your work. It’s awesome enough that you have your site up to show your work and give us tutorials! Giving away free stuff is just extra gravy on top, regardless of whether I win the CS5 or not, you’re awesome!

  • I prefer to try and get the best shot as possible out of my Camera without post processing, but everyone tells me I MUST have photoshop. So if you see fit. Prove me wrong, but I dont think it’ll make that much of a difference.

  • I love following your work. You’re truly an amazing artist! I would be very happy to accept your giveaway.

    Greetings from very photogenic country: Croatia πŸ™‚

    Ivan Čiő

  • Borrow Lenses posted a link to this post on their facebook page and sent me here to explore. From what I can see, your site looks like a “Must Follow!” for me. I look forward to becoming your newest stalker.

    And the photoshop giveaway wouldn’t be bad either ;]

  • You do amazing work Trey. I have religiously visited your website everyday for the last two years with anticipation of your next photo. It’s amazing that you can put up a new masterpiece literally everyday.

  • Great shot Trey. Spiral staircases rock.

  • I have already invested in PsCS5, when will you be giving away a Nikon D3S, Trey?

  • Fantastic shot. As per usual. I need cs5 so that I can process the raw pictures from my nikon d7000. Cs3 won’t do it :(. So that would be cool. πŸ™‚

  • great pic here.. and it would be great to land a photoshop CS5 software giveaway in my kitty! Can’t afford it right now :p

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    This would be an amazing gift. I would love to have CS5. I use lightroom right now and this would be a great tool to have.

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    Oh how lovely Spring can be,
    Blooming flowers, blossoming trees,
    Photo ops ’round every bend,
    If only I could adjust my lens.
    It seems I spend nearly half the night,
    Cropping the shot, adjusting the light,
    Hoping to get a picture worth keeping
    Muttering things that would surely need bleeping.
    If only I had Photoshop,
    I’d fix the blur, my pictures would “pop”.
    I’d strive to be as good as Trey,
    Accolades would be coming my way!
    Please consider me for your gift,
    My photog spirit could use the lift.

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    Beautiful picture!! I am a new ameture and i love reading your blog. Thanks alot!

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    I’m always amazed with spiral staircases. Especially ones with out a centre support column like this one. They look like the shouldn’t exist but yet here it is… Great shot. I’m also curious about what that thing in the middle is…

  • Random comment for a random drawing

  • Josh B.

    I want it. But not as much as seeing what you are able to come up with on your new RED camera!

  • Terry Burke

    My wife just lost her job of 25 years and could really use CS5 to keep up her skills. Please please please. and thank you

  • Wladimyr Oliveira

    Seeing your photos every day inspire me. Thank you so much for the D7000 and the Nikon 18-200mm lens reviews. Costco was having a sale of both, plus a camera case for $1800. I got them and I could not been happier. Wlad.

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    Amazing photo. Always look forward to seeing your latest work.

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    You and your website have been responsible for this old pre-senior citizen to take up the photography hobby – great inspiration. Thanks!

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  • Michael Weston is bad ass!

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    Your work has always inspired me ..if you choose me you may have to mail it all the way across the continent…would you do that?

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  • Kevin


    You do awesome work. Thanks for the great tips and tricks. Always an inspiration!

  • Great Shot, Trey….Then again, I am not surprised.. Watched the MostlyPhoto video on the net last night and took on the advise you had on opening up a Flickr account and sharing photos. Hopefully, it will generate interest viewers to my site ( The Software giveaway is certainly a good thing…Here is my entry in hope of getting “lucky”….That software would certainly help me in my new hobby of digital photography. Love HDR

  • EJ

    I hope I win, I’m sick and tired of having a bootleg program in my computer :-).

  • Klaus K.

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    Great job, as always Trey. I’ve been doing HDR for a couple years now, and have discovered that my old powerspec, xp OS, can’t keep up, so I’m going to gut her, and move on up with a new motherboard, processor, and drives, I’ve been using PSE since it was 5, and now I’m at 9, and the computer just can’t stay with it. The new machine should be able to whiz, and will of course, drain my wallet building her and I would love to be able have a copy of CS5 in her inner workings. I’m ready to expand my knowledge, and to be truthful, I’ve always been a bit scared of the CS series, but I feel I’ve mastered PSE, and would love to take the next step. All the Best to you and yours!

  • KyleB

    Love the pic, love the site, love the new copy of CS5! πŸ˜‰

  • Love the picture. πŸ™‚ As always excellent job. And psst give me the copy os PS5….. πŸ˜›

  • WEBINAR!! I’m very excited about this!

  • Inspirational!

  • Bretanne Ostberg

    Photoshop, OH Photoshop, you are my daily friend.
    Photoshop, OH Photoshop, it’s my pictures that you mend
    When faces are crooked or landscapes are skewed
    You help me to right them, so they are properly viewed.
    Photoshop, OH Photoshop, where is it I would be
    without your Clone Stamp, your Lasso
    your Elliptical Marquee?
    You help me Dodge
    You help me Kern
    You help me Smudge
    You make me Burn
    Photoshop, OH Photoshop, an artist’s dream you are
    Photoshop, OH Photoshop, you’re the best by far.
    Of you I’ve grown increasingly fond
    Who couldn’t love a program with a Magic Wand?
    You make bitmaps come to life
    You make pixels dance with glee
    You make this graphic artist happy
    That’s what Photoshop is to me.

  • John G

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    Seems to pull you in. Very Harry Potter-esque. Great detail.

  • Found a link on FB… Great shot and website… You had me at Photoshop! Thanks for a fun experience checking out your site. I’ll pass it along! @chance_DJ

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  • Alex D

    Would like to stop being a pirate, trey, you’re my only hope!

  • (clears throat)

    This is my comment, left behind in the hopes that I win Photoshop CS5

    C’mon random number generator…

  • Please pick #989 πŸ™‚

  • Photoshop CS5 can give you an eye-boner

  • Axeman in Monterey

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  • Great tutorial on textures.

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  • @Doug: Nice. “Eye-boner” is a new one to me.

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  • It’d be so rad if I won!

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  • Ryan Guthrie

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  • omg you guys are crazy (and awesome) – thanks for participating… this is fun

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    Zut Alors! What a terrific opportunity, stellar photograph once again aswell!

  • yes please! I would love an upgrade!!

  • Trey, is this the first time over 1000 comments? πŸ™‚

  • Dear Trey,

    I recently bought a Nikon D90 and it’s all your fault! I absolutely love the thing πŸ™‚

    Thank you for sharing your inspirational work.

  • Here I am, here I am! Happy Good Friday to all.

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  • Thorsten

    Dear Trey,
    Thanks for sharing your art and your way of creating this art with us here.
    You have made me carry few more extra kilos (D90 + tripod)during my vacations since I discovered your side. Thank you Trey I rediscovered and I enjoy photography very much again because of you!

  • Pick me, pick me πŸ™‚

    BTW, it’s awesome how many beautifully places you have visit and made there so many great photos. Congratulations.

  • El

    Great Stuff, thanks for the chance!

  • Ryan

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  • Hey Trey, if this really is a random pick, it could be me. I usually never leave anything on your blog but I follow your work. Except the interviews on MostlyPhoto, but that has nothing to do with you.
    keep it up!
    cheers. Pieter

  • Alexis

    Woah! You took that?! That’s sickkkkkkkk! I’m jealous.

    It’d be pretty sweet to get a copy of CS5 too. πŸ™‚

  • Excited for the webinar, would love the CS5 update since I am stuck at CS3!

  • Using Aperture and CS2 here πŸ™‚ I have used the Photomatix HDR Plugin for Aperture about 3 times. HDR is something I haven’t wrapped my head around completely so it’s not currently in my workflow routine, mostly due to my lack of Adobe Photoshop masking skills. With time…

  • Angelina

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  • Man, I sure could use CS5. I can’t afford to buy it! Keeping my fingers crossed!

  • Like your work.
    Keep the artistic flow going.

  • AC

    Such an amazing photo. i really could use CS5. i plan on selling it and donating the profits to Autism Speaks (a cause very close to my heart)
    I promise

  • Today’s spiral staircase photo reminds me of a spiral shell you find on a beach somewhere. Beautiful!


  • Tana Teel

    I’d love the CS5! What a great giveaway!

  • Hooraaay for photography and Photoshop! =)

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    I love the shot, wish I could afford to visit places like this

  • Hey Trey! Dropping by and wishing you a great one! Hope all is well!

  • Another quiet observer coaxed into commenting for a chance to win a copy of CS5


  • great to see the webinar taking form. some sweet prizes to boot as well!
    oh and i totally dig the myth staircase shot you posted a couple days back, that brought back sweet memories!

  • One should use a lantern in here so as not to be eat by a Gru.

  • Ross

    I say why not! I always look forward to your picture a day.

  • Laurie Bergman

    Beautiful shot, Trey! Very kind of you to give away a copy of CS5. I would love, LOVE, L-O-V-E to win it!

  • maintaining an attitude of gratitude

  • oooohhh I could totally use CS5 I’m super far behind in the versions πŸ™

  • Beautiful shot!

  • Anne

    You are sooooo talented. I want to be able to work with my photos like you do….. CS5 will help im sure!!!!
    Thank you for all your sharing!

  • Great site! Found you through a daily post on FB from…glad I checked you out! (And of course, a shot at winning CS5 is a plus!)

  • Who doesn’t want a free copy of a software that normally costs $600?? I know I do! πŸ™‚

  • Darren Care

    Gotta be in it to win it!

  • Ginny

    Another fabulous shot. You are my idol.

  • Jigga what?! Everyone is coming out of the woodworks to leave a comment.
    For the children!

  • Roche

    I love the smell of ink and will sniff your photographs, magazines and posters.

  • Aubrey Brown

    Hi Trey,

    I really like the earth tones in this image which provide a nice warm feeling.

    Regards …………. Aubrey

  • Great shot as always Trey

  • I need to upgrade from Corel, winning CS5 would be a great way!

  • dave

    Hi, still really stoked that you’re Austin, TX based. Cheers.

  • Lovely warm image. The wide angle lens really makes it work.

  • Wow thats a cool shot Trey! I like how it captures all the stairs! makes me wish a I had a wide angle lense. I wouldn’t want to climb those stairs though.

  • Paul L

    I just got a new camera, it’s not like the expensive ones but does the job. I am an elementary school teacher and teach art k-5 off a cart. My wife has always told me I take great pictures and should exhibit them in the public arts show at the art council. I have yet to do that. After using my new camera in the Pacific North West a few weeks ago I sorta felt like Ansel Adams with the way I was running around and taking photos. I sure could use CS5 to work on some of my pictures to show my 600 plus kids where a majority of them will never be able to see what I was able to see and would use it in my teaching of visual art for creating examples to enhance learning in visual art. Showing 600 plus students art through photoshop in some of my lessons for the next few years might be able to get a student thinking different, giving them hope in life to learning and being creative. It may help to get just one out of a bad situation in their own life. The one thing I could guarantee if I receive is it will be used for educating children! Over the next 6 years 3600 of them will see the way it works.

  • Scott Oldford

    I’m a new DSLR photpgrapher and I find inspiration in your work and in your philosophy towards photography. Thank you for the opportunity to possibly own a copy of Photoshop CS5; That would be completely awesome!

    See you on MostlyPhoto.

  • James

    Holy crap 1052 comments… Everyone wants their free copy of CS5 huh.

    Anyway Great photo as usual Trey, Can’t wait for my trip to London next year.

  • I love your photos and I’m pumped for your upcoming Webinar. I’m taking hundreds of images during our Fiji travels and hope to apply your HDR teaching to many of them. Thanks for sharing your insights! Bula, Steve

  • nappi

    *throws dice*

  • Nathaniel

    beautiful staircase. the light from the windows is just amazing

  • PawelM

    Nice photo πŸ™‚ One day I would like to see all those places with my own eyes…

  • Wow, lots of comments. Love that spiral staircase. It would make me dizzy to go up or down. The detail is amazing.
    Well a free copy of cs5 is a good way to get lots of comments.

  • Wow. I was stunned to see more than a thousand comments about the photo, and then realized that most are for the PS giveaway.

    That said, I really do love spiral staircases. Well, I love seeing them more than walking up those things. I’m not sure if it’s the symmetry that attracts me to images like this, or just a fascination with things that seem to spin round and round. At any rate, I try not to question things that make me happy. It takes away some of the magic.

  • ross williams

    Never used Photo shop but would love to start, finaly

  • Clayton

    Trey, you are the man.

  • Great image you got here. And also thanks for everything you give us. Great to be reading yo often.

  • Veronika Po

    I have been following your work and have really drawn a lot of inspiration from it, thank you!

  • Christian Frier

    Man i would freak out if i won that copy of Photoshop! Just sayin…

  • Cody

    You have the best photos on the web.

  • Love the website – follow the photo’s each day! Cheers, and cool idea with the giveaway.

  • Jeff

    To bad you don’t get 1000+ replies on every photo you post!

  • Nikhil

    Looking forward to the webinar!

  • Great photographs Trey! I’ve learned a lot from your HDR tutorials and all your photos a spectacular.

  • Stephanie

    I am unbelievably inspired by your work! Actually saw some HDR recently and was able to see that it was crappy πŸ™‚ They needed to buy your e-book (of which I own all of them).
    Thank you!

  • David

    I am headed to London next week and will visit St Pauls and look for this area.

  • Steve

    I must admit, I’m here for the CS5 but this looks like an interesting site! I’m sure I’ll spend some time here!

  • David

    I just finished watching Mostly Photo with Leo, Lisa Bettany, RC and yourself. Love your
    “Bread Maker” comments. I have told the story three times this weekend.

  • Lee Miller

    I would love CS5 and would love to learn how to really improve my HDR capability. Thank you for the opportunity Trey! Either way I am a winner!

  • Ash

    What is your method for picking a random commenter? I vote for using a cup of tea.

  • Jessica

    I love photography and I’d love to win! Your portfolio is amazing!

  • I’ll take CS5! πŸ˜€

  • I could certainly use an upgrade. Thanks for sharing your photos with us, Trey.

  • Suresh

    Awesome composition and of course I really love to have CS5 :). Don’t think I am leaving this comment to get CS5 only, its a really nice shot and keep up the good work.

  • I’d be forever grateful if I won this contest!

  • One more name won’t do any harm… Love the site πŸ™‚

  • Matt Myers

    Always look forward to your site every morning to start my day.

  • As usual, good photos, good materials and incredible giveaway ! Thank you Trey.

  • Trey, thanks for the inspiration and generosity!!

  • I could use a copy of CS5, love the web site, love the pictures, always an inspiration!

  • Bruce Schindler

    I might as well throw my hat into the ring. This is a great site.

  • That, sir, is a compelling visual feast. I wonder, however, what the heck those silver things are in the middle. Were they moving?

    Lots of attention for the free CS5 I see…

  • Great contest giveaway.

  • Inspirational, as always. Thanks Trey!

  • Keep up the great work Trey!

  • ooh, I’d love to win CS5.. I never even made the switch to CS4, haha.
    Love the photos, as always :]

  • Tif

    Just came across your site today and I think the rest of my weekend might be spent learning some HDR skills! Great photos.

  • Love your iPhone app! Use it often. Thanks for the fun site and contest!

  • Jim

    Lets Hope I can be a random winner. Yon give me inspiration.

  • Great work!!!

    Has logrado imΓ‘genes incleibles!

  • 5me so I can make those light tail things….

  • Gare

    I’ll take one!

  • Amy

    PS CS5 would be great! Btw, great colours on the photo! Love it!

  • Mike Riemer

    Fingers are crossed. Thanks.

  • Fr. Christopher Cox, C.S.C.

    Thanks for a great opportunity!

  • I want this badly. I hope you pick me!

  • Caren

    Hoping I’m lucky and thanking you for the chance! Best regards

  • Ryan Feeney

    I would love a copy of cs5. I have design cs4, but I need to do a clean install on my Hard Drive. I can’t fine the installation discs. πŸ™ and adobe isn’t helping much.

  • Ben

    I’m your huckleberry!

  • s cookley

    K me!! Photoshop!!commpcommpicommpic

  • Thank you for sharing all of your beautiful images and techniques!

  • Nordic Fury

    Trey, day by day, HDR evolves with you pushing and pulling along the way. I feel like you are an old friend who has taught me many things related and unrelated to photography. Thank you.

  • baleener

    Fantastic pics! Photoshop would be nice. πŸ™‚

  • Jason Searle

    Great photo as always πŸ™‚

  • Brandon Veski

    Ever since I saw you stumble upon Leo Laporte during his live stream at SXSW last year I have been a fan of your work. Congratulations and continued success!

  • David

    I love your photography and am learning a lot from you. Cs5 would be nice, then I could do even more that I learn from you to use. Thanks!

  • I am the best random winner there ever was.

  • Paula H

    Trey, I love your work. Thanks for this great opportunity to win CS5!

  • Amazing shot! Reminds me I have some HDR phoos waiting to be processed. πŸ™‚

  • Just saw this now. I would love to take that copy of cs5 off your hands, Trey

  • Aaron L

    Lucky number 1115

  • I’d love to own the copy of CS5! Thanks for all you do!

  • Johnna Everett

    I’ve got two chances to win–slim and none (and I ain’t been “slim” in a many a year).

  • Matt

    I have an extra glazed doughnut in the kitchen and would be willing to trade, so it wouldn’t be a total loss for you.

  • Andy Deitsch

    Hope you randomly land on me! Great web site

  • Really enjoyed watching MostlyPhoto w/you, Lisa and RC, great episode. I just signed up for the webinar, can’t wait!

  • AmandaDB

    I want to win!

  • Just found this site through someone else on twitter. Have not tried any HDR photos yet, but would like to get into it. Winning a copy of CS5 would be awesome! Good luck everyone.

  • Ken Kravetz

    What a great shot of the staircase. I was alway taught to take pictures that “tell a story”, and that sure does tell a story. I currently do not have any type of photo enhancement software. I sure would lie to try and start with Adobe Photoshop CS5.

  • Stan Martin

    I had a great time following you around Austin on the photowalk, got some good pics and learned a lot as well.CS5 would be great help in my photo editing. Thanks

  • Trey, I would like to win this. I search for all of your podcast appearances to learn as much as I can from you. Please pick me. I will spread your name far and wide.

  • Website correction

  • cs5!!! Wooooo

  • Please can you pick me }:0)

  • Have enjoyed your work for quite some time. In a internet filled with millions of websites it’s always a pleasure to find a diamond worth returning to time and time again.

  • Jorge Zamanillo

    Great shot and amazing light.

  • Jake

    Man oh man would I like to win that CS5!

  • Ivan

    Excellent shot Trey!

  • Tim Sullivan

    Huge fan of your work. I don’t often comment, but I would love a copy of CS5.

  • Dave F

    Sure wish Leo L. ….would stop cutting you off in mid-sentence! Lol. Keep up the great work..

  • Love your work and would love a copy of CS5 as I make the move to MAC.

  • Breztech

    Nice pic.
    Would like Lr3 advanced techniques.
    What you derive inspiration from.
    Best tripod under 300.

  • Andy Chiu

    Just what I need, an upgrade from Elements 1.0.

  • Alex Miller

    Well your work is amazing and I would love to upgrade from aperture. Also it takes over 30 seconds to scroll to this point.

  • Sam

    Trey rocks!

  • Can I say “holy god!” about the amount of comments you have here??? I’d add a “JESUS!” but, you know, it’s Good Friday and all… seems a touch wrong. πŸ™‚

  • Wow such powerful pictures…I would love to see an ongoing “How I captured this shot” tutorial!

  • Sae Ro

    Hope I win.

  • Arcadio Lozano

    man! i love your work, and really admire you for everything you’ve accomplished! greetings, I’m a fan of yours and hope to WIN!

  • Alin

    I really love this picture, amazing job as always Trey

  • JasonInMontana

    I love your art Trey. I will still love it whether I have CS5 or not πŸ™‚

  • Signed up for the webinar the first day I could, can’t wait!

  • Stephanie Cole

    Can’t wait for the webinar!

  • Kelly

    Beautiful composition on the staircase photo! Very impressive work.

  • Steve Dunn

    Great site. Learned so much.

  • Celeste Wyrick

    Oooo CS5 giveaway? Thanks and I hope to win! πŸ™‚

  • Thanks a lot form making the world look better behind your lens πŸ™‚

  • Thomas V

    Photoshop CS5 so cool!! Love all the great pictures and have learned so much from your tips – Thanks

  • Oooooooh, I definitely would love the CS5 photoshop. And I’m keen on the webinar too!

  • Jeff

    Trey, I check in everyday for artistic inspiration and to live vicariously through you travels and creativity. It would be a boost to my photos to take the big step up from my budget conscious Elements 9 to CS5. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  • Baconroll

    Amazing number of messages I look at your site daily and never post. But had to get in on this list. I hope who ever you choose for the sw can make full use of it. I cant, I’m slow traveling in Cambodia so no postal address and my wee dell netbook has a hard time processing HDR images ….

  • Ivette

    Trey – I just got a Nikon D7000 so I am just learning to take photos and could use Photoshop CS5. Enjoyed the picture. Thanks

  • Count me in on the giveaway!

  • karen z

    comment. (I hope my little comment will be safe. It looks lonely.)

  • Christine

    i could do some damage – oops i mean wonderful things! – with CS5. my fingers are crossed!

  • jasonc

    yes please, i need CS5!

  • CS5 would be amazing! Nice composition of the staircase, btw!

  • Here’s hopin’

    Great site Trey!

  • Wow, photshop CS5! I’m just starting with HDR and dont have PS yet, I want it!!!!

  • RAlbert

    Might as well try!

  • Mickey Lukens

    Yes PLEASE

  • Ooh, me! Pick me! Just starting out with HDR, would love CS5!! Your photographs are breathtaking!

  • Kimberly

    Would love to be WINNING πŸ˜‰

  • Ryan Sullivan

    Great shot! I love the detail in the texture of the stone.

  • Keith Gosik

    I never win. But I gotta try.

  • Oooh oooh. Ooooh. Pick me! Pick me! πŸ˜‰

  • Aaron W

    Amazing photos looking forward to trying some HDR shots soon, thanks for the inspiration and possibly CS5 πŸ™‚

  • Dave Ashworth

    Keep up the amazing photos dude! And please give me your copy of CS5 πŸ˜‰ you rock!

  • Jenny Camponeschi

    That’s an awesome shot! Great composition! I’d love to win the copy of CS5! πŸ™‚

  • A copy of Photoshop CS5 would be very helpful to me and my photography.

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  • Saw your tweet. Love your work. Want to win CS5 πŸ˜‰

  • /*Salah Class*/

    try {
    } catch(enough money?)

    Run Time Error
    Error: line n, no enough money :s

  • Just curious, who funds all your travel?

  • Kevin Seagrave

    1 in 1180 chance of getting CS5……not bad odds, better than the lottery!

  • Sean Buchan

    Well I can’t afford CS5 on my own, so why not try to win it?

  • Wow… I feel like I’m late to the party!

  • Portia software! would love to be the lucky one. πŸ™‚ anyway, win or not, i’m still loving your hdr photos. πŸ˜€

  • I’ve been thinking about this all day. There may have been a few drinks involved, but let’s not get bogged down in details. I guess what it all really comes down to is chance. You started this whole coin toss by saying that a name would be randomly picked to be the big winner. (“Who’s the big winner? Mikey! Mikey’s the big winner!” <— An actual line from the movie Swingers – a movie based in part on Vegas – a town run on the vagaries of random chance. "Baby, we're gonna be up Five Hundy by Midnight! VEGAS!!!")

    But here in lies the rub. Are random things really random – IE – involving chance? Are tosses of the coin really unknowable? The results of coin tosses are in reality determined from the start, and only our incomplete knowledge makes them look random. Those familiar with quantum indeterminacy would tell you that order itself is an illusion, and that the world in general is fundamentally random. Yet randomness is also an illusion. Therefore order and random chance, like waves and particles, are only two sides of the same coin.

    I guess what I'm getting at Trey is that I now realize that saying you were going to "randomly" pick a name should not in anyway be taken to mean that you are leaving this moment to chance. So while I have been pining away all day licking the wounds of my bad possible future fortune I should have been doing more groveling! The victory is still in doubt and I have been wasting precious time!!

    To me!!!
    To me, rapier wit and lack of shame!
    To me, ability to waste copious amounts of time trying to win something I could have just bought if I hadn't been wasting effort here!
    To me, willingness to make thousands of enemies by mocking thier lame attempts to steal away CS5 booty from my hands!!

    TO ME!! TO ME!!! TO ME!!!

    All Righty then! Let's get bizny!

    First of all – I have to point the amazing coincidence that the post # 1138 ended with the letters THX!! What? Are you kidding me? THX 1138? A futuristic movie made by George Lucas based on a Future Dystopic Orwellian world were chance itself has been replaced with pills and bad holographic porno? COME ON NOW!!! What are the odds this was a "Random" moment? I'm seeing patterns here Trey. Daddy thinks that CS5 is already in the mail. Come on home Adobe product. Daddy love you.

    Next – Post # 1167 – not that far back – from our boy Mickey. I know I have limited space left but I want to repost his ENTIRE plea. Here it is.

    "Yes PLEASE"

    Wow. I. I. I don't know what to say.
    I laughed. I cried. I was moved almost as much as when I realized Oprah wasn't a man.
    Come on now Mick! You couldn't afford a complete sentence? Not even any punctuation? FOR A FREE COPY OF CS5???

    Next. Post# 1155 – Doris. She not only wants the free CS5 she wants the Webinar too? I actually respect that move. Why drink the milk if you can take the whole Cow?
    Well played Doris. Well played.

    Post # 883 -Arjuna – "Me me! Pick me! I can’t take GIMP anymore… save me! GIMP is the devil!"
    Now that's just low. Mocking the handicapped is no way to earn free stuff Arjuna! Even groveling has standards.

    Post # 747 – Nigel Burn – "I would love the chance to win cs5 but hey with this many enteriez i doubt there much chance but hell here goes"
    Dude. If you win I'll throw in Spell Checker. No charge. Thank me later.

    Post# ??? – I will not point directly at anyone here, but lets just say that posting how you are currently running a boot legged copy of an Adobe product on a board where an Adobe product is being given away . . . "Good luck in prison! Steal something casual to wear."

    Post #474 – Jim Beyl – "I have been thinking about trying HRD for some time now."
    Duuude! No way! I dropped some HRD last weekend. Blew my mind bro! Do it. For sure.

    Post #399 – Richard Lewis – "I already have CS5. I would be interested in the opportunity to go on a shoot with you sometime. Not just a photowalk, but a remote shoot."
    OK. Really creep dude. Reallllllly creepy. First off, are you really Richard Lewis? I thought you were doing well these days? Why are you groveling for attention? Stand up not paying like it used to? What about your recurring role on Curb Your Enthusiasm? Is Larry David really super cheap? I heard he was.
    But anyway – back to your post – So, you already have CS5. You did get that this was a give away for CS5, right? But, (here's were the creepy part starts) you want, not just a photo shoot with Trey, but a "remote" shoot. Hmmm… "So, yeah. Trey. I know that we just met online, but what do you say we take a long hike into these woods with some photographic equipment? No need to pack a lunch. Just wear something casual."


    I guess what I'm saying here Trey is that I want that CS5.
    You give it to me and you don't have to take any long, weird walks or dirt naps with anyone.

    I think it's a good offer.

  • Lee

    Pick me! Pick me!

  • Shari

    I would love to win CS5 because I can’t afford to purchase it! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Yes please!

  • Ryan

    I appreciate the chance to win a bit of software that can be used to channel my creativity. Thank you for the opportunity!

  • Hi Trey,

    Really loved the recent TWIT Mostly Photo podcast with RC! really great. Would also be great to win that copy of CS5!

  • Mark Swindells

    Been a follower on Twitter and a subscriber to this website for nearly two years. I am probably a stalker! But love your photo’s and I love how easy it is to connect to you and get feedback from you on stuff that I have done. And it would be great to get a copy of CS5.

  • Chris Liebert

    Let’s give it a try! πŸ™‚

  • Jeni H

    I would love to be included in your CS5 giveaway…Thank you …And thanks to my friend who introduced me to your site I will have fun checking it out.

  • Wow. Never seen so many post! I hope we all win.

  • George B

    First time I comment in your site (obviously for the CS5…)! Apart from that great site and great HDR photos (I’m stealing a few ideas here and there!).

  • Hey Trey , great shot (as any of urs !). What is that wire mesh in-between , is that a chandelier ???

    P.S: btb I know ur really really really busy with taking amazing HDRs just for us and setting up for the new webminar. Hence volunteering to help out. Will take a audacious job of picking the random commenter for the PS CS5 πŸ˜‰

  • James

    I could really use a copy of Adobe CS5 Extended to help me in my design projects and increase my productivity at work. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Sing Choy

    Wow! CS5 Extended is simply one of the best giveaway for avid designers like me! With this potent tool I could do anything from creating genuine, hyperbolic touches within 2mm thickness to earning reputation for my works! Please count me in!

  • Kerri P.

    wow what a great giveaway! My computer crashed and I lost my (old) version of photoshop, so winning CS5 would be a dream for this budding photographer!

  • 12oo.

    Yea. Anyone have a horn? Yes?
    Can you blow it please? It’s 3:17 in the am. I need the horn to help me stay awake.
    I’m watching Network with Howard Beal, for the 1,200th time.
    Way ahead of it’s time. That speech that Ned Beaty gives HowARD IS AMAZING. “…and YOU- will – ATONE!!!”

    OK. So. 1200 posts. Awesome.

  • Awesome Trey! Excited about the webinar! Hope I win the CS5;-)

  • Pieter

    Trey you are such an excellent marketer and web savy guy. Your knowlege of social media and communication tools is only exceeded by your talents as a visual artist. All the more power to you and thanks for sharing your knowledge and ideas.

  • This is one of the best free sites on the internet and when everyone asks where I got a free copy of CS5 from, i’ll be sure to send them this way!

  • Hi Trey,

    I regularly visit you blog and like to way you spread your knowledge. Thought, I sometimes think you overdo the HDR effect and pictures becomes to flashy. But hey, I still learned a lot from your blog and praise your spirit. So keep it up!

    ps1: Pardon my English, I’m from Belgium.

    ps2: A free copy of Photoshop CS5 is always welcome..

  • Felix

    @Thelonious Gonzo

    You are very crazy. Its just a copy from Photoshop CS5! Are you so poor that you can not buy it?
    CS5 didn’t make your pictures really better, you must have a bit talent!
    And when you are realy poor you can download GIMP, Gimp is not more worst than CS5.

    Don’t nerv Trey. When you really would take HDRI, than buy Photomatix 4 (40$)!

  • This shot is worth more than a lousy copy of CS5. But I’ll still accept if I win πŸ™‚

  • Hey Trey

    Tak for gode rΓ₯d og inspiration,

  • Hey Trey, spiral that prize over to me! πŸ˜€

  • Amazing photo!

  • Derek jensen

    Your the best Trey! I’d love a copy of cs5.

  • You bet I want Photoshop more than the other thousand commenters! Lookin’ forward to using it!

  • Jane N

    Hey Trey,
    I’m going to go bezerk!!! I promise I will stop the lurk…so don’t be a jerk and hand me the works because it’s gonna hurt when I don’t get the perks!

  • Mrs. Sc Todays American Woman

    Amazing work! great post! this was my first time lurking! how ever your page is great! your photography Skills and post work Fantastic!

    Mrs. Sc todays American woman 2011

  • Great photo today, Trey! CS5 would be wonderful, but we’ll see. πŸ˜‰

  • Kevin Isabeth

    I’m a long time admirer of your work and would appreciate a copy of Adobe CS5, thanks.

  • Helena

    Yes please.

  • Nicki Ragan

    Wow, don’t envy you for having to choose a winner. Your photos are inspiring. Thank you for continually sharing your genius. I’ve already learned so much from you. Thanks for the chance to win CS5. Amazing giveaway!!

  • Col

    I’m just another one of your quiet fans who hasn’t a got chance of winning your spare copy of Photoshop CS5. But as a wise man once suggested to me, “You definitely can’t win if you definitely don’t enter!”. I thoroughly enjoy your work, Trey. You continue to inspire us everyday with your vision and the resulting photographs. Thank you for that!


  • Cameron Smith

    Hey Trey, great work showcased here. You have definitely energized me to get stuck in and attempt some HDR.


  • 1200sies!! Have fun Trey!

  • Rob

    Trey – Daily lurker here… thanks for getting me started with HDR and photography in general… it’s been a fun, but expensive, journey so far.

  • Bryan

    Hey Trey, thanks for the daily inspiration via your photos.

  • Since my D40 doesn’t bracket, I do most of my HDRs from raw files. Thanks for all the inspiring photos and tips. And hey, even if I don’t win the copy of CS5, if you ever want to come to Savannah, GA for a photo tour, my family and I would love to show you around!
    God bless.

  • Vicki Wilson

    Awesome image, the stairs remind me of stairs you often see in Lighthouses. This must be leading up to the Bell Tower. Please put my name in the drawing for CS5, I would love to have a copy.

  • Mark

    Trey – Great stuff on SIC. Great tutorials and gear recommendations. Loving my D7000!

  • Danielle

    WOW! Very cool shot. <3

  • Owen Macindoe

    Long time lurker, first time poster. Keep up the great work!

  • Ricardo

    Very nice thank you for the chance to win.

  • Russell

    Loved St Paulls Cathedral shot. Didnt like looking up though –BRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!! dont like- heights. Was out in Adelaide City Australa earlier tonight doing HDR photos of Bonython Hall with its striking towers. HDR gives pics a depth of colour and perspective so different from the “normal”.Its like the dreaded transition from film to digital—isnt it. Great Trey.

  • OK, if i must. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Terra

    Love your site been reading it for several years now. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • What an awesome giveaway! I’m still working with CS2, so this would be quite an upgrade.
    I’m really intrigued by the seminar, too. I’ll have to see if I can get the money together for it.
    Thanks for the great blog!

  • Brad Simonsen

    Hi Trey, let me take this moment to say thank you for all of the wonderful images and information you share with us everyday. Put me in for the PS CS5 also please.
    Keep up the good stuff!

  • Josemaria Toscano

    Hola SeΓ±or Ratcliff. Yo quiero una copia de Photoshop porfavor.

  • Mike Weddle

    I have always enjoyed your work. I would really like to win a copy of CS5.

  • Ned Howard

    Love Jake Shimabukuru. Saw him perform last fall. Very impressive. Also love following your site. Great work.

  • Awesome shot, as usual. I consider myself a long-time lurker, seldom-commenter. But…Your offer of the possibility of a copy of CS5 has extracted me from the shadows. Yo quiero CS5. Much love.

  • Love you work! Would love a copy of PS CS5. Hope I’m not too late!!!!

  • I would love to be considered for ur giveaway photoshop

  • What a great giveaway! πŸ™‚

  • Ryan

    Would love a copy of CS5.

  • I’m relatively new to your work Trey, but I love what you are doing. I heard about you through your appearences on TWIT and am very glad that I did. I am very interested in learning more about, and practicing, HDR photography. I have some time set aside for travel and photography this Summer and would love to have a copy of Photoshop CS5 to take with me to experiment with my shots.

  • Ben

    Love your stuff! It’s very inspiring!

  • Another lurker who enjoys your photos coming out of the woodwork for this!

  • Kurtis Young

    I already have CS5, so can I throw my vote to Thelonious Gonzo? Sounds like he really needs a copy.

  • Brad Cole

    I’m not normally a kiss @$$ but… For cs5… I might have to donate my kidney… Maybe…

  • John Vito

    I see what Thelonious Gonzo is doing!

    Has nothing to do with what he writes… he’s just trying to confuse us and sneaking in extra posts to increase the random chance odds to be picked.

    His wicked wicked ways!

  • Awesome staircase!
    It’s very dream-like. Sort of looks like is coulb appear in some sort of fantasy movie. πŸ™‚
    Speaking of fantasy, would love a copy of CS5 Extended.

    Keep rockin!

  • Jon Stires

    Love your pictures and would love to be able to do the things you can do with your pictures. IF the CS5 can do that for me, I would gladly appreciate the use of it and maybe even let my friends use it as well πŸ™‚ Thanks for the pictures!

  • Justin Knox

    I can not compete with 1185. However I would like a copy of CS5.

  • Joel Gutierrez

    My only chance is that you truly picked this randomly. Love the photos…

  • … If you picked #1185 it wouldn’t be random, but 1251 would be

  • Kathy

    Oooh! I’d love to have the chance to upgrade my CS3!!

  • Nevin

    Lucky number 1254! Love the site Trey. You have inspired me to photos and document the way I see the world!

  • Yes, please!

  • Christina

    Uhhhh… Can a Danish follower and graphic design student participate in the “competition” of being the luckiest Easter bunny this year?
    I would love to upgrade my old Photoshop to the newest version.
    Crossing and hoping, but still sending lots of happy Easter wishes for you :o)

  • Harsh M

    This is why they say, photography is about making a shot, not finding a shot

  • Count me in. I love checking the site everyday.

  • Wow, over 1200 comments! Love you HDR shots!

  • Jorge

    Thank you for the effort of sharing something new and exciting every day on your site!

  • Thelonious Gonzo’s comment was well worth the visit here today! If he wins, maybe I could adopt one of his children! LOL Happy Easter to you and your family, Trey!

  • Julian P

    thank you for sharing your amazing photos. i visit your blog regulary.
    would be happy to win ps cs5 πŸ˜€

    greetings from austria.

  • BryanJ

    Love your site. I’d also love to win :D.

  • I’m nearing the end of my trial from Adobe… would be nice to have it for free!

  • Trey:

    This offer is freakin awesome. I would love to update my Photoshop to CS5 and what better way than to win a free copy.

  • This is a comment

  • Louis

    I want a free cs5, common I’m a poor canadian student πŸ˜‰

  • Fluffy Mackerel

    Dear Thelonious Gonzo;

    Re: Your posts 20, 499, 661, &cet.

    Post #20: You’re clearly using this post as the precursor to a string of future posts you’ve mapped out in that twisty, crenellated little nugget that resides in your cranium. Planting the seeds, as it were, for the kudzu vine of awesomeness that you thought would soon overtake this thread. All for the sake of a copy of CS5. I applaud your forethought.

    Post #499: By post #39 you were receiving kudos on your kudzu and felt it behooved you to point this out to Trey. But did you do it in a humble yet self-aggrandizing way? Yes. Yes you did. You even managed to work in some simpering boot licking for Trey (You brought out every mouse in the house? Really? Rhyming suck-ups?) to not only reinforce that others think you’re cool, but that it’s a reason Trey should give you the CS5. You were even self referential to your original post. Well done sir.

    Post #661: You state that you’ve been doing hardcore professional grade grovelling. I’d postulate that while there has been some reasonably direct commenting upon your desire to be awarded the CS5, up to this point it’s been somewhat roundabout and, well, frankly, a little pathetic. You haven’t really worked yourself up into some top notch sycophantic toadying. Stay tuned, I’mma school you later son. Also, the end of the post just got depressingly self-absorbed. Trey has better things to do with his time than listen to you whine about wasted time. (that’s some foreshadowing, btw)

    Post #1185: So first of all, I have to say you’re slipping. it’s been 524 posts since your last one, which tells me that you’re losing focus. I think it shows a real lack of committment to the project, and makes me wonder if you really want that CS5 or not. I mean come on. Having said that, I couldn’t agree more with parts of this post, although I have to say that it was a very roundabout way of letting Trey know that you’re interested in the free CS5. Spend some time studying Glengarry Glen Ross, and take ABC to heart my friend. Be direct and to the point. State it. Say “Hey Trey, all these other commenters are total losers who will take that copy of CS5 and use it to clean up after their dog, if they even bother noticing that you were benevolent enough to notice their existence through the glowing nebulae of awesomeness that surrounds you and award it to them, as though you have nothing better to do with your time. No-one that’s commented on this thread so far deserves that copy of CS5 as much as I do, with the obvious exception of your divine self, who could easily keep it for yourself and use it concurrently with the other copies you must utilize in the creation of what some call art, but I call religion.” Own it. (also: foreshadowing)

    Post #1200: This one’s just so far off topic I’m going to do you the favour of overlooking it.

    Post #… what?: that’s all? you’re done? well, that’s today’s youth for you Trey. Just no sense of passion or followthrough.

    So, Thelonious, in summary. Here are some things I think you did reasonably well:

    1. Volume. You used a lot of words.

    Here are some things to consider for next time:

    1. Obsequiousness. Nothing says “please give me that copy of CS5” like some really good quality boot licking. If you want to get Trey’s attention, you really have to step up your game. He has far better things to do in the dimension of space-time he dominates than scan through endless posts that don’t clearly call out his omnipresence and glory, all hail our HDR Overlord. You think that he’s got time to read your posts about yourself while he successfully battles Chuck Norris with one hand and creates new, divine works of art with the other? Please.

    2. Self promotion. Let’s face it, with a lackluster effort like that, you’re not really very likely to be successful in receiving the municifent attentions of the glorious Trey, so you might as well use the comment thread as a way of promoting your own “work.” Those punctuation marks, btw, signify that you should imagine me making air quotes with my fingers implying my disdain for your insolence in thinking that you could ever compare your images to those of Trey, all hail our HDR Overlord. If I were you, I would have said something along the lines of “pardon me everyone, but please check out my pathetic attempt at HDR that was inspired by the awe inspiring efforts of the being we refer to as Trey Ratcliff, all hail our HDR Overlord. When I became aware of the works of this genius, I was engulfed in a nimbus of silvery blue light, and experienced an epiphany that told me that until that moment, I had not experienced true beauty or peace. I now realize that I can die happy having experienced this wonderment, and have published an homage to Trey (all hail our HDR Overlord) at[email protected]/ that demonstrates how I have dedicated my waking moments to the futile pursuit of The Art. Trey, if you should happen to notice this pathetic missive, and happen to have an extra copy of CS5 lying around that you have decided you no longer have a use for, this lowly worm would be happy to accept it from you to further my ongoing tribute to you, all hail our HDR Overlord.”

    3. Be referential so Trey’s kids get it and feel involved in the decision:

    7am, waking up in the morning
    gotta be fresh, gotta ask for CS5
    gotta have Trey’s CS5, gotta have CS5
    seein’ everything, the shutter is clickin’
    clickin’ on and on, everybody’s rushin’
    gotta get Trey’s CS5
    gotta catch my image, I see my photoshop (my photoshop)

    4. Be obvious.

    5. Be obvious.

    6. ABC. Always Be Closing. I want that copy of CS5.

  • Teh

    Lol, first time I saw the picture I thought there was a ghost in the middle of it ( sort of middle, but you know πŸ™‚ ).
    Great shot as ever.

  • John Vito! Post# 1247. What are you saying? That I am intentionally trying to game the system by reposting over and over again just to increase the randomness of my chances?

  • That is a bold faced lie!! I am offended that you would even suggest such a thing!

  • If and when I win this CS5 I want it to be with a clear conscience. Posting and reposting just to throw my name in the hat multiple times has never even entered into my thought process!

  • Thanks for all you do to share what you’ve learned with others. I’ve been sharing your site with friends who are also intrigued by the creative possibilities of HDR. The fun in using some of these techniques is just beginning for me!

  • Ummm…. Dang it! I thought of something else to say. But now I can’t remember!

  • Oh yeah! I remember now.
    Ummm…. aw crap. It’s gone. I’ll remember in a minute.

    Just hold on.

  • I could make great use of CS5 Extended!! I’ll take it off your hands πŸ™‚

  • Here’s my random comment…I hope you randomly chose it.

  • Tom C

    Stunning picture Trey! Like everyone else I would love to win CS5 too.

  • Joe D


  • Lovely shot and great work. Been a huge fan since the London photowalk!
    Would love to win that CS5 copy.. I’m still stuck with CS3!

  • Justin Patterson

    Hope to take one of your classes soon!!

  • I am a big fan of your HDR photography and enjoy seeing you with Leo and mostly Lisa in their MostlyPhoto podcast.
    I would love to win CS5 since I’m still using CS which I can’t use in my mac. Thanks again for the opportunity to win this fab
    Software!!!!! Good luck to me and to everyone!!!!

  • ijefff

    Love the website and really enjoy your appearances on Mostly Photo. Keep up the good work!

  • Ben Keroles

    Love this! You are awesome! Hope I win, really need an upgrade to PS


  • Using PhotoElements Version 6 – All that this retired guy could afford!!! Now with HDR bug infected in my body – and a new vision and perspective with digital photography – I could sure use an upgrade to a full version of Adobe CS!! Either way – Win or no win – We all have won something with your inspiration and different approach to the world of photography!! Happy Easter to you and yours!

  • What… I can’t use a tripod? My civil rights are being violated. Hey, Ho, We won’t go.

    Enjoy your photos.

  • Todd Morrison

    Hope to win. Will be watching!!

  • We could sure use the upgrade too. Still on CS3. Keep up the great work! Can’t be easy creating a great image every day. Thanks!

  • Don J J Carroll

    Hi Trey! I had an opportunity to see/listen to the recent MostlyLisa show with you RC, Leo and of course Lisa. This is my second “watch’ both times with you on, and I do like it. RC was great with tips.

    Luv to win the CS5 Extended which I do not have.

    Can’t wait for the upcoming webinar series.

    Don J J C

  • I love Trey’s work. I really love your appearances on Mostly Photo.

  • NikOSX

    it would be great. quite impossible thought.

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    And good blog!

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    I will need it for you’re class.

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    I do visit your blog at least five times a week…

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    Aside from that, great picture as all of yours pictures, thank you very much for all the work you put in this Blog, keep it going.

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  • 1185 – Best comment i’ve seen in a long, long time

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    Thanks !!

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    D. S.

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    Sorry I don’t have really anything clever or funny to say like some of these people who seem like they may moonlight as comedians. Oh well, I find it hard to do so since I just woke up and I can’t be funny since I haven’t had my English muffin yet. CS5 would be nice, it would save me some money so I can go to Thailand with my dad to visit my sister. I hear it’s nice there.

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  • Okay…reasons to pick me
    1) My kids need new shoes
    2) My Great great aunt is in the hospital having been seriously wounded by a spatula
    3) The yard needs mowed
    4) My name is not very cool (see “Thelonious Gonzo”)I mean, with a cool name like that, I am sure people give him software all the time
    5) I am tall (short people are mean to me)

    In closing, giving the software to one any of us “long-winded” posters would look contrived. So please delete my posts if I win!

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  • Adrian

    Hi, I’ve been enjoying your site for months now and even though I’ve never commented before, I just couldn’t pass the opportunity to win a free copy of Photoshop because… well, my reasons don’t matter if you’re going to pick a random person to give it to, right? Anyway, Happy Easter πŸ™‚

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    Happy Easter, by the way! πŸ™‚

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    >Thelonious Gonzo 1270
    John Vito! Post# 1247. What are you saying? That I am intentionally trying to game the system by reposting over and over again just to increase the randomness of my chances?

    For sure!

  • OK. Sorry I haven’t posted anything the last few hours. I have been busy with my latest act of selflessness. It’s a project called SOS – Spots On Spots. Tragically millions of dogs are born every year without spots on them. I know! It’s hard to hear but it’s true. If you are willing to – here is a picture of one of these sad little fellows.
    Well Project SOS is dedicated to never allowing a beautiful little puppy like that one go without spots being Photoshopped on them ever again! We will scour the Internets and the YouTubes (all of them!) and Photoshop spots on every last dog picture we can find. That why winning CS5 is so important to me. It’s not about me, people. It’s about the Puppies.

    I’d like to take a few minutes and address some of the comments that have been made about me over the last day or two.

    Edward Vetalice #1396.
    If, by chance Thelonious Gonzo does win, please make it totally random… Mocking others attempts at sucking up is the worst way to suck up.

    Ok, well – you’re just wrong right there. This isn’t an opinion. It’s a fact. In Malcolm Gladwell’s new book “How Mocking Others Makes You Winner” he points to study after study to prove that in fact of all the methods used to “suck up” mocking others who were also sucking up was statistically the most successful method. I mean, did you think I didn’t do the math on this before I started down this dark and arguably pathetic road?
    For the record here were the Top 3 best methods for successfully sucking up to someone who is giving something away to people who are required to do nothing other than simple post a reply.
    #3 – Bring your health, finances or children into the effort. Preferably all three at the same time. For example. “Trey. *cough* oh. Sorry. My lungs are filling with fluid right now. *cough* But I can’t afford to do anything about it right now because I’m on my way Ambronesia to adopt another needy child as part of my “365 Kids in 365 Days” project. *cough* If I just had a copy of CS5 I’m sure I could convince CPS that I’m a good mom”
    #2 – The Lazlo Hollyfeld method.
    As you recall in the movie Real Genius Val Kilmer discovers a genius, Lazlo, who has been living underground and generating thousands of entries for a Frito-Lay Sweepstakes in an attempt to win as much as possible through sheer numbers. This was mirroring the real life actions of Caltech students Steve Klein, Dave Novikoff and Barry Megdal, who, in 1974, used a similar strategy to win a McDonald’s sweepstakes. Their entries came to roughly 1/5th of the total entries and won them a station wagon, $3,000 cash and $1,500 in food gift certificates.
    #1 – Mocking other people who are also sucking up.

    Next – Keith Moyer #1385
    “Okay…reasons to pick me
    4) My name is not very cool (see β€œThelonious Gonzo”)I mean, with a cool name like that, I am sure people give him software all the time.”

    Yes. This is actually true. Just this morning I was grabbing a quick cup at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (No coffee or tea, just a cup that especially quick) and the girl behind the counter said, “Ok. We’ll have that cup wrapped and out to you in just a second. Can I have your name please?”
    I replied, “Thelonious Gonzo.”
    She immediately handed me a copy of Lightroom and LucisPro 6.0 WITH AND EXTRA DONGLE! I wasn’t surprised. Happens aaaaall the time.

    Next – Dusty #1378
    “Hey Trey, Sorry I don’t have really anything clever or funny to say like some of these people who seem like they may moonlight as comedians.”

    I know, right? Who are these losers? Leave the being funny part to the professionals! That Richard Lewis guy wasn’t even funny! He was just creepy! Totally agree Dusty. *snark* stupid comedian moonlighting wanna-bees!

    NEXT – Rhonda #1362
    “I’m not going to be poetic, overly wordy or witty, not going to boot-lick, whine a hard luck story, be creepy, or waste time slandering other posters/supplicants. ”

    Not poetic, not witty – So far so good. Not creepy? Now hold on a second there RHONDA!! Who walks around with a name like Rhonda and tries to say they aren’t creepy? Seriously now. That’s a creepy name. What? You know it is. And I’m not the only one thinking that either. Look around the room. See how everyone is staring at you like you were Clinton saying, “I did NOt Have Sex with THAT Women!” ?? It’s a creepy name. It really is.
    As far as not “wasting time slandering other posters”, I totally agree. I would never put down another poster. it’s just not what I’m about. At all. But really, that is a creepy name. You should change it or something.

    NEXT – John Haugaard #1323
    “1185 – Best comment i’ve seen in a long, long time”

    John Haugaard . . . you are a brilliant and noble being. You honor me with your wisdom.

    Next – Fluffy Mackerel #1268
    “Dear Thelonious Gonzo”
    Your term of endearment touches me, Feathery Flounder.
    I really didn’t quite get what you were saying the rest of the way, but I feel you brother. I feel you. And not in that creepy lets-take-pictures-in-an-isolated-forrest-just-you-and-me kind of way.

    But since you brought up GlennGarry Glen Ross – in the next post I present to you a remix of the famous Alec Baldwin scene from that movie…

  • John Vito

    >Thelonious Gonzo 1270
    John Vito! Post# 1247. What are you saying? That I am intentionally trying to game the system by reposting over and over again just to increase the randomness of my chances?

    I’d never do that!

  • Thelonious – Trey’s added a little something to today’s picture. As you all know first prize is a copy of CS5. Anyone wanna see second prize? Second prize is a blue mouse pad that says β€œDELL” across it. Third prize is you’re posts get deleted. Get the picture? You laughing now? You got digital images. You can’t make them look good, you can’t process them worth crap? You ARE Crap! Hit the bricks pal, and beat it ’cause you are going OUT.
    Fluffy Mackerel: But my software is weak.
    Thelonious: Your software is weak? Freakin’ software is Weak? You’re weak. I’ve been on Flickr for 5 years…
    Fluffy Mackerel: What’s your name?
    Thelonious: EXPLORED! That’s my name. You know why, mister? Because your HDR images have halo’s around them. I use a 12 core Mac Pro. THAT’S my name. And your name is you’re wanting. You can’t play in the man’s game, you can’t figure out layering and masking? – go home and tell your wife your troubles. Because only one thing counts in this life: Get them to view your latest picture as much as possible! A-B-C. A-Always, B-Be, C-Cloning. Always be cloning. ALWAYS BE CLONING. A-I-D-A., Attention, Image, DOF, Adjustments. Attention – Do I have you attention? Image – Is your image interesting? I know it should be, because it’s good or you walk. You close or you hit the bricks. Depth Of Field – Have you adjusted your F-Stop for Christ? And Adjustments. A-I-D-A. Get out there – you got the pixels coming in. You think they came in to get out of the rain? A guy don’t click on a page lest he wants to view. They’re sitting out there waiting to give you their money. Are you gonna take it? Are you man enough to take it? What’s the problem, pal?
    Fluffy Mackerel: You – You’re such a hero, you’re so rich, how come you’re coming down here wasting your time with such a bunch of bums?
    Thelonious: You see this Mouse pen? You see this Mouse pen?
    Fluffy Mackerel: Yeah.
    Thelonious: That Mouse pen costs more than your monitor. I processed 970,000 images last year. How many you make? You see pal, that’s who I am, and you’re nothing. Nice guy? Doesn’t matter. Good father? Go home and play with your kids. You wanna win CS5 here – grovel! You think this is abuse? You think this is abuse, you fluffy Mackerel? You can’t take this, how can you take the abuse you get in a gallery? You don’t like it, leave. I – can go out there tonight with the software you’ve got and make myself 15,000 quality images. Tonight! In two hours! Can you? Can YOU? Go and do likewise. A-I-D-A. Get mad you Fluffy Mackerel. Get mad. You want to know what it takes to process images? It takes Brass Adobe Software. Go and do likewise gents. The Softwares out there. You pick it up, it’s yours. You don’t, I got no sympathy for you. You wanna go out on this board and grovel, GROVEL. It’s yours. If not you’re gonna be shining my shoes. And you know what you’ll be saying – a bunch of losers sittin’ around in a bar. ‘Oh yeah. I used to be a photographer. It’s a tough racket.’ This is the new Adobe version of Photoshop we are playing for. This is CS5. And to you it’s gold, and you don’t get it. Why? Because to give it to you is just throwing it away. It’s for artists. I’d wish you good luck but you wouldn’t know what to do with it if you got it. And to answer your question, Fluffy Mackerel, why am I here? I came here because Trey asked me to. He asked me for a favor. I said the real favor, follow my advice and delete your posts because a loser is a loser.


    *drops the microphone and exits stage left*

  • John Vito

    >Thelonious Gonzo 1270 John Vito! Post# 1247. What are you saying? That I am intentionally trying to game the system by reposting over and over again just to increase the randomness of my chances?

    I should say Nevar!

  • John Vito

    I Meant Neva EVAR!

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  • Urban Outiftters curated my HDR of Machu Picchu, thanks to you! No money from it, but it’s awesome anyway, no?

  • No doubt this is a great opportunity for beginners and advanced people alike.

  • Jialin Dou

    I wonder how you travel, because your photos are from so many different places from one day to the next.

  • Jane Coombs

    Do you have to leave a comment here? I thought any comment anywhere would count. I guess I get the prize for not getting the drift.

  • Tray, thanks for all the tutorials. Thank you.

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  • Just_Josie

    CS5 is an awesome giveaway! And fitting for an awesome photo. Ashamed to admit have walked past/around/near St Pauls probably 100 times but have never been inside. Will have a look next time though – looks beautiful if this photograph is anything to go by!

  • 1185 is funny, but I need it more.

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    I’ve been an HDR nut for 2 years (photo website coming soon) and I am ‘clumbering’ along with OLD Photoshop. I NEED CS5 to get caught up with my images!

    Please, oh please, oh please, oh please, oh please, oh please, oh please, oh please, oh pleeeeeeeeeeeeease!

    Thanks for everything Trey!

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  • Love your site and looking forward to the webinar.

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  • Laura Caudill

    I am trying to sell my serger so I can take the webinar. I bought my Nikon D7000 reading your site on where to begin. And even without all the tools I need, if I can sell my serger, I plan on watching the webinar. So exciting!!! Thanks.

  • Not going to leave anything witty. Thanks for the opportunity πŸ™‚

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    This staircase is wonderful. The wide angle view is very dramatic. When I first looked at it appeared to have a large eyeball peering down from above. I love your work and enjoy reading about your photo walks. I’d love to upgrade from elements. Keep on inspiring us. You have a great free spirit.

  • Awesome work Trey!
    Please, anyone…. if you can send me a HDR spotting registration code. πŸ™‚

  • Hi this is my comment. pick me.

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    970,000 images processed? Where do you find the time to write your short stories T Gonz?

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    Great image of the staircase. I’d love to be able to make use of the CS5, something I’m not able to afford at this point. Keep up the great work, and thanks for all yor tips.

  • Edward Vetalice

    @Robert check your flickr mail for a code

  • @Edward Vetalice, Got it! Thanks! Woo Hoo!

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    and then finally get your HDR tutorial DVD! πŸ˜‰

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  • Please enter me in your drawing for CS5 (and put an end to my suffering using GIMP).

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    Great photo as usual, love how the bounce light on the underside of the stairs is picked out. And so many clever comments, not even going to try to compete, but if you want something in return I think I have a spare copy of Fairly Odd Parents for the Gamecube kicking around somewhere!

  • Andy

    Oooh, me me!

  • Wow, Trey, this is breathtaking! Every time I go back to the image, I’m just drawn into it all over again — as if called by a voice at the top of the staircase. It’s unreal. Almost haunting — which is crazy, because the image is so beautifully lit, and not the least bit “haunted” feeling! Very nicely done.

    With an image like this, it was a pleasure to leave a comment! The chance to win a much-needed copy of CS5 is just an added bonus. I’d love to be that winning number — here’s hoping! πŸ™‚

  • Linds

    I have been following your site for some time, love your pics, very inspirational. I am broke, just out of school and trying to develop my photography and would love a free copy of CS5!! So please, pretty please, “randomly” pick my post.

  • kelly

    Beautiful work.

  • Pick me! PSE user in desperate need of CS(anything), CS5 would be AWESOME!! Beautiful photos by the way!

  • Donald Kintzing

    Awesome! This gives me something to aspire to. Thanks.

  • I’ve been using Aperture, but it would be great to learn CS5! Wish me luck! Thanks!

  • Rob Franklin


  • Louise

    Just learned about you this week. Cool.

  • Larry R.

    Awesome pictures. Wish me luck.

  • Neil Masters-Gutierrez

    Really glad I came across your website, not just for the CS5 giveaway. Loving your blog and what you’re sharing with the world.

  • Who wouldn’t love to win CS5!!!! Hope it’s my lucky day! thanks for the chance

  • Great pic here. Hope I win it.

  • Linda Claudette

    I’ve been following you since I heard an interview on TWIP. Great work! You’re very inspiring.

  • Rob Moore

    I am really excited about photography again, thank you for putting yourself out there and giving us such beautiful pieces of art!

  • Merkava

    Haunting picture! Good thing i don’t have a vertigo.
    Q: does it necessary to fix the perspective when shooting with wide angle lens?
    Upgrading from Photoshop 7 to CS5 will be nice! Thanks Trey for your great pictures and your generosity for educating and inspiring us (mere mortals).

  • Pads

    Trey, never have gotten the chance to see the responses until you mentioned a thousand plus responses on your 4/24 post. Anyways, here’s me hoping to win the CS5…

    …and wanting to follow things up on your review of the 16-35mm in comparison with the 14-24mm.

  • Yes, please, and thank you.

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  • Just trying to have acceda to CS5. Thanks f ti chance

  • I could really use this for graduate school. Fingers crossed.

  • Stunning shot and great site. Always worth a look. Please send the cs5 this way πŸ™‚

  • Jeff Mackey

    Great pic! Love your site.

  • Can’t wait for the webinar. HDR is all new to me.

  • Great information on your site. Would love to win the CS5 Extended. Thank You.

  • Great site, I’m here daily.

  • Oooh, a free copy of CS5 would be amazing! Looking forward to your webinar as well! Thanks for hosting these give-aways!

  • Very cool photo, as always. That’s awesome all of the prizes for people participating in the webinar, wish I could participate.

  • Congrats to Iain for the random win.

  • … and congrats to me for being willing to continue posting here even though no one will notice just so this could get to 1500 posts, because leaving it at 1499 would be stupid and I feel like if anyone has the right to claim ownership of this thread it’s me and I feel responsible to keep it alive. I mean, why should this thread die just because the contest is over? We had a little community going here!
    Anyone out there?


  • Wow, what a cool idea. I love checking this site daily and winning would make it even better!

  • Not sure if I am supposed to leave my comment here or on FB. I just want to thank you for the opportunity to win such a fabulous prize! Amazing.

  • I will have to have a stroll around St Pauls Cathedral when I’m next in old London Town.

  • Mike

    Did I win? πŸ™‚

  • Am I too late? In any case… LOVE that SpiralStorm photo!

  • Neal

    How about now? Not too late yet? I’d love the chance to try to imitate your work

  • Joseph

    Count me in??? Great pics on the webinar page.

  • Tome

    CS5?!! Fantastic! It would be so great to use the full version.

    Now off to the HDR tutorial once again. Thank you!!!

  • Steve

    Haha one more comment for CS5 and I am an everyday viewer here too…

  • Tina

    Love your photos!!

  • Michael Jardeen

    I’d love to win CS5!

  • Jonny Tilney

    Go Trey!! You’re the man of the moment.

    Success to you and the growing HDR charge!

  • Great site, thanks as always

  • Drew Parker

    Gotta love free stuff!!

  • loren lewis

    If I won CS5 it would be the 1st time I ever won anything.
    Hope it’s not too late to enter.

  • Nicole Redwine

    Follow you closely and would love to win CS5!

  • Well ya sure I’ll take it!





    THANK YOU!!!!

  • Love the Spiralstorm image! Wish I could make the webinar.

  • Sunshine

    I am just getting into photography and would love to start with CS5 and learning all the neat things you can do with all the software in it. I am an unemployed mother and am doing my best to provide for my family. This would top off my dreams along with learning the great tips of photography and CS5.

    Thank you!

  • Hi Trey,
    Great work keep it up.