Climbing Inside the Dyson Sphere

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Daily Photo – Climbing Inside the Dyson Sphere

When you’re inside these megastructures, every room seems like a triumphant masterpiece on its own. I only know a little bit about architecture…just sort of as a general “fan” that can say, “Oh that looks cool,” but I wonder about how many architects work on a structure like this. I’m sure it’s a full team, and I imagine one of the junior guys getting to design this room. Even that would be a dream assignment, I would think!

This towering Escheresque room is inside The Egg, which you can see by looking back at previous photos of Beijing. Or, specifically, here is one photo from inside the egg, and another from the outside.

High Dynamic Range Photo

  • Patrick Ahles

    And again, no people! How long were you standing there?

    Great shot!

  • I just want to ride all of those escalators. Great capture & perspective!

  • haveacupoftea

    Nicely captured, but from an architecture/interior design perspective, it’s a miss.
    I might save the pattern covering the wall to the left, possibly the ceiling, and that’s it.
    It’s unappealing, lacks imagination. Escalators and balconies possibly straight out of prefab catalogs (nothing wrong with that pending you’re creative – and sticking light tubes in a pseudo random fashion under the escalator boxes is not). Not sure about junior guys, more like tired ones.

  • This looks like it should be heaving with people! Manage to get therr super early/late?
    I like shots like this, I’d love to get one of my local supermarket completely empty.

  • Simon Morris

    Wonderful processed image Trey – did you use a touch of Topaz? I like the different tones of red… mind you I’m somewhat biased – it’s my favourite colour! ๐Ÿ˜‰ This building never ceases to amaze me – so ultra modern looking, both inside and outside!
    Much as I like the cute looking emoticon that’s assigned with my login details – how do I swap it for a mugshot of yours truly? ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Love the lines. Stimulating!

  • I feel its very creative and like the the shape and the depth it gives, both down the hall way, and to the ceiling. Ultra modern architecture. Don’t know enough but like to admire other peoples designs wether it be buildings, art,photographic, sculpture,woodwork or even designing golf courses.Anything that one designs takes time even your very photos talk to any pro you just don’t click and you have it, thats luck, most of the time you plan to make it happen.Well seen and well planed, well taken

  • Thanks!

    haveacupoftea – interesting feedback – funny to hear how you don’t like this… I guess I’m not familiar enough to see these things you are talking about with interior design

    Patrick – I did not have to stand too long – I had private access to the egg for about four hours

  • Looks like a cool place to me. Great reflections Trey!

  • I like the wam tones, creates a soothing mood. For me, anyway. Cool capture Trey.
    Your exclusive access to such venues both inspire me and piss me off that I’m not you. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • casusan

    Awsome shot – love the reds with the silver – cool looking place! Simon I think Trey told me once you go to gravtar and set up a photo and it puts it on every site you go to?? Might work – it’s been a long time ago I did it!

  • Incredible scene – what a building!

  • I like the perspective in this pic. Leaves a whole lot to
    the imagination, since im guessin a sphere has
    round “stuff n shapes” in it. Very good, Very good Trey!!!

  • Wow. Crazy architecture and nice mood in this one. It’s like inside alien spaceship.

  • Whoa, great shot. Love the shapes and composition!

  • The exterior shot of “The Egg” is one of my absolute favorites. In fact, this whole series of shots from Bejing has really made China one of the places I would most like to see. If only I liked Asian food…

  • Dale in Texas

    Fun shot!

    If you’re ever in Singapore, check out the Singapore Esplanade Theatres. I bet you could come back with some interesting shots.

  • Oh that is so cool!

  • Simon Morris

    Susan – thanks for the info, I’ll give Gravatar a look! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • xeosjens

    its so clear and colorful

  • haveacupoftea

    Trey, it’s not so much about being familiar with these things. (Easy for me to say when I obviously have a sensibility for it :o))
    It’s more like… You know when you enter a hotel room or restaurant and first think ‘hmm nice’ but because of having some time to wait you start looking at the details and realize it hasn’t been thought through properly, the first impression quickly fades away, it seems all made on the cheap? It’s functional, utilitarian, made to pass through quickly; staring at it kills it.

  • Jane Coombs

    Back in the early 80s we spent 10 weeks in china. I am constantly amazed how everything has changed. Great that you, Trey, are capturing it. For anyone who longs for the old China I suggest they rent “Wild China” from Netflix. It is an award winning BBC production with great music and sights that we never saw and you will probably never see.

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