Coming Home to the Inn After Dinner

New Video – Sharing Online

This was a great episode! We talked about topics like:

  • How to share your photos online (I give some philosophical advice in addition to logistical, practical advise)
  • Pricing your images and selling prints
  • Getting inspiration from other online photographers
  • SmugMug and how I use them  (see my full SmugMug Review here)
  • Memory cards and horror stories

So, in addition to Lisa Bettany and Leo Laporte, we had on RC Concepcion, which was really cool.  He just finished a book on this very subject, so he was a fount of knowledge.  And if you guys don’t know who RC is, well then this is a great introduction to him!

Shuttle Launch Upcoming on April 29

I hope NASA doesn’t delay this thing again! Re-organizing planes, hotels, and cars is not an easy thing. Luckily, my “inside gal” got me some quick info so I was able to re-book the hotel near Cape Canaveral before it filled up. There’s gonna be a lot of people there… I should be getting in close, about three miles away in the media section. I’m excited about seeing the rocket launch, but I’m also worried about getting an interesting shot. I’ve been thinking about it a lot… I have some ideas but nothing solid yet.

Daily Photo – Coming Home to the Inn After Dinner

This is a nice feeling — this idea of walking to dinner and arriving back at the inn with family and friends just before it gets dark. I don’t know how to explain it, but perhaps you have experienced this too.

This is in the far northern part of the South Island if New Zealand. The town is named Nelson, and I think it is one of the five biggest on that island. But all of New Zealand only has four million people, and the vast majority of those are on the north island. I wonder what has happened to towns like Nelson since the big earthquake in nearby Christchurch. Maybe some of our NZ community readers can fill us in with some on-the-ground info.

High Dynamic Range Photo<

  • What an incredible place. The little window on the far right with the warm glow of the people gathering for an evening meal inside is actually touching. I do envy you for the places you have seen.

  • Patrick Ahles

    Great shot! The reflection is almost unreal…

  • I like the great reflections in this image. I really can’t wait to see how you capture and process the Space Shuttle Launch!

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  • Even if NASA delays the launch again, its for the safety of astronauts on mission. In my opinion, a very important consideration.

  • Thanks-

    Kiran – It was postponed because of a Russian ship that had nearby rendezvous… but yes, I know what you mean… I figure that the safety of the astronauts is important !

  • Alan

    I live in the lower part of the North island of NZ. Most of the damage is from the earthquake is localised to the Christchurch area, Sure was a big Wake up call to all Kiwi’s….. CHCH had a Big aftershock again over the weekend doing more damage….A guy posts HDR shots of damage in Chch on Flickr

    I love the colour of the water in the image, kind of makes it feel very chilly, a cool spring evening….maybe

    Love your work Trey

  • Simon Morris

    Mmmm, gorgeous looking shot Trey – it has such a warm, cosy feel to it… wonderfully processed too, excellent!
    I’ll be perfectly honest, if I had to guess where on Earth this place was, I’d never have said NZ. It looks very English with a hint of American thrown in for good measure. With that said, we visited Nelson last year whilst en-route to holidaying in Golden Bay. You probably noticed Trey that it’s a great little township with a cool hippy feel to it – as with all Kiwis, the locals are very helpful and friendly to us NZ newbie arrivals 😉
    Nelson has been a huge help in the aftermath of the Christchurch earthquake – providing large numbers of people with emergency accommodation for those with destroyed homes. Other nearby townships to Christchurch, such as Timaru, Ashburton and Dunedin have done the same… the whole country has rallied together these past 2 months to help Christchurch residents get through this ordeal. It’ll be a long and painful journey for some… but Cantabrians are hardy folk and looking forward to building their new city! 🙂

  • Dan

    Loved the Twit cast Trey, Thanks to you Leo, Lisa and RC I got some great tips/knowledge. Am checking out the plugin that RC spoke about and Square Space.

    Today’s picture is EPIC, One of my fav’s for sure! It looks so ‘perfect’. Thanks!

  • Simon Morris

    I’ve just watched the Twit cast – fantastic, plenty of good tips from you all. As for RC, what a great guy – I especially liked the tip about including contact details via Photoshop using the IPTC link!
    Enjoy your buildup to the shuttle launch – exciting times… fingers and toes crossed for good weather! 🙂

  • Excellent image today, as usual! I hope you’ll process the photos from the launch as soon as possible, I can’t wait to see them! I belive it’s something new for you and you’re excited about that! 🙂 Don’t let us wait for too long Trey!

  • Thx very much

    Simon – good to hear about that

    Alan – yes I didn’t think there was damage – was wondering about the human / economic impact

  • What a lovely peaceful place to stay. Beautiful image, love the reflections. I hope this peacefulness returns to New Zealand, what a wonderful place to visit. I look forward to seeing your photos from the Shuttle launch!

  • Jamie Z

    I remember watching one of the last Apollo launches at the Cape. It was delayed many hours and finally went late in the middle of the night, making the “golden hour” for photogrphers, about 20 seconds long.

    Safe journeys all.

  • Susan

    This is sooooo beautiful Trey – what a lovely scene – yes, that feeling is good to come home to someplace like this in NZ! Am off to watch the twit video – thanks for posting it!

  • About the Twit…RC was talking about how you should put contact info in the metadata (at 8min). It is so true. I recently had someone contact me because they saw one of my photos on Flickr and they asked for permission to put it in the newspaper….and I got paid for it too. It was a documentary shot of March Forth protest that happened at UCSD (and other UCs as well) last year. And the newspaper wanted to use it for an article on “how financial corporations are profiting from student tuition hikes.” I am so glad that I always have my contact information in the photo’s metadata and on my website. So everyone should put their contact info in the metadata as well as on their Flickr profile page and probably on their website too. I am just giving a real life example of how it can be beneficial.

  • Shuttle launch should be great for you Trey. I shot a launch in 1992 from the causeway (about 6 miles from the pad) which was pretty cool – I think we were shooting with a 400 mm 2.8 but others around us had 800 mm lenses… I am sure from the media site you will get some great shots.


  • I wasn’t sure if I’d make it to the live broadcast yesterday, as I’m attending a DOD conference this week. Fortunately, things worked out and I really enjoyed the show. I’m heading to Vegas on Saturday and looking for some Storm Troopers, and maybe some new vantage points for a skyline shot.

    Although nothing is certain, my gut feeling is that the shuttle will go off next Friday as scheduled. I’ll be back home the night before and we’ll see if the weather is clear enough to watch it from my back yard this time around. Hazy days ruins my view. Good luck with your composition thoughts. If you’re feeling brave, you could do like the other media guys do. Wade out into the swamp and post your camera there with a remote trigger for the launch time. Just mind the gators. They grow big out there.

  • This is a spectacular image. Must be a wonderful place. The glass like wate with the reflections are really awesome.

  • Your trip just got more complicated (or fun!). President Obama will be at the Cape for the shuttle launch next week. The last time he was there was to announce the death of manned space flight. The last time a sitting president watched a launch was when Clinton watched John Glenn return to space in 1998.

    You have an opportunity for some history if he’s within your view.

  • xeosjens

    Really enjoy all of your work.

  • Jane Coombs

    Charming. It almost looks like parts of it will begin to animate.

  • Trey,

    I just watched your second appearance on Mostly Photo. I came away feeling that you really aren’t given the chance to speak. It seems as if every time you start to explain your point of view, that the host interjects and changes the subject. You would think they would take advantage of your expertise and allow you enough time to finish your thought.

    I understand that it’s not your show, but having you on the show and not tapping into your wealth of knowledge is a waste.
    Maybe you should start your own TV show in your spare time!


  • Campbell Masters

    I know this spot well, we have stayed at a campsite not far from Nelson called Mapua. The locations around here can have an unearthly stillness at times as the area has number of micro climates. It’s been an inspirational area me to carry a camera with me at all times especially the area around Rabbit Island and Mapua

    In regard to your comment regarding the Christchurch quakes, Nelson has seen price rises since the Chch quakes and a surge of school registrations etc.

    If you walked through Chch prior to the Sept 2010 quake then the difference you’d see today is both horrifying and mind bending, very few structures in the center either are ruins or will be removed as are too badly damaged to be rebuilt. I’m a born and bred Christchurch boy, though haven’t lived there for many years and it’s been a very hard experience being
    outside looking in at the end results there after the three major events to date.

  • Simon

    Hi. Love your photos of New Zealand. Great work.
    For your information damage in the Christchurch Earth Quakes (we have had over 8000 since Sept 4th last year!!!) has mainly been confined to Christchurch and its surrounding area. The damage in Christchurch is mind boggling and devastating. t present the central Business District is aiming to open at the end of next April 14 months after the Feb quake that destroyed our cathedral which is the icon of Christchurch. When the CBD does open more than half the buildings will have been demolished!! At present one shopping block of the CBD has opened but with the exception of one store the rest are housed in Shipping containers.
    It is like being in a war zone here. And it is going to take probably 20m years to fix all the damage here.
    Great photography here. Has inspired me again!!!

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