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Cult of Mac – comon guys….

Well I hate to do this two days in a row…. but I let this sit out there for a month after sending emails and whatnot… still no response.  And, since this is a New York apple-related post, I thought it a good time to mention it.   They used my photo, uncredited, (original) on a story about a new Apple store in NY.  They are ignoring my emails, so perhaps someone here has a connection over there?

Two weeks ago I DID get an email from Cult of Mac asking for a free code for 100 Cameras in 1 for iPad so they could review it.  But I saw nothing, even though it’s averaging 4.5 stars with 180 reviews!  Anyway, I don’t know what’s goin’ on over there, but I don’t like it… and it kinda sucks because I always liked that site.

Update:  They contacted me, so I am in talks with them

Daily Photo – Apple Store, New York

This store is pretty awesome, isn’t it? I was just showing this photo to the architect Eric Kuhne (who gave an awesome presentation at EG about futuristic city design – will link soon), and we both had the same reaction to this place… smart and awesome.

I always wanted to take a photo from this angle and thought about it ever since the first time I visited. I was happy with the rain, because it made it all feel right. Even better, I was standing under an arch so I was perfectly dry… these kind of shots out in the rain with the 14-24 are tough because of the bulbous lens. It’s not a problem if the rain is straight down, but it never is!

Lisa Bettany has an upcoming PhotoWalk starting from this location, and I am sure she will mention more today on the live show.

Apple Store, New York Photo

  • Nice! That is an awesome perspective. You’ve gotta love the design of those Mac Stores. 🙂

  • Susan

    Another ‘wow’ here! Awesome shot and with the rain and reflections- I want to walk across the street and go in!! Super shot Trey!

  • Patrick Ahles

    Absolutely gorgeous, all those reflections. The colors give it it a warm mood, despite the rain.

  • Don Moraes

    While the photo does blow my mind, my comment is aimed towards the earlier link that you provided which takes you to the Cult of Mac page that shows how they have completely ripped off your work without credit. My point is that you have MILLIONS of people viewing your site on a daily basis. When you put up a link on your website, it is almost guaranteed that any fan visiting your page is going to check out that link. So by linking to Cult of Mac, you are directing millions of hits towards their website…a website that has done you injustice. Pretty counter productive to gift them with all this traffic when they are screwing you over. I only say this because until today, I had never even heard of Cult of Mac.

  • Nice pic, but sorry to say ,you either have to sign every photo with your name or water mark it.The web is full of thieves and because your the nice guy they will take advantage.You know this saying well as it come from your part of the world,life is like a box of chocolates,the only problem is they are helping them selves. I may not have hit it with you so well in the beginning but i hate thieves and sympathise with you.Build your own empire and pullout of the others,for they will be the losers.Best of luck from down under.

  • After me and a few others left some comments on that CultOfMac post they removed your amazing photo.

    I tweeted you and @MostlyLisa about adding stolen photos as a topic in todays MostlyPhoto show over at

  • Well done B. Moore

  • Simon Morris

    WOW, cool looking shot Trey – I like the warm glow from the buildings in the background… what wins it for me though, are the subtle reflections and textures in the foreground being highlighted by the rain!

  • Stunning mate, this would go well in a Steve Jobs keynote… Highlighting the success of Apple’s retail strategy and such. I really do find it funny how people fail to give credit where credit is due. It’s not like a high profile site can get away with it, and its not exactly hard to credit you and like to SIC. Who knows…

  • Anthony

    Regarding cult of mac (I site I’d never heard of), although they’ve taken the photo down, the more concerning thing is the comment from the person who wrote the original article – “I just took the photo from our media library”. Is the photo still in that library? How many other photos have they collected to use without any intention of acknowledging copyright?

  • Murray

    They seem to be using another one of your photos and this one says “CC Photo licensed by Trey Ratcliff”

  • Awesome image, love the reflections on the wet sidewalk! What time of night did you shoot this photo, normally there are a lot of folks out and about pretty late in NYC. I would love to visit this Apple store, how fun!

  • lovely shot!

  • Excellent tones! Love it.

  • I love this store

  • Thanks all!

    Vicki – This was not too late – only around 10 PM or so I believe.

  • Now that is an awesome looking store. I like the little couple huddled under the umbrella to the right of it too.

  • Great Photo Trey. The contrast of the warm of red in shades with white and icy cold glass of the shop was very good. The reflections on the floor is a sideshow. Excellent tones!

  • Gail in Montana

    Great photo of the apple store, what an amazing building. Hope things settle down with that other website. I’m just concentrating on what you share with us here. Have a great day, all. From a forever fan, Gail 🙂

  • Sorry to hear that people are riping off your photos (again), Trey. It reminds me of something I hear along the lines of, “Imitation is the highest form of flattery.”

  • Jamie Z

    I really think Peter should try some HDR and use a camera that has more than ISO 400 (I think that is what he complained
    about in his Hawaii lava segment at night) and, stick to his own photos… and “best” is VERY subjective.

  • Makes me wish I knew about HDR when I visited this place in 2007. Trying to bump up the ISO and do a hand-held shot with a D200 was not exactly conducive to a great image, but we learn from our failures.

    It’s interesting that yet another infringement of your art happens again today. Fortunately, you have an army of folks who recognize your work and make note when it’s used improperly. Even that may go awry, though. I’ve seen your images used on another tech blog before, but assumed they had a licensing agreement with you. I hate to stick my nose into someone else’s business and make accusations when there’s a plausible answer for legitimate use.

    In this case, I’m glad you’ve managed to contact the infringers and I hope things work out.

  • I agree with Christian – Imitation is the highest form of flattery. Oddly no-one seems to have ripped off my work so far?

    Great image again Trey!


  • Beautiful image! Love the wet reflections on the sidewalk.

  • there are for other very impressive angles of the mac store I know.

    1. lying on your back directly behind the cubeon the (GE Building) side straight up in the skye with a wide angle lense (the wider the better) I did this with a 17mm but 14mm or 12 mm should be much better.

    2. from downstairs just where the taxis are on 5th

    3. inside the cube just when you enter facing 90° upwards

    4. inside the cube half way down the stairs 90° upwards

    for 3. and 4. they will look much more impressive with a 14mm or 12 mm lens

  • Dennis

    Is there any way to download or review the show? Just got my computer up and running and of course I missed the twitcast. Thanks!

  • Maybe I’ve watched Rear Window one too many times but I’m always checking out the windows in city shots to see if there is a murder happening. Love this shot. I guess everyone has different tastes, but your urban work is my favorite.

  • Thanks all!

    Dennis – yes, I will link to it as soon as it is up. And / or you can get on iTunes and subscribe to Mostly Photo.

    Christian – great tips -thx!

    William – yes – these things happen in three’s… but no big deal…

  • great pic… looks great on my 27 in imac

  • xeosjens

    every time nice to see you in twit cast
    the pictuture of the apple store stunning

  • A great shot and especially finding it today! R.I.P. Steve!!!

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