Young Girl in Basket

Have you heard of Larry Kagan?

This guy is awesome! He presented at EG with me, and he was in my little grouping of artists. It’s hard to explain the kind of art he does… but here is a little video and you can learn more about him and his work.

Daily Photo – Young Girl in Basket

The main river that runs through Feng Huang and is criss-crossed by many bridges and walkways. To get up to them, there are long stone stairways that switchback up the sides.

In the mornings, women go down to the river with their children to wash clothes. As they go back and forth to get more loads, sometimes they put the babies into the baskets on the way up again.

HDR Photo

  • Whoa! Little girl is using alternative fuels to get to work. Nice. And I like how she’s rocking that B&B lid. (“Bangkok Baby” gear is very fresh all over Asia and certain sections of Peru interestingly)

  • I love these portraits from the far east – they are still so traditional and set in their ways. It’s such a breath of fresh air because you never see anything like this in the UK – tremendous portrait!

  • Patrick Ahles

    Nice DOF in this one, Trey! And the texture of the stones in the wall is fabulous…

  • Splendid picture !
    And great DOF !

  • Trey ,there is nothing better in life than to look upon innocence,and a beautiful portrait at that. I take it that it could be grand mum and like the way it leads you to the little one. Well seen, well captured,well done.

  • charles

    Love the DOF !! Great picture Trey

  • Love it as usual, I’ve started trying to take pictures of people, but I think in the UK people treat/look at you differently if you decide to take pictures of them. So I find it hard todo, even if I ask if its ok they won’t simply be like “yeah sure”, they’d Question you and ask why and you’d have to explain everytime/get shouted out :(.

    But I guess somewhere foreign would be allot easier.

    Will check out Larry now ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks

  • Simon Morris

    Wonderful portrait – as always, focus is super-sharp for the main subject… texture on the stonewall looks amazing! Nice work Trey ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Susan

    Awww she’s so cute! What a great way to get her up the hill! Super shot Trey!

  • Dang freeloader! Haha! Great capture. Also, that babies hat is pretty cool.

  • Gail in Montana

    Great photo of the lady carrying her little girl in a basket!! She is going green, using no power of any kind, good for her. Thanks for sharing, Trey!! Have a great Tuesday ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Brad Davis

    Great photo and nice video on Larry Kagan. Speaking of video, is there any timeline on when you might publish a “how to” on the cool video compilation you did awhile back with your around the world trip and the high speed image display set to music? I really enjoyed that!! Thanks Trey, have a great day.

  • I just watched that Larry Kagan vid. How amazing is that guy? The patience required to get those shadows so clean and straight is incredible. I am blown away by that guy.

  • Angie

    What is DOF?

  • F-Stop

    DOF = Depth of Field –>

    BTW, to me, it looks like some of the blur has been added afterwards… anyway i really like the picture!

  • Ermina Wilder

    I love the baby girl, her expression is just so beautiful. Wonderful shot…Great photography again. Thanks for sharing.

  • The really shallow depth of field definitely does make the little girl really stand out. The texture on the wall is really interesting.

    I’ve never been one for taking photos of people I don’t know, just not comfortable with it most of the time.

  • The title drew me in… what a cute picture! I’m not so sure she’s too thrilled with the ride at that moment though. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Thanks all…

    Kristi – It’s hard to tell… maybe she loves it and is just going through a stoic phase.

    F-Stop – thanks for helping Angie with the DOF definition!

    Brad – that is on my to-do list for sure!

  • Susan

    Larry’s art is amazing Trey! Wow!

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