Exploring Ibiza at Night

Survey Results

I posted a survey a few days ago to help me know what to include in my upcoming live webinar photography course. I love the answers to the survey question, “Why are you so interested in photography?”

There are so many reasons why people like taking photos.

They range from passion:
“It is a passion I have had since I first looked through the viewfinder.”

to sanity:
“It’s a hobby/side gig that keeps me sane.”

to attracting women:
“Chicks dig fast glass.”

to sobriety:
“I gave up crack cocaine to pursue photography.”

to self-expression:
“Because in everything there is beauty and interest. Through the lens of my camera, images often express what I cannot say with words.”

to showing off:
“Like wowing people with great images.”

to social responsibility:
“I love sharing not only my stories from different cultures, but those of the people I visit as well. I believe that as a photographer, I have a responsibility to show people’s lives just as beautifully as the people themselves live them.”

Why are YOU so interested in photography? Tell Me Here, and it will also be a tremendous help for planning the course too.

Daily Photo – Exploring Ibiza at Night

The old medieval town of Ibiza is an awesome place for exploration at night. Every nook, cranny, alley, and cobblestone street was built for photography. And it was doubly-awesome after a little rain gave everything a reflective sheen.

After we finished dinner, we started the long walk back to the hotel. It took 10x as long as normal with all the stops along the way. But comon… how can you walk past something like this and not take a photo? Impossible!

HDR Photo

  • Rad


  • Wow! I was in Ibiza last summer when the old town was packed to the hilt with party-mad people. It is clearly a very different place off-season huh? Gorgeous photo!

  • Simon Morris

    Nice work Trey – bags of character with this shot, and yes that rain has done wonders for reflecting the light!
    Don’t you just love Europe’s shop opening hours – I can remember many a night wandering back through quaint Spanish streets like this, with the Mrs doing her fine take on ‘window shopping’ whilst yours truly shouts from yards ahead… “c’mon love, I wanna get back for the footy, Barca kickoff in 5” 😉

  • Patrick Ahles

    Nice warm colors!

  • Susan

    Beautiful shot – love the wet pavement and reflections from the light! An yes Simon the shops do look inviting! Got your newletter today – awesome!

  • Gail in Montana

    Great shot of Ibiza and I especially like the comment for your webinar about in all things there is beauty!! Thanks for sharing, Trey. Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone 🙂

  • Lovely shot. I like how the lights sort of bounce on the paved street. Hoping to visit there some day.

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  • This is an awesome image! Love the detail and the lighting.

  • Gorgeous ambient light … Adrenaline? I wanna check that place out! Gorgeous shot beautifully processed, as always.

  • Wow! The streets are paved with gold!!!

  • Great shot Trey an the light on the wet cobblestones is just the icing on the cake.

  • If you’re still there, you have to go to Sa Pedrera to see the sun dawn, just in front of Es Vedrà island. Other option is to go to Cala D’Hort beach, another beautiful view of the zone. Last year I took this photo, experimenting with your HDR tuts 😉


    A guy from Ibiza

  • Jo

    amazing has always.

  • Wonderful. Who could pass up that scene with all the reflective light.

  • dorian gray

    i know this place
    i have been there two times and it’s beautiful

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