Deep into the Patagonia Glacier

High Dynamic Range Photo

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You guys are crazy! It’s been a while since I checked the SmugMug stats, so I was surprised to see the ever-steady increase in the daily photo views.  When you combine this with the 22 million from Flickr, we are well past 60 million views.  I guess the photos are good enough to keep people coming back – so thank you very much!  I’m still very happy with SmugMug — if you are thinking of switching to put your portfolio and photos there, I still highly recommend it.

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Daily Photo – Deep into the Patagonia Glacier

This is where my Russian friend first produced a bottle of cognac from his inside breast pocket. And it was not a small bottle.

Even more baffling, during at least ten other major photography moments, he would pull a brand new cognac bottle from a different pocket. He was like a clown with endless streams of hidden tardis-like pockets. On one of the final nights of the hike, in fact, we were running low on food and there was nothing to drink. Upon hearing this, he simply raised his eyebrows and pulled out three full bottles of cognac and set them upon a log.

This is the Perito Mereno Glacier, and this thing is over two miles wide. Unfortunately, everything is so huge in the photo that you can’t get a sense of the scale. When you see huge chunks cleave off, it all happens in slow motion, just like the movies. And the sound is like an icy thunder.

See the Argentina category for more shots from this area!

Perito Mereno Glacier

  • Susan

    These shots are just one of my all time favs – the glacier is gorgeous and I know what you mean about the breaking off – it seems kinda slow motion when it happens! Was it Yuri with the cognac? I would like to think it is because he’s such a colorful character! Beautiful Trey!

  • Patrick Ahles

    Your pictures are certainly good enough for us to come back every day! It is always a surprise too see what you present us with.

    I’ve only seen one glacier in my life, in Austria, but only from the top, just getting a sense of the width. I can only imagine what the height would be!

  • If those ripples in the water indicate perspective, that thing must be HUGE. Nice processing.

  • Simon Morris

    Amazing shot Trey – the blue tones and detail look incredible! I hear what you’re saying about the size of it all – during 2007 we visited the Columbia Icefield range in the Canadian Rockies, in particular the Athabasca Glacier… incredible experience, especially the trek up there in a HUGE 4×4 snow coach – fantastic! Then, during our 2008 ‘recce’ of NZ we were fortunate to experience a heli-ride onto Fox Glacier here on the South Island – our little boys face was a picture throughout the flight… great memories! You’ve all this stunning scenery to look forward to when you arrive… enjoy bud! 🙂

  • Congrats on the views/smugmug Trey! Thats ALLOT of people :P.
    I’ve only got a few days left in my trial with smugmug but I’ll deffinetely be using them to host my pictures for downloads etc.

    Cant believe you posted the code, I was wonderinf the same thing but just never asked hehe, do you have a set W x H in pixels because I have to keep resizing mine so it don’t go over my sidebar in the right :/.

    Today’s picture is a master piece! That would look amazing on a ‘metal?’ print!
    May have to download that one.
    Many Thanks Trey!

  • Oops, I just looked on SM and saw the next picture! Didn’t mean to 🙁 haha. Lookin’ great though!

  • Good to be back to see quality work, strange as it my seem we saw ice at the bottom of a water fall up in Jiuzhaigou and it was blue just like as if we were at the articsBeen passing your blog on to some chineese travelers from the States who have not heard of you as well as some from Singapore.

  • Ah yes. The Russians and their cognac!

    My wife is Russian, and the first time I had a meal at her place, out came the cognac! For BREAKFAST!

    Obviously, that didn’t scare me away, although Americans are taught to dread anything stronger than beer or wine!

    Oh, by the way, neat photo. Well done. Looks like the cognac hadn’t kicked in yet when you took this one. 🙂

  • Beautiful photograph. Thank you Trey!

    With all the negativity that seems to swirling around, it is nice to have a place to go and see beauty from around the world. Thank you again, for such a positive contribution. 🙂

  • Luciano

    Hey Trey, great Picture. You really captured the colours of the glacier. But it’s Moreno Glacier, not Mereno 😉

  • Gail in Montana

    Great photo of the Moreno Glacier. Love all the colors in this one, you know I love anything with mountains and water. My hubby and I would love to go to Alaska and see the glaciers up there someday. Time will tell. Thanks for sharing, have a great Tuesday 🙂

  • Gail in Montana

    ? Why is it some people still have their facebook profile picture and the rest of us get silly faces?????

  • @ Gail – I Like my silly face! lol
    Glacier looks immense. Cool shot.

  • Great capture and nice soft colors.
    Your recent twitter posts got me addicted to

  • Thanks all

    Bibek – yes that site is full of inspiration

    Gail – it is a FB comment thing – I am not sure 🙁

    Louis – Thanks for sharing with your friends!

    Dan – you ask so many questions every day… hehe – sorry if I miss some… but realize I have over 2000 posts here on the site, and people drop questions on MANY of them every day…. that means I have hundreds and hundreds of incoming questions every day and I often miss some. Anyway, for that one, it is not WXH — it is just MAXxMAX — that is , 900×900.jpg will make the longest edge (horiz or vert) 900 pixels wide OR tall

  • Jamie Z

    Da, Russian Scotkevezt with 40 elastic pockets for bottles! Thanks as always for sharing your talent and experience for the betterment of us all.

  • Amazing photo, especially the color and details in the glacier. I’ve never seen a glacier, that’s on my list of things to do someday before most of them have melted and disappeared.

  • I linked my site to your. I’m your number 1 stalker lol!

  • That is an amazing number of views Trey Good Onya!

  • Haha yeah sorry Trey, cant help myself I get carried away :P. Thanks for the response on that one though! :).

  • Colton Graub

    Hey Trey!
    I am an aspiring photographer and high school student and Cranbrook Schools in MI. I check your blog everyday and am amazed by your photos. One question: how do you get your SmugMug home age to be a “stretched” fullscreen slideshow? Any help would be appreciated.


  • John Virgolino

    I learned about SmugMug from reading your review a year ago…I also bought a D90 to get started…so thanks for all the great reviews, they really are helpful.

    I thought I would contribute a SmugMug tip to the wild in light of your post. SmugMug will create the embeddable code for you on the fly! While on the photo, click on the Share button, then select Get a Link. A dialog box pops up with no less then 23 different types of links and embeddable code!! You can point to a picture, gallery, even a purchase link! Couldn’t be easier.

    Looking forward to some great new photos and learning more from you! Thanks for sharing your work and passion!

  • It is really beautiful. The Blue is something else. Almost like a black and white photo with blue. WOW I sould so grade school.


  • Sound not sould

  • Very nice, however the lighting at the top looks a bit rushed.

  • Tom

    Very cool! I was just there two weeks ago, and took a shot from almost the exact same spot (though it was raining for me):[email protected]/5596981526/

    When was yours taken? It’s interesting to see the changes, I’m just wondering how much time has passed.

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