Late Night in Old China

Austin Awards Ceremony!

Thanks to all the nice people that came to the awards event tonight in Austin. We had people come in from Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and Katy! It was a great crowd, and I think I got a chance to talk to everyone there at least for a little bit. At least, I tried my best! Thanks again to all the judges and coaches and Jack Hollingsworth especially. The PhotoWalk (click to see recap and video) was really a special event, and it was fun to cap it off with this little awards event.

Daily Photo – Late Night in Old China

The town of Feng Huang in Hangzhou district is as old-fashioned as can be. But at night, a few of the side streets and secret alleys light up with a vibrant night life. No one was surprised as me!

I went out to get a late night bite, sit by the river, and work on some sketches. I figured the light would be too low for anything of interest. But luckily, I brought my big rig just in case. And then I found this little street that was totally full of life. I could hear noise from a few streets away, so I felt my way over there until I stumbled into this.

High Dynamic Range Photo

  • Wow, great picture! I love the subtle detail in the roofline at the top of the frame.

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  • love the signage on the left, it gives interest as the right side lines really lead you into the image. Cool shot and cool colors!

  • Now this is a place where I would like to come for a cold one! We’ve got a place here in Glasgow called Ashton Lane which is made up of these old, quaint-looking buildings. It’s just off a main street and you cant see it unless you actually enter it through one of the lanes connecting it to the main street – when it’s lit up at night it kind of reminds me of that wizard, shopping street Diagon Alley from the Harry Potter movies – great capture!

    Susan thanks for the kind words on Flickr yesterday – i added a wee response 🙂

  • The amount of detail and the excellent colors make this photo special. Beautiful.

  • Simon Morris

    Cool shot Trey and great capture – I like the bottles of beer stuck on the frontage… makes a change from beer mats I guess! Looks like ‘pinky’ isn’t camera shy in the distance – giving us all a nice wave! 😉
    Andy – sorry to hear about your post yesterday. Having moved to NZ in March 2009, I finally said goodbye to my UK engineering draughtsman role of 12 years. I’d got bored of the 9-5 office malarkey, so with such a BIG move like shifting to NZ, thought I’d go the whole hog by having a career change! Still early days with my photography, but it just felt right at this moment in time!
    I reckon your redundancy will be a blessing in disguise… you sound positive mate, so I’m sure things will turn out good in the end – best of luck! 🙂

  • Ah too much detail and colour for my brain to process! Absoloutly love it Trey! You inspire me and Im sure I can say others to just go out and grab decent HDRs!

    Do you prefer to shoot during the night or does it not bother you? As I tend to get better HDRs out of late afternoon/night compared to mornings.

    Off to lookup on the photo walk recap now. Hehe


  • I like how the almost glowing blue tones add heightened mystery and surreality to the photo. Nice capture.

  • Very cool and surreal. Reminds me of Blade Runner…

  • Dad’s Dad

    Good call on bladerunner

  • Gail in Montana

    Great photo, love all the blue and the lights. Even the people in this one are interesting to look at. Looks like a great place to have a “diet coke”, lol. Thanks for sharing all your stories and info, Trey. Have a great Monday!!!! 🙂

  • Richard (oldhickory)

    Wow.. gorgeous shot. Love the blues. And what a great find!

  • Thanks!

    Dan – I don’t prefer night necessarily, but this technique is a lot of fun at night

  • casusan

    Cool shot Trey – love all the blues and colors – and exciting looking shot!

  • Love the blues and the mood of the night, cool shot! I also love your sharing the meal with the family in Iceland, it’s lunch time here, made me hungry looking at the food, looks yummy!

  • Very nice textures on that left hand column.

  • Wow, nice shot. Great find!

  • Dan

    Ah OK I’m surprised as I thought myself that night HDR’s tent to look better, Maybe it’s just my thoughts.

    With complete respect, did you spend much time editing this image? I decided to be ‘different’ and have a nosey at the original file and noticed some ‘strange bits’ that I thought you would of corrected hehe.

    Sorry just bugging me, had to ask!.

  • Rich

    Sweet. I want to go to that bar now and get hammered.

  • Very cool. This seems like a very atypical scene for China. I’ll have to visit. Been here for nearly 7 years and still haven’t seen Hangzhou yet.

  • Just wanted to say how much fun the photowalk was in Austin and the awards event on Sunday evening too. It was great to meet everyone and talk about HDR ! If you are ever looking for a good place to shoot, you might consider coming down to Rockport, Texas. We have two harbors, one with alot of shrimp/oyster boats and one with alot of sail boats.
    Thank you Trey and Jack and all the coaches !

  • Wonderful Picture, Trey. I always wondered how do you make the lighting pop on your photos? Is that using Topaz?

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