Dinner in Akureyri

Special Photos – Dinner in Akureyri

Normally, I do one new photo a day, but today I wanted to do ten of them! Something a bit different to keep things fresh, perhaps!

So, when I was in Iceland, I went to visit my friend Helga Kvam who lives on a fjord in the far north near a town called Akureyri. She lives in a farmhouse right up against the water. Helga was with her long-time boyfriend Völundur Jónsson, who is also a photographer. Even though they live in a beautiful place, I don’t think they ever take it for granted… this is a nice side-benefit of being a photographer. You can read more about them on their About page on their website.

I slept in their basement one day, and woke up in time for dinner time (I stay awake all night to take photos and sleep during the day). Völundur and Helga were hard at work making a fantastic meal! I pulled out my camera and took some photos of the evening, so I can share it with here below.

If you’d like to see some other photos I took in and around this area, check the Iceland category!

Völundur is outside getting the grill ready. The weather was perfect and Helga opened the windows so we could smell everything. You can see the fjord behind Völundur...

Helga, for being a photographer, is very shy about having her photo taken! So I took this one of her sitting with her nephew in the window sill, as they watched the food cook outside.

While dinner is cooking, Helga's nephew goes outside to play and shows me where he built his tree house earlier in the day.

He prepared a ton of amazing and fresh food. I think the only time they get to cook outside is the summer, and they take full advantage of it.

Helga was telling me about what things have been like after the economic crisis in Iceland recently. She said people have gotten back to the basics, and she knitted these gloves for herself. I tried to convince her to make finger-flapped knit gloves for photographers and I would help her promote on the website! But I don't think I convinced her...

Her house has all sorts of nice details and colors. Even before I met her, I knew she was very into rich textures and colors.

Helga and Völundur go into her kitchen to make last-minute preparations for dinner.

This meat was incredibly tasty and tender. I won't tell you what it was... since people often seem overly judgmental (or stuck in customs, the second meaning of the blog that few people ever get).

Fresh vegetables on skewers. They tasted as good as they look.

And for dessert, we had these insane bacon-wrapped dates. These things are amazing. I did find them one other place -- at a tapas restaurant in San Antonio. But anyway, stay on the lookout for these things!

Also, I just got a note from Helga that her mom has started an Icelandic skin care company called Urtasmidjan. So there you go… you can vist to get some Icelandic products… looks like a girly thing 🙂

  • Susan

    Wonderful photos of your dinner there Trey – know you had fun and they seem so nice and welcoming! I will check out the skin care site – I wonder if they battle dry skin like we do in CA?? Worth a try!Hope you get to see them again during this solstice!

  • Nice change of pace Trey, but is their website really called Stuck in Photos? That’s funny how similar it is. They have some wonderful photos and loads of talent!

  • Nice work today chief! – That Barbecue looks absolutely fabulous – i’m getting hungry now. I love the Icelandic attitude towards the current global financial state – i would fit in nicely with their ideals. Having been told in the last week i’ll be getting made redundant in September, I might dig out the old needle and thread too 🙂

  • Patrick Ahles

    Beautiful set of pictures. Getting hungry as we speak. Then again, I haven’t had breakfast yet 😉 although I would skip it if I could join this meal!

  • Simon Morris

    Nice post Trey – the food looks delicious, and as for those ‘finger-flapped knit gloves’ please ask Helga to re-consider making them… winter can get mighty cold here in rural Canterbury – NZ, so I’d definitely buy some!
    Just a quick word about the HDR video tutorial – I purchased the downloadable version on Thursday… it’s fantastic, I’ve already added a whole host of Photomatix & Photoshop skills to my growing arsenal… HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to anyone considering a step-by-step guide to HDR 🙂

  • Andy – That’s a shame to hear man :(. Hope all goes well anyway.

    Trey it looks like a wonderful place to visit! They seem great people to know! The Photo’s give me a deffinet senae of ‘being there’ if that makes sense.

    Also with Jim, stuck in photos is an amazing coincidence, or did you suggest the name :P.

    Over last few weeks Im really starting to ‘want’ photography more and more. I just wish I had more to photograph around me. I feel I shot everything in my area lol.

    Simon – thats great to hear! I’d love to be able to purchase the DVD version. I’m just skint all the time now :(.

    Check you out tommorrow Trey!


  • Ignor that ‘also’ haha, damn iPhone

  • Oh almost forgot, I wanted to share some cool pictures my friend showed me. They have ‘twist’ though ;).


  • Dad’s Dad

    I remember the great tapis in SA. How soon until you leave on the next adventure? I think that end of this week. Love, Dad

  • Gail in Montana

    First of all, I loved the horses at Yellowstone yesterday. I was unable to post yesterday as I was at an all day meeting. And then on to today’s post. Helga and her nephew sure cooked up a feast for you, makes my mouth water 😉 . Glad you enjoyed your visit there. Nice photos of the event!!! Thanks for sharing, have a wonderful Sunday!! Cloudy and rainy here in Montana, but that’s ok with me and God, lol. 🙂

  • I’d totally buy some of those mittens, with or without a flap. Those looked wonderful! 😀

    Also, absolutely lovely, personal photos. Glad to see that your eye is keen for all types of photography, not just the landscapes 🙂

  • Well, Trey… if this travel and HDR photo thing doesn’t work out for you ;), you could always do food and product photography. These were beautiful!

  • What a great change of pace! I really enjoy seeng the “behind the scenes” pictures. Gives life to your travels and lets us see the journey not just the destination.

  • Thanks!

    Andy – don’t worry about it. Chances are, you’ve accidentally been preparing for your greatness and maybe now it can happen.

    Kelley – Yes, I’ve that goin for me… plus total enlightenment on my death bed hehe

    Dad’s Dad – Leaving wed for Monterey !

    Jim – Yes that is the name of their site… their idea and I like it … no problems whatsoever

    Simon – Thanks! Glad you are enjoying it!

  • Gareth

    I’d buy a set of those mittens, especially if they were flip top. I know you’ve made a comment about gloves on another blog and I know what you mean (only person I work with who understands as well is my boss with his 1Ds).

    As for the meat you now have me totally intrigued. Go on tell us. Can’t be as bad as hakarl can it? Though part-rotten then cured shark can make your nose twitch.

    Finally was the cloth item (you comment about textures) a wall hanging? If so I might have found a better way of decorating instead of painting (seems a bit self-centred to hang my own photos!)

  • Thanks guys – i’m in a bit of a limbo until we find out a little more about our payoff fees etc but I agree Trey this is a great opportunity to maybe do something that i’d been putting off because of work commitments. I think this is the nudge in the right direction that maybe I needed 🙂

  • Did you know that two really famous snowboarders come from here ? Eiki and Halldor Helgason. I wonder if they are like “local Legends” here..

  • Dave

    I say keep trying to convince her about those mittens, I’d buy a pair.

  • Jake

    The “mystery meat” you refer to is whale, correct?

  • Yum — on the photographs and the food! Beautiful photos! =)

  • Simon Morris

    Andy – I hear you mate! Having moved to NZ in March 2009, I finally said goodbye to my UK engineering draughtsman role of 12 years. I’d got bored of the 9-5 office malarkey, so with such a BIG move like shifting to NZ, thought I’d go the whole hog by having a change in career! Still early days with my photography, but it just felt right at this moment in time!
    I reckon your redundancy will be a blessing in disguise… you sound positive, so I’m sure things will turn out good in the end – best of luck 🙂

  • Hey bro,
    Do you put filter on your nikon 14-24mm f2.8?

  • Thanks!

    Thien – no – I go commando

  • Randy D

    Hey Trey! I would love to see more non-HDR photo’s from you again in the future! 🙂

  • charles

    The pictures are amazing Trey. Love the feel you put in them.

  • Beautiful shots!

  • Diana Summers

    Bet I know what tht meat was and I bet it was indeed very delicious on your taste buds (clue).

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