Four Horses

TWIT Photography Show 2

Here’s another show for you full of helpful tips! It was a good one with Lisa Bettany and Leo Laporte. We talked a lot about mobile photography, and I spoke a lot about creativity. We also touched on things like the Space Shuttle launch, some fun gear from my bag, and more. If you have comments for the hosts, it’s best to leave the on the YouTube page.

And… shhh… this isn’t officially announced, yet, but it is available in the App Store. Version 3.0 of 100 Cameras in 1 is out — featuring a brand new camera interface! (see screenshot)

Daily Photo – Four Horses

It was one of those long summer afternoons when you are sure it must be 5 PM, and you check the clock and it’s only 2 PM! You know these days. Anyway, I decided to pick up my camera and walk around the ranch in Yellowstone for a little while The stable area is always a target, rich environment, so I headed right over there to find these four horses lined up so nicely.

High Dynamic Range Photo

  • Trey – If you keep posting images like this I might be able to convince my wife that Montana is worth visiting. Great stuff man, thanks!

  • Simon Morris

    This is excellent Trey, talk about cool bokeh! Your choice of aperture, composition and sharpening the horses head in the foreground is excellent – to the extent that it’s almost popping out of the screen with that 3D type feeling!
    I see you’ve used that trusty Nikon 50mm f/1.4 prime again- a wee bit out of my price range, so I’ve just ordered the f/1.8… great lens for the price! 🙂

  • Yeah wow, there are lined up nicely! And I agree with simon, it almost looks 3D. Must be an amazing lens.

  • As Simon said above, great shot! Love the bokeh & DoF.
    It’s actually quite funny timing as I just uploaded a horse shot myself, haha…
    A f/1.4 or even f/1.2 prime is one lens I’d love to get at some stage… But for now I have my eyes on a 70-200mm zoom, currently lacking in my arsenal!

  • Funny part is those horses looked ready and steady for this shot 😀

  • Thanks! Yes – you have no idea how hard a had to berate those horse until they got into that position

  • They look pretty mean like you want to fight you Trey – looks like you strayed into the wrong paddock! Great shot under those circumstances though – i love shooting animals (with cameras of course)!

  • This is an awesome episode. My photography website has become very focused into discussing mobile photography. I talk a lot about Instagram but I’m talking more and more about mobile photography on a whole.

    I was sad when only 3 of us were at the instameet on March 24th but it’s just the beginning and I don’t have the influence yet.

    I believe that there is a time in the near future that the quality is going to converge and we’re going to stop wondering if a photo is from an iphone or a camera phone or a DSLR.

    – I have to agree with Lisa on the love of being able to have your iPhone on you anywhere because it’s not a big camera. I would be looked at like a crazy dude with a DSLR in the grocery store produce section. Not with my iPhone though!

    Gotta e-mail you on something soon!

  • Susan

    Cool shot Trey! That ranch in Montana always looks so beautiful!

  • I agree with Simon and the others, it does almost look 3D. Very cool effect. And nice of the horses to line up for you like that.

    Interesting episode of Mostly Photo even though I don’t own a phone with a camera, too expensive for me for how little I talk on the phone and don’t feel the need to be connected every single minute of every day. But I’m hoping the next iteration of the iPod Touch has a decent camera in it because mine is ready to be replaced and it would be nice to have a decent camera in it since my iPod Touch is almost always with me when I’m out.

  • Looks like they are about to speak…then this human walked up.

  • wendell

    I enjoy the photographers and their coments, BUT,
    it does seem Laporte would listen more and quit interupting continously. he gets to sounding like a jerk with his comments of one upmanship

  • Look at those horses! seemed to know you’re gonna take pictures of them 🙂 Cool!

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