Peter Lik – Your Thoughts?

High Dynamic Range Photo

Peter Takes Times Square

This is a weird one. Now, I don’t know Peter Lik, and I can’t figure out why in the world he would do this on his Facebook page I got a ton of tweets and emails about it. Anyway, it seems like a pretty sorry thing to do.

I don’t really understand. Peter’s photos are just fine on their own… he (and/or his team) should not need to do something like this. What do you think?

Also, see this video of Lik’s new TV show.

All my photos are Creative Commons Noncommercial. It means anyone can use them with proper credit, as long as it is not for commercial purposes. So, kind of two strikes here. No credit AND this is a commercial purpose. The Internet Knows All. For reference, the original New York City shot is here.

1) A rambunctious discussion started on Facebook, and then
2) Peter Lik’s team removed the post (a copy for reference), and then
3) A gentleman from their social media team apologized on our Facebook wall.

My Facebook Page

Lest you be confused, pop over to good ol’ “Trey’s Facebook Page”, where you are welcome to continue sharing your own work and I can leave comments for you!

365 New Photos a Year

This is tough! A daily photo that I consider worthy! I’ve kept it going at a good 99% rate here for the past few years, but it takes a lot of work. I’m not gonna lie. This came up in the recent Mostly Photo show with Leo Laporte and Lisa Bettany (PS Leave comments there on YouTube for feedback). I guess people might think it is easy to do this every day… or maybe I am accidentally making it look easy. But, rest assured, it’s hard as hell.

Daily Photo – The Pier at the End of Times

Here is a good tip for you when it comes to sunsets. It also works if you have something in the center worthy of attention, which is commonly the case with sunsets.

When you use a wide-angle lens, like this 14-24, you will automagically get a feeling that everything is pointed to the middle. That is obvious, but you can “help the cause” and make the effect more pronounced by doing the following. If the there are repeating elements of roughly the same size (in this case: 1- slats of a dock and 2- blobs of clouds), then those elements will create leading lines to the horizon as they get logarithmically smaller towards the infinity point. In a sense, the slats only do part of the job, but the clouds do the rest of the job. Then, this allows you to have leading lines that take people in and out and back around the work.

So, one thing to look for when shooting with the wide angle lens is multiple objects of roughly the same shape. After that, you can try to set up so they repeat ever smaller towards the horizon.

This particular photo was taken in Ibiza one evening, just after the sun dipped into the Mediterranean.

High Dynamic Range Photo

  • Susan

    Gorgeous shot of Spain tonight Trey – beautiful! Shame on Peter – I will have to wash his mouth out with soap!

  • Great image Trey. I appreciate the diversity in your image posts. It’s always something new and exciting everyday. Great work!

  • Not that I’m defending the guy in any way, but I get the sense that he doesn’t actually run the Facebook page or his blog (where he credited you without linking) himself. Looks like bad staff management of his social presence.

    That said, both are great images! I’d love to be sitting on that pier watching the sunset.

  • Jim R

    Lik seems to be using Trey’s photo to promote his new TV show “From the Edge with Peter Lik”.

    Gee, that title sounds familiar, too. Oh wait:
    Travels to the Edge with Art Wolfe,

  • Well I guess you should ask them politely to abide by your license, and if they refuse you can even sue them. You can get some legal advice from the nice ppl at – they will gladly help you sort this issue out.

  • So, I went to his blog, that it links to… . It has the proper photo credits there. It seems that he will be featured on Times Square billboards throughout the day. The blog post has that picture… and of course, in the brilliance of FB, it just grabs the photo and the link to the article, without credit or anything else. In CONTEXT on the blog… it doesn’t seem quite as bad.

  • Using other people’s work to promote yourself and without giving proper credit is just wrong. Nothing more to say than that.

    I’ve been trying to do the photo a day thing myself, inspired by Lisa’s site. I miss a day here and there but more often than not manage to get a new photo up each day.

    Great photo and good insight into how you shot it. Great colors in the photo, I love taking pictures in the Caribbean/Mediterranean because the color of the water is so amazing.

  • Thanks!

    Jason – Yes, I try to mix it up… for myself and for you! πŸ™‚

    Cyber and Rifter – Yes… This is still being used against the Creative Commons Noncommercial license. It’s promoting the commercial program, the Weather Channel, etc. It’s pretty simple.

    Jeff – glad you are enjoying that 365 thing. Even if you don’t hit every day… still fun to try!

  • Ray

    About six months ago Peter Lik was flogging his show “100 Miles from Nowhere” supposedly to be aired on NBC. I guess that didn’t work out and he’s switched TWC.

    That said, Trey, this is one time where old school copyright laws come into play. Ask him to remove the picture or pay you properly for its use.

  • Rifter

    Understandable. At this point in the game I understand very little about copyright law, creatve commons, etc. I keep copyright on most of my photos, because I don’t know any better.

  • @Trey – Yes, by saying “abide by your license” I meant they should remove the image.

  • Amazing photo..

  • Great photo – this kind of reminds me of the final scene in ‘Lord Of The Rings : Return Of The King’ where they get on the boat to the Gray Havens – is that where the idea for the name of today’s photo came from?

    As for Peter Lik – I’m baffled why he would think of posting that shot. Surely he would have knew that someone would have noticed. His reasoning seems very illogical. I also find the name of Peter’s website rather ironic – he has definitely been exposed on this occasion.

    I’m also baffled by Thomas Beaman’s comment on the photo – he obviously hasn’t seen my version of that particular classic hehe πŸ˜›

    Okay so mine isn’t as good – but that’s the photo that gave me the drive to get into HDR….awesome!

  • Now for something more mundane:

    Sensor dust alert top third centre. Tiem to get your blower out πŸ™‚

    Stunning shot by the way!!

  • Josh B.

    Hopefully it was poor staff managment; no other reason even makes sense to me. Regardless, the photo should come down.
    On a better note, I really like the light in this photo.

  • Simon Morris

    Well, I say Peter Lik is totally wrong for trying such a thing… I agree entirely with Ray – “this is one time where old school copyright laws come into play. Ask him to remove the picture or pay you properly for its use.” Yep, complete and utter abuse of Creative Commons – go get him Trey! πŸ˜‰
    Regards posting a photo 365 days of the year – I think it’s a great effort… keep up the amazing work!
    Wonderful shot of the sunset in Ibiza – as explained, your technique works a treat! The subtle use of the 2 outer headlands also works well, really helps keep the minds eye tracking towards the horizon – excellent!

  • :0 Lik’s/staff are crazy! Fools. I’m going to leave a comment on there we all should haha. It is abit confusing.

    I’m sure you’ll resolve it Trey, as for the 365 photo challenge you already know I’m starting one up, going to go for it! Aa you say, I can imagine it being hard as hell thats why to make things easier I’m going to create and save atleast 300 photos before hand that way I wont have the pressure of finding a photo :).

    Love Susans comment haha, I can imagine it.

    Thanks for all your help and inspiration Lik, oops meant Trey πŸ˜‰ haha.

    Off to his page now!

  • P.S Sorry, the image looks well ‘exicuted’ I can deffinetely see Treys 3 golden rules in this picture πŸ™‚ ( I read all the e-books ) :D.

    I’m sure you uploaded a picture before that looked similar/from the same location perhaps.?

    Thanks anyway, looks very relaxing on my eyes πŸ™‚


  • Marc

    I like the fact that his blog web address is peterlikexposed… he has been now!

  • sue them and make them pay!

  • well yeah, ask him to come up with the original exposures used to create the shot. You still have them right? make sure you don’t release them in full res πŸ™‚

  • I can’t figure out Peter’s game. He has incredible work on his own. No need to use yours. Hell, he can afford to fly to NYC, photograph a promo shot and fly back to wherever he was. Anyway, this bugs me.

  • Scott Slade

    What’s interesting if you click on the NYTS photo on his Facebook page it switches to a smaller version of it with the caption Photo by Stuck in Customs / Flickr Very bizarre why anyone with a name in photography would try and mislead their audience.

  • Go here on Facebook to have Facebook remove it:

    It is highly possible that he doesn’t manage his own facebook page which could be part of the problem.

  • We all really appreciated your work and thank you for sharing 365 new photos a year.

    I remember seeing a your previous picture of sunset in Ibiza with a gal standing in the foreground. I was wondering is this picture from the same day?

    That really questions Lik’s credibility. I do not understand why he would try to mislead his audience considering he has already “sold more than $200 million of photography.”

  • I just commented on his Facebook page – this is just insane!!!

  • Andrew

    It’s those bloody Aussie’s mate. “wink” : )

  • Oddly enough, I think this was just a mixup:

    For the associated blog entry, credit is given (no link though? come on), it doesn’t really try to purport that it comes from Lik, and the entry was written by an Adrian Zupp. If the fellow was filtering by CC license and didn’t really connect the dots that the blog is technically for-profit use even if it’s just a blog, that’s probably how it ended up there.

    The facebook page probably just hooks pictures from the blog or similar, so here we have this unusual uncredited image in Peter Lik’s promotional facebook page from Trey’s portfolio. I’m guessing they’ll take it down and apologize when they realize the mistake.

  • Why would a photographer use another photographer’s image to promote an event he was doing? Lame and unethical. Even if he gave credit to Trey, at a glance the posting implies that he took the photo rather than Trey.

  • Georgeous photo :O

    Dust bunnies on top center πŸ™‚

  • David W

    Just sue him. Some photogs make a substantial income from copyright violations. I believe you know at least one of them. πŸ™‚

  • My favorite picture so far. Anything with water makes me swoony….

  • What I don’t understand is how there is no credit given on the facebook post for the photo, but the blog article that the facebook post was advertising for (it’s the link right under the photo) HAS a credit to Trey. Confusing.

  • Trey, go get him! I get tired of people taking my work as well. Its kinda become a side business for me! Sad!! I have to spend time contacting these people and sending invoices. They either take it down or pay. I have had a few pay! Glad that someone pointed it out to you. If he is promoting a show…Invoice time! ! Yes, he had proper credit on the blog, but not FB. His web guys should check that info. That should be job #1 for any such site. Zero tolerance is the best choice for such people/sites…then maybe they will learn to handle our photos properly! The dude needs to “PAY” it forward! =) Pete

  • Dan

    Apparently he’s made over $150 Million with his pictures… So just one of those million should make things all OK right Trey ;)? hehe.

    I just noticed, You probably have seen it too but there is a bit of dirt on your sensor, Just at the top of this image you can see two bits.

    Love the colours in the water. πŸ™‚

  • Ex Pat

    What did you expect, he’s an Aussie, mate! You do remember how that country came to be, right? Perhaps lying and stealing is just part of who he is, a product of his environment. He’s a notorious copy cat, not a single fiber of true creativity in his bones.

  • Well, even if he used the correct credits (which in this case he didn’t as it’s for commercial use), there are now thousands of Stuck in Customs fans around the world who read your blog, thinking again when they encounter this guys photography. I’d also feel a bit nervous now, if I would be one of those people who funded his 200 milion $ photobusiness and I had some of “his” work hanging on my wall πŸ˜‰

    Great picture again today!

  • Mike Larson

    Peter Lik is an amazing photographer and certainly DOES NOT need to your use Trey’s work (which obviously doesn’t even compare to his) to promote his own work. Use of your photo was probably an oversight by his staff. As you know, this picture has been taken down. I’m sure Peter Lik HQ will do what is right by you. Quit your bitching people and STOP hating! There are other things in the world to worry about than this!

  • Personally don’t think you should have even put this on your page Trey as you have just aided publicity for his work. I certainly had never heard of him but do now. As long as people who saw his facebook page know he didn’t do it, that’s all I’d care about, he’s probably very embarrassed now. He’s probably loving this extra coverage though.

    Don’t want it to take away from what is another stunning picture today though. Absolutely love the green colour of the sea.

  • Sorry folks but I think much of this negativity is uncalled for. Most of us saw what happened on Flickr to Trey and it was terribly upsetting for everyone involved. Peter Lik is a very talented photographer known as one of the best in the world recently selling one photograph for $1 million and has 14 galleries all over the world and does not need to use anyone’s images to promote himself. Trey is likewise an exceptionally talented and successful photographer and who’s work we all admire. There are many photographers but few exceptional ones and both Peter and Trey are of that group. This is obviously a mistake made by his team and just like it was unfair for the folks at Flickr to be so critical of Trey, we should show the same respect to Peter and give him the opportunity to respond to Trey and make it right. That’s what professionals do without a call for ugly responses and lawsuits. No wonder there are so many problems in our world and field when a person is proven guilty without the opportunity for explanation and making it right. I’m looking forward to a good and expedious conclusion to this for all concerned.

  • Stealing photos and claiming credit on the internet is very prevalent and it’s amazing when photographers in particular think no one will notice. I just went through a similiar issue this week with Arlington National Cemetery using one of my images and attributing it to their staff.

    A bit more info and the image are on my blog.

  • Mike Larson

    I’m so ashamed of you Trey. You posting this on your blog really makes you look immature. Not to mention your followers who believe you should sue for $$$ – REALLY?!?! How unbelievably GREEDY of you. The Peter Lik staff removed the photo from the FB page…Now all you really need is an APOLOGY.

  • Mike – You seem irrational. I didn’t say I was going to sue. I just took a screenshot of his FB page and said I didn’t understand.

  • John Vito

    ^^^^Mike Larson are you serious?! Ashamed of Trey? Immature act? Geez What if Chevy used one of your images to promote their latest Corvette without paying you or proper credit?

    Anyway more than likely his staff just screwed up, not Peter Lik…. still doesn’t make it right though.

    >Now all you really need is an APOLOGY.

    I can’t speak for Trey but that seems all he would like and/or an explanation.

    John V.

  • Mike Larson

    Ha! I just call it like I see it. Good luck to you!

  • Michael

    Trey – totally appropriate response. Also, I really enjoy your daily posts, they’re an awesome break from the cubicle culture and inspire me to get out and shoot more. While I appreciate all your posts, I want to wallpaper my house with this one from Ibiza!!

  • Matthew

    Anyone who knows Peter Lik’s work knows that he doesnt like the city or anything urban for that matter. He makes that known on his website and in his videos. I highly doubt that Peter is responsible for this or close to this. He (like Trey said) is very established and has his own name. I would put everything I have on voting that Peter had nothing to do with this.

  • Hey look! There is my comment on Peter Lik’s post. I got your back Trey!

  • I applaud your approach, Trey. I find it amazing that anyone would think they could get away with stealing from one of the most popular sites on the net. And to what end? Let’s assume Peter didn’t do it. What idiot staffer had anything to gain from doing this? Someone not only lacks ethics but also intelligence.

  • Matthew

    @ t.linn: Or pure accident. Lets all remember how we never do anything by mistake. What a perfect world we live in.

  • Peter lik is a douchebag!

  • Seon Wha

    Trey, You got your apology (see FB page). What do you have to say for yourself now?

  • Beautiful image, Trey! The colors and scene are gorgeous.
    365 pics a yr is HARD- I did it for a bit last year but with a toddler and newborn I had to quit… so far in 2011 I’ve been consistent, though (crossing fingers). My blog, flickr and facebook pages get the daily shots and my website gets the best of them, too. if you want to see the dailies.
    (my $.02- I think Trey needed to bring the photo infringement up on his blog, or how would 99% of us have known about it? Public outcry, plus Trey’s questioning it, caused Peter Lik to remove the photo. All’s well that end’s well…)

  • Wow…I am actually speechless.
    All I can say is that I think you handled this with the utmost class, Trey.

  • Matt Sullivan

    I like Peter Lik’s work, but he’s not gods gift to photography like his minions would like to believe. While he personally isn’t posting to Facebook, his blog etc. Its his company and his representatives and they did violate your copyright. Even if they give credit, it still requires your permission for commercial use. You should definitely notify them of their ‘mistake’ and let them know its not acceptable.

    Btw, what happened to Trey on Flickr?

  • Vicki wilson

    Lovely shot, love all the colors reflected in the water!!! I am real surprised that Peter Lik’s folks put up your photo to advertise his new show, hopefully it was an error by his staff. Peter’s style of photography is different than yours, so it makes no sense, hope he gives you a call and apologizes. I did notice that the name of Peter’s new show “From the Edge with Peter Lik” is very similar in naming convention to Art Wolfe’s show that was called “Travels to the Edge with Art Wolfe”.

  • Trey Will Never be Peter Lik

    Class? How is this guy classy for posting such an unprofessional blog post? REALLY? You’re the douchebag, Trey! You’ll NEVER be Peter Lik! LOL. πŸ™‚

  • Perhaps a mix up… But no problem with pointing it out on the blog… There is nothing wrong with being compensated for one’s work!

  • This is almost amusing. Almost. But not quite.

    Hopefully it was an honest mistake…but eesh! You have every right to bring attention to it, Trey. Heck, if no one did everyone would just go on thinking it was Peter’s photo. Not cool.

  • Sorry Trey, but it is very easy to post photographs on a FB fan page. I think you owe Peter an apology. His photographs are beautiful without HDR. He uses film. His staff, when they found out what happened, did the right thing, they removed the material. What if someone did the same to your FB fan page?

    I like your work, but like what some else said, Peter’s photographs are in a league of their own. You use HDR to make your photographs more beautiful. Peter makes beautiful photographs without HDR and on film. You should try that sometime.

  • John Vito

    Nice April Fools Post Felix! Good One!

  • Sara Colvin

    Trey’s work looks NOTHING like Peter’s. I think the folks who know Peter’s work would obviously know that Trey’s work looks NOTHING like Peter’s. I agree with Felix – Peter’s work is on a league of it’s own. I think Trey owes it to Peter and his social media staff to respond appropriately to his apology and put this discussion to rest!

  • Why are the trey haters on HIS BLOG? i love controversy. People are crazy man

  • John Vito

    Yep… mind boggling all the Trey haters!

    >I think Trey owes it to Peter…

    That’s a Charlie Sheen statement if there ever was one!

  • Jeff

    As far as I can see here, Trey has been pretty professional about this entire thing. There have been some comments here attributing responsibility for other folks’ comments to Trey, which is odd, but not unusual — users are frequently sloppy with incorrectly attributing user generated content to the website, itself.

    Mr. Lik’s staff did the minimally correct thing by removing the image. The professional thing to do would have included publicly acknowledging their mistake.

  • hehe thanks for comments all… I agree Caleb! πŸ™‚

    Yes his team apologized on our Facebook Wall, but it is kind of buried now — here is a screenshot

    Felix – maybe you are a bit confused, because it was not a random fan on an unofficial fan page that uploaded the photo. I would not care about that. It was the official page and it was uploaded by Lik’s team and it said, “Peter Takes Times Square” without any credit. It was a simple internet no-no… and I just pointed it out in a non-histrionic manner. Also, I agree with you that Peter has nice photos and his technique is different.

    Also, I updated the post above with this latest news.

  • Yeah it’s the caption that gets me: “Peter Takes Times Square”…come now! I saw the apology…credited shmedited!

  • The only way to make them never do this again is to make them pay. Take them to court… when you accidentally go 45 MPH in a 25 zone, and an officer pulls you over…they dont care that you didnt know about the speed limit. Ignorance is no exception…Good Luck!

  • Gail in Montana

    Wow, this sure pushed a few buttons on your loyal fans, Trey. I agree with some of the posts, I didn’t read them all, there are so many. But what Peter did was not right and I hope you get compensated. Sure stirred up a lot of comments!!! :-0

  • Everyone always apologizes once they are caught.

  • This daily photo transports me!

  • Pingback: Peter Lik()

  • By mistake or by intent, this was a shocking move on Peter Lik’s part. Compensation? This Canadian (eh) votes ‘please no…to what end?’ BTW, I am enamored of, enchanted by, fascinated with, and delight in your photographs Trey. More, please.

  • peter lik is nothing more than a con-man, period!

  • Rick

    I agree it was a BIG NO NO. But everyone keeps blaming Peter for this. I would bet anything he had NO clue this went on. The man has his own show an a staff that does EVERYTHING for him. Do you guys really think he’s the one posting the images on the internet???
    This was probably a mistake by a thumb shit staff member.


  • Marc

    Why should anyone be surprised?????????????? Lik has made a career out of copying the portfolios of many landscape photographers. His work is the extension of those who have showed him these places and he simply goes there and shoots it. Then a team of his manipulates the colors with saturation-masked skys etc,, Oh by the way, he use to say as the camera saw it. Now it’s artist interpretation of what he saw-lol. JOKE!. Trey you need to go after him and make him write a big check!

  • Arnest L

    While back bumped into one of his former directors who spoke vehemently of his unethical practices. Not signing his prints-mis-representing how the image was executed.Calling clients “Cunts’ etc,,,, This has been going on in some form or another forever! How does an ass”””” get a shows endorsement? These letters should be sent to The Weather Chanel.

  • Karma

    Trey, looks like Karma has struck finally. Caesars is closing poor petey’s mega gallery. Cie La Vie to the copy cat of photography!

  • Kyle

    I agree that the blame does not fall on Peter directly, but when you have a team of people working for you to promote your work (as he does), then you have to be willing to accept responsibility for their actions, both positive or negative. Peter is a very successful photographer and for that reason I follow his work, but the postings by his online team on several occasions have really given me a bad impression of him as an individual.

    I was especially bothered by the post publicizing his supposed sale of a photograph for $1 million. I have never seen any photographer make a public announcement of their earnings and I felt it was in truly bad form for his team to do so. First of all, the sale of any photograph for such an exorbitant price (especially a nature photo) should be noteworthy enough to have been announced in other publications, without Peter’s team having to promote it themselves. Yet strangely, I haven’t seen mention of this anywhere except in reference to the post on Peter’s site. Granted, Peter probably didn’t personally tell his staff to announce the sale, but in doing so, they gave me the impression of a very arrogant photographer, thus discrediting my view of him. Now, after this copyright issue, it seems many people have a similar distaste for Peter, as a professional and individual. On both cases, such assumptions might not be true or fair, but I think these are great examples of what happens when you have an extensive team of people representing you. The blame might not directly be Peter’s, but as long as it is under his name, he has to be willing to take responsibility for the actions of his employees, especially when they are immoral and potentially illegal.

  • Str8 Shooter

    Outrageous, despicable and arguably the least respected professional all time! Build character Lik and not a PR machine and you won’t need PR.

  • Charles

    Peter Lik is pure marketing. He tries to create value by generating a fake idea that their prints are selling fast thus the prices goes up. Some of his prints are tagged 300k in their galleries but are sold at e-bay for 6-7k with ZERO bids… Shame!

  • I went to this beach and I jumped on it!

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