100 Cameras in 1 for iPad

100 Cameras in 1 for iPad – Finally Available!

You can Get it Now in iTunes!

A Video from Robert Scoble

As you can see in this video below, we rebuilt the whole app specifically for the iPad.

Photo Editing on your iPad to a whole new level!

Here are some sample shots for you!

iPad Camera

iPad Camera

iPad Camera

iPad Camera

iPad Camera

How does the camera work? (iPad 2 only)

We’ve used an innovative “popup camera” system that lets you take a photo very quickly when you press the camera button. It will switch to portrait or landscape, depending upon how you hold the iPad. When you take the photo, you immediately get all 100 versions, or you can choose to “retake” the photo. Simple!

iPad Camera

And here are a few more screenshots!




iPad Camera

iPad Camera

iPad Camera


  • Patrick Ahles

    Looks awesome! How about the swiftness of the app on the iPad 1?

  • Although it’s something I probably wouldn’t use it does look very cool indeed – it would more than likely blow-up my arcane laptop haha.

  • I already bought the app! So excited to try it, very impressive!

  • Dan

    Unfortunately I don’t have an iPad πŸ™ My friends going to be getting one soon so I’ll deffo show him this :D.

    Looks great Trey.
    It will kick off like the iPhone version for sure! πŸ˜€

  • Looks incredible!

  • Absolutely amazing, Trey. I am going to be grabbing this today even though I have an iPad 1. I am hoping it runs decent enough on the first gen iPad and if not, I’ll be saving up for the 2nd gen. I have talked about the desire to be able to edit some photographs on the iPad – talked about it to death and how it’s going to be ideal soon. I couldn’t talk about that stuff and then not get one of the first apps to be about it.

    I actually expected a higher price, so it’s going to easily go like hot cakes [hot cakes apparently sell really well].

    Here is to the future – we live in it

  • Looks awesome Trey! Makes me wish I had an ipad 2. Ok so I hate to be “that” guy but seeing this isn’t helping my cause lol, I really want this app and im just curious as to how the progress is for us android users? Hehe thanks in advance!

  • I want an ipad…but I don’t know why. They are just too cool!
    App looks great Trey, I am sure it will go like gangbusters.

  • Wow, those pictures are great. I cannot believe you can create so many different effects with just a click of a button compared to spending hours in Photoshop. I have a feeling this is gonna sell like a “hot cake” especially at such a low price. People with I pad are gonna have good times, no i am not jealous. Have you thought of developing this app as plugins for Photoshop.

  • Looks great! Once my iPad 2 gets here, this will be the first app I get.

  • Thanks all. Glad you are enjoying it. It was fun to make.

  • good job getting this out quick for the new IPad! Someday I’ll own one πŸ™‚

  • casusan

    Congrats on the app for the ipad Trey – looks sooo cool! Super newsletter again too – forwarded to some friends!

  • James

    App looks promising. Tried it with some RAW images I had imported to my iPad and noticed that the app seems to grab an extremely low-res version of these images. I would guess it’s using the jpeg preview rather than the raw image itself? Is there any plan to get this app to work properly with RAW files, or is it jpeg only? If it can’t use RAW the app is rather useless to me, unfortunately, as I’m not going to shoot jpeg or go through the hassle of converting everything after the fact just to use this app. I was hoping this app would be a neat way to “process” images from my DSLR on the go using just the iPad and a camera connection kit.

    I get that RAW processing is harder to deal with, but obviously the iPad itself deals with RAW files just fine. Can’t the app mimic whatever the iPad itself is doing to get a jpeg from the RAW file to use with the app?

  • James – I don’t even think the iPad has the proper drivers to understand what RAW files are — and even if it did, our app could not match Lightroom or whatever that has the decodes for the hundreds of RAW types out there. Know what I mean? I’m 99.9% sure it’s just using a JPG.

  • Dan

    James, I think the iPad app is for use with the camera built within itself rather than importing DSLR pictures. Stick to other hardware for editing RAW files for now :D.

  • Dan

    P.S Trey, I wish I had a mum as cool as yours! lmao.

  • James


    Thanks for the response. I get that this is meant to be a lightweight app, but it should be noted that the iPad itself can store and view RAW files just fine. They are indistinguishable from jpegs on an iPad. I use it all the time to preview my shoots while on the road. I’d also note that the app Photogene imports and edits RAW files from the iPad just fine. I only mention this to note that it’s at least possible to add RAW support to 100 cameras, but I’m sure you’d need to talk to the programmers to get a feel if this is an easy or difficult addition.

    I do like the app for editing jpegs though: very fun.

  • Ah right! Fair enough James πŸ™‚ didn’t relise the iPad actually had that power πŸ™‚ thats amazing. Thanks for letting me know.

  • Playing around with the app on my brand new iPad 2 right now. It’s a really wonderful app! Well done!

  • Good interview Trey – great to see the app in action… it looks amazing and I wish you all the very best with its release – should be a HUGE success!

  • Oops, forgot to mention – reckon I’ll have to get one of these new iPad 2 thingimijigs… especially now that our son has just seen the trailer on Apple’s website – well, it’s as good an excuse as any! πŸ˜‰

  • Chris

    Any news on the android version you mentioned a couple of months ago?

  • Trey, do you have plans to develop this for the Mac app store? I’m sure there are lots of people out there who would like it for their home computers too. Although I’m sure it’s pretty easy to move a finished pic from your IPad or Phone to your computer… anyways, might be an idea. I have fun searching the photography apps in the app store, and I don’t have either a pad or phone (yet).

  • Dan

    Just in-case anyone was interested: New photo’s uploaded! Banger racing in Dorset, Check them out here: http://danroads.com/photography2/portfolio/personal/banger-racing/

  • Great app Trey, agree with Kelley’s comment for Mac app store? It would be great!

  • Thanks!

    Chris – The Android one is still underway..I am excited as you are!

    Kelley/Kiran – Maybe maybe maybe !! hehe

  • Phil

    We / I need the Android version…

  • Working on the Android one right now πŸ™‚

  • I’m looking forward to trying your app as soon as I get my Ipad2.

  • Neil K

    Trey great job with the ipad app, i feel like a rock star among my friends and family. Is it possible to add an option to crop the picture with in the app that would be great…again thank you for a app check one of my creation with your app. http://flic.kr/p/9vcNxW

  • Trey-
    Your work is awesome and inspiring and your sense of community and sharing is commendable.
    100-Cameras-in-1 is a great app, my new goto favorite.
    I am hoping that it is early stages of development, I am hoping for advanced editing tools for crop, rotate and re-size.
    Overall fantastic application, I really appreciate it.


  • Thanks! Rotate is coming in 1.1 for sure – maybe the others soon after! πŸ™‚

  • Trey-
    Another Android user here. Just dropping a line – that I would almost certainly buy this app if / when it is available for Android. Nice work as always.


  • I can’t wait to use this so I can make overprocessed fake HDR photos to put on myspace!

    Oh wait, no.

  • Dave


    Love this app. Have it both on my iPhone and iPad. My only question is when will we see it in the MAC App store. This would be an amazing tool with immediate access to all my photos and not just those on my phone and ipad.

  • Another salivating Android user here! (With a Samsung Galaxy S2)

  • Michelle

    I love this app,but I’m having trouble with keeping my vertical photos vertical. When I save a vertical pic after adding effects to it the photo saves as a stretched and horizontal photo,shown vertically though. Very strange. Anyone know what to do?

  • I have just downloaded the app for my iPad and I have problem in that when Β I save an edited picture to my photo album it is in reverse

  • Hi everybody,

    We are aware of the orientation problems with the latest update and are working to correct them.Β  A fixed version is currently awaiting approval by Apple … hang tight!

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