The Soft Hills on the way to Paradise, New Zealand

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Daily Photo – The Soft Hills on the way to Paradise, New Zealand

Just beyond Glenorchy, which is just a shade beyond Queenstown, lies a little place called Paradise. The road gets tinier and tinier as you get closer. A few miles before the road becomes all dirt, I pulled over to these soft rolling hills. They were covered with little sheep families, walking to and fro.

One the rare occasion when I am in the field with students, I have them notice a bunch of things. I’ve touched on this before, and this is another good example. It has to do with the location of the sunlight. There are three elements that can be lit here – the hills and/or the mountains and/or the clouds. Every combination looks dramatically different in the final shot. When you are there on the scene, the light changes so gradually, you don’t notice. So you have to teach yourself to be mindful of the untimely flow of light.

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