The Sanctum of The Santa María del Mar Cathedral!

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Daily Photo – The Sanctum of the Santa María del Mar Cathedral

Here is another amazing place in Barcelona, Spain — this is the famed Santa María del Mar Cathedral.

I do like taking photos in these old churches, and I hope one day to photograph the inside of the Sagrada Família. It’s still under construction, and I think getting the right kind of permission is fairly difficult. I’d like to be there at the perfect time of day with just the right kind of lighting. I don’t mind all the construction going on — I think something pretty amazing could come out of the shot. Anyway, this is one of those things on my personal photo bucket-list!

High Dynamic Range Photo

  • Awesome perspective!!!

  • Perfect symmetry also! It’s a shame they don’t have central air though!

  • lovely image! Great stone detail. And I LOVE the idea of the photo bucket list… I’ve got one myself. 🙂

  • Great photo Trey! You really should come to Malta one day. We have hundreds of churches and baroque-era buildings for you to photograph on this tiny-tiny island.

  • Incredible work – once Glasgow cathedral is renovated i’m heading over to get some HDR’s. My big question about ebooks is how do I go about making one and getting it out there? I’ve looked into it enough to probably create a crude one but at some point down the line i’d like to do when I’ve got a bit more experience.

  • Patrick Ahles

    I remember the Sagrada Família from a visit more then 25 years ago: I was awestruck! At that time there wasn’t even a roof over the altar and the aisle. I believe it now is at least partially roofed. Would love to go back there and see how it looks now!

    The POV in this shot is REALLY nice. I love these indoor shots of churches. The atmosphere it breathes is awesome.

  • Wow wow wow! Love the light and dizzying perspective in this glorious shot!

  • Holy mother of god! Hehe, this shot is immense! Churches and HDR go like two peas in a pod :D. Very curious to how many ‘brackets’ you used in this one Trey 🙂 Atleast 9?. Im so gutted, when I was in Barcelona I didnt get chance to go inside as was tight on time 🙁 ( stupid excursion thing ).

    This ones going on the wallpaper! 🙂
    Thanks Trey!

  • Simon Morris

    Wonderful shot Trey… the stained glass windows look gorgeous, especially the blues – so rich in colour! Great angle too – capturing all that detail in such a HUGE and stunning cathedral.
    It’s a coincidence you mentioning the words ‘bucket list’ – me and the Mrs watched this only last Saturday evening on SKY and we thoroughly enjoyed it… mind you, I’m happy watching any film starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman – natural talents! 🙂

  • This is spectacular! Love the detail and the colors. Also, you really give the feel of the size of this. I have been very tempted to step into some large churches/cathedrals, but have yet to do it. Do they ever give you a hassle or are they good about it?

  • Gail in Montana

    Wow, so very beautiful!!! Great shot, Trey. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • It amazes me that beautiful architecture like this was created by hand. Yet, now that we have automated tools, we just build strip malls.

  • Thanks all!

    Andy – It’s not so hard – you can email me if you have more q’s

    Dan – this was just 5 exposures – +2 to -2

  • Dan

    Oh nice one 🙂 I though it’d be more as it tends to be dark in churches, My camera’s not as good as others with light so I have to do more I think 🙁 hehe.

  • I love this cathedral – we went last Easter just wish my shots were half as good as this, stunning work, as ever!

  • I checked out the inside of Sagrada Familia last summer, and you’re right, it’s amazing! I managed to rattle off a couple of bracketed sets, but I’d like to go back with a wider angle lens to really capture the magnitude like you did here. Nicely done.

  • Great photo. I never got to see the inside of the Barcelona Cathedral, we were there one day and thought about going inside but the line was insanely long and we didn’t have enough time that day and never got back there. Since I’ve gotten more into photography photographing churches has become one of my favorite things, especially over in Europe where there are so many amazing churches, small and large.

    Keith – Most churches in touristy places have no problem with you taking pictures, unless mass is going on. Most ask that you not use flash, but most photos are best without it anyway. Usually there’s a sign right at the door which will say no flash or no photos or no videos if it’s not allowed.

  • Love this. This is one cathedral I couldn’t make it to while in Barcelona. The Sagrada Familia will be fabulous when it’s done. I could sit and stare at it all day.

  • Josep M. Fontana

    Wow! Beautiful. Your photos make me see my own city in a new light (literally 🙂 ) This is actually my favorite church in Barcelona. Better than the “official” Cathedral and I like it more than the Sagrada Familia (although we are talking about oranges and apples here). Your picture really manages to capture the awe and the magic you feel inside Santa Maria del Mar. I live about 10 minutes walking from Santa Maria del Mar. I’ll pack my camera tomorrow and try to emulate you with some HDR shots there 🙂

    Please, check my comment on your picture of the Barcelona airport. I’d like to know how you avoided ghosting in that picture.


  • I got a few shots of the Sagrada Família – I was lucky enough to go there not long after they opened it up to the public, obviously it is still ongoing but it is AWESOME inside there, unlike any other cathedral, you expect to walk in and see the usual golden glow that you tend to get in these places but this is just something from another planet – took my breath away! This is one of the shots I got – – sadly you are not allowed to use tripods – more because of how busy it is – I got mine out and took a few shots before security told me off – I cant wait to go back once its finished….probably in about about 30years or so

  • Thanks Trey that would be cool – i’ll be in touch 🙂

  • I love this super wide view, opening up the image large I noticed the two fans at the extremities of the frame which made me smile. Amazing stained glass and just letting my eyes wonder around the picture I am seeing almost half a dozen interesting detail / close up photographs that I would love to capture. Consider this cathedral added to my list for next time I visit Barcelona (such an amazing city for any photographer)

  • Tammy

    Nikon 14-24??

  • Thanks all!

    Tammy – yes that’s the ticket

  • Michele

    La Sagrada Familia was consecrated as a Basilica in November 2010 by the Pope, so all the interior scaffolding has disappeared. You can see some of my SF images (taken in December 2010) here: Great shot of Santa Maria del Mar, Trey. They only turn on the lights during services. We were lucky enough to be there during one such time:

  • These old churches are wonderful for light, aren’t they? The stained glass is a challenge well worth the time it takes to get the shot. Did you go to the Church of the Good Shepherd when you when in NZ last? I took this HDR set there (had to do it handheld as it was closing time:

  • TC

    Distrubed by the lack of android tablet for reading ebooks?

  • RogerC

    Trey – you might be interested in Jay Lee’s blog – he just returned from Barcelona and Valencia and took some impressive shots of La Sagrada Familia and the Las Fallas festival.

    Besides being an accomplished photographer, Jay also writes a tech column for the Houston Chronicle.

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