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New Video of the PhotoWalk

Thanks to Pinhead Doll Productions for this great video !

Award Party Soon!

The coaches/judges on the PhotoWalk are currently going through the submitted photos to the PhotoWalk SXSW Flickr Group. We’ll have a little gathering down at Mozart’s here in Austin to hand out the prizes, hang out, and have a bit of coffee. I’m not sure when that date will be, but I’m sure good man Jack Hollingsworth will help me figure it out!

Daily Photo – The Pub

Now, I did not take this one on the PhotoWalk in Austin — at least, not on THIS PhotoWalk. My apologizes, but this has been a busy time for me and I haven’t had a lot of time to process the most recent photos from SXSW! I do have a few, and they are coming up quite soon.

Also, you can tell this was taken in the winter, because the sign mentions that the rooftop is heated. In the Texas summer, all rooftops are automatically heated!

High Dynamic Range Photo

This reminds me of another photo I took on South Congress of the famous Continental Club. Maybe you have heard of this place?

High Dynamic Range Photo

  • The Continental Club -Where you go to hear great music and think about Stevie Ray Vaughn burning this place down when he was just a kid.

    Shakespeare’s? – Where you go to get vomited on by shirtless dorks trolling for grenades.

    Love the pics though bro.

  • PhotoWalk sure looked like fun! Perhaps I’ll make next years one… Fingers crossed!
    Great pub photos… I’ve only ever taken one myself, mainly because every time I get close to them there are four thousand drunk idiots outside! Haha… This is the Pig & Whistle in Queenstown… At about 4am πŸ˜‰

  • Amazing. I really love all your HDR night shots. All of them are stunning photos.

  • Patrick Ahles

    Great shots, I love how the blue really pops out of the pictures!

  • These look like my type of bars – I’m not kidding when I say I prefer American pubs simply because the beer is much better than what you get out on tap here. Maybe if they did Labbatts on tap here I would be happier but they don’t. My first beer in America is one I will never forget – a pint of Budweiser as the ‘Hard Rock’ cafe in Downtown Detroit – just what the doctor ordered after a long flight from Amsterdam – absolutely brilliant!

    I’m going to head to my favourite Glasgow pub tomorrow (‘The Solid Rock Cafe’)and get some shots and a refreshing cola I think – great stuff!

  • Simon Morris

    Great video Trey – you passed on some neat tips, thanks!
    Nice shots of the American pubs… I agree with Andy, the beer in the UK is pretty poor in comparison to other European countries. I do prefer the look of a cosy looking UK pub though, tucked away in a quaint little village deep in the countryside… just a shame the beer is always served warm – yuk!
    Yep, pint of Bud will do me nicely anytime… or Guinness for that matter – glug, glug, hik… ahhh! πŸ˜‰

  • Dan

    Saw the video somewhere else before, it’s awesome :).

    So gutted I wasn’t there, which reminds me… this FB Event: sais it’s still active but was in 2010 :\. I got all exited until I saw the date hehe. If you do ever decide to pop back to the U.K I’d love to be able to meet you, It’d be amazing :D.

    Like the lighting in today’s photo’s, Is it the same method for taking night time HDR’s? just longer exposures ?.


  • Gail in Montana

    Great photos of the pub and the club, love all the colors. Thanks for sharing, Trey!! Have a great Thursday πŸ™‚

  • Susan

    Cool Austin shots Trey – loved the video!!

  • Thanks all!

    Simon – yes – I start so many threads all over… It’s hard to tie up all the loose ends… sorry about that!

  • Dan

    Hey Trey, did you mean me? hehe.

    I was wondering if you could let me know how you have your site set out?. If that OK?

    I’m in the process of creating a ‘365 Photo Challenge’ website, Where I’d like it to basically do what this blog does :).

    I have the basics set-up in WordPress and am just wondering if you use any Plugins to display your images each day and show comments.
    Hope this is OK!?

  • Dan – sorry yes that was for you. …getting old…. as for this, it is a custom wordpress installation on my own server. I am using the Facebook comments plugin… but that is all. Everything else is hand-coded

  • Anish


    What the rule when you want to shoot a scene with people? Do you have to get the permission of the people that are in the scene before you shoot? I recently was shooting a scene where people were sitting on a table and at a park and I was yelled at by someone. Didnt know if it was legal or illegal. Thanks in advance.

  • There is no rule… just take a photo. If they are in public, they are in the line of many cameras ! If you want to take a picture of the crowd…just go for it. If one guy doesn’t want you to, then you can be nice and move on or not… that part is your choice, but you certainly don’t have to ask first, unless it’s a nude beach.

  • wtspc

    Hell, I reckon you got more of us in London – when are you going to come back???

  • Awesome night shots here!

  • Simon Morris

    No worries Trey… it comes to us all eventually! That said, I’m ‘only’ 39… the BIG 4-0 is in June – wahoo! πŸ˜‰
    I agree entirely with your comments regarding ‘there is no rule’… I’ve often thought to ask folk whether it’s OK to snap away, but then again life’s difficult enough, so I ‘discreetly’ go about my business πŸ˜‰

  • Trey – I do have a question about not shotting [people, but selling the picture of them later. If you take a picture a picture at a public location and someone is in it, and you sell it . . . is this an issue? I know you can get sued for just about anything, but is this something that you will likely get in legal trouble for? I ask because some of my work has been seeling well lately and one of them has a girl in it. I did ask her if it was OK if i took her picture, but can I prove she said yes? No.
    Here’s the pic.

  • BTW – I want to publicly apologize for the amazing amount of errors in that first post.
    This is why I should never hit “Submit” before proof reading. Wow.

  • Cool shots Trey! The wreaths on the light kinda give away the season too πŸ™‚

  • gonzo – I wouldn’t worry about it.. if it was a public place… it’s probably no big deal. That gal may sue you…. but I doubt there is any material damage…

    Simon – I’m with ya mate! I’m 39 too… birthday in July ! πŸ™‚

  • Simon Morris

    Nice one Trey – ya know what they say… “life begins at 40” – I say “BRING IT ON BABY!” πŸ™‚

  • My birthdays in July too πŸ™‚ the 4th, american independence day?.
    And thanks for the reply :), i’ll check out the FB Comments plugin, would this require you to have to loging to a FB Account first though?
    Also do you not have any restrictions on the comments :S ( to stop naughty people and robots spamming hehe ).

    And I see you obv have the photo’s linked to smugmug, Think mine will have to be a free service for time being.
    Many Thanks!!!

  • Dan – I do use the akismet spam filter – that gets most of it. As for FB comment system – not sure

  • Dan

    Ah OK Trey, Thanks for you help! means allot πŸ˜€

  • Sweeeet. Great photos….looking forward to seeing the rest someday!

    Great video too. I wasn’t even aware we were being filmed πŸ™‚

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