The Lights of Japan

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Daily Photo – The Lights of Japan

One evening I was walking around Roppongi, taking in all the sights. There doesn’t seem to be a bad direction to go. Everything was alive and full of life.

Getting into this particular position took a few Cirque de Soliel moves that no one was around to appreciate (or warn me against). There is a pedestrian set of stairs that blindly switchbacks its way up an outside drum-tower of sorts. I had a feeling that on top of this little tower would be a good vantage in this particular direction, which I had not seen, but I had mapped out in my brain. I did one of those moves like children do when they work their way up a doorframe — but I did it in a narrow stairwell. It got me to the top, which was extra-difficult with the tripod! I ended up with a clean view of everything. But then, only then, did I start to wonder how the heck I was going to get back down.

I waited for a nice-looking stair-walker to pass by underneath, and then I handed down my camera before performing an unceremonious jump/fall.

High Dynamic Range Photo

  • Susan

    Oh wow – this is so beautiful – the lighting and colors are awesome – always fun hearing about these adventures of yours – or should I say misadventures?!

  • Jorge

    Great photo. I am curious to know what lens you used. Thank you!

  • Jorge, click in the image, you’ll be redirected to Trey’s Smugmug page. Then close the fullscreen mode, put your cursor in the image and click the blue “i”. Pure beauty, nice story, inspiring as always!

  • Trey, great time lapse.

  • Jorge

    Thank you Filip!

  • Gail in Montana

    What a beautiful picture of the city!!! Glad you made it to the top and back down with a little help. Thanks for sharing, have a great Monday πŸ™‚

  • I love that story – photography scrapes are great. I was out in the Botanic Gardens in Glasgow recently checking out and old railway platform with the camera and decided to take a shortcut to the nearby river to get some shots only to embarassingly fall on my backside and slide all the way down the muddy hill to the river. On the same phot trip I tried to jump over a wall to get a good vantage point to get a shot of a big bird that was sitting at the riverside but in jumping said wall to do so I ripped the crotch on my already muddied denims – good times!

    Great shot today – these city shots you take never get boring!

  • Patrick Ahles

    Beautiful shot, great colors! I sure wish I can visit Japan one day!

  • Haha love your story Andy, That’s one thinf I love most about going out, just the shear fun/mischief you can get into :). We could be crap photography ninjas!
    Good luck with the bid Trey, I’m really loving todays shot! I really love long exposure shots.
    Im curious to how you get your greens so perfect! They’re so ‘rich’, just something about it I love :).

    I uploaded some more pictures last night, feel free to have a look/comment too :). Love reading them.

  • I didn’t realize you were a gymnast Trey! lol. Great shot today. Love the contrast between the still trees and the moving cars (lights).

  • Cheers Dan – the other crazy thing about the incident with the ripped jeans and the big bird was that I had been watching the bird for about half an hour like a complete idiot with my finger over the remote control button waiting for it to do something exciting. I only moved to see if i could get in closer and that’s when the accident with my trousers happened. Here’s a photo of it – probably the most dull bird in Britain…..

  • Howard Yu

    Great picture! I really like the brake lights streaming along the road, and Tokyo Tower shining in the distance.

    Also (nitpick alert), it’s Roppongi, not Rappongi.

  • Thx all… and thx for your stories too… Andy Bird is a funny guy… we should do a little walk-around podcast together πŸ™‚

    Howard – Roppongi — yes! Wups – will fix!

  • The color tones all work really well together in this image. I also like the choice of subject and composition, it conveys a real feeling of what life is like in that area, it actually grabs my interest more than many of your frequent “travel icon” images (perfectly executed post card like scenes), Trey.

  • That is an awesome photo.

  • Simon Morris

    WOW… final sell price of $1,575 – fantastic news!
    Wonderful shot Trey… the trees and foliage blend so well with the architecture in the background – perfect cityscape! I also like the car tail lights – adds that feeling of energy and life to the city.
    As for the stories Trey & Andy – great stuff… keep posting those photog adventures πŸ™‚
    Oh, and Andy – I’m pleased you decided to post an image of the bird, rather than the crotch area of your muddied denims… good choice! πŸ˜‰

  • Dan

    Hope this isn’t classed as ‘spamming’ Trey but I had to post it here as I’m posting it to Facebook and other social sites so its fair :).

    For my last photo download day (today) I’ve left it up to you guys to choose THREE photo’s you’d like to download πŸ™‚ Just as a thank you for visiting the site. YAY πŸ™‚

    You’ll have to be quick though, Only the first THREE comments count!
    So head on over to:
    And either select an image I decided to put up or pick one from anywhere on the site and drop me a comment :).

    Good luck and Thanks πŸ˜€

  • Anish


    Amazing shot love it. Question… Do you shoot in Auto Focus most of the time? Is it recommended to set it to AF and then to manual once u get your focus?

  • Thanks!

    Anish – yes I stay in auto-focus 95% of the time….

    Dan – no problem ! It’s certainly not spamming, although sometimes the software automatically makes it spam if there are more than 3 links

  • Dan

    Haha awesome thanks Trey :).

    Want to suggest a picture on there? feel free :D.

  • Oh Roppongi! I vaguely remember my time there. haha Did the African dudes try selling you on their clubs? Jeez those guys get annoying!

  • Thanks! Matthew – yes those African guys are so annoying…

  • Beauty! Love the colors and sharpness

  • Too green and orange. And there’s nobody at all?
    High quality pics!

  • Vince

    Trey, Great Pic, like always! I’m heading to Tokyo and interested in getting this view IRL. Can you disclose this location?

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