Old Beijing in the Morning

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Daily Photo – Old Beijing in the Morning

I need some better photography-gloves, I came to realize on this particular morning. I’ve got some pretty good ones with the fingertips that flip up, but there are a few annoying things about them. I don’t want to bore you with all the details, but if there are ever any flaws, all you can do is think about them.

When I travel, I usually collect dozens (or hundreds) of textures from the environment. I like to re-constitute them back into the work itself from time to time. There’s no rhyme or reason for when I choose to do it… just whenever it feels interesting or right. Many of the textures I take don’t work or are not appropriate, but I do enjoy the process of going through them all.

High Dynamic Range Photo

  • Susan

    Wonderful view Trey! I love the textures on this one!

  • Wow,

    I like the softness in this pic!
    Great job!


  • perfect use of this particular texture! feels like an old and important painting that would grace a big wall in Versailles πŸ˜‰

  • Do you just photograph a ‘texture’ for example a cracked wall and the lower the opacity etc and overlay it?
    Looking good :), I like the colours around the edge, almost like a fancy border. Makes me think of alladin haha.

    Sunday’s photo is up to downwload πŸ™‚


  • Hehe I have those gloves to and I’ve got to say i’ve never had an issue with them other than I wear them too much and now they smell funny. As far as photo taking goes I got them for those cold days in NYC and they were a godsend.

    As for today’s photo – very nice. I’ve never incorporated a texture into any of my photos before – maybe i’ll give it a bash one day.

    I don’t know if any of you managed to catch the ‘Supermoon’ last night or not. It was quite unusual because it was so bright and detailed because it was so close to Earth (221,566 miles – the closest for 18 years!). I got a pretty good shot of it despite the clouds which I’ve linked below :-


    Have a grest Sunday folks πŸ™‚

  • Looks great Trey, it definitely gives you a old vintagey look (not sure if that’s a word). I just started getting into texture. It can add nice tone/flavor to the some boring pictures.

  • Woo stunning!

  • Gail in Montana

    Very nice textures, indeed, Trey. Thanks, Andy, you and everyone else have a great Sunday, too. πŸ™‚

  • Hi Trey, love the vintage look. Good luck on the gloves. When ever I see a pair I buy them, now if I can remember to keep a pair in my camera bag!

  • I like this texture a lot! It reminds me of a faded tapestry hanging somewhere old and interesting.

  • Bill Babinko

    Meh, I’ve never liked textures added to photographs, this is another example of a great shot marred by the use of textures. I just think the textures detract from what otherwise would have been a wonderful photograph. Perhaps you could post the shot without the texture, and let the community judge which is better. On the glove subject, I tried two different pairs of the Freehands gloves and sent them both back – it’s a great concept but poorly executed.

  • Good feedback everyone

    Bill – interesting how some people don’t like them… but that’s okay — also thx for the tip on not getting the Freehands !

    Andy – no shot of the moon from me. I’ve never gotten a good one.. taken hundreds… never posted one !

  • Trey –
    Love the photo. I wanted to take a second to thank you for all that you do. I know that you don’t do it for us. You do it for you. This is as it should be, of course. But you are always amazingly generous along the way and this has made an impression on me beyond the world of photography. I have been starting my own little organic photography business, which I will not try to plug here. Not only has your style and tips influenced me but also your sensibilities. At least those that I perceive through your pages. I know I have said thanks before, but you need to hear it every so often. It’s easy for people to criticize. I just want to remind you that you are truly appreciated by a lot of folks. Myself included.


  • I know Trey it was very fiddly to get – the only reason mine got pass marks was because I masked in a good shot of the moon into a good one of the clouds so I cheated slightly on that one.

  • don rexroad

    Trey, the above from Thelonious Gonzo says it all; as I would have told it, at 80 years old I relish each and every post you give us. don

  • I’m with Bill, the texture just distracts from what would otherwise be a photo I’d probably like. But obviously by the response from others there are many who do like it. Can never please everybody…

  • Love the framing & vintage colours! While I love the timeless antique feel of your textured shots of India, this one reminded me of a much-scratched & smudged train window, the kind I really wish I could open to get a clean shot! Given such windows are probably quite common in China, I guess it’s appropriate in a roundabout way πŸ™‚

    On the moon, I got this yesterday: http://maxabroadphotography.wordpress.com/2011/03/19/super-moon-gazing/ (with thanks to your HDR tutorial & Topaz recommendation (just a touch of InFocus)) Andy: great shot, I’ve always wanted to get the clouds around it for some interest. Trey: I’d love to see your shots sometime, you have such a unique perspective on everything. The supermoon is still nice & big so in case anyone wants to try, the settings that generally work for me are: 200mm (or 300mm) f/8 1/125 ISO100. Happy shooting!

  • The moon was freaking massive here in Queenstown. I was at Gibbston Valley last night, and with no light pollution in the atmosphere it made it even more spectacular. Alas, I don’t have a zoom lens beyond the cropped 112mm of my 24-70mm Sigma. A decent L is on my list this year! I see the mixed view on textures in the comments above, I think that applying a texture overlay is quite appropriate in many cases. If nothing else it helps us re-visit the overall theme and make the resulting photo less ‘standard’ and more interesting πŸ™‚

  • Dan

    I have took a few moons shots… Not that they are good or anything lol. I’d post them but have NO IDEA where they are on my HDD, I need to organize them better :(.

    P.S I’ve just put Monday’s picture up on my site, It’s a panoramic of a road thats recently been shut on a hairpin. I named it hair’pan’ :-/ lol.

    Feel free to check it out if you have a few seconds spare :).



  • Patrick Ahles

    Love this one, Trey! Although I’m not one for the texture shots (at least not always), this one is executed superbly. The texture really adds to the shot. It makes it look like this is an old painting!

    I’ve been uploading again after an extended break, check out my latest: http://www.flickr.com/photos/pahles/5540874802/

  • Beautiful shot, Trey. The texture really works well in the final image.

    You mentioned gloves. I don’t know if you’ve heard of Aqua Tech’s Sensory Gloves. I like them as do most folks who give them a try, judging from the reviews. http://www.aquatech.net/sensory-gloves.php

  • Simply love this shot. Haven’t had the chance to shoot the Forbidden City yet.

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