Roman Baths in Nimes

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I know many of you follow on Twitter (@TreyRatcliff), and I do my best to sprinkle in inspirational or interesting stuff every day. if you sign up for our Newsletter (free), then I usually include the month’s best tweets in a list format… I thought I would put a few of them here for you,With Great F-Stop Comes Great Responsibility including this little thing to the right that I tweeted out yesterday. I decided to make a little square poster out of it! πŸ™‚

So, here’s just a little helping of some recent tweets that you would probably like:

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Daily Photo – Roman Baths in Nimes

When I arrived in Nimes to visit my friend Fabien, one of the first places we visited were the ancient Roman baths. The ruins here are better preserved than those in Rome!

Actually, I’ve heard that the best Roman ruins are along the northern coast of Libya. It will be a while before I can visit those, I’m afraid. I’ll have to strike Libya off the list for a few years until things cool down. Oh… Egypt too. That’s on the list but it has a little asterisk beside it. When you look at the bottom of the list it reads:
“*currently in the midst of a violent revolution – consider other areas for photography, like, perhaps, Holland.”

High Dynamic Range Photo

  • Susan

    Wonderful looking baths – I bet that was fun – beautiful clouds with the setting sun!

  • Dwight Menard

    Re: Roman baths at Nimes
    If you haven’t done it may I suggest the Roman Baths at Bath in England. Called Aquae Sulis by the Romans. While there you could take a side trip to Glastonbury Abbey and see where Jesus lived when he was an Enlishman. There is an interesting carving of a Libyan soldier in the baths at Bath. Save you a trip to Libya. Lovely Roman sites in Jordan also.

    Nimes is where denim was invented. Serge de Nimes shortened to denim.

    Enjoy your photos and commentary greatly. Thanks for posting them.

  • What can I say other than these Roman baths are in slightly better condition than the ones just up from where I live hehe – check them out using that link. Great capture mate πŸ™‚

  • Love the quote… And the photo, that reflection works well. Actually that dovetails perfectly into that shot of my Subaru I linked yesterday. I made a quick poster out of it, and this was my quote:
    “F*UCK YEA!” β€” “Subaru. You just got passed by a wagon!”
    Just a bit of fun, and it looks pretty cool! I put it on the following public Facebook album:

  • Love the comp and love the extra contrast and deep rich colors in this one…

  • Dan

    Thanks for the tweets Trey.

    Something about today’s photo makes me stare at it lol, Not sure what it is. All good as usual though πŸ™‚

    P.S Just put Saturday’s download up.

  • Gail in Montana

    Great photo of the Roman ruins in France. Would love to jump in that pool, if I could swim, lol. Thanks for sharing a great photo, Trey!! Have a great Saturday πŸ™‚

  • What a cool place. I like the way you framed this!
    Check out my latest at
    Let me know what you think!

  • Thanks!

    Keith – thanks — and thanks for posting a link to your work

    Dan – thanks for posting your links too !

    …. and same for Andy and Eden as always!

    Dwight — did not know that about denim… hmmm…

  • Patrick Ahles

    Great shot! I visited the Kaiserthermen (Emperor’s baths) in Trier, Germany last summer. Built for the Roman emperor Constantine II, when Trier was the capital of the Western Roman Empire. The baths were never finished.

    Oh, and when you do visit the Netherlands, please let me know!

  • Simon Morris

    I like this angle Trey, works well with emphasizing all the detail plus that all important setting sun in the distance… also, nice hint in the background that autumn is well and truly on it’s way – my favourite season!
    Picking up on your comment about ‘I’ll have to strike Libya off the list’ – yep, looks like the UK, US & France have been doing their own striking overnight!

  • Am I the only loser who looks at your work in the Original size? Because that little wedding scene that’s sneaking in the side door is amazing. It reminds me of the wedding scene in The Godfather where Michael gets married in Italy. Very cool how it’s hardly even in there, but it adds a lot to the shot.

  • Neil

    Excellent. And yes, please stay out of Egypt and come to Holland instead to do a photowalk with your fans here…

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