Tutorial HDR in Italiano

tutorial HDR in italiano

Parli italiano? Leggi il tutorial HDR in italiano! Grazie Marco Famà (@marcofama)!

Welcome to the International HDR Tutorial!

Even better, it’s the 150-year celebration for Italy today – good timing! 🙂

Japan Charity Week!

The bidding started at $49, and now it’s up to over $600. Get in there and bid! All the revenue goes to the Red Cross for Japan.

Daily Photo – Girl in Japan

While walking down a busy street in Kyoto, most of the people were in regular clothes. And, by “regular clothes”, I mean that the Japanese are often quite stylish dressers. There is something unique about the Japanese style that varies from other Asian cultures. They have a different kind of fashion sense, and it’s usually very smart. They dress in a lot of layers, fine cloths, nice textures, and somewhat fanciful. Maybe you know what I mean.

On occasion, I would see traditional girls wearing kimonos, drifting in and out of various shops. This girl was taking small steps while leaving the shop.

Girl in Japan

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  • Susan

    Beautiful girl Trey – really lovely shot. It just makes me sick to think of all the beautiful places you’ve visited there may not be the same anymore – my heart goes out to all people in Japan.

  • Sweet – I remember her from one of the ebooks (Composing The Photo?). Some folks here in the UK try and rip-off the Japanese fashions but as you say they seem to pull it off slightly better than everyone else. Another successful portrait shot.

    Oh and cheers for the FB add – The same applies to Filip 🙂

  • Simon Morris

    WOW… $735 so far – that’s fantastic news!
    What a gorgeous photo – the colour of her kimono match and compliment her skin tone beautifully, love the hairstyle too – stunning!

  • Gail in Montana

    Amen to what Susan said. Thoughts and prayers are with Japan. Glad the auction is going so well!! Very pretty photo of a beautiful girl, Trey!! Thanks for sharing. Have a great St. Patrick’s Day!! 🙂

  • Interesting shot. Nice colors.

  • Piraz

    You choose a great day to publish the italian version of your hdr tutorial: today is Italy’s 150th anniversary (http://italy150.com/2011-turin-celebrates-italy’s-150th-anniversary/)
    Thank you so much!
    PS obviously great shot as usual!

  • THanks everyone — Yes Piraz – good timing on that ! hehe

  • Nice shot. It has nice glow to it. You have captured that look in her eye.

  • Frank

    It is both difficult and facinating to capture an expression that makes you wonder what she is thinking.

  • Patrick Ahles

    Cool shot! Love the softness in it.

  • Dan

    Hey Trey, Did you ask to take the photo? Or did you just snap a cheeky one ? :).

    I’d love to start getting some ‘people’ photo’s but would be too nervous to ask anyone haha. :/

    P.S I’ve made a ‘One Week Download’ page on my website now… Basically I put a picture up everyday for 7 days and anyone can download them if they wish :).

    I’d love it if you have the time to have a quick look, I think Susan checked out my ‘London’ shots because she left a comment 😀 hehe. Unless it was someone different, not sure.

    Anyway, Thanks!


  • Dan

    P.S Loving the detail/sharpness of her robe, It looks very ‘High Def’ haha.

  • Thanks everyone…

    Dan – no – I did not ask — just took it. 🙂

    Frank – yes I agree… chose this one out of a few for that!

  • Nick Cawood

    Great photo Trey. I would like to see a sepia version of this one.

  • Beautiful potrait Trey – just love it!

    Nice to see your pitch in the following post for Joe – he is a great imager and also been very supportive of the little guys like myself -;0)


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