Exploring the Playa

Have a camp at Burning Man 2011?

Do ya?  I’m homeless and interested in some camps!  I am also completely useless.  The only thing I can do is take photos.  I can’t cook or build things very well.  Everyone else at Burning Man seems to be extremely handy.  All I can offer is my sardonic wit, my camera, and I come with a full load of gourmet chocolate from Europe that I keep refridgerated in my RV.  So that’s not so bad.

More Burning Man Photos

To see the other photos from the big event, click on the “Burning Man Photos” category.

Early Morning ABC Appearance

I’m going to be on in the morning… have to drive into the studio about 6:30 AM, of all things.  Good god man… I’m a blagger.  I sleep then!  But, I gotta go… I missed the last one because of a scheduling conflict and missed my appearance time.  The producer had to call me… it was too late.  I didn’t mean to rockstar-out on her, and I promised I won’t pull another charlie-sheen.

Daily Photo – Exploring the Playa

Here is another set of photos for you! I’m releasing these in small groups, just because I have so many… and it goes against my one-photo-per-day thing. But that’s just a thing you know. Ain’t nothin’ but a thing.

I usually don’t put captions, but I have been for these Burning Man shots… so see below for more details.

Coming Soon...

In the central gathering area, I found all sorts. I mean all sorts. I felt woefully regular, but I did have my steampunk stuff on, so I liked paying attention to other steampunk stuff, like this guy. We just kinda stared at each other for a while. It was kinda weird, but kinda cool.


Coming Soon...

I was taking photos of this heiro-jeweled skull, and then an Indian gal in a yellow dress came up and started dancing all over it. I have photos of that too, but I ended up liking the skull alone, best. Bejeweled skulls don’t need Indian dancers to make them more awesome!


Coming Soon...

The metal dragon-car was my favorite of the vehicles. It wasn’t the biggest, but the fully movable and fire-breathing head was incredible.


Coming Soon...

Close to sunset, lamplighters in white robes start to roam the desert. They take these lanterns and hang them high on poles so burners can find their way through the dark of night.


  • Love the dragon car photo!

  • The high ISO setting really adds to these Burning Man pics. Trey, what else did you do to process them?

  • Trey – I am disturbed by the pixelation in the fire breathing dragon picture! Not really.
    I love the entire cadre of Burning Man stuff. But, you in a Steampunk outfit? Care to elaborate? Any chance you’ll show up at SXSW in this outfit? Is Leslie Cochran coming along with a Steam Punk thong? These are things I must know.

  • Susan

    Love all of these Burning Man shots – don’t tell me you are going again! More grey hairs! Know you’ll have fun though!

  • Wow that guy at the top is Incredible – he’s a cross between two of my favourite Mortal Kombat characters – Raiden and Kabal! I’m with Scott – the graininess from the ISO has given all these images (and some of the previous ones) a timeless, classic look. I look forward to the one with the Indian girl and the jewelled skull!

  • Simon Morris

    Fantastic shots Trey, your ‘Burning Man’ images never cease to amaze me!
    Just one minor complaint… I appreciate you’re in the desert with sandstorms blowing everywhere however, the images are not ‘clean’ enough… hehe only joking, I couldn’t resist 😉

  • Simon Morris

    Just noticed that you must have left the D3X at home and replaced with Olympus E-PL1… can’t blame you in those conditions!

  • Burning man! Wicked stuff… My most recent shot is a beautiful night landscape lit by the moon. Enjoy!

  • Patrick Ahles

    Love the yellowish look in these shots.

  • Hey Trey,
    I’ve got the green light for BM, but have no camp either. I AM, however, pimping us out a couple of art bikes (BMX Style) to get around on. Do you have a LED color preference for yours?

  • Thanks!

    Cliff — If you can bike-me-up that would be great! As for LEDs, warm colors… oranges probably. Yellow and green wash me out.

    Simon – yes I used a free Olympus E-PL1 that they sent me… and got some good shots with it!

    Andy – okay I will show one of the Indian gal in the future too! hehe

    Gonzo – mine was pretty simple… mostly awesome headgear – you can see the glasses in an earlier Burning Man photo

    Scott – I processed all these with just Lightroom.

  • You felt normal…I think Lady Gaga might feel “normal” here! Very cool event and great pictures.

  • Hampus R

    Wait.. what? Don’t you use your normal camera(s) here?

    I was quite disappointed on the noise, but that might explain.

  • Eric Ruji

    Yes, a shot with the Indian gal would be nice for scale.

  • Andrea Boyle

    Cool Dragon!! Looks similar to the one making rounds a couple years ago at the Kinetic Sculpture Race in Arcada, CA. He was cool, too but as I recall, not water-worthy and failed the harbor swim. (Anyone looking for a good photo op, it is a good one on Memorial Day weekend in Northern California.) I hope I get to Burning Man sometime!

  • The skull photo is awesome. I like the angle you shot it at.

  • The KVUE spot was very nice, glad you got up early enough and did it. Hope to see you Sunday at the photowalk.

  • Great photos Trey, and the bejeweled skull looks creepy 😀

  • pat ramsden

    I am so impressed and so happy I found this site.. I am a very visual individual. I love all forms of art, creativity and photography is such a special way to commemorate an event, a moment in time.. Visual Haiku.. Thankyou so much for sharing what you know, and have learned, seen and experienced.

  • Hey, Bro, Hope to see you again this year on the playa!! Had a blast last year! http://www.kern-photo.com/index.php/2010/09/couples-in-love-on-the-playa/

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