Where They Dry the Fish

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We had a bunch of comments on the announcement for the iPad version of 100 Cameras in 1. Our beta-list is complete, and you should hear soon if you are on the list. We can’t get (and don’t need) everyone in… so it is a very small selection, I’m afraid. Anyway, no worries, full version will be out soon enough!

Daily Photo – Where They Dry the Fish (Ósvör in Bolungarvík)

I ate a lot of fish in Iceland. I even had rotten shark. You’ve heard of this? They bury shark and let it rot until it ferments. And then you eat it. And then you have to drink this Icelandic vodka called Brennavin or something like this. It’s lethal. I remember because I was sitting by a couple of Irish girls that were traveling flamenco dancers and they were laughing at me while I powered through this one-two combination. I don’t drink… but, it was part of the shark experience. And I think of it more as a healing potion than whatever the hell it really was.

While in the northwest fjords, I came across these little huts with intermittent slats. This is where the fisherman hang the fish to dry in the incessant sea-winds that blow up the coast. Pretty cool, eh?

High Dynamic Range Photo

  • Looks a lot like my husband’s tool shed, vegetation on the roof included. 😉

  • I love the grasses growing on the roofs, and the skies, of course. Interesting image (and story). The shark + vodka thing… you probably should be glad you drank the vodka, it probably killed the evil microbes in the rotten (ick!) shark flesh!
    We have a friend who did a lot of “friendship building” between the army and locals in Iraq- basically a lot of going to people’s houses and eating whatever they offered- he said he lived on coke because it killed the germs in the local food. If he ever didn’t get to drink cokes soon after one of those meals, he ALWAYS got sick- lol. So the moral would be “when traveling, drink heavily of alcohol and corrosive soft drinks”, I guess!

  • Very beautiful Trey. Iceland is on the top of my travel list.

  • Hehehe rotten shark – I don’t know if you visited any liquor stores in Ibiza but they sell these ‘medicinal’ Chinese liquors that have dead scorpions, lizards, snakes etc lying at the bottom of the bottle which supposedly have healing properties – i don’t believe this for a second especially when I saw the explosive reaction of a cocky holiday rep trying a shot to impress some young ladies…..not cool!

    As for being a hardcore queueing-up-guy, I can’t say i’ve ever done that for anything cool. I do know someone who travelled from Scotland to New York so they could queue up at the Apple store on 5th avenue on launch day for……a mouse – now that’s hardcore!

    Great photo again as usual – very interesting wee huts!

  • Rotten Shark… Ok, thats something I would refuse to eat, haha. My lack of taste for seafood notwithstanding, add ‘rotten’ to the equation and you have a recipe for disaster! I do drink, but to get me eating anything remotely related to the aforementioned horrors, I would have to be absolutely smashed, lol.

    Love the photo… Some older structures like these are on my list of upcoming subjects. There are a few here in Gibbston that I have my eyes on. I’ll have to jump a few fences though 😉


  • Vicki Wilson

    Great photo, you see some of the coolest stuff! It appears that the grass on the roofs must be good insulation against the cold winters there.

  • So beautiful mood in this picture. The green tones are enhanced by contrast with the grey sky. And yeah, in this image , the processing is clean.

  • Simon Morris

    Wonderful shot… nature at it’s best! Superb angle too… captures the scene perfectly! As for the rotten shark, hmmm… I’d have to pass on that one 😉

  • Dan

    What a bizarre, great story!
    And a picture to go along with it, I find it amazing. I cant eat any fish, I feel too sick thinking about it let alone the smell lol :(.

    Good luck on the iPad 2 ( I’m sure someone must be able to sort you out ).

    Also, Thanks for choosing me to try the BETA! I emailed you back at the ‘dev’ mail account.

  • Great shot as usual. I’m on my way to Iceland at the end of June. I think I’ll skip the shark but the Vodka will be at the top of my list.

  • You are FAR braver than I…I don’t think I could eat rotten anything. Great picture today, love the grass roofs!

  • Gail in Montana

    Great photo of the Fish shack, love the grass growing on the roofs, the rocks, the water, and the clouds!!!! I couldn’t eat rotten shark or drink that stuff, either!!!! Yucky!!! You are a brave soul to try that kind of food, glad you didn’t end up as a soul, lol. We would miss you toooooo much!!!!! Be careful what you try, or you’ll have to join that fellow on the Travel Channel that tries everything, even live crawly things, ugh and more yuck!!!! I can’t watch that show!!!
    Have a wonderful day and keep your stomach in good health ;-). See you tomorrow 🙂

  • Thanks all!

    Gail – yes – that guy on the Travel Channel is too crazy for me.

    Andy – Standing in line for a mouse! I wonder if it had 1 button.

    Sergio – hehe thx 🙂

  • Trey,

    I took one smell of the shark and said no way in hell. But I did watch my friend suffer through it. He ate the first piece and was dying, so we told him to take the shot to wash it down, but he said “I need to eat the second piece first, need to get my money’s worth.” We just laughed because it was $5 for the shot and two pieces of shark. Also I do have some of the Brennavin in my freezer just in case. The call it the black death and it has a black label because when they lifted probation they thought this would keep people from drinking it; but it had the exact opposite effect.

  • Craig – hehe – get his money’s worth!

  • Better to eat the sharks than be eaten by them. =)

  • Julie

    The grass on the roofs of the shacks make them look like they are sprouting from the ground. I have a hard time believing it’s for insulation though. What’s the use of insulation when there are large gaps in the wall? Really cool photo. I couldn’t have done the shark. I wouldn’t have made it past the smell.

  • Michele

    Julie – the gaps in the walls are so that air can pass through to air-dry the fish. The houses have solid walls and the grass sod insulates the roof. It’s cheaper to use than roofing materials! This is the fishing village museum just outside of Bolungarvik. There’s a colourful orange lighthouse not far from here. Just off the point, we saw a small pod of Orca cruising down the fjord. It was totally cool to see them in their natural habitat. We walked from Ísafjörður to Bolungarvik (about 16km) because we were bored and couldn’t wait for the infrequent bus. Took us about 3 hours, but it was an experience that we’ll never forget! If anyone wants to go to Iceland, I’ve written a comprehensive precis on our blog: http://mandjadventures.blogspot.com/2005/10/posts-about-iceland.html#links

  • Patrick Ahles

    Strange habits they have in Iceland, Trey! Still, would love to visit it one day! Great shot, beautifully treated!

  • Simon Morris

    Great blog Michele… excellent! 🙂

  • Rotten fish and lethal vodka?? Wow, glad you survived 😀

  • george g

    Great shot, and story. The grass on the roof looks my lawn, dandelions and all. You’re a brave man, Trey eating that rotten shark!

  • Michele

    Thanks Simon – have replied to your email! 🙂

  • hope will have a photowalk at Kuala lumpur,..

  • Terry

    Hi Trey

    I sent a post on page three of your HDR tutorial regarding some masking details. Have a look


  • thanks trey…i love this shot…now i know what they really look like…was camping a couple years ago in september 2009…was it really that long ago? my goodness…and they had these kind of houses there…now i know…it must be the same kind of design, have a nice day toay. the sun in shining and finally spring is starting to come through.

    the birds were chirping this morning, they woke me today…i wanted to see what kind of bird it was but too sleepy to check…i just went outside to check now and she’s gone…i’m sure she’ll be back 🙂

    happy sunday xoxo p.m.w

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