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Free Drobo over at HDR Spotting!

This month on, we are giving away a free Drobo! We are still in beta as we add features, and I do not give out invite codes (by design – to save me some sanity…not that it helps, everyone asks anyway). But, there are many codes out there form existing members. There are also some floating around inside the HDR groups on Flickr and Facebook, I believe. Good luck to you all, and I hope you win a Drobo!

What is a Drobo? See my Drobo Review.

Problem with the “Like” button

Can anyone help me fix the new “Like” problem on Stuck In Customs? Right now, when you “Iike” one of the daily posts here on the blog, it automatically puts a thumbnail on your Facebook wall. BUT, that thumbnail is always that green “FREE VIDEOS” (or perhaps another one) thumbnail, which is not right. And it looks lame, like a spammy-advertising thing, which it certainly is not. Anyway, how do we fix this?

Daily Photo – The Shaft

Casa Batllรณ on Passeig de Gracia is one of the most awesome places in the world. My camera was very happy (and me, by extension).

This is one of Antoni Gaudi’s masterpieces. That guy is amazing… It was certainly on my list to visit before the trip, and I did not really have enough time to spend there. And, I couldn’t use the tripod, but I don’t want to get into that discussion…just too frustrating.

“The Shaft” runs up the center of the casa. It reminds me of how each floor was a completely different visual experience. Taking photos in here was a challenge… I wanted to do the place justice.

High Dynamic Range Photo

  • The architecture, the pov and the use of symmetry are amazing. But I don’t understand Trey, why you don’t correct purple fringing and reduce more the noise !

  • Susan

    Wow! Beautiful Trey – you did do it justice!! Super shot!

  • This place looks crazy! Hope you will post some other pictures from the casa soon.
    Vote for my pics on the here and here!

  • Jason W

    It looks like your FB Open graph image meta tag is being left blank. Something is likely wrong with your WordPress theme code.

    If you look at line 46 of your source code, you will see it’s not specifying the image:

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  • Zak

    Wow the perspective threw me at first – my initial thought was that it was the cargo hold of a aircraft.

  • Simon Morris

    WOW, great capture and detail… this particular area sure is challenging however, you’ve done wonders with this one!
    Thanks for the heads up regarding a Drobo… at first I thought he was a striker for Chelsea, but now I’m wiser after reading the review ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I agree on the FB issue… Line 46 seems to be the source of the problem. Why it is choosing the “FREE VIDOES” graphic is beyond me. I think Jason is right in suggesting its a wordpress issue, but thats where my ideas run out ๐Ÿ™
    Great shot btw!

  • Gaudi’s design work is excellent – i’m familiar with him because he was someone we looked at alot during my college days. I noticed that there are some comments about noise and purple fringing but I don’t see this – perhaps as I haven’t zoomed in to take in the particulars. From what i’m seeing right before my eyes, this is another great, clear, Catalonian, camera shot – well done!

  • Blown away as usual Trey! Awesome shot mate.
    Im surprised you left the top of the shot over exposed as I thought you would of changed it. If I’m completely wrong sorry im on my iPhone half asleep hehe.

  • Great shot Trey – I’m heading to Barcelona from 4/6-4/11…how is the tripod policy in general for most of Gaudi’s works? That’s frustrating you weren’t able to use one here…did they give any particular reason? Thanks for sharing – would love to see more and possibly pick your brain for any hidden Barcelona gems!

  • Dad’s Dad

    I was thinking the line 46 source code too. Dad

  • Forgot to mention Trey, that I really enjoy your appearance on “Mostly Photo” show last week. Learned a few addition information about HDR. Thanks!

  • Thanks!

    Brian – you can use the tripod from the outside with no problem… but it is actually pretty hard to get shots from the outside.

    Matt – Thanks – glad you liked the show

    Dan – Yes – I like leaving some things off-the-chart like that at times. To me, it works here.

    Sergio – Well, really, 99.5% of people never zoom in on a photo. I already spend hours on these, and I could work on them for an eternity, really… but you gotta call it off at some point to crank out 365 new shots a year! hehe

  • Immaculate shot Trey ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Trey, I know mate that the two things require an extra effort and can be only seen at full size. But I like to see your pics at 100% to see the details. I am spending an extra time to remove selectively noise and add sharpening and I know that people doesn’t know that this require around 25 % of additional time in the edition. You are a reference for more persons in the HDR world and if we want that our world will be accepted, we need to comply with some standards about the quality. I know that you don’t like stock photography, but the rules that the inspectors have, should be follow to have copies with quality at full size. HDR has a problem with this, ‘cos tonemappers generates noise and we love the details. So we need to have a commitment between details and noise. As all things in the life, I have an opinion and you have another one. I understand ‘cos I sometimes feel that I am wasting my time in a non-creative work. But on the other hand, I know that I won’t need to review this in the future or if I need, I can review easily as I save my pics with several layers. Thing that I know you don’t do, due to you consider that the jpeg is your final copy and you will not edit it again.

  • Well I disagree that I need to “comply with standards”. To me, the standard is that if it looks relatively perfect on most people’s monitors, then that is the only standard to meet. Since over 99% of people see the photo in its glory on a website… it just has to look good enough there.

    I still sell plenty of stock photography, but very few mediums look at it at 100%. If they do, then I will do final cleanup. But since I sell stock direct, it is not really a problem.

  • As I knew, Trey , you have this criteria and I respect it. But I have mime, and doing the cleanup later will produce worst results if you haven’t got your work saved in different layers with the noise reduction and sharpening.

  • so, was this shot handheld Trey? We need HDR photographers across the globe to collaborate on some kind of 007 covert tripod like device, to help us navigate the tripod police. Or maybe just all hide em under long leather coats a la ‘The Matrix’.

    I was also thinking of buying a zimmer frame, but they’ve probably got rules for those too!

  • What a cool shot Trey! I normally stay out of these friendly “back and fourths”, but I have to agree with you on the editing comments. No matter how much time you spend on an image, you could always spend more…perfection is, quite frankly, impossible. Putting up 365 quality images a year is a lot of work.

    Also, I am currently in first on the Popular page at HDR Spotting with my image “Yesterday’s Gone”!

  • Dan

    Trey – Yeah I see what you mean ๐Ÿ™‚ It would look abit strange if it were exposed ‘normally’, Adds more mystery? and seems to make it more of an understandable realistic image. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Sergio – I think Trey has enough on his plate without spending an additional hour per edit fixing chromatic aberrations. You and I may have the luxury of saving the compete psd in it’s glory for later reference… But I have seen treys library first hand, trust me when I say it’s more complex and massive than you think ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Settle down, if 99% of your audience isnt gonna see the full res version, then it makes little sense spending 10 hours a week to make 1% of the Internet happy, lol.

  • Susan

    Way to go Eden!

  • Josh Foxworthy

    Awesome shot Trey!! This looks like a piece of architecture that could be from Alice in Wonderland. Keep up the great work.

    Thank you,

  • Serg. Baby. Seriously?
    Man I hate to crawl all the way up T-Rat’s butt – again – but come on now. The guy is killing it! I hate that I’m about to say this, but, he is his own paradigm, bro! Who else is doing what Trey is doing exactly the way that Trey is doing it? No one. It’s hard to even define what “It” is. But he’s doing IT and doing it and doing it well.
    Under the old rules in the old system you’d be right. But the scoreboard don’t lie and other than Charlie Sheen I don’t know anyone that is “WINNING!” as hard as Trey is right now.
    There are times when I see something or read something that Trey said or did and I don’t think I would have done it the same. But then I remember . . . Oh, right. Trey has Tiger Blood in his veins and he’s a major Vatican assassin, a Ninja and Warlock.
    Nothing but love for you Serg. I hate hatin’ just trying to drop my ordinance on you. A little chin music if you will.

  • post script – For the record Trey, I am one of those “nerds” you mentioned in the Mostly vid who look at every image at full size. The devil is in your detail dude. I love how clean your stuff looks no matter how tight I zoom. Don’t crush the little people for being little people bro. This, of course, adds to my deep and sincere loathing of you and your over sized cool guy bag filled with Drobo’s, prime lenses (lensi?) and multi-stamped passports.

  • Cool photo. I love Gaudi’s work, of course all of the unique architecture in Barcelona and also the cathedral in Palma de Mallorca which is really impressive, too.

  • I am just a 1% of the market that disagrees what his approach at the final stages of edition. And all are you speaking … he can do what he want cos he is so currently so known. But from my point of view, it is not an example for photographers that are beginning to not take attention for these ‘errors’. I know that a lot of the Trey’s audience are not photographers, but they are other one that are learning HDR …

    @Thelonious: Do you think that this pictures is clean ? I am not , if not I will not comment it.

  • Serg,

    You sound like a classically trained composer trying to call out The Beatles for how they made Sergeant Peppers. The arrangements aren’t even the point. I don’t look at Trey as a photographer much like I don’t think about Andy Warhol as a painter. You need to relax Serg. Come to Austin for SXSW. I know a bongo player that’ll get naked and help you work it all out. OK Bro?

  • BTW – Serg.

    I’ve seen some of your work over at the Servalpe Photography site.
    You make really beautiful images and yes, they are very clean.
    Well done brother.

  • I am relaxed @Thelonious. I know through Twitter or Flickr, a lot of the Austin HDR community. Trey knows some of my work as I was one of the winners of the HDR international Day, last year. As a newbie I am just giving my opinion with my experience for the best of HDR commnunity to be more accepted. Because I am learning, I see the mistakes that I made in the past with the excessive noise and oversharpening. I know as I have done and do that Trey is a reference in this world. I am not rejecting the Trey visual style, just what I am mentioning. In fact, see the daily pic (9-mar-2011) and it is clean. why ?

    Thanks for your comment about my photography … I am trying to do my best and I am still learning and learning ..

  • Thx for good discussion.

    Servalpe — you say that noise and oversharpening are mistakes. Not always… if you think they are mistakes, then they are mistakes. But don’t let other photographers tell you they are mistakes. They can make critical and helpful suggestions — but sometimes when you get too much feedback on Flickr and stuff and take it to heart, it can make you second-guess yourself too much.

    So here I am, today… a guy that doesn’t really care about noise or chromatic aberrations… this sort of thing. I think this is because I do always listen to feedback from other photographers, but I don’t take anything personally, so it does not affect me at a deep level.

  • Great shoot Trey ! Very nice POV here and composition !

  • Patrick Ahles

    Trey, this is great! I really love Gaudรญ. The POV is super.

  • Dan

    Fight Fight Fight Fight! Hahahaha… I think Sergio may just be simply hinting that your a ‘dirty man’ in a photography language and that he really deeply feels passion for you. ๐Ÿ˜› All joking aside I have to say if I were in Trey’s boots I’d do the same.

    Or – ( Just had a thought )

    Edit a bunch of images, then create an ‘Automate’ option in Photoshop to go through and reduce the noise in all the images automatically?! Yeah some will need more noise removal/less but ”It’ll Do”. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • noise is ok for me with this size, but this purple fringing, seriously, noooo way, please, this shot is great but you must clean this ๐Ÿ™‚

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