Jack Horner De-choppering

Less than a week until the big PhotoWalk!

Coming up this Sunday is the PhotoWalk here in Austin! It’s a family-friendly event, so feel free to bring your kids and this sort of thing. We’re just walking together in one big group through the streets of Austin, having a good old time.

See Event Details on Plancast here. It’s totally free, and you don’t need a SXSW badge to attend. I’m looking forward to it!

EG Conference – About a Month Away

So, today’s photo is Jack Horner, the famous paleontologist (dinosaur-guy). He’s also speaking at the EG Conference in Monterey with me. The tickets are a little pricey (about $4,000 per person), and I think there are some remaining on the conference website.

Daily Photo – Jack Horner De-choppering

This is another picture from that mysterious ranch in Montana that I hint at from time to time. The only way to get there is a 3 to 4 hour horse ride or to take a private helicopter over the Rockies… it descends into a secret green valley… something right out of Galt’s Gulch.

Every few days, new guests arrive and depart. And, on this day, the chopper brought in the great Jack Horner. He’s one of those guys that’s awesome and doesn’t even try to be. He just is. Later that night, he gave a talk in front of everyone about some of his new discoveries in the world of dinosaurs. It turns out that Triceratops and Torosaurus are the same dinosaur! Cool. He had shown me research a year earlier at his underground (literally) lab in Montana that rests underneath the dinosaur museum. He had huge computer screens showing the bone histology, and how it changes as the dinosaurs age. Very interesting stuff.

High Dynamic Range Photo

  • Susan

    What a great and interesting guy – love his smile!

  • I can’t believe you just slipped in a “Galt’s Gulch” reference. :)!!! Oh yeah… about the photo… (lol) great greens and just the right amount of blur in the background. Jack Horner must be an amazing man to talk to, you get some great experiences in your travels!

  • Deron

    I can’t believe they missed that for so long!

  • He certainly has that paleontologist look about him doesn’t he! That sort of smile that tells you he loves what he does, it’s how I get when I nail a line of code, diagnose a tricky Mac problem or find that perfect shot I’ve been seeking. My new carbon-fiber tripod arrived today, so I can finally get back out in the wilderness and stop uploading initially rejected shots like this:
    And Trey, you know you also fall into the ‘awesome-wihout-trying-to-be’ category right? Haha…

  • I wish I could make that sort of entrance to my work every day 🙂 It would also be cool to have a mesh Trucker hat with some sort of campaign patch sewn in to it as part of our uniform just like Jack’s – that would make me wan’t to get up in the morning!

    I’m impressed that Torosaurs and Triceratops are the same beastie although just looking at them you could tell they are very closely related. I havce no secret undergorund lab so all my paleontology research comes from watching numerous monster movies and playing the ‘Jurassic Park : Operation Genesis’ video game on the PS2 hehe!

  • Simon Morris

    Echoing Kelley’s comment about the greens and bokeh… I agree, superb! Jack looks a great character… bet he can tell a tale or five!

  • Is “de-choppering” a word? hehe. Great candid shot Trey!

  • Gail in Montana

    Wow, Trey, what a privilege to meet Jack!!! In my next life I want to be an archeologist/paleontologist!!! What a discovery!!! And we haven’t even been to the dinosaur digs or museum here in Montana, shame on us!! Thanks for sharing the photo of Jack de-choppering! I’ll be there for the photo walk, lol, wishing!!! Have a great Monday! 🙂

  • hehe thanks…

    Keith – I might be a word. In awesome-land – haha

  • I hope I’m important enough someday to make an entrance like that… Listening to talk about dinosaurs sounds like a good time.

  • Travis;-P

    Love the Atlas Shrugged reference…the long awaited movie comes out April 15 2011. It’s about time!

  • Louis

    Great shot, the framing and subject are awesome, but the green/yellowish background is a bit heavy on saturation imo.

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