Crossing Tower Bridge in the Rain

Now Starring You

When I was out in California recently, I met Om Malik, the guy behind I didn’t really know what to expect. I got the vibe that he was either a long-time fan or a new one…either way, he could not have been nicer. And, of course, I was a fan of his too, since I’m a tech-news junkie. Anyhoo, we talked about all sorts of things, and he ended up writing a story called “Now Starring You in a Movie About You“.
High Dynamic Range Photo
While I was there in SF, I ended up stringing a bunch of little meetings together. A few hours later, I was still at Om’s secret hideout coffee-shop, and Frederick Van from This Week in Photo came over to get me on video (will be posted soon). While we were recording the video out in the little garden area, Om came right back out with another one of his tech paramours and sat at the table beside us. He has a knowing nod and wry smile that kind of sets you at ease…

HDR Tip #7 – the Last One

Today’s final one is Tips from the Clubhouse in my contribution to the week of HDR Tips with Rick Sammon. We have a private area here of StuckInCustoms that people get access too when they get the HDR Tutorial on Video. I asked them for some of their thoughts, and got some good ones back!

Did you miss the other tips?  Here they are, listed out:

Daily Photo – Crossing Tower Bridge in the Rain

My bulbous 14-24 lens is a problem in the rain! If you haven’t seen the Nikon 14-24 (see my Nikon 14-24 Review) before, then most people think it is a fish-eye lens, but it isn’t. The apex of the glass juts out almost just beyond the tiny bayonet, and it seems to suck rain drops into it! I’m always wiping down that dang thing.

But… here’s another little hint. That lens can shoot at F/2.8. That means you can focus on infinity for most of your landscape shots, and you’ll only see a few, if any, raindrops that form on the lens. It’s a very nifty trick! And, with a wide-angle lens, infinity ain’t that far away.

High Dynamic Range Photo

  • Love the turquoise on the bridge and the shine on the walkway. Nice composition.

  • Susan

    Love the sky and the tower and the color here Trey – cool shot! Looking forward to your interviews!

  • Tom

    Awesome! Impressive Trey, Did you get any good shots of Christchurch while there? Being from NZ it would be good to see what you managed to capture of the Beautiful city during the rough time we are having at the moment!

  • Patrick Ahles

    Nice POV!

  • I think the movement of the vehicle on the rest is excellent – I always like to get movement in my HDR’s – whether it’s vehicles, clouds or people – it adds so much more zing to the image. I also think my Ultra-wide angle lens is grest – i love graphic novels and I always like the similar comic-book style feel i get to the lines in images I take photos with mine.

    Here’s one that I took recently that includes all the elements I mentioned above – minus the rain which is unusual for Glasgow…..

  • PS – Excuse my poor grammar/spelling – i’m just up and haven’t had a cup of tea yet to waken me up hehe

  • Lovely!

    A couple of other shots of the bridge that I like are and

  • Gail in Montana

    [email protected] Andy Bird. Glad I never make an typing errors, ha. Great job on the photo of the real London Bridge. Love the colors, water, action from the people walking and cars. We have been on the fake London Bridge(if my hubby was up, he could tell me where), and walked across it. I remember we ate at a Red Robin while there, then I see we have one at our mall here in Missoula, so that’s great. I told the story on facebook about our power outage incident with the Transportation Department. Hopefully, you and your Mom saw it there. Anyway, thanks for sharing London Bridge with us. Great job as always. Have a wonderful Sunday!!! 🙂

  • Thanks all – hope you are having a good Sunday too!

    Tom – Yes I have some of Christchurch… it would be good to process some soon.

  • Love the movement in this one. The color really pops too. Awesome!

  • Simon Morris

    Thanks Trey for the week long tips… I’ve made a mental note, especially about practicing single RAW HDR! Talking of which, I recently purchased a 50mm prime (f/1.8) to use solely for street photographing whilst out and about.
    Wonderful shot of Tower Bridge… the blues look amazing, especially when matched against the London skyline, as shown to the left of the image… excellent!
    Andy B – I’m not falling for that one… I know what you Glaswegians are like, so I’m guessing you’ve just strolled in from the pub after a night on the ‘toon’ 😉

  • Hehe I wish Simon – Glasgow is ashamed of my lame drinking prowess…..

  • I love these street scenes with HDR – it adds to the dynamisim already. How nice of London City council to paint Tower Bridge with that nice blue 🙂

  • Hi
    This is an interesting photo I and love your web pages. I will have to research HDR photography some more. I think creativity is all about inspiration and working from an unconscious level but also having belief in yourself to try whats new or different. I love creative spirit and write about it on my blog and in my books on artistic process [ which include some of my art and photography] on and

    Lyne Marshall artist and author´s last blog ..Finding the right combination

  • Great shot, love how even on a gloomy day, it pops…nice color. What mm was your camera at?


  • Big T –
    I always seem to be asking these fairly obvious questions. But . . . is the tower leaning off tot he left due to the wide angle lens and the fact that you and the tower are not centered on each other? The horizon is fine, so I am assuming that like Hans’s light fixtures that leaned out on the ceiling the lens is the answer.
    Really looking forward to the South By’ photowalk.


  • THanks!

    Gonzo — yes — Wide-angles — when you aim them up a bit, everything leans in. I think it looks cool, although some people really hate it.

  • Great shot! I love the motion here, unfortunately there aren’t really any bridges nearby where I can capture this sort of thing without getting killed by the mad tourists behind the wheel, haha.
    Was a good read with all the HDR Tips this week, looking forward to more of this stuff!

  • Simon Morris

    Thelonious – Trey’s right, it’s simply caused by tilting your camera up or down which results in ‘converging’ or ‘diverging’ lines… try Googling the two for more details 😉

  • Great photo, I like how the people and cars being blurred causes the bridge to pop out more.

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