The Terminal

Want some Awesome Aperture Presets and Goodies?

Do any of you use Aperture to organize your photos? If so, my friend Joseph Linaschke, has released some New Aperture Presets with my Textures. Really amazing stuff… After you follow that link, just click on “Adjustment Presets” and you’ll be in the right area.

Joseph plucked some of his favorite textures out of my texture tutorial package and integrated them into those presets. It’s a pretty dang simple way to use them!

Besides the presets, Joseph has all other kinds of goodies in there too… ebooks and a little bit of everything. He wrote that remarkable ebook for about the Canon camera, so he’s a real pro. His stuff is the EXACT opposite of mine! I’m Nikon/Lightroom, and he’s Canon/Aperture. But we get along fine… like ebony and ivory.

HDR Tips Continue!

High Dynamic Range PhotoHere we are on day 3 of a week of HDR Tips with Rick. Today’s Tip #3 is “Leave Some Mystery”.

You might remember this shot on the right from Nimes, France. It is of an old Roman colosseum where they still have bullfights and concerts. I was thinking about visiting my friend Fabien (the website designer) this summer to see Sting there. It’s supposed to be an amazing place to see live music.

Daily Photo – The Terminal

You guys know I love the Asian airports. I can’t quite figure out why they are all so awesome. I suppose that the government just pours a ton of money into them. But, I don’t really understand the economics of airports, even though I spend a lot of time in them. I know the airlines have to lease the gates, so that provides a regular income, but probably not enough to pay back the billion dollar pricetag to get it built. I’m pretty sure there is a lot of incestuous stuff that goes on… I know some giant Asian airlines are subsidized by the government, which in turn give money to airports that are owned partially by the government, and it all gets more messy from there. I suppose I’m just used to the government doing everything badly here.

This is one of the smaller terminals in Beijing. The main terminal is huge, and you get to this one after you pass through security. The floors are so glossy, I feel like wearing ice skates!

High Dynamic Range Photo

  • Susan

    Super cool shot Trey – looks like it goes on forever! Yes, the floors do look so glossy! Enjoyed the podcast – awesome!

  • did they allow you to set up a tri pod?

  • Recently I’ve been finding airports rather bland and grey and headache inducing. Maybe ity’s just the ones i’ve been stuck in but somehow you’ve made all that steel and glass look pretty darned interesting – great work.

    I know that a few of you might have already seen these but I recently added a few photos of my drawings on flickr. If you fancy a look i’ve posted the link below…..

  • Simon Morris

    You’re right about Asian airports Trey, they’re amazing places and always spotlessly clean… my favourite has to be Singapore’s Changi Airport, just superb!
    Excellent comments mentioned in Tip #3 especially the hint about some photographers trying to achieve perfection… as we all know, it doesn’t exist!
    Andy – your drawings are quite simply stunning… very impressed 🙂

  • Simon I agree – I was at Singapore’s airport in 2003. I went to the men’s room there that had a waterfall and a little guy in a suit handing me soap and fresh towels. I was sure I had strayed into some VIP lounge by accident but as it turned out it was the normal men’s room. The place was immaculate and kind of makes me wish now that I had strayed into a VIP area – that would have been a sight to behold…..

  • Patrick Ahles

    Love the colors in this one! And everything is so shiny!

  • Thanks!

    Andy – hehe I know what you mean – and thanks for your cool links

    Ken – yes the Beijing airport has NO problem with tripods at all

  • I like the lines in this one. More great tips, thanks!

  • Amazing shot Trey, I’m loving those bright red an orange lines contrasting to the aqua color on the left.

  • I love this photo. The floor looks fantastic but that isn’t my favorite part of the picture I really like the cemetery and the color.

  • John

    Great Shot Trey-

    I know I have said this before but you need to check out the Madrid international airport. This picture reminds me of it a little except the Madrid’s airport ceiling is a giant wave…if that makes any sense. I have no idea if they would allow you to use a tripod or not there.

  • vfx

    Airports are big and glamorous because they are the first impressions of a city. Just like the spectacular old train stations and even quite a few not-so-old main hub bus stations (all quite photograph-able) Cities invest in having travelers enter a giant impressive space to create a sense of indelible awe.

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