Tableau Vivant of California Dudes

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The Egg Beijing

Today I’m talking about reflections, and new ways of planning for them in HDR situations. Rick Sammon has his new tip as well. For more, go see HDR Tip #2, along with links over to Rick’s blog.

I’ve always said there is no “right” way to make art, and I enjoy seeing other perspectives on it too — and I’m sure you’ll agree. Sometimes when I watch other people do things, I get a little confused and mistakenly see things. But I find that those mistakes make me think about things in a new way, so you never quite know where learning will take you.

Daily Photo – Tableau Vivant of California Dudes

I’ve had a nice ten days or so here in California. I started in LA, went up to San Francisco, then came back down here just before the Oscars. My agent invited me to some fancy-schmancy party in Hollywood. It was quite a problem to figure out what to wear to something like that. I felt like a girl. I mean, with the confused-about-what-to-wear thing… this is not something I usually think that much about.

It was interesting and fun. I didn’t even really fit in… here’s the basic conversation: “Are you a director?” No. “Are you an actor?” No. “Oh, you must be a producer!?” No.

But that night, I ended up staying at the Hotel California. I put a little photo there to the right… I found out I could check out any time I liked but…

And for our California photo below, here’s a bunch of guys that I guess have nothing better to do than walk around the beach all day with incredible bodies. Since I don’t have this, I can only rely on my personality, which frankly runs out after about five minutes.

High Dynamic Range Photography

  • Susan

    Wow! Finally something for the girls in the audience! Yep they are all looking good – but you are being modest Trey! Thanks for the eye candy!(do they really have lots of mirrors and pink champagne at the Hotel California??):)

  • Blah. They are all in speedos… competition time. No real Californian boy would willingly walk around in a speedo, unless they were on a swim team or something! But really, to focus… I love the blue tones here, you got a great sort of bleached look to the sky and the people, it’s a good image.

  • If that dude interupted you anymore I was going to reach thru the monitor and slap him! Holy Cow he wouldn’t let you finish a thought even when you were answering his questions. Great info though and how awesome is Lisa? Really awesome. Love her.

  • Haha it’s just like looking in the mirror – awesome!

    I like today’s tip – reflections I seem to be good at incorporating into my HDR’s. In the past I used to get bogged down trying to emulate what other people were doing or saying rather than learning on my own especially with my photography. I’ve read several photography handbooks and really learned nothing compared to what I learned making my own mistakes.

    Here’s some recent images i created that include reflections…..

  • Simon Morris

    Hmmm… I’m assuming the women’s race will be uploaded tomorrow πŸ˜‰

  • Patrick Ahles

    Hmm, I’m with Simon! πŸ˜›

    Nice shot!

    @Gonzo: yeah, Leo tends to do that. But I think he is a nice guy, he just wants everyone to understand what is going on!

  • Gail in Montana

    Wow Trey, I watched part of the video. It is amazing what you have done in just 5 years!!!!! I thought you had been taking photos for years. I agree with what your Mom said!! Nice eye candy photo, I’m not to old to appreciate this, lol. πŸ˜‰ I have two meetings today, or I would watch all of the video!!! What I saw was very interesting. Maybe I will revisit it tomorrow. Have a wonderful day. We have at least 5″ of snow on the ground so far this morning, going to be sloppy when I go to my first meeting as it is going to warm up!!! FUN, FUN, and more FUN, ha. See you tomorrow, I hope. πŸ™‚

  • I really like the Daily Tips! Great idea.
    Not so sure about the shirtless dudes. Yes ladies, I’m a hypocrite. lol.

  • There are a couple of ladies in the picture but unfortunately they are behind the guys or in shadow. I’m really perplexed by the seemingly THOUSANDS of popsicle sticks in the foreground to the right!? Trey, was this a single RAW?

  • Thanks!

    Scott – yes this is a single raw

  • Hey Trey – I can relate to your experience at the party in Hollywood. I worked in the film biz for years and attended many of those parties where I met celebs like John Travolta and Robin Williams. Just consider yourself to be a celebrity and you will draw the attention of Hollywood players, and before you know it they will be commissioning you to photograph their mansions and their super cars.



  • Z

    I agree with Thelonious Gonzo above. The guy interrupted you way too much! But, otherwise it was great. πŸ™‚

    And I love the photograph. It has a nice summery bleached look.

  • Trey, the podcast was really great. The information was great, the only problem I had with it was nothing you could do anything about…Leo constantly interrupting both you & Lisa (I think he really enjoys the sound of his own voice – LOL!). Drove me nuts, especially since interrupting is my pet peeve. Anyway…besides that, I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned some things as well! I will tune in again. Thank you!

  • Hampus R

    Awesome show. Was this live? Because i’d love to see it live πŸ˜€

  • The host of MostlyPhoto needs to learn how to listen a bit better. Just as you were about to drop some nugget of wisdom, he would cut you off. Very frustrating, but maybe he was just nervous about the first show. Alas, I always appreciate these video interviews you post.

  • Carter

    I agree Pathos (and others), but Leo nervous, hardly. He just likes to talk a lot. A LOT. =) But that’s the biz he’s in.

  • Ro

    I have to disagree with some of you. I think Leo was trying to break it down to simple terms and explain the steps in detail.

  • haha.. that kind of sucks about not fitting in.. but I’m sure you still had some fun :]

    And as for the California guys.. I guess it’s the same thing pretty much anywhere (well.. maybe not Northern Russia or something..), boys showing off in the sun! haha

  • Anton Broberg Holm

    The MostlyPhoto show was really interesting… hope you join there again! πŸ™‚

  • Nice podcast. As a “Pulp Fiction” fan, love Leo Laporte at 0:41:48 of the video exclaiming, “of course the GIMP could do this…” LOL! Love it!

  • Anonymous

    This could have been great, but the host does not let guests finish their comments.
    Someone tell him to be quiet and let the guests talk!

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