A Week of HDR Tips!

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A Week of HDR Tips!

I’ve got a special thing-thing for you this week! A special week of HDR tips! Rick Sammon and I are doing this thing together for fun, and I hope it helps give you some good ideas to take your art in new directions. 

Go see HDR Tip #1, along with links over to Rick’s blog as well!

This first tip is entitled, “Create Your Own Future”.

High Dynamic Range Photo


Daily Photo – A Gentle Stream Through New Zealand

All this news out of New Zealand is still upsetting. I’ve got a lot of contacts and friends down there… and I know it’s a rough time. Not much I can do… feel a little useless… so about the best I can do is post some serene and gentle photos of the nicer side of nature. I hope all my friends down there find it gets a little easier as the days move forward.

High Dynamic Range Photography

  • Patrick Ahles

    Nice composition, but the greens are a bit to yellow for my taste. What’s this golden glow on the mountain side?

  • Dad’s Dad

    I know the feeling. Helpless at best.

  • Simon Morris

    Thanks Trey, it’s much appreciated… a peaceful scene from this beautiful part of the world.
    We live in the township of Rangiora, 30km north of Christchurch and thank ourselves incredibly lucky to be completely unaffected after Tuesday’s devastating quake. The Cantabrian spirit is strong and it’s people will make it through this difficult period… our thoughts are with those that have lost loved one’s, and we still have hope for miracles of rescue over the coming days!

  • Great landscape Trey – just to echo Patrick what is the light source on the mountainside – surely it can’t be Gandalf rugby tackling the Balrog of the peak hehe? I find it hard to get that feeling of movement in the water during daylight conditions. My images usually end up overexposed when I do this – i need to figure it out.

  • Very blissfull! Also what the hell is thst glow? Fire? Lens flare? Lol. And Andy, google ND filters 🙂 thats one way you can make sure you can keep the shutter open without it over exposing during the day. Funny you mention that and Trey doing the Tip week, as Last week I’ve started doing a Tip/tutorial a day on my site, and todays is going to be all about ND filters and stopping light :). You should check them out http://www.danroads.com/photography2/tutorials/

  • Dan I looked into ND filters but have held off getting one – i always reckoned I could maybe get round such a purchase using HDR but i’ll maybe need to rethink my strategy – cheers for the heads up!

  • Gail in Montana

    You know I love this one, Trey!!! It’s on my desktop now. Very beautiful and peaceful. I hope it brings peace to your friends, some of which have become my friends on flickr, in Australia. It looks like that glow is just sunshine, right? I hope it wasn’t fire. I looked at the 0 size and it looks like the sun is just reflecting off the rocks up there. With our mountains having much more than 100% of snowfall this winter(it’s been long enough), hopefully, we won’t have to many fires this summer, depending on the number of dry thunderstorms that come through. Have a wonderful week, everyone. Take care and God bless. Let’s hope we don’t have any quakes, other major catastrophies, or volcanoes in the news this week!!!! 🙂

  • Love the pastel skies. So much to see in this one, really draws my eye up and down.

  • Susan

    Beautiful and peaceful Trey – love the stream – be fun to have a house by one so you could listen to it at night!

  • Lovely peaceful scene! Thanks for sharing one of your New Zealand photos. My thoughts are with the all folks in New New Zealand and with those that have lost loved one’s. Hoping for more peaceful days ahead!

  • Nick

    Been reading a lot about the data about users that apps collect and share with the rest of the world. What is the story with your app?

  • Dan

    Trey, I think your mothers hinting her a next Christmas present there! 😛 hehehe

  • Thanks!

    Nick- yes we have all that data, but we don’t really share it openly. The app is doing great and is extremely profitable… so everyone around here is happy. It all exceeded our expectations even in the first month.

    As for that yellow bit – it was a slice of the sun coming through at the end of the day.

  • I know that river, excellent! Those slices of sun on the mountains are typical of fiordland.
    The situation in Christchurch is indeed a horrible one, and I think a lot of people feel a bit helpless… But everyone is staying strong and doing their best to pull through.

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  • David

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