The Saucer Section Separates

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Since today’s photo has a reference to the great series of yore, I thought I would share a few of these videos. You may remember this episode on the right. It’s one of those special episodes you just can’t get out of your head.
And who could forget the comic stylings of Geordi and his wacky sidekick Data? When those two get together, you never quite know what will happen.

Even better, when you mix in the softly-bearded Riker, he can take things to a whole new level of unexpected heights. That show was genius…pure genius.

The Saucer Section Separates

You know you were in for something special whenever the Enterprise got into one of those situations where the saucer section would separate from the warp nacelles. It always happened in the most extreme situations, and there was always a vital emergency. But the actual separation process seemed to involve about four minutes of special effects, which was surely long enough for the Borg to assimilate everyone.

What would have been better, in retrospect, was if the Borg would just assimilate the special effects department and modernize it a bit.

Can anyone figure out from where this photo actually hails (ahem).

High Dynamic Range Photography

  • Hi Trey,
    This looks like the roof from within theNational center for peforming arts in Beijing

  • Susan

    Awesome shot Trey – the lights and the ceiling – really wonderful!

  • it’s lovely, wherever it is!

  • Haha, excellent… I didn’t see much of Star Trek (Trey gave me a hard time in that video I filmed for him, lol) but I did like the scenes with the saucer separation, if only it happened more often! Love the photo also… Architecture like this is always stunning!

  • Damien Stenson

    I’d go for the National Centre for Performing arts in BeiJing alos Trey.

  • This is in fact the main reactor for the most recently constructed Death Star if i’m not mistaken…..rumour has that since Palpatine was thrown into the last one the remnants of the Empire softened and replaced their harsh, grey interiors for a more softer, homely feel.

    My favourite Star Trek TNG thing was when Captain Picard order his cup of tea – “Earl Grey – Hot!” – sad I know but it instantly struck a chord with my inner tea-fanatic….brilliant post today Trey!

  • This is a beautiful photo. Surely it’s the place you are taking your family for the Earth exodus of Dec. 2012. Assuming you were chosen… who am I kidding? Of course you were chosen. See you there!

  • Gail in Montana

    LOL to some of the comments above!! I have no idea where the photo was taken. But I like Cliff’s comment about 2012. All the signs are there. What a co-incidence that so many prophetic sources say that’s when it will happen. Guess we’ll all find out, lol. Maybe Yellowstone and all the other volcanoes on the earth are going to blow at once! Sianara(Splg?), see you on the other side ;-). Anway, interesting photo, are you going to tell us the answer tomorrow????? Please????, lol, thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • That looks absolutely beautiful and amazing at the same time, is that even possible?

  • Patrick Ahles

    This is proof UFOs do exist!

  • Tom in BC

    Beijing Schmeijing… it’s the new Klingon Hall of Warriors. Bigger with better lighting.
    BYO Bat’leth

  • Dave C

    No, no, no…. This is obviously a closeup of the professor’s flux- capacitor inside the DeLorean while traveling exactly 88 MPH

  • Awesome pic! TNG was the best. Did you ever go to the Star Trek The Experience in Vegas?

  • You guys are all over it, but you are missing it entirely.
    These are obviously ancient Mayan ruins. Trey went into the near future and captured the aliens, AKA – our forefathers, coming back in time to write out the rest of the calendar that they forgot to complete last time around starting with December 13th of 2012. The stage crew of ELO obviously now works for the advanced future/past humans. This explains why Jeff Lynn has been hopping around from group to group since the release of Xanadu starring Olivia Newton John – Also an advanced super human.

    Thelonios Gonzo!

  • At the bottom of the Mayan ruins you can plainly see the acronym O.P.E.R.A., WHICH AS EVERYONE KNOWS STAND FOR – Old-earth Progenitors Eclipsing Ruins Abstractly


    As always – the lessons are free.

  • hehe hilarious.. thx all!

    Jake – you know I did that!

  • Hmm, let me guess. Is it someplace I’ve never visited? ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  • marc in calgary

    I’ve looked all over the Hale site and can’t see anything similar… but I’m going with that anyways, the “ahem” is just too much “in your face” to ignore.
    … hmmmm….

  • hehe thanks… yes the spot is indeed the National center for peforming arts in Beijing

  • Graeme Bray

    I love how everyone is being so formal and calling it the National Centre for the Performing Arts in Beijing.

    However for anyone and everyone who has every lived there, it is THE EGG. Amazing building, no visible doors and the entrance is along a glass roofed tunnel under a lake, to get to the great space inside where this picture was taken. No shortage of picture options there.

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