Heart of Skulls

Walk Along With Me – Hi-Def Audio

So, I got this awesome new super-hi-def audio recorder for Christmas. I decided to try it out yesterday while I was near China Cove, just south of Carmel. This is a little 4-minute audio sample… put on some earphones… you won’t believe how you can hear the surf, the birds, and everything…

Audio Link to Trey at China Cove

Question to clever bloggers — what is the best WordPress plugin I can use to put a simple player-widget there instead?

Daily Photo – Heart of Skulls

This one is somewhat macabre, but it’s still something worth seeing.

Under Paris are the infamous catacombs. I had a vague idea what it would be like, but it was an entire order of magnitude more intense than I expected! I thought, perhaps, there would be a few places with a whole bunch of bones, but it just went on and on and on and on. You have no idea (unless you have been there too). There were hundreds of yards of one kind of human bone followed by another hundred yards of another kind of bone. They used skulls for all sorts of decorations, including this embedded heart.

High Dynamic Range Photography

  • whoa. where did they find all these bones?

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  • Thats just unbelievable… I imagine its quite surreal to be down there, no matter how much its geared as a tourism attraction. Remains are still remains, no matter which way you spin it.

  • Sometime I think you have to see these places for yourself to believe they really do exist – unbelievable!

  • Simon Morris

    Hmmm… after all whats going on 30km down the road in Christchurch, I was hoping for one of your stunning sunrise/sunset images!
    C’mon Trey, cheer us all up 😉

  • Trey – the catacombs made me buy my first pro camera! I went down there 3 years ago with my girlfriend on a visit to Paris, and not only did my point-and-shoot Sony camera die an hours later (the LCD display stopped working, moisture maybe?) the pictures came out grainy and terrible, since they do not allow the use of a flash. I wasn’t going to let that happen again, so I started taking my hardware, and how to use it, more seriously 🙂

  • I agree with Simon there are many of these places in italy where they decorate the walls in certian parts of the church, they all belong to the monks of that order.All the Churches that i saw in Italy gave me a chill. There was off the beaten track some spooky room in one of them.Enough said,cheer us up trey.

  • Symont

    I usually go the other way around: sound sampling with some pictures on the side. Nicer ones though since I hooked up on this blog! Is your new toy a Zoom H1 or the like… or you’re already one or two notches higher?

  • Gail in Montana

    I didn’t hear the audio, because of a problem I’m having on my laptop with Windows Media Player, so I will look at the blog again on the PC after TOPS. HP is trying to help me, but no success yet. I have to get back with them. I didn’t save the photo, lol, but it is neat. Great job on taking a photo of spooky place!! Thanks for sharing, I think, lol. Have a great Thursday. Hope it’s warmer where you all are!!!!! 🙂

  • Dad’s Dad

    Audio is great. Could even hear you breathing a little hard as you walked. Remember, don’t set it down on china with the earphones on.

  • Hey Trey! I have posted audio with several of my photos and have found that Soundcloud is the best option for me. They have WP sharing built right in! It is really quite slick. Here is an example of how it ends up looking/sounding: http://www.mostlythecoast.com/archives/1892


  • I should add that if you sign up for a pro account on soundcloud you will have a few different options for the appearance of the player itself. The one on the example above is the default (only allows simple colour changes)

  • Brian

    Sounds like there is some phasing issues with the sound or it could just be that you are moving your head around while talking.

  • Definitely one creepy place. I don’t know if I could handle it down there!

  • That is so creepy and cool and morbid and cool and wicked…did I mention cool?

  • One of my favorite macabre experiences was visiting the fascinating Kostnice Church in Kutna Hora, Czech Republic about an hour out of Prague. Definitely worth a visit if in the area.

  • casusan

    Cool shot Trey! Know your presentation will be great today at Adobe – good luck!

  • Aman

    RE: hi-def sound recorder

    Hi Trey, which sound recorder did you use at China Cove? I know of two, the Sony PCM-M10 and Olympus LS-11 – I have the Olympus LS-10 [just love it] and I take it with me on all my vacations. Just curious to what you’re using – Thanks!

  • soundcloud! upload then you can embed on this here website

  • there are examples on my blog, click my name (check out the muzik too!)

  • Cool!! I have this crazy feeling for skeletons and skulls (it’s crazy, I said!)
    Loved this pic.. so coooool Trey

  • JennaLis

    Beautiful. I have a photo of the same thing (albeit, not as well taken).
    The catacombs are a remarkable place & so is the story.

    For those who haven’t heard of the Parisian catacombs, here’s a very quick run-down:
    Paris is a quarry city. There are oodles of underground tunnels, which the city was built upon.

    In the late 1800s, there was a graveyard (roughly translated to the Graveyard of the Innocence – there may be errors in this story… it has been 5yrs since I was there) and the decomposition from the bodies was polluting the water for the neighbourhood next door.

    It was decided to exhume the bodies, and the bones ended up getting stored in some guys’ castle basement for a few years. Eventually the decision had to be made on what to do with all the bones from this cemetary.

    Over the course of several years, they were placed in a section of the old quarry tunnels, the catacombs. This fellow took years to set them all up, and decorated the tunnels with the bones.

    A priest blessed the catacombs, so all the souls would rest in peace. Or pieces, as it happened to be. No order was kept, so Jean-Marc’s arm could be in one tunnel, his femur in the next, and skull in the other. He wasn’t put with his wife or children. But, a priest blessed it. So they are together in all eternity, right…? Right?

    The catacombs were opened to the public & have been open for nearly a century (I believe… again, real facts are fuzzy… you can look stuff up if you want accurate details).

    They’re a beautiful place to visit, and also rather haunting.

  • wow, this is amazing. I didn’t know about this place. I’m going to Paris in August this year, I’ll try to go there. It’s so fascinating.

  • Thanks everyone.

    Simon & other NZ friends – yes I will try to post a pretty, serene photo soon – I’m on the road and didn’t bring a lot of those…

    Jenna – thanks for all that info!

    Soundcloud sounds great!

    Aman – I don’t know the model – will have to see!

  • This is such a great place. I have been there many years ago. But I really want to go back some time soon. Thanks for showing the picture. It is a great aspect of the place.

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