80 Days – 8,000 Photos

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New Video: 80 Days – 8,000 Photos

So… I had an idea that I decided to execute on in my most recent round-the-world trip. Here it is. The name of the video pretty much tells the tale… so, rather then tell you what you are about to see and then show it to you, I’ll just show it to you. Enjoy!

1) I’ve gotten comments/tweets asking how I did all of this. Some may have guessed, but I will endeavor to create a “making of” video in the next month or so for you. It’s a very fun technique that anyone can do.
2) Many people have asked to stop on various photos to see them. I will be pulling out my favorites for future posts in high-res, but if you want to see now, you may have noticed that it’s hard on YouTube. Try the Vimeo version of the video, which is higher quality. You still can’t go frame-by-frame, but maybe it is a bit better quality.

  • Mark Herring

    Hey Trey that’s fantastic felt like I was zooming. I actually recognized some of those place especially the spain and NZ parts. Loved the Schnauzer. Great work .

  • Susan
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  • That’s interesting. The thing I liked about it was getting some insight to a lot of the shots you make that likely won’t be featured here as one of your images. Looking at it as a whole, it’s an interesting journey.

    However, the frustrating part is that there were a lot of times when I just wanted it to stop so I could really examine an image. I know that wasn’t the point, but there was a lot to learn in some of those shots and they just zoom by rather quickly. Maybe I’ll try to catch some of them tomorrow when I’m not sleep deprived.

  • Lovely! I really liked how you mixed still photos with so much video… it looked hectic (as I’m sure you meant it to look) and exciting. I feel just like William, I would have liked to stop it over and over again to view stuff.
    Your videos seem to be becoming more prominent and more a part of your work… is “Stuck in Motion” going to be growing in interesting directions in the near future? πŸ˜€
    I can’t imagine processing that many photos. You have kids and a family… how do you do it? lol.
    Thanks for sharing it, loved it.

  • Sam

    An awesome composition, and the music is perfect!

  • Amazing stuff Trey! You outdid yourself; again! Its a small-big world — thanks for bringing it to us.

  • What a great work, very well done. The music, the pictures and the videos fit together perfectly.

  • Thanks! This is more popular than I thought it would be… glad you like it!

    William and Kelley – yes – it is very fast! Normally, obviously, I do one photo per day so you can drink it in… and there are some winners in the middl of those 8000 — not all of them… a lot of throw-away shots… but some good ones. I still have them marked to be featured by themselves at some point. And thanks again for the thoughtful comments!

  • Great video Trey! I really like the emotions captured. Lots of spontaneous laughter and smiles.

  • Tim

    I’ve often wondered if you spend all this time, camera tucked safely away getting to the perfect spot, take just one (or three or five as the case may be) photo and leave. This answers my question.

  • Fantastic Trey. Really clever and creative video! It felt like you took a photo for every step you took. How do you come up with this stuff? Keep it up.

    Some of your photos of New Zealand remind me of some areas of Tasmania, Australia, I recently visited. Check out this shot I took at Freycinet Park.

    Hope you like it.

  • Well done Trey, sensory overload! I do think we need insight as to what your basic technique/software was for tackling this.

  • What a frustrating collage of great photography. So many images I would have loved to stop and look at, but the video would only nudge in 10 second lumps.
    Too fast

  • Thanks all!

    I added some “Edit” stuff up above — if you want to see a higher-quality version that may be easier for image-by-image scrubbing, see the Vimeo version at http://vimeo.com/19982948

  • That’s fabulous! Looking forward to the “Making Of” video! How many photos you took during the Burning Man?? My guess is about a half milion. πŸ™‚

  • Great, now my eyes are stuck open. It’s hard to go 6:18 without blinking. Exciting and insightful video. I’m off to get eye drops now.

  • Simon Morris

    WOW… I’d say that’s your best video to date in my humble opinion πŸ™‚
    A fantastic insight into how you go about daily life photographing, etc… great choice of soundtrack too, excellent!

  • Trey great clip – i noticed a few shots in there I hadn’t seen before – should this one have come with a spoiler alert hehe?

  • you Rock Trey, you video “80 Days, 8,000 Photos” is awesome… thanks for shared it and keep me inspired!!! πŸ™‚

  • Brad Truxell

    Tremenedous video Trey! I have always wanted to do this! Great job! You never cease to amaze me!

  • Great vid Trey, the ensemble, images and music works really well, congrats.

  • Gary

    This is pretty interesting but, for me, it’s just too fast.

  • Richard (oldhickory)

    Wow… love it! Pics are little fast. Like everyone else I wish could see them and absorb them.

    The music and lyrics just rock!

  • This video gave me a seizure! Just kidding. That was really cool. Must have taken a long time to put together. I echo Tim’s comment. I always wondered if you took lots of shots or just a few select shots and this answers the question. Very cool to see (if only for a micro second) the other shots you take. I really liked it!

  • Averil

    Perfectly wonderful!

  • Josh

    This was incredible! I watched it with my 7mo. old son and he was glued to the screen. Not sure if it was good for him to have to process it all, but it was captivating for both of us.

  • Cool… I made the cut! I think the picture of me was #274 out of 8000. πŸ™‚

  • That was freaking AWESOME!!!!! Great music choice!!! You’ve given me some ideas now. I just took a bunch of photos at a Monster Truck show, many were simply holding down the button and taking several photos of the trucks doing stuff. Now I think I wanna try a cool video like that. WOW!!!!

  • Great video. What a wonderful travel experience shared in a nice way. Love the song used as well…works well with the overall project.

  • Very very cool. I loved the pacing. Nice!

  • john chandler

    is there any way to look at each picture? they scan by so quick that i can’t enjoy the video.
    i prefer to look at each picture, instead i get a headache because the pictures move so quick when

  • Roger

    I loved the mix of video and stills. Great job, i know it was a lot of work. rog

  • Thanks! Enjoy reading your comments to see how you reacted to it.

    John chandler – no – there is no good way to go frame-by-frame. I think that might take forever anyway… but I will pull out the best ones to feature on the blog in coming months.

    John rogers – thanks mate – good to see your comments on the blog again!

    Richpt – thx again for all the support

    Scott – you are in there a few times my friend. Remember the time you ran naked down the hallway in London to get ice. That’s buried in there somewhere.

    Keith & Tim – Yes maybe this gives a bit of insight into how I take photos while I move about… So I hope that insight helps others

    Filip – I did take a ton at Burning Man… I’ll talk about it in the making-of

  • Diana Summers

    Whoahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love this!!!

  • Dan

    …………….. Speechless Trey.

    That must of took ages sorting the pictures?! Looking forward to seeing the making of.
    Great idea, Reminded me of Time Lapse a little, Very unique! Thanks for sharing that. πŸ™‚

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  • Andrea Boyle

    I agree that I’d like to see some of the photos longer…I’m looking for the follow up tutorial on how you did it. I might want to turn my Australian photos into a similar presentation. Great photos!!

  • John Cox

    Brilliant – the opposite end of the spectrum to stuck-in-motion and a great way to document a trip.
    I am heading to Oman in a couple of weeks and think I’ll try the capturing the journey approach rather than capturing the moments.

    Again great work πŸ™‚

  • Dude this was amazing. I loved it!

  • That was a bit of a surreal experience, having the images wash over me while by brain tried to process as much as possible. Cool song too. Awesome job as usual!

  • Hey Trey, Many kudos on this video! What a unique editing technique and vision… Can’t wait to see how you made it.

  • That was pretty fantastic. I feel like I went on the trip, it puts some of the HDR images that you released into perspective. It was hard to concentrate though, the song lyrics where almost as interesting as the video…

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  • wil

    ok…you finally impressed me…sweet vid

  • Daniele

    This is one of your most amazing videos! I went through it all continuously stopping the video, almost frame by frame!
    BTW, many beautiful women in your photos, especially in China :D.

    Awesome, 10/10

    P.S. How can you afford to travel this much and for so long? I really hope to be able to do so in the future.

  • Flo

    What have you used for the globe that shows the travel route? Is this built-in in your video editing software or is this an extra-tool or anything online?
    Would also like to use someting like that in my videos.

  • That video was awesome, I enjoyed watching it! Like a global timelapse video. πŸ™‚

  • Justin

    I just worry that someone might have a seizure watching that! Fantastic.

  • Zim

    Wow! Excellent video!
    I made something like that when I traveled by bus from Buenos Aires to Bariloche (Argentina), and it’s a great way to remember what happened and what you’ve seen (for the curious ones: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b7fjkmmiSmE#t=110s (starts at 1:50)).
    Thanks for sharing your travel with us! πŸ™‚

  • Sylvain

    You did it again Trey!(*)

    If we are used to see the world through your lens, as we had already followed and digested most of this travel in the past few months, this MUSP (Massive Use of Sequenced Pictures) takes us to another dimension. I am not sure what it did to my brain, but it gives a very strong feeling of being there… more in the like of having been there. I now feel that I myself did this travel. Hey, I now have full memory of it.

    Probably partly because of the never ending, fast sequence, that overtilted and hypnotized my brain. Probably partly because of the strobing effect that seems to make thing more intimatly living than a real video (as memory normaly takes flashes). Only guess. But I bet that the effect would be less effective, or even not present, if we (or at least I) had not followed your trip around the world previously, vividly stamping your pictures and the story behind them in our mind. This video puts life around these imprinted pictures and our mind seems to tie them together, giving everything a realness. Very effective!

    Thanks a lot for having taken me with you! Greatly appreciated! This could be the beginning of the futuristic travel souvenir implant!

    * “Genius : an exceptional natural capacity of intellect, especially as show in creative and original work in science, art and music”.

  • A very original composition Trey…I’d really like to find out how to do it myself…the images were a tad bit fast because your narrative talks about Berlin when pictures are from China etc. etc. But I really enjoyed it very much…looking forward to more!

  • Thanks everyone, again- such nice comments and interesting.

    Sylvain – thanks for all those thoughts in particular. I know what you mean about the strange thing it does to your brain.

    Daniele – how do I afford the travel? Well, luckily the blog has a lot of traffic thanks to people like you. And you tell your friends, and so on. This amps up the google traffic in an organic way, and we get many people to license photos for commercial purposes. Also, a small percentage of people buy ebooks or things like this… but with so many millions of views, a small percentage is still a lot.

  • Just saw the video today.. It’s amazing .. It rocks!!!
    It’s king of crazy, sudden changes, pics moving very fast but loved it!

  • Are whe talking stills or frames in a reel…?
    But it deff looks awsome, really nice tecnique!

  • Thanks again!

    Flo – Sorry I missed your question. I used the latest iMovie to do that. It’s so easy!

  • Trey, you’ve truly outdone yourself here. I am amazed and inspired at the same time. I look forward to hearing how you made this, especially insights on how you achieve such consistent color and exposure balance throughout your work, regardless of setting.

  • Great work Trey, I will be interested in the info on behind the video.
    It looked like you visited NZ but not Australia – have you thought about adding Sydney?
    I have travelled to lots of places but still find Sydney Harbour hard to beat for a capital city location

  • You are amazing man, I really love your job and your work. Nice Job!

    I hope some day I will be able to travel the world to photograph it and get paid for that.

    Glauber Ramos

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  • Dave

    Trey that is amazing as usual. Great work.. Must have taken forever to go through, edit and prep these for the video..

  • Jamiezeez

    Trey, are the videos done with your Nikon, other, handheld or tripod? A humbling experience for those of us happy to get one or two good shots a day. A fast flicker of talent.

  • Love the video Trey. Looking foreward to the behind the scenes on this one. Very cool.

  • Roman

    I love your work and find it very inspiring, but this video hurts my eyes (or my brain thinks it hurts my eyes). There is something cool and powerful about fast changing images, but not for more than 15 sec at a time. Like fireworks, it should be reserved for a grand finale or something like that…

  • This is so great my friend and I ams so please to be on some of these images too πŸ˜‰ It was a great afternoon to share, and hope we can do that again this summer πŸ˜‰

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